Entries in a Holy Knight’s Journal
by Lucathia

First Entry in a Holy Knight’s Journal: “To Keep the Sun Knight Happy, Feed Him Sweets.”

“Sun, if you eat any more, you’ll grow fat,” I murmured as I watched my friend who was not supposed to be my friend devour the blueberry pie I had just handed him. And yes, I do mean the entire pie and not just a slice. Watching him stuff the pie down his throat would have made anyone queasy, but I’d seen worse. I suppose I had developed a sort of immunity to the intensity of Sun’s craving for sweets with how long we’d known each other. It was inevitable.

As long as we weren’t in The Bathroom, which unfortunately was the place I was witness to Sun’s sweet tooth the most, I could handle seeing Sun stuff his face with sweets.

That didn’t stop my tooth from aching. I looked down at the second blueberry pie in my hand and thought, I really shouldn’t have bought this. A second pie wasn’t going to save me another trip to Sun’s favorite shop in the near future.

When I heard footsteps from faraway, I wiped my exasperation off my face. “The harsh God of Light does not go easy on those who succumb to gluttony,” I told Sun grimly.

You need to watch your figure.

Sun barely paused before he swallowed the rest of the pie and retrieved his handkerchief from his pocket. He gracefully dabbed at the corners of his mouth, for all the world looking as if he hadn’t just devoured an entire pie.

Slipping his handkerchief back in his pocket, Sun smiled widely at me. “The God of Light is always happy to see His children with a healthy appetite.”

For Sun, what he had just said wasn’t nearly as convoluted as his speech could be. He was no doubt still intoxicated by the taste of the blueberry pie from his favorite store, making his words easier to understand than normal, though I never had any trouble deciphering his words in the first place. I knew many others found his speech headache-inducing, but I always understood him immediately.

This time was no different. I knew what Sun meant behind his words. It was also the reason why Sun was currently beaming at me, and why Sun never hesitated to pounce on sweets as long as he thought he was doing it elegantly.

There is no “rule” that the Sun Knight eats very little or that he doesn’t eat sweets, so there!

Even though he was smiling properly as expected of the Sun Knight, I could tell he wanted to stick his tongue out at me. I, on the other hand, wanted to sigh even as my mouth threatened to lift upwards in a smile that was not to be.

He extended his hand out. Despite my disapproval of his eating habits, I handed the second blueberry pie over before Sun could accuse me of withholding sweets from him. I watched his smile turn into a genuine one, his eyes dancing in delight.

If everyone understood the Sun Knight like I did, I’m afraid we would lose the majority of our followers. It takes someone very patient or someone very crazy to put up with him.

I wonder what that says about me.

I am crazy, I thought to myself. A week after I had given Sun his blueberry pies, I caught him trying to scale a wall. He was not a ninja nor an assassin, so he wasn’t exactly doing a spectacular job of scaling that wall. Perhaps he would have done better if the sword by his side weren’t clanging so loudly in his ascent. Swords never agreed with Sun whether or not he was using them.

I had more practice with scaling walls than Sun did, thanks to his never-ending pleas for me to buy blueberry pie for him. I eyed the wall speculatively, noting the jutting bricks I’d have chosen as my footholds. I’d climbed this very wall countless times during my training days, borrowing the young sapling nearby to help me in my climb. That sapling was now even taller than the wall, the branches too high up to be helpful.

Sun wasn’t making use of any of the footholds I had considered.

“What are you doing?” I called out to Sun sternly, having finally found him. His platoon had been in a frenzy all morning, something about how their captain was in a Very Bad Mood, and now they couldn’t find him even though Sun was supposed to oversee their training. We were only a few months into our new positions, yet Sun was already skiving off duty. The Sun Knight Platoon, if they hadn’t known Sun’s true nature, must now know exactly how deceptive Sun’s brilliant smile and his benevolent attitude are. A few months, no, a few days, was all it should have taken.

My entire morning was spent tracing Sun’s path of destruction. Storm had been bombarded with paperwork that would last him the entire week, if not the entire month. Blaze had been sent out on a mission even though he had only just returned from his previous one. I found Earth depressed over a pile of dirtied handkerchiefs that reeked of grease. Leaf had smiled happily at me when I inquired after him, but I later heard from his platoon that he had littered his practice dummy with enough arrows to render the dummy beyond recognition. The other Holy Knights had fared no better, and even the Pope hadn’t escaped from the sudden misfortune that had befallen everyone.

