Chapter 1


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“To Elijah!” We toasted, drinks sloshing as our cups met in the middle of the table. We were currently in my cellar, celebrating Elijah’s engagement by drinking ourselves under said table. Blaze was currently sculling down wine like water as Metal cheered him on. In the corner two people were passed out; Stone (Who was a lightweight) and Storm (Who was just tired). Lesus was watching me with an amused expression. Elijah had quickly, and politely, refused to drink with me for fear of never waking again. Ice was sitting quietly, drinking sips with a small smile in his eyes. Everybody was laughing, carefree.

Roland approached me, face curious, “Grisia, do you remember teacher asking why we wanted to become the Sun Knight?” I nodded drunkly, “What did you answer?”

I looked around slowly, thoughts moving at a snail’s pace as I answered with a big smile, “For all of you!”

The answer had never changed.


My eyes snapped open and I sat up in my bed, throwing my sheets off. Just in time, too. Where my head had just been lying was now occupied by a large brick.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” I yelled angrily, glaring at my ‘Father’. He had his arms crossed, a pissed off look on his face. He was currently wearing his pyjamas, his golden hair smoothed down neatly to frame his god-damn annoyingly handsome face. His blue eyes were serious as he nodded to himself.

“You weren’t getting up,” He snapped, “If you don’t hurry up you’ll be late. I don’t want Chasel to scold me.”

Agh. I hate waking up in the morning! Damn you, teacher!

“Hey,” He growled, “Don’t go cursing your father in your heart! Unless you want to learn just how strong history’s ‘Strongest Father’ is!”

I felt a twinge of nostalgia, muttering under my breath, “A thousand years and you haven’t changed one bit.”

“What?” He looked confused but I shook my head, yawning and pushing him out of my room. As I shut the door on his face he called out, “You have thirty minutes! You better be ready on time, or else…”

Thirty minutes?! That’s not enough time to-to… Brush my teeth, hair and put on my school clothes? I thought while shaking my head, Actually, that’s more than enough time. Damn it… Why’d you wake me up so early? Damn you Neo Sun!

I looked around my room, adjusting to my surroundings. My room was plain and brightly lit. The floor was a dark wood, contrasting against the white walls. In the room sat my bed (complete with brick), a desk (bare of anything except pens) and laptop that sat on my otherwise bare side-table. The curtains were still drawn. I walked over them, leaning over my bed in the process, and threw them open to reveal the very different world outside my room. In front of me was an expanse of houses, giving way suddenly to a burst of skyscrapers. The grass was a bright, genetically altered green and stayed at the neighbourhood restricted height. The black roads were paved to perfection, unnecessarily so. After all, did anybody really need smooth streets when they had hovercar’s? Two of which had just drifted by, keeping to the 10kmph speed limit in this suburban neighbourhood.

I rolled my shoulders before moving away from the window. As I pulled on my new uniform I contemplated my dream. It brought me, as it often did, to a question I had asked my father as a child.

“What’s the difference between being awake and being asleep?” I had asked my ‘Father’ after he had scolded me for the umpteenth time for calling him by his first name.

He looked confused, “What do you think it is?”

I frowned, thoughtful before answering, “In dreams you don’t scold me for calling you by your name. And in my dreams… that’s where my brothers are!”

That had shocked him. Even as a child I could recognize the hurt in his eyes, though at the time I didn’t know why. Now it was clear. He was a single father and I was his only child. I could tell that when I called him ‘Neo’ or talked of my brothers he felt useless. I tried my best to act normal, despite being far from it. I tried my best to call him ‘Father’, but to me he was always my teacher. After all, from baby-hood my dreams were filled of calling out ‘Teacher!’ like it was nothing.

I had gathered from a young age that I was far from normal. In a world where magic was a rare ability, I was a prodigy. I knew magic that was long forgotten. I saw things that other people didn’t see. Any every night, in my dreams, I remember my past life.

Reincarnation is a pain in the butt, I thought quietly. Everyday waking up was like being detached from my life. It left me feeling sad and empty, Past lives are supposed to stay in the past. So why do they keep haunting me?

I didn’t mind not being normal. After all, I wasn’t normal to start with. What I minded was the isolation. I saw people I knew everywhere, but they didn’t seem to ever see me. None of them recognized me.

“Grisia!” Tea- Father yelled from downstairs, “Hurry up already!”

I didn’t answer, instead grabbing my backpack and shoving my laptop in it roughly. I slung it over my shoulder, walking out into the short hallway and letting my door close after myself as I began to pad down the stairs, hand held casually on the brown banister. When I reached the bottom Father was standing impatiently, packed lunch in his hands. It was an odd sight. Still, not as odd as the sight of him wearing an apron and trying to bake.

