Games Are Played Together
by PetWY

Games Are Played Together

DN: I do not own Legend of the Sun Knight and Half Prince.
AN: Yipee! A shot of wild inspiration shot me. But I’m afraid it was too short lived so I’m not sure if this “sequel#1” to the Legend in Second Life will appeal. And it has been so long since I last wrote any story so, really, I’m not sure and confident about this one. Hope you’ll still enjoy though. Please comment and suggest! ^.^

The Legend in Second Life
Chapter 1.1
“When Judgement Arrives”

“May the benevolent God of Light shine upon you yada yada yada…”

Sun is busy again preaching, and later, he’ll be travelling to the royal palace to remind the king of his duties then another journey to another kingdom to spread the religion. Ever since his swordsmanship got better, our followers started blooming once again. But really, what kind of miracle happened? He’s the same as always, so how could he have trained? Who could have possibly trained him? When? A lot of questions would pop out but all can’t be answered by following logic. Nothing really comes to mind yet every day, he’s becoming stronger and stronger.

“Knight Captain Judge! You requested for me?” My thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of my vice-captain.

“Yes. All of the prisoners have been dealt with so I’ll be resting for some time. Do your duties and command the squad. That’s all.”

“Yes Sir!”

I was on my way to my room when my curiosity led me to the room of the absent Sun Knight. As careless as always, his room was unlocked so I permitted myself to enter his room.

Nothing changed from his familiar room. A basin of face mask sat on his table, the Legendary Light Sword still sits on his ungracefully untidy bed, and a lot of paperwork still waits his return-though I’m quite certain he’ll be giving it to Adair or to Storm once he returns.

It was the same Creus that I know, but what piqued my interest was his secret wine cellar beneath. It was always closed as to hide his unknown habit but right now, it was open for everyone to see.

Closing the trap door was the best option but I feel as if I might find something interesting down there so I slowly made my way down.

The wine cellar didn’t surprise me at all but I never knew that he set up a bed down here.

I came closer and noticed a weird headpiece atop the bed. It was nothing like I have ever seen before and on the side I saw something engraved. It said “Second Life”.

Second Life?

I went and tried the headpiece when I suddenly tripped and hit my head making me unconscious.

Well, I was supposed to be unconscious, but I feel quite awake and painless as if I never hit my head. But everything around me is dark and endless. Is this the wrath of the God of Light?

“Welcome to Second Life. I believe this is your first time playing. Please give us time to scan your body and record your vocal frequency. We want to keep a 99% realism here so you can only create your avatar once. You also wouldn’t need to restart when you die, you’ll just lose a level and return to a birth point. Scan is now finished. You can immediately play once you put on your headgear. Please create your avatar. What race would you like?” A girl who speaks monotonously suddenly appeared and talked to me.

“You say that this is a game. How come? I don’t see anything fun here.” I replied direct to the point.

“Oh, that’s because we’re still in the process of making your avatar.”

“Then, what shall I do?”

“Simple.” Just then, tons of seemingly alive characters filled the empty room. “Pick any race you like.”

Outstanding! To see myself surrounded by me in all forms!

“Do you have something… cute? I-I-I I mean something not scary.”

“Hmmm… You might want to try ‘human’ or ‘angel’ or ‘elf’… Those classes are always an eye candy especially for males. That’s what Loli-sis always says.”

“Then I’d like to try angel, please.” Then a human looking me with white skin like Creus’ and small wings like an angel came to spotlight. Creus would look very heavenly in this.

“Would you like to change hair color, eye color, skin or anything else?”

“No. No need. It’s already more than enough.”

“Ok… What should you be called?”


“Ok, then Leithe, what continent should I place you?”


“Ok. I’ll place you at the central continent. If you want to see your beginner’s stats, just say ‘System’ when you arrive. Bye-bye!”

Then everything went black. I don’t know what happened but when I opened my eyes, I was in a village brimming with characters with wings just like me. Their armors and robes look very different from mine.

“Are you new brother?” I heard a small voice from behind me. I turned to look at her and saw a little girl.

“Yes I am.”

“Then… Uhmmm…” She hesitated. “Will you help me level? I arrived here a day ago but no one wants to train with me. I’m too scared to go alone.” She begged.

“Well, I’m not really sure how this game really works so I guess I’ll also need your guidance. I’m Leithe.” I said.

“Yey~! I’m Doll. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m impressed. You’re only a day ahead of me yet you already have so much money. I checked mine and it wasn’t even worth counting.” I said after we went out of a weapons and armors shop. I was equipped with armor +5 defense and a sword with +5 atk.

“Well, that’s because I’m rich in the real world. Either way, we can’t buy those high class armors yet since we are both no-level and no-class.” Doll said.

“That’s why we must hurry. Where should we go train?”

“Well, it is usually in the valley of slimes… But…” Doll’s eye’s suddenly turned watery.

