March 2011 Fanfiction Contest Winner

by AnemoneXDominic

Huh? Where the hell am I? The last thing I remember is going into a cave with Lolidragon and then my vision faded. Why was I in the cave in the first place? Yu Lian got upset over me spending most of the money in the savings that she had made to add a new fountain in the north entrance of the city.

As soon as she caught me she went off like a bomb!

“How many times have I told you to keep your stomach out of the construction account!!!” She yelled at me.

“Someones in trouble.” Lolidragon laughed at me.

“And you!” She turned to Lolidragon and who instantly froze up, “Why didn’t you keep an eye on him?”

“I- uh- was busy thinking of ideas to bring more tourists to Infinite City!” Lolidragon said with a weak smile.

“I’m not buying it.” She said pacing in front of us.

“I’m sorry!” I said “I’ll find a way to make up the money somehow”

Yu Lian turned to us with a money lust in her eyes.

“Oh I know your going to pay me back, and with interest!” She finished off.

“Uh oh” Both Lolidragon and I muttered at the same time.

Her idea of making us come up with the money I selfishly spent was making us do a quest. Not just any quest either, It was a new quest that had barely come out a week before. The quest prize was half a million gold, but the thing was, no one has been able to survive five seconds in there!

Lolidragon and I stepped into the cold damp cave together, practically holding each others hand, something about this place just screamed death.

“Is the blood elf scared?” Lolidragon teased in a shaky voice.

“No way, why? Is the narcissistic thief scared?” I said in an equally shaky voice.

“Why would you — ”

“AAHHH!!!” both of us screamed before everything went black.

Now both of us are here in this strange place, everything feels weird, and my body feels like if its sore all over, what the hell is wrong with this game? I thought it was only supposed to be thirty percent pain, and I’m pretty sure the pain I’m feeling is the full hundred.

“Are you okay” I asked Lolidragon

“Yeah, I think somethings wrong with the pain settings, let me contact the managers.” she replied getting up.

I waited a few seconds, I watched her go from frustrated to freaking out and crying on the floor in a span of about twenty seconds.

“Whoa, Lolidragon, whats wrong?” I asked worriedly

“I cant make a connection to any servers and none of my inventory windows are opening up!” Lolidragon said panicking

“What? Let me try.” I said trying to open up my pm box.

At first I thought it was just a glitch but then I noticed that none of the other windows were working, we were basically stuck in some random place with no money, map, or any way connecting anyone from the outside. The only thing we had were our weapons and armor that we already had equipped at the beginning of the quest,

“What are we going to do!” Lolidragon cried out.

“I don’t know, were going to have to figure out where we are first.” I answered her.

I looked around and saw nothing familiar, If we were close to Infinite City then I would recognize the surrounding land, but to my disappointment I saw nothing that even suggested we were still in the game, but we have to be in the game, I’m still a guy!

“I think there’s a city over there, and were on a road so its most likely going to lead to the city.” I said slowly.

“Okay, whatever you say boss man, but if we die, I think we wont be revived anytime soon.” Lolidragon said.

“I think your right, for once.” I agreed.

After awhile of walking, we finally arrived. People were busily walking around, not paying any attention to the strangers that just walked into their alien city.

“Hey you! Someone yelled from behind us.” Both us us turned around slowly and came face to face with some guy with a sword. Whoa if he wants to fight, I wont hold back, I don’t know how people are in this city but if they plan to kill us then they wont accomplish it very easily.

“What business do you have here in this city? You aren’t going to try to spread some new religion are you!? This is a place for the God of Light faith, and if you try to disturb that, then you will be punished my the Judgment Knight!” He yelled at us.

“Who the hell is ‘The God of Light?’” I whispered to Lolidragon.

“I dunno.” she replied.

“Were -uh- lost so if you can just help us,” I said walking towards him “we can just be on our way-” I tripped over a rock and landed on my face, while my own sword to fly out from under me.

“He’s attacking!!” Someone yelled and we were instantly surrounded by a bunch of guys.

“Uh oh.” Lolidragon and I said for the second time today.

“Calm down my faithful knights, what would our wonderful God of Light think about the way were treating out guests. We must treat our guests with respect.” Someone said in a voice that was gentle yet assertive.

“Its our marvelous Sun Knight!” Someone yelled from the crowd that had already gathered around us. As soon as that was said there was cheers everywhere, mostly from girls.

I looked up and saw long blond hair floating in the wind. As he turned to face us I almost fainted, he was the handsomest guy I have ever seen! Gui and Wicked were no comparison at all.

“Prince!” Lolidragon called me.

“uh?” I responded.

“You’re drooling!!!” she scolded me, even though she was doing the same thing.