There was one common factor among all the misfortune – Sun. As the leader of the Holy Knights, he knew all of us well enough to know the best way to frustrate each of us. Only Ice had been exempt from Sun’s folly – Sun was smart enough to know that upsetting Ice would only cut off his own supply of homemade desserts. Even though Sun hadn’t appeared in person to offend me, the disarray he caused was enough for me to become frustrated too.


Sun, instead of cringing, sounded very happy to see me. “Help me buy blueberry pie!” he pleaded from the top of the roof.

I folded my arms and stared up at him. He and I both knew I had given him blueberry pie merely one week ago. One week was not enough time to warrant another trip to the shop.

Sun pouted and probably would have stomped his feet too if he hadn’t been on the roof. “You don’t get it! Someone – whoever he was, he doesn’t know how angry he’s made me – ate my second blueberry pie! The nerve of the guy! I was saving it too! I thought it was Earth trying to spite me, but it turned out it wasn’t him, so I went and investigated everyone…”

That was why he threw the entire place into chaos?

That was my first thought. My second thought was that whoever “he” was, he must know exactly how angry Sun was with how much trouble Sun had caused for everyone.

I rubbed my temples.

I should have known.

If I didn’t know Sun so well, I might have been touched that he didn’t suspect me of eating his blueberry pie, but I knew he would never consider me as a possible suspect, not when I disliked sweets so much. Rather, I was more impressed that he had managed to refrain from eating that second pie the moment I had handed it to him.

I could also tell Sun was still at the height of his anger with how he had his hands clenched. There was no reasoning with him when he was in such a mood. I knew I shouldn’t pamper him, but Sun was Sun. He always managed to get to me, and I was afraid that if he didn’t get some sugar soon, he was going to bring the entire temple down with his rampage.

“You do know that we’re now officially the Judgment Knight and the Sun Knight, I hope?”

Despite my “fond” memories for this wall that I had scaled countless times for Sun, there was no need for either of us to pretend to be ninjas, not when we were now allowed to go anywhere we wished. Most would assume we were patrolling or on a mission.

I nodded in the direction of the front gate.

Sun blinked. He then grinned sheepishly at me. He clambered to the edge of the roof and prepared to climb down. Of course, his sword was not going to let him have such an easy time.

He tripped.

I watched as he tumbled down. He twisted in mid-air as if he were dancing, his golden hair trailing after him in his twirl. He landed softly and gracefully, as if he hadn’t just tripped over his own sword.

Only Sun could make falling look so elegant. Perhaps if he practiced climbing walls as much as he had practiced falling, he’d one day become graceful at that too.

“Let’s go, Judgment!” he exclaimed.

Although we were allowed to go anywhere we wished within the city without clearing it with anyone, it was an odd sight to see the Judgment Knight and the Sun Knight side-by-side when there was nothing going on. In fact, it was unheard of. The sun would sooner rise from the west than for such a phenomenon to occur. In public at least.

This was the reason why I had a hooded figure trailing after me.

I had to wonder if Sun knew how suspicious he looked at the moment. I walked among hushed whispers, the crowd parting before I even asked. No one dared to approach me. The attention I attracted was that of awe mixed with fear. I’d seen my teacher treated this way and had prepared myself for the same, but once I walked past them, the whispers grew even louder. I didn’t have to turn to know that Sun was now the focus of their whispers.

“Judg- Lesus, help me!” Sun called out from behind the crowd that looked like they wanted to interrogate this suspicious figure.

I ignored him and continued making my way towards Sun’s favorite shop. Even though I was more exasperated than angry, I thought that this turn of events was quite apt after all the commotion he had caused this morning over a stolen pie.

“Lesus! How dare you leave me behind!”

I sighed internally. Sun better hope no one discovered who he was if he wanted to maintain his image.

Once we reached Sun’s favorite shop, or rather, once I reached Sun’s favorite shop – Sun was still quite far behind, I immediately saw the crowd in front of the place. It was a familiar sight, one I saw each time I came here, and I could never tell if the crowd was supposed to be a line or not. I joined what I thought was the end of the line.

“Is this the end of the line?” I asked.

The man in front of me had been chatting with his friend. Impatiently, he turned, but his impatience soon turned into shock when he realized who I was.

“J-Judgment Knight!” he exclaimed, his eyes wide.

