Tournament Round 2 Contest Winner

Prince vs Sun Knight
by Munch

“Remember Prince, you mustn’t lose this match.” White Bird waved her finger at me as I waited to be called into the stadium.

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“We can’t have Infinite City’s Overlord losing to some stranger! It’ll destroy your image! Everyone will think we’re weak and try to take back our cities!” White Bird stated anxiously.

I considered it for a moment. It would be a little bothersome if people tried to attack us but since we have such a large army, surely it won’t matter? Plus, it would be a great chance to level up if they did.

Yu Lian-dàsăo smiled. I felt an icy river wash down my spine. “We also have a bet going on whether you’ll win or not. It would cost Infinite City lots of money if you were to lose this match so Prince, please try your hardest.”

My palms became sticky with sweat. I wiped them nervously on my pants as I quickly reassured Yu Lian-dàsăo that I would win. “Haha, after all I really can’t afford to drop a level!” The shadows behind Yu Lian-dàsăo’s smile increased as I reminded her of my not so high levels. I hid behind Lolidragon, knowing I had to win to save my skin.

“Oh, and the rules say you can’t use Meatbun.” Lolidragon added.

“Sun Knight, I hope you do not intend to show mercy to the unbelievers; the harsh God of Light would punish their sins.” Judgement stated coldly.

“Brother Judgement, the benevolence of the God of Light surely shines to all corners of this earth. May he allow me to spread his Light in this world, whether it be on the battlefield or to the observers.” I gave Judgement a brilliant smile.

I was backstage with the Knights of the Holy Temple, waiting to be called. The other knights were simply chatting among themselves, not really bothering to listen as Judgement and I had another “quarrel”. Judgement and I were discussing the upcoming match.

Do you intend to go all out?

Why should I bother? It doesn’t matter if I win or lose.

“The harshness of the God of Light should not only be met out with your sword but also the ferocity of the brightness of holy light. Only then will the heathens understand the God of Light’s harshness in their defeat in this round.”

Your sword skills suck. Use your magic. You need to get to the next round.

“Holy Light should be used to reveal the benevolence of the God of Light to the unbelievers. It will shine all the brighter as it guides our fellow brothers in this tournament, as this servant of the benevolent God of Light observes the God of Light’s mercy throughout your matches.”

Stuff using magic. I’m going to throw the match since the other knights are better than me. One of you guys are going to win and that’s good enough for me.

“The Church would see the harshness of the God of Light in this tournament, advancing before any heathen practices.”

The Pope wants us to make it to the final rounds.

“May the infinite wisdom of the Church, guided by the benevolence of the God of Light help guide us in this tournament, no matter the problems that may arise to confront this lowly servant.”

Damn Pope! I’ll do what I can but he’d better be ready to cover for me!

Xiao Li felt the tension climax as the crowd waited impatiently for the tournament to begin. Picking up the microphone he cleared his throat as the crowd went deadly silent. “Ladies and Gentleman, this is what you have been waiting for! I can now tell you…” He opened up his information booklet. He raised an eyebrow at the name of the tournament; rumours had it that the President of Second Life’s daughter had chosen it. “…the one and only “This is not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament has now begun!”

A roar filled the air as the crowd screamed in excitement, though it was punctuated with confused questions of the title of the tournament. Xiao Li shrugged and looked at his booklet again. “For all you Second Life fans out there, we have on the left, a famous ultra-bishie, known as the “Blood Elf” for his merciless fighting skills, the one and only, Prince!”

Screams filled the air as I stepped out onto the stage in my aloof bad boy demeanour. Black Dao in my hand, I stopped and punched the air with it, as Lolidragon had taught me. The action caused the crowd to scream louder, chanting my name. I lowered the Black Dao again and waited coolly for my opponent to come out.

Xiao Li moved on. “Ladies, you’re in for a treat today. On the right, voted number one on the “Sunshine Beautiful Men” poll for his golden locks and fair skin, he is the head knight of the Twelve Knights of the God of Light’s Holy Temple…the Sun Knight!”