“Oh.” was all I could say, I was still entranced by his beauty.

“Now, get back to what you were doing, I think the Light God would be most delighted by this.”
He told the crowd who quickly agreed and scattered.

“Now where are you from my friends, has the Light God guided you here from wherever you have come from?” he asked us with the brightest smile I have ever seen. “Oh and I’m Sun, pleased to meet you.”

“Uh- we were playing Second Life, and we somehow found our way here.” Lolidragon answered

“Second Life? What is that?” he asked us.

“Second Life, you know the newest game with nighty nine percent realism.” She told him.

“No, I cant say I’ve heard of it.” he responded.

“Sun knight!! Sun knight! Something terrible has happened, Storm Knight has been kidnapped by some bandits!” a breathless guy cam running up to him.

“That’s impossible, Storm Knight would not go without a fight.” The Sun said.

“They took a hostage,” he said finally catching his breath, “A child, he had to go.”

“Well that just means we have to go save him, I’m sure the Light God will help us however he can.” Sun told him.

“But Sun, Earth and Leaf are away on business.” the other guy answered

“We can help!” I volunteered us.

“What?!” Lolidragon whisper shouted.

“Maybe we can find a way back home.”

“Oh okay.” she said “Lets do it!”

“Oh thank you, our benevolent Light God will be very pleased.” he said.

“I’m tired!!” Lolidragon whined.

“Don’t worry my friends, were almost there according to the map the other knight gave us.” Sun assured us.

We have been walking through woods for hours and there was no sign that we were getting anywhere, everything looked the same. Whats even worse is while Lolidragon and I are practically dieing from walking all this distance, Sun shows no signs of growing tired! Even when he sweats, it looks so graceful, not sticky and disgusting as it does on Lolidragon and I.

“Aha! Were here!” Sun exclaimed after a few more miles.

“Wheres here?” I asked annoyed.

“He’s being held there, in that house.” he pointed at a worn down house that was about to fall apart.

“Were going in there?” Lolidragon complained.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, but I’m sure the Light God will be shining his light on us so we could be protected.” Sun told her.

“Err, okay.” Lolidragon muttered.

We stepped inside and it felt like the floor I was on was about to give out, this house really was dangerous if we stepped on the floor a wrong way, who knows whats beneath here. I followed Sun and Lolidragon trailed behind me, saying it was safer if she protected us from the rear, but we all know its because shes scared, and I don’t blame her, I’m scared too, I’m just not showing it.

“Brother Storm!” Sun yelled when we went into one of the rooms in the back of the house.

“Sun, what are you doing here?” The guy called Storm said, he had long blue hair, that wasn’t natural, was it?

“Lets go before the bandits come back!” I said.

“Too late!” Someone yelled from behind me raising an ax over my head.

I quickly drew my sword and countered it, easily throwing the guy off and onto the nearest wall, knocking him out cold. I still had my strength from second life and it was a good thing I did or we would be in trouble.

“Lolidragon! You were supposed to watch out for anyone attacking from the back.” I scolded her.

“He he, Sorry.” she apologized.

“Storm, wheres the child?” Sun asked looking around.

“It was a doll! By the time I noticed I was already tied up, I couldn’t move.” Storm said annoyed.

Right then a bunch of bandits flooded the room. I was about to go on a rampage but Lolidragon held me back.

“This isn’t a game, if you kill them, then they’ll really die.” she said quietly in my ear.

“I hadn’t thought of that, well then that just means I have to fight with my hands.” I said sheathing my sword.

“Hey! Me too! I can take them on.” Lolidragon said cracking her knuckles.

“Sun, you go look for other hostages, I think I’ll help this beautiful young maiden here, I wouldn’t want you ruining your reputation.” Storm said winking at Lolidragon who blushed.

“If you say so, but let me give you the Light gods blessing first.” Sun said and chanted something, soon we were surrounded by a bright light. I smiled.

“Ready.” I started off.

“Set.” Lolidragon said.

“Go!” Storm finished.

“Uh oh.” The bandits muttered all at once.

“Thank you very much strangers. Wait, you never did introduce yourselves”Sun said after we had beaten and tied up all the bandits, now we were back in the city where we started off at.

“Oh I’m Prince, and this is Lolidragon.” I pointed to her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Storm said kissing her hand, I could feel myself getting jealous, I was still a girl after all, even if I was stuck in a guys body.

“Now my friends lets go to the Temple of Light to get you some food.” Sun said.

We followed him and went into a huge building, it was beautiful. We sat down at a table and I could hear a lot of whispering around us, mostly coming from a bunch of girls.

“So what brings you here, I’ve never seen anyone dressed as you are, it is not rare for there to be visitors here, but ive never seen that kind of cloths.” Sun said as we were eating, aah food, how it calmed me.