I took the lunch from him with a short thanks, waving over my back as I exited the house. Outside was cool, as it always was this time of year. If we were lucky it would even snow. Still, I was warm in my new uniform as I popped my earphones in and turned to a random song. I didn’t really hear the music as I walked down the streets, occasionally ducking into an alley or running across a road as a shortcut. When I arrived at the train station it was crammed.

Sigh. I hate public transportation. It smells.

Up until now I was homeschooled, albeit poorly. Still, what my muscle-brained father lacked in education I made up for with my memories. While he would fumble and blunder over a lesson I would listen quietly, pretending not to know it until he finished talking.

“Sorry!” Somebody apologized as they bumped into me, almost sending me toppling. I turned to stare at a boy, about my age, who had brown hair and matching brown eyes. I felt a dim sense of recognition.

“No problem Adair,” I mumbled absently, still half-lost in my thoughts.

“What did you-”

He was interrupted when the doors opened and the crowd began to file out, mainly consisting of students. It was the first day of the new term and the station was crowded as we exited. It would have been worse, but this station was reserved for this school alone. Not just a school, the school. Leaf Bud School. It was split into two sections, consisting of the Juniors and Seniors. It was massive and looked expensive. Which it was. After all, something more than a thousand years old is definitely expensive, right? The whole school was an antique. It had been renovated and improved, of course, but it still resembled the Temple it was built over.

I still can’t believe they turned the Temple into a school, I thought as I stared up at it. The whole area had been turn into what resembled a mini city; the main building was the temple, but all around it smaller buildings were scattered. It all teemed with life, hundreds of students walking around in groups. It wasn’t just massive, it was prestigious. Hence ‘the school’. Every student within a four city radius drove, walked or rode here. No other schools even bothered trying to set up anywhere within the area. Much like the religion of the God of Light, this school was one of the top in the country, and held a firm grip over the area.

They should have called it the School of the God of Light, I chuckled to myself quietly. As I walked I saw familiar faces everywhere, but I didn’t pause to stare. It had been this way since I was a child; Knowing people without ever having met them. I had long since learned not to gawk.

“Hey you!” I stopped and turned to look at Adair, who had followed me out of the train. He had a friendly smile on as he said, “You look new. Do you need any help with anything?”

I want a plate of blueberry biscuits and milk.

“No, Thank you,” I said politely, smiling back radiantly. I had looked at the map before coming here. For somebody who had once memorized the whole layout of a neighbouring kingdom with only a glance… This campus was small in comparison. Still, as he walked away I wondered if I should have said yes.

I shrugged it off, walking to where I knew my first class would be.

1-A… 1-A… Ah! Here it is!

I wondered what sort of people my classmates would be as my hand reached out and grasped the door handle, turning it slowly…

Would they be talkative? Rude? Should I have brought something with me? I don’t know anything about attending school…

When I opened the door the room was empty. I resisted the urge to bang my head against the door.

Stop overreacting, Idiot!

I walked over to the farthest desk in the corner of the room, perfect for looking out the window. I set my things down, flopping into the chair and resting my head on the desk.

Mornings are against the God of Light. They should be banished. Actually no, they should be slowly interrogated by Judge…

I paused in my thoughts. It was hard to keep then and now separate sometimes. It hadn’t taken me much research to find out that then had, in fact, happened. I was actually named after the thirty-eighth Sun Knight, also named Grisia Sun. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, or if the God of Light just really has a really poor sense a humour. Neo had named me it because he read that ‘Neo Sun and his student, Grisia Sun, were very close companions that fought many undead, armies and foes together…’

If only he knew that those ‘battles’ we fought together mainly involved him using me as a Holy Shield… And that he fought most of those battles severely hung over. Well, I was severely hung over most of the time too… but that’s not the point!

I heard a growl and looked up. A few desks away stood a shadowy figure, half transparent and radiating Dark Light.

Not understanding, Dear reader? You’re not paying enough attention! I said it earlier, didn’t I?

“In a world where magic was a rare ability, I was a prodigy. I knew magic that was long forgotten. I saw things that other people didn’t see. Any every night, in my dreams, I remember my past life.”

You really need to pay more attention.

But then, so do I.

It attacked, shadowy claws raking at my arm and leaving bloody marks. I threw back my chair, standing defensively and gripping the wound tightly.

Even if others didn’t see the things I saw, that didn’t make them any less deadly. They were the newest form of undead in this gradually evolving world. And incidentally, part of the reason I joined this school. To become qualified to fight them. How one had snuck in, however…

It was lurking, form blurry and dark as it swayed from side to side, obviously waiting for an opening to attack.

I’m starting to think this whole ‘school’ thing is a pain in the ass.

It lunged again, but this time I was prepared.

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