What was that about this not being a Beauty Pageant? I heard the crowd scream as my opponent entered. The Sun Knight came forward, a brilliant smile on his face. When I saw the bishie my eyes turned to hearts. Oh my god. Finally, a hot guy I can stare at without indulging in narcissism or incest! There was no reaction when he looked at me. And I don’t think he’s gay either!

“Prince, concentrate!” Lolidragon PM’ed me. I instantly shook the hearts away.

I continued to smile brilliantly, turning my face towards the crowd as they all began chanting my name. At that moment I looked over at my opponent Prince. He swished his head, making his white hair flip. Instantly the girls in the audience screamed, several of them fainting. Damn you, how dare you take away the attention of the women when I only just entered! I smiled at Prince. “The benevolent God of Light has blessed you with an ability to inspire others, such as cannot be compared.”

I frowned in confusion. I didn’t understand what the Sun Knight was saying. I instantly PM’ed the others and it was Gui who replied. “He said you’re popular.”

Sun continued. “May the benevolence of the God of Light show you his love and mercy, as he has shown me, as I only see his benevolence of the God of Light every day and need no love from anyone else.” (Curse you as I can only love the God of Light!)

“I think he said that he’s given up love for his God and he hopes you’ll see that God’s love.” I vaguely heard the announcer say something as Gui translated.

Even after the announcer stated, “Begin”, Prince didn’t move so I chose to strike first. Drawing the Divine Sun Sword (the Pope made me take it today) I also cast a quick paralysis spell at Prince, hoping it would allow me to attack without fear of harm.

I felt the shock of the spell hit me when I realised the match had begun. I saw a little of my HP drop. Damn you! You weren’t me, or my brother, or gay, so I thought there were bishies out there for me! But no, you turn out to be celibate! And now you try and sneak an attack when I was distracted! I felt a surge of anger rise throughout me. I lifted Black Dao and gave Sun an evil grin. You’ll pay for raising my hopes!

Pure Luck. That was all I could put it down to that the paralysis hadn’t taken affect when Prince charged forward with insane speed and slashed with his dao. I just managed to block before a spinning kick sent me flying. I could feel the injury to my ribs as I gracefully slapped the floor with my hand and gracefully rolled out of it and onto my feet again. That hurt!

I was pleased with the result of the Buddha’s Mountain’s Phantom Kick. It had grown immensely in power since my first day in Second Life. “Hurry and defeat him Prince-gēge!” Doll PM’ed. I jumped forward instantly, chopping at Sun with my dao, landing several hits.

Prince had high skill and speed. He’s on level with Judgement! I was bleeding from several places now, as Prince pushed me back. Another kick sent me back as I (gracefully) coughed up blood. No doubt I’ll soon be meeting the God of Light. I quickly pulled back to try and think of a strategy.

For the first time since the match begun the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine spoke up. My Lord, if you do not do something quickly, you will lose. I nearly swore at it. Of course I knew that. My Lord, duck. I instantly ducked as Prince swung his dao, missing me by inches. I blasted a powerful holy spell at him, making him stumble back, with a high loss of HP. Your servant suggests that you may want to transform if you want to match Prince’s speed.

I knew the shirt was right but I couldn’t in front of all these people. Prince threw another set of attacks at me, which I only just managed to avoid with the help of the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine’s warnings. This match couldn’t continue this way so I leapt back, preparing a spell, as Prince too backed off to see what I would do.

All this time Sun had a gentle smile on his face, even when I was attacking. He fell back and I did the same, not sure what he was planning. In Second Life, mages could be defeated if you were fast enough but it seemed Sun didn’t need time to prepare spells so I had to be careful. Sun suddenly lifted his hands and said, “May the God of Light’s benevolence shine down on us.” A blinding light filled the stadium, causing the audience to cry out as they could no longer see the stadium. I was similarly blinded though I could see vague shapes as the light seemed to be coming from above, rather than on the battlefield.

