November 2010 Fanfiction Contest Winner

A Personal Nightmare for Two – by Fatherseyes

“Gah, you will die for this!“ with a seemingly simple and easy move Wicked dashed forwards. Only people close by saw that his eyes were standing skewed.

Gui looked a little perplexed at his opponent. Why Wicked was acting the way he did was beyond his understanding. There was always a war going on between the two of them, usually when Prince was not around and even more when latter was around.

Now however all Gui had done was to come online. He had not even been able to take out his beloved guqin or had the time to even mentally prepare for a fight.

While Gui still wondered and the thought “I am going to die …?“ flashed through his mind he saw the air in front of him flimmer. What was that?

It took only hundredths of a second to make out a person. A very familiar figure to everybody. But it was too late.

Whether Wicked did not realize it or if he just was not able to stop in time was not really something that could be figured out in the split second that it took for his rapier to prick through the shape of the person that was there and still not was there yet.

The person wailed in pain and was turned into a pillar of light even before he could completely materialize.

Wow he would be pissed if he found out who killed him in this stage. On one hand Gui could not help but smirk, finally Wicked would get what he deserved, on the other hand, how could he let Prince take out his revenge on Wicked that was his place in Princes heart was it not?

“Your highness…!“ the cry left his mouth while he glared at Wicked who did not even seem to realize what he had done. His eyes were still standing skewed as he wildly yelled an other attack. What was wrong with that guy?

In a blink of an eye Lolidragon and Playboy Lord had snuck up to him and tied his hands to his back and even his feet together so that he could not kick anymore. Lil’ Strong and Broken Sword came over to help them hold him to the ground.

Though Wicked was really strong and it took all their strength to pin him down. “Let me help!“ Yun offered but soon he and Jing were in a fight of who would be of more help.

Slowly Wicked calmed down and now it was obvious to everybody that something was wrong with him. There was foam coming from his mouth. Was he drugged or something?

If only Prince was here, he would have known how to deal with him. Where was he anyway, shouldn’t he have recovered already and be running here with his long legs to get his vengeance?!

But Prince was still missing.

The next day when everybody was gathered together, Wicked was his old self again, luckily for every one. But Prince was still missing.

Was he pissed or so? But wouldn’t have his usual response been to beat the living hell out of who ever did that to him?

Gui became anxious, though he did not share his feelings with the others. Did Prince like Wicked that much, that he would not even beat him up? No, No that was impossible – that was not the Prince he knew. And the Prince he knew was the real Prince, right?!

Even after three days Prince was not back. What had happened to him? Did he go missing again like he had before?

Wicked could not stand the uncertainness of cause he had to take the responsibility for pissing Prince off royally. He was told the whole story by at least everybody in Odd Squad and Dark Phantom at least once and every time that Princes name was mentioned. It was a miracle in itself, that the story had not been posted at Second Life’s homepage yet.

Must have been something in that drink, that I got offered, he thought.

Probably nobody had noticed yet except for him but ever since that unfortunate day Feng Qing Wu had not been on either. There was nothing wrong with the siblings was there? “I.Have.To.Find.Out.!“ he muttered to himself while getting ready to log off.

Zhuo Ling Bing rang the bell infront of the door. But there was just silence. He grew even more impatient, when nobody opened within a minute. He just had rose his hand to knock a second time, when Feng Yang Ming opened the door.

His friend wore a grave expression. The normally white colour in his eyes was now some undefined shade that looked more like a faint rose. There were no signs of crying on his face, but it was clear that he had been crying either real long or really heavyily. Ling Bings first thought that went through his mind when he saw Yang Ming was something is DEFINITIVELY wrong. But exactly what he had no idea.

For a few seconds neither of them said anything until Yang Ming seemed to get a hold of himself and invited Ling Bing inside.

“Hmmm. … You haven’t been online for sometime and neither was Xiao Lan. I was worried. …“

Yang Ming’s expression showed a bitter smile but he did not say a word. Instead he only shook his head and it seemed an even more sad gesture. What the heck was wrong?

Yang Ming gulped before he answered.

“I will be online in a little while. … Xiao Lan however … Xiao Lan will not be coming online anymore.“ “Well if it is because of what I …“ Ling Bing started to apologize.

Yang Ming frowned his face. Than he shook his head again.

“I doubt that you are the cause of Xiao Lan’s death.“

Ling Bings eyes looked as if they were to pop out of their holes.

“Xiao Lan is dead?“ he exclaimed.

“Yes.“ Yang Ming nodded. “Yes we have not been able to find out what exactly was the cause but. … It was three days ago. When I woke up, and was hungry so I stood up to get my breakfast. As you may know Xiao Lan is responsible for the cooking. Well I came in and there were only my parents. Xiao Lan was nowhere to be seen. That itself is unusual. So my parents told me to go and wake her up, since they too were hungry as well. Well it is nothing unusual for me to go into my sisters room, but I knocked anyway. When there was no response I went in, but she was still sleeping in her bed. I yelled at her to stand up and fix breakfast. But she did not move at all. So I went over to shake her but she was already cold.“ his voice gave in and it took him a while till he could continue. “The only thing that the doctor found was a few wounds that looked as if somebody had tried to stab her with a pencil. But she was also still wearing the game helmet, so maybe it was some electric thing that went wrong. We do not know.“

“I … Sorry, but I … I need to go.“ hastily Ling Bing left the house.

