February 2011 Fanfiction Contest Winner

Meatbun’s Affair
by NanDrew

After we had finished touring and arrived back at Infinite City, Fire Phoenix got huffy and took off. Meatbun started crying because he wanted his fire birdy. I asked him what was wrong, but he started wailing and asking for Doll. I couldn’t calm him down, so I put him in Doll’s care and went searching for Fire Phoenix so I could figure out what happened.

I took Sunshine’s carpet and started looking for Fire Phoenix. She was perched not far from Infinite City. When I came close, she flapped her wings and blew me away, so I went lower on the tree and climbed up to her. Her eyes were misty and she didn’t want to talk to me. When I told her about how much Meatbun had cried and was probably still crying, she softened up and told me what happened.

When the band and I were performing in the last city, Fire Phoenix took Meatbun for a ride. They landed in a cave and Meatbun took a nap. While he was sleeping, he started talking, saying Doll’s name over and over. Fire Phoenix was really surprised and a little hurt. When he woke up, she asked him about Doll. He straight out told her that he loved Doll.

Fire Phoenix was shocked, so she asked him who he loves most. He said he loves Mama most. That makes sense; after all, I am his “mother”. But when she asked Meatbun who else he loves most, besides Mama, he told her it was Doll! That made Fire Phoenix really upset, after all, they had just gotten married! She got mad, yelled at him, told him he was mean, and she hadn’t spoken to him since then. Fire Pheonix was still really upset, so I told her to stay out and calm down, and I would figure it out.

I got back to Infinite City just after Meatbun stopped crying. I found Doll to ask her about it, but she hadn’t gotten anything through the nonstop tears. So I decided to go straight to the source of all the trouble, Meatbun.

Meatbun had stopped sniffling and was happily munching on a big pile of meatbuns that Doll had bought him. When I asked him why he had been sad, he told me it was because Fire Phoenix was mad at him. I told him why she had gotten so upset. He stopped chewing and looked thoughtful, if meatbuns can look thoughtful. Then he got confused and said, “But, Mama, I do love Doll most. She teaches me tricks and holds me and hugs me and feeds me.” I couldn’t help but grin as I tried to suppress my laughs. Great, now I had to explain to my “son”, a Meatbun, what love is, as well as how there are different loves.

“Meatbun, do you want to marry Doll?” He shook his head, no.

“That’s right, because you love Fire Phoenix and already married her.” He nodded, yes.

“You see, Meatbun, there are different ways to love somebody. Wicked and Ming Huang love each other because they are brothers. Lolidragon and Fairsky love each other because they are friends. Gui loves Fire Phoenix like a daddy and daughter. Yulian and Ugly Wolf love each other because they are married.” Meatbun’s eyes got big in understanding and, his jaw dropped? “Oooh! That’s why Fire Birdy got mad. She thought I wanted to marry Doll!”

“That’s right. We should go find her so that you can say sorry and explain what you meant.” With that, we found Fire Phoenix and brought her back to Infinite City, where everyone could here Meatbun’s explanation. After he had told her that she was the only one he wanted to marry, she hugged him and told him everything was fine. Then her cheeks got even redder as she blushed, and said, “I’m really glad that is cleared up. I was getting really scared that I would have to be a single mother.”

Oh my god! I’m going to be a grandma! Ahem, grandpa? Wait a minute, how did they…?

10 Responses

  1. arc

    …omg….what will the baby look like……..

    …??? o_O

  2. Lightning

    Nice story! That’s a very sweet one! :D I also wonder how their offspring would look like… xD

  3. Chrona Wins

    I wonder, if someone adapted that into manga would they consider drawing what they think meatbun bun’s and fire phoenix’s baby would look like?

  4. Randy

    I hope they do have children in the actual story I would love to find out what they look like and their capabilities.

    • Kate

      I just have this image of an amorphous feathered blob, that shoots meat-on-fire missiles. With wings. -.- It may be one of the “cutest in an ugly way” things I have ever imagined.

  5. aviash

    not trying to be mean but i think ur story is not ( Hmmm….. how should i say this)

    Take it like this ur story was way of on character

    ur made meatbun a lot intelligent , u made fire phoenix a lot less haughty.

    and the biggest mistake u made prince sound a lot less dumb ( i mean he { or should i say she } actually sounded mature !

  6. Star Knight

    Hoping it’s a fire-breathing meatbun, and not a meat-breathing phoenix. The latter would be way too scary.

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