by Sakura Hyuuga

Chapter I

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Lesus Judgment was having a relatively good day. Until he heard an ear-piercing, blood-curdling scream that came from the direction of a certain blond-haired, blue-eyed trouble magnet’s room.

With his good day promptly shattered, and a headache that had suddenly erupted, Judgment quickly changed directions and made his way toward the scream, already preparing for the worst.

Oh Grisia, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

Unsurprisingly, all Twelve Holy Knights, with the addition of the Sun Knight’s loyal Vice-Captain Adair, the visiting Son of the God of War, and the Pope, were already gathered, since the scream had literally resonated throughout the whole Holy Temple.

The Knights of the warm faction and Adair were frantically trying to get Sun’s door open, with the rest of the people standing awkwardly at the side.

Ice Knight’s face twitched and Judgment knew just then how much he had wanted to be also helping, instead of just watching indifferently.

“Knight-Captain Judgment!” Leaf cried as soon as he caught sight of him. “There’s a spell on the door!”

The Knights of the warm faction gave him some room as he walked over and grasped the doorknob. It’s true, there is a spell.

Judgment was ready to cast a basic nullifying spell that all the Knights knew when he felt something alarming. The spell was disappearing. Sun had once told him that spells tend to disappear when the caster is severely injured or…dead.

Alarmed, he immediately pushed the door open and charged in, the rest of the people closely behind him.

He spotted Sun in two seconds. It was hard not to. He was sitting on the ground, facing a mirror with his back facing them. His hair was askew all over his body, and with further inspection, Judgment realized that Sun was completely naked. But there was just something off about him…

Earth Knight was the first one who recovered from his shock of seeing Sun completely unharmed and naked. Completely livid with anger, he spoke without stuttering.

“I left my bed and that beautiful girl on my bed just because you finally realized how ugly you are!?”

Earth immediately covered his mouth when he realized what he said. “I-I m-mean, S-Sun a-are y-y-you alright?”

Completely silent, Sun turned around to face them. And that was when Judgment finally figured out what had been off about him.

Jaws hit the floor as some of the Knights started having a nose-bleed.

“W-w-w-w-w-what…?” For the first time in his life, Earth stuttered without forcing himself to.

Sun addressed Leaf in a higher voice than usual. “Could you get some clothes for me…?”

Leaf followed his instructions wordlessly, still numb from shock.

He returned shortly, before handing Sun some clothes. Sun changed quickly before slowly sitting on the bed, facing everybody, who were still rooted to the spot in surprise.

Roland was the first person who found his voice. “Sun…you…”

Sun smiled awkwardly. “So, everybody, as you can, um, see…” Sun gave a frustrated groan. “I’ve kind of, uh, turned into a girl.”

Prologue End

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