While wandering around aimlessly his thoughts became a train that kept repeating itself. Three days ago … wounds that looked as if somebody had tried to stab her …still wearing the game helmet. It can’t be anything else, I killed Xiao Lan. How will I live with this knowledge. What can I do now? Game. That is right I have to tell everybody in Second Life that Prince will never come back …

Wicked’s usual face was replaced by a face that looked forced to be stern. The air around him was all gloomy. His shoulders hanged down and his head did not know whether it wanted to hang or occasionally jerk back straight.

It was plain and obvious to everybody, that glanced at Wicked that something was gravely wrong with him. And nobody dared to go near him.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you online like that?“ Lolidragon finally asked.

“I had to come online, it is not as if I had any interesst in playing at the moment.“

Well yes that is obvious.

“Sure, so why did you have to come online?“

“I have a mission …“

“Well tell me what mission that would be or go offline!“ Lolidragon ordered, feeling that her patience tension was going to rip.

“I’d better wait till everybody is online.“ Listlessly came the words over his lips. His gaze pointed at Lolidragon but he was not really seeing her.

“Fine, do what you want but I will poison you if you keep sitting in this corner with that grave expression. It gives me depressions.“

“It doesen’t mean anything if you want to poison me, so please do so.“

Lolidragon stared wide-eyed at Wicked. Was this Wicked at all?

“Speak up!“ she ordered him.

“I might have killed Prince.“

Lolidragon blinked. That was why he looked that grave?

“Don’t worry, he will not kill you for that, if he wanted to do so he would have already done so. I mean it is already four days since that event happened.“

“No, you do not understand. I killed Prince.“

“Prince is dead in real life, and I killed him!“

“How would that be possible?“

“I don’t know. All I know is that he died the day I stabbed him. And that the cause of the death looked like stabbing wounds.“

Lolidragon was stunted for a second before she let out. “Oh my that is bad.“

Ming Huang who had just heard the last two last sentences of his brother couldn’t hold back.

“What the fu** are you so gloomy about? It is just a guy it is not as if you killed him in real life. It would have been different, it were the girl in that picture that you have in your room ever since I can remember.“

As lifeless as Wicked had been just a second ago, he was more than lively now. Even though the atmosphere around him was still more than gloomy his eyes were glaring at his brother with a death glare.

Oh, so he knows. Lolidragon smirked, but the brothers didn’t notice. Poor Wicked.

As coolly as possible Lolidragon said. “Well you should let the others know, just do not tell them that you killed Prince in real life.“

Later when everybody was online Wicked held a speech.

“All of us have wondered where Prince has been these days. Some of us wondered if he had gotten lost again, but unfortunately that is not the case.“ He had to pause.

“So what happened to him?“ someone from the audience yelled in.

“Well. Four days ago, he died in real life. I went over to his house to check upon him and found out that he had died. What exactly was the cause of his death is not know yet.“ But I stabbed him in the game and the game was probably malfunctioning and so I killed her in real life as well.

There was a death silence after Wicked had ended, then one familiar voice called out into the silence.

“You killed his noble Lord Prince! Fire Phoenix kill him! Then go to the rebirth point and kill him all the way down to level one. Every time he levels up to level two kill him!“
He laughed hysterically while his pet Fire Phoenix flew towards Wicked and grilled him with just one blaze of fire and send him flying into the sky.

Wicked was unable to prevent himself from dying but even if he had been able he was too depressed to mind at all what happened to him and why. It was all just a question ofwhat magnitude the penalty that he deserved for killing Xiao Lan.

Gui, however, even though he was laughing hysterically could only see Prince’s last time before his inner eye. Prince died to save him. It did not really matter that it was not Prince’s intention at all to die for him.

After he calmed down a little, Gui just sat down at a random wall and cried so much, that the wall gave in due to the ground it was build upon becoming all wet.

Second Life was never the same after.

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  1. chicaalterego

    mmmm this feels rather mean… i guess that a coma would have done the trick, and would have been a rather interesting twist (kind of like hack singn) but you killed feng lang… if the real author did something like that to the main heroine she would be hated for sure… good thing this was a fanfic *sweats*

  2. Alix

    what a twisted story! it’s quite funny…
    but the reason why Wicked go mad really make me curious.. and actually, I expected a more dramatic way for Prince to die

  3. riyusen

    hahahaha a very twisted story. i find it amusing than depressing coz the flow of events are just….way beyond normal hahaha, its very unconvincing, it was like a joke XD

  4. Pyro

    Wait! Shouldn’t Xiao Lan just be trapped in the game forever now, like what supposedly happened from the story so far with Kenshin, Sunshine, and Celestial?

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