“But?” I asked quite worried of her.

“Slimes are…” She can’t seem to make up the words.

“Slimes are…?”

“They are ridiculously yucky! I can’t touch them! Never!” She finally let out the words.

“Then, I’ll take their attacks for you. We can never get stronger if we let our fears defeat us. Fears will hinder you. I too feel scared at something all of the times. But I have someone I trust and he enlightened me and kept me strong. Since we’re in this together now, I will be that person for you. I will be there to protect you.” I said while patting her head gentle.

“You must be very compassionate and gentle in real life too. Thank you brother Leithe!”

Compassionate and gentle… That would be Sun.

“Amazing! I never knew you were this strong! You killed those fast slimes quite easily! Your agility and strength must be very high!” Doll said quite amazed. Though I didn’t understand her, I just nodded my head. We’ve been training to raise our levels for two hours already. I’m already at level 8 while she lagged behind me at level 5.

“You must stop hesitating and attack. Don’t be afraid of those slimes. You won’t gain experience by running away instead of attacking.” I said while covering for her.

“But they’re scary!” She said hiding behind.

“Don’t worry, I told you I won’t let them harm you. Just keep on attacking and I’ll defend.”

“Ok, brother Leithe.”

“Just like the cruel God of Light would do to them, I shall pass judgment and bring justice to the world!” My speech seemed to inspire her that I could see stars and glitters in Doll’s eyes. I wonder why? Most people tremble whenever I say that.

“That’s right! For justice to be serve. The angels of light will pass upon you slimes judgment!” She said then started attacking the slimes as if she was never afraid of it in the first place.

(System Notice: You leveled up! You can now pick a class)

“We did it! Justice prevails! We can now pick our class!” Doll said jumping up and down.

“Yes. You did well.”

“Brother Leithe, you thought me much about justice and courage. I will do my best not to be afraid of evil creatures so that I can pass judgment!”

“Then may the cruel God of Light safeguard you.”

“Let’s go back and celebrate!”

“Come on. He’s waiting.” I said to Doll. We went back to the newbie village then directly to the bakeshop. It was that Doll can’t seem to decide.

“But. I don’t know what to pick!” She said quite spoiled.

“Hurry up! The waiter has been waiting for your order for ten minutes now.” I said on a cold tone like how I would usually talk as Judge Knight.

“Eeek! Sorry brother Leithe. Then could you help me pick a dessert?” She said quite terrified.

“I’m sorry. It was just because you took long enough. You’re troubled with dessert?” I apologized immediately.

“Yes. There are a lot but I can’t really decide between chocolate frost cake and blueberry tart.”

Blueberry Tart. That reminded me of Sun.

“Then why don’t you try the blueberry tart. A friend of mine is obsessed with it.”

“Alright! One blueberry tart too please!”

“A yes. So that would be one black coffee with dark chocolate cookies for you sir and a French meal set B with blueberry tart for dessert for you little miss.” The waiter confirmed our orders.

“Yes. That is all.” I said dismissing the guy.

“Your orders seemed quite bitter.” Doll’s face looked curious.

“Yes, indeed.”

“How could there be sweets that aren’t sweet! That’s quite blasphemous to the god of sweets!” She complained to herself.

They’re definitely on terms when it comes to food.

It has been a long day and we both decided to log off from the game. In the end, we have not chosen a class for ourselves but we can do it next time.

I logged off from the game then suddenly jerked awake from the intense headache I’m having. It must have been that trip a while ago. But then, I had a very strange dream.

I returned the head piece to its original place then went back up to Sun’s room. I closed the trap door and exited towards my room. I definitely need to rest this pain away.

“Oh, brother Judge! It must be the benevolent God of Light’s will that Sun was able to meet you here when you are on your way to your room to enjoy the God of Light’s benevolent righteousness.” A familiar voice came behind me as I was to enter my room.

“What is it Knight-Captain Sun? Did the cruel ways of the God of Light finally make its way to you that there is no other way to forgive the sinners other than harsh ways?” I answered his greeting as usual.

“The benevolent God of Light has spared Sun once again and relieved Sun from the arduous journey that Sun was supposed to partake to spread the benevolence of the God of Light. It seems the God of Light’s virtue of benevolence struck the gentle heart of dear brothers Leaf and Blaze that they offered to do the service in Sun’s stead.”

“Then may you find this time the perfect moment to meditate and learn the harshness of the cruel God of Light.” I bid him farewell.

“Then may the benevolent God of Light shine upon your rest too.”

“Second Life…” I said quite silently but powerful enough to freeze Sun in his steps. “I wish I could have a second life to spend with you once more without any benevolence and harshness.” I said as an excuse. His frozen expression is enough reason for me not to pry in his secret that I already knew any further.

“Ye-yeah… That would be nice.” Creus said quite relieved.


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