“Were lost, were not even from this world, I think, but we have no way of getting back.” I said swallowing my food.

“Maybe this will help.” Sun said producing a scroll out of whatever he had. “It says it will take you back home, from wherever you come from.” he handed it to us.

“Wow, thanks.” Lolidragon and I said at the same time.

“Sun, where did you get that from.” Storm asked him raising an eyebrow.

“I- uh- got it from a friend, Pink.” Sun said laughing nervously.

“Lets try it out!” Lolidragon said holding it up.

We held it in front of us and place our hand on a seal it had written inside. A bright light appeared in front of us.

“I guess this is goodbye my good friends!” Sun said waving us off.”Please say you’ll visit us again, the Light God would be delighted if you would.”

“I promise we will come back.” I said walking into the light.

“Goodbye!” I heard Sun and Storm before losing consciousness,

“Ugh, my head hurts” Lolidragon said next to me as I woke up.

I looked around and it seemed as if we were at the front of the cave where we went into, so that means we didn’t die, we had actually found a portal to another world!

I got up and noticed a small bag at me feet, I picked it up and noticed it had a note on it.

Thank you Prince and Lolidragon, We thought this might help- Sun Knight & Storm Knight.

In the bag were bunch of jewels, rare jewels. Each one could be around one million each! There were about ten of them.

“This just proves it wasn’t some kind of dream, it was real!” I said handing the bag to Lolidragon who inspected the bag.

“Wow!” She said, “ I don’t think Yu Lian would mind if I take just one….”

“Leave them in there, she’ll know, she always knows!” I said, and it was true, Yu Lian was like a psychic when it came to money.

“I guess we should get back then.” Lolidragon said and I agreed.

We walked back to Infinite City and saw a crowd at the front gate. Everyone was weeping.

“Hey guys!” I shouted and the all turned.

“Where were you!” Yu Lian shouted back at us.

“Doing the quest you sent is on.” I replied.

“We checked that quest! We couldn’t get a hold of both of you, but you didn’t log off, either.” She said.

“We went into the cave and-” Lolidragon put her hand over my mouth,

‘Not yet.’ She mouthed.

“And then we just woke up at the outside!” Lolidragon finished off for me.

“So you didn’t get the quest prize?” Yu Lian asked.

I tossed the bag to her. She opened it and smiled.

“That’s good enough, now the rest of you, back to work!” She shouted at the workers. “We have to finish on time and we wont be able to if your just sitting there.”

Everyone walked away and went to their posts. As soon as Lolidragon and I were far away from anyone to hear us I spoke up.

“Why cant we tell them?” I asked.

“We will, after we figure out what happened that is.” she said walking away.

“After we figure out what happened? Huh, I think that’s going to take a while.” I muttered walking after her.

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  1. vic

    That’s pretty good. I must fail as a LSK fan, I didn’t realize the world they were in until the ‘sun knight’ came over. =p ve~ry clever. I like the idea. and the story of course. =p

  2. JL

    I like it , but the sun knight character is disappointing i know that he has to act all “the god of light will blab blab” and all, but since when can they afford to give jewels away. It was interesting though. Very good.

    • chicaalterego

      hehe you are right after all sun must save money for his retirement.i just can’t imagine him giving away jewels woth a million each…

      other than than it was a super good crossover, im planing to do one too, but the other way around

    • Ruirui

      I can’t belieeeeeeeve Sun would willingly give money! Storm, too, since he basically takes care of the Church. I thought The Church didn’t have much money?

  3. nginferno

    Maybe you should add abit to the usual personality of the sun knight, like him thinking of letting the other guys do the work while he loots, since he sucks at using swords anyway. Btw a lil typo at the “punished by the judgement knight” part.

  4. Kittychan H

    It is very possible that Sun gave them something else entirely and the ‘game’ converted it to the equivalent in game ‘spoils’. Anything they might have thought of as useful: food, maps, scrolls or letters of introduction… would have been ‘rare’ and ‘unique’ to the game server, so it just converted them to rare gems. (Sun would, of course, have an apoplectic fit if he knew a common tuna sandwich would become a million dollar ruby…)

    • MPToki

      @Kittychan H
      I agree with your theory and it would make sense. The game turning something from another world to rare gems.
      I wonder if Sun knew this then he would to Second Life with some common stuff and the game wold turn it to gems and he wouldn’t have to worry about retirement funds.

  5. genny

    really good! id love to read what happens next! concerning why he gave them the loot, the jewels and such were probally worth much less in the place where sun lives

  6. Snow

    I like it but I think sun and storm’s character is a little off like whenever sun talks it actually made sense and how could storm be trick by a doll?

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