The crowd turned all at the same time like a trained platoon to stare at me. And then, like subjects welcoming the walk of a king, they parted, revealing an unobstructed path for me. I stared at them stonily but made no comment. There was no helping it once they recognized me.

I walked past them and made my order.

“Two blueberry pies,” I said. Sun had begged me to buy five, but one look from me had made him reconsider, and I knew that one pie wouldn’t even last Sun the return trip.

“Right away, sir!” replied the shop owner cheerfully. I’d come so frequently that he no longer stuttered in my presence.

Once I left the shop, the crowd burst into noise.

“That was the Judgment Knight, right?”

“Wow, he was pretty intimidating…”

“But blueberry pie?”

As I walked away, I thought to myself…

The Judgment Knight has never been known to like sweets, but thanks to Grisia… there probably are rumors now that the Judgment Knight likes pie.

Especially blueberry pie.

Once again, I considered my sanity for putting up with Sun.

After saving Sun from the crowd that had detained him, I handed the blueberry pies over, his anger towards me for leaving him behind dissipating immediately. Together, with Sun happily munching on one of the blueberry pies and commenting that I was a pro at buying blueberry pies, we made our way back to the Holy Temple. People threw us strange glances, but no one dared to approach me even though I was walking with a suspicious person who was wearing a hooded cloak.

Once we reached the temple grounds, I prepared to part ways with Sun now that his temper had been temporarily appeased. We still didn’t know who had eaten his second pie, but he should have forgotten all about it now that I had bought him more blueberry pies, giving me more time to figure out what had happened.

Of course, I was greatly underestimating Sun’s ability to hold a grudge when it came to his sweets.

“I wonder who it was?” Sun grumbled. “I won’t ever forgive him! Because of him, I have one less blueberry pie to enjoy!”

At this moment, footsteps came from our right, saving me from responding to Sun’s ludicrousness. I was prepared to adopt my speech about the God of Light’s harshness until I realized the newcomer was Ice.

Ice, after spotting Sun, immediately handed him a small bag without saying a single word. I could smell that it held chocolate even from where I stood. The chocolate Ice made for Sun was always sickeningly sweet, prepared especially for Sun’s extreme tastes.

“Oh, you refilled it already?” exclaimed Sun, his eyes lighting up. “I thought it was going to take longer!”

Right after he spoke, Sun quickly snatched the bag from Ice, as if afraid Ice was going to change his mind. “I’m not complaining or anything though!”

This exchange wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary since Ice often prepared sweets for Sun, but even after Ice gave Sun his chocolate, Ice continued standing there without any indication that he intended to leave. I followed his expressionless gaze and discovered that his gaze was glued to the blueberry pie in Sun’s hand. And yes, there was only one pie left. The first one was already completely demolished and was now resting in Sun’s stomach.

Ice moved closer to Sun, causing Sun to blink.

“What-” started Sun, bewildered by Ice’s proximity.

Before he managed to carry on with his exclamation, Ice started sniffing the blueberry pie.

I blinked too.

I then realized exactly what had happened to Sun’s previous blueberry pie.

“Good, this one isn’t expired,” murmured Ice.

Sun, it seemed, finally realized what had happened too.

“What…” he started. “What did you do to my pie, Ice!” Even as he wailed, there was nothing Sun could do to retaliate against Ice, not unless he wanted to go without Ice’s specially made desserts.

Ice merely stared, his expression unchanged. He didn’t have to say anything. Sun’s pie? He must have thrown it in the trash. Expired food was a big taboo for Ice.

If I were prone to laughter, this would be my cue to laugh. Since there were only the three of us present, I thought it was okay for me to admit that yes, I was prone to laughter when I wasn’t in the public’s eye. I gave into that strange, niggling sensation that was taking over me, one that sometimes seemed to seize me when I was in Sun’s presence.

I chuckled.

Sun glowered at me, his expression entirely unfit for the radiant Sun Knight.

If only people knew what we were truly like.

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  1. chicaalterego

    wow this story was really, really good!! im really in love with it… i was reading a lot of the fanfics here because i was dying to get the new chapter that has yet to come out (not that im complaining just im too impatient) and after finishig the story once, y re-readed it, i have never readed a fanfic before…. but this one was so good, ill keep an eye, and looking foward for other works of you in the future

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    I really like your stories, you manages to capture the personality’s of the characters making them feel like in the novels.

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