by KuwaNeko


[A/N]: I do not own Legend of Sun Knight, nor any of the generations of Holy Knights nor the Church of Light. All belongs to Yu Wo, all hail her.

Another one shot, my first for the Legend of Sun Knight

This came to existence thanks to Lucathia, who has kindly been translating Yu Wo’s plurks with Q&A’s to the 37 & 38 gen of holy knights. (and then pointed at a plot-bunny)

My official opinion on plot-bunnies: they are scary creatures

I really do lack in the naming department

I’d say… minor spoilers to… the side stories?… Neo quirks, the 37th gen Judgment’s name…

Quick footsteps resounded through the corridors of the inner temple.

Chasel turned around, a trademark Judgment Knight scowl on his face, as if the sound itself deserved to be punished by the harsh God of Light. The expression slightly changed however, into one that only very perceptive people would have noticed as ‘worried’, at the sight and appearance of the one approaching him.

“Knight-Captain Judgement!” The man exclaimed, while trying to regain his breath. “Knight-Captain Judgement, there is a problem” ‘again’.

Judgment’s frown deepened, there was usually only one reason for which this person would come running to him. Yet he didn’t urge the other man to continue, the routine already past the time when such indications where needed.

The man tried straitening, though that didn’t help much to improve his still pale face and bedraggled appearance. ‘no, not one reason, ‘one person”.

The vice-Captain of the Sun Knight platoon, finally having regained enough breath, proceeded to inform in a rather hushed tone. Though giving a report in a hushed tone could have been considered weird, it paled in comparison to the fact that it was the vice-Captain of the Sun Knight Platoon that was the one reporting to Knight-Captain Judgement.

“Knight-Captain Sun said he wanted to go training, sir, I was organizing a couple of platoon members to accompany him, but now we can’t find him anywhere, sir. He left on his own…” even though unsaid, the word ‘again’ hung thick in the air.

in his deep voice, Knight-Captain Judgement inquired “have search teams already been displayed?”

“Yes sir, we just finished searching through the city, I’m afraid we are certain he is no longer in the city, sir”.

“Send a message to the other Knight-Captains immediately” said Judgment, his voice so deep and low it could have been easily considered as a growl. The vice-Captain sketched a quick salute before running back the way he had come.

A flash of what could have been exasperation passed through Chasel’s face. The sooner they moved out, the higher the chances they would have of finding Neo soon. At least they had a new plan ready; and they seemed to be improving… last time, it had only taken them five days to find him…

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