<Prince: -300HP>

A slash at my back caused me to lose a lot of HP. That hurts! I tried turning but the earlier spell took hold and I could no longer move. I’m in trouble.

Take that bastard. Sacrificing half my blood was worth it as my increased strength caused more damage. My Paralysis Spell took effect as Prince froze. I had ten minutes to take Prince down before the Holy Light faded. He couldn’t move and I had a powerful weapon. Too bad, this is the end. I raised my sword and ran at him, preparing to finish this in one go.

My Lord, wait—

This guy was trying to attack me when I couldn’t move. Well, too bad for Sun, I had been recently training against a sneaky thief before this tournament (Wolf-dàgē had insisted on PvP training). The Blood Tiara would prevent permanent paralysis and I waited, gathering my energy for one big move. As expected he came at me from behind to attack. Ha, that’s nothing compared to Lolidragon’s burrowing technique!  I spun around and struck. “Nine-headed Dragon Strike!” Black Dao lit up in flames and struck Sun, one attack after another. The force blew Sun back as he hit the floor on his back.

I heard the Dragon’s Sun Brigandine try and warn me but it was too late. The sudden attack from Prince sent me flying backwards. Knowing I would be too tired to get up I used the last of my energy to fix how I would look. I made sure I was perfectly on my back, my left hand gently resting on my stomach, my right hand still clutching the Divine Sun Sword at my side. Quick, take away the armour. I told my shirt. It instantly complied and I placed a serene look on my face.

The bright light faded from the stadium and the crowd gasped at the sight before them. Lying gracefully on the floor was the Sun Knight, whose noble look caused people to weep at the sight of him, and standing above him, drenched in blood, was Prince, who was panting heavily. The crowd, not really understanding what happened, slowly built up momentum before cheering and screaming both Prince’s and Sun’s names. The healers instantly began healing Sun, whose numerous cuts began closing up. Xiao Li cried out, “Prince wins!”

“Oh good.” Now Yu Lian-dàsăo won’t kill me. I thought vaguely before fainting.

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  1. Kierah

    This was such a great read! Prince’s and Sun’s personalities and fighting styles were on the spot. Awesome story!

  2. Flitfish

    Pfft I. Think I love this fic a bit too much. Sun and Prince’s thoughts: A++ xD Especially where Feng Lan curses Sun for being celibate xD Much love for the ending as well, when Sun rearranges himself to look noble before losing.

  3. Admira

    hahahaha, I was literally laughing out loud the whole time, so much that I scared my birds XDD Perfect portrayal of both Sun’s and Prince’s personalities :)

  4. okura

    Awesome! this was great, i laughed a lot. Thank you, Munch, i nearly believed this was written by Yu Wo! :D

    I agree with @Flitfish, i also lol’ed hard at those xD

    now i’ll go read the other duel~

  5. sinister banana

    Aaahhhh, so good! ^^ You had the character’s voices down perfectly. I agree with @okura. This sounds like it could’ve been written by Yu Wo. Awesome job! You should write more 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight fics. :D

  6. caropa

    Nice! It’s really good! Since I’ve read all the translated chapters so far it’s nice to find something related and just as hilarious! :):):)

  7. ayaLi

    Sun is BEAUTIFUL but i like prince too. loved it. it was hilarious!! xD

  8. Alyss

    OHMAHGAWD I NEARLY DIED. That was epic.
    “This is NOT a beauty pagent” is an awesome name XDDD …even thou it was kinda pointless in the end…
    I can’t help but wonder what Sun would’ve thought if Prince had been allowed to use Meatbun. Just a thought.

  9. Blaquestarr

    Wonderful story! You had the characters down perfectly, and the scenes were LOL delicious! No wonder you won the contest! Do you have any other crossover fics?

  10. Snow

    “Sun Knight, I hope you do not intend to show mercy to the unbelievers; the harsh God of Light would punish their sins.” Judgement stated coldly.

    I thought holy knights were suppose to call Sun Knight-Captain Sun

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