Be Mine
by Tiggipi

Gui sighed to himself as he slowly slipped his suit jacket off, and carefully hung it up on its hanger. Placing it on the clothing rack pushed into a corner of his dressing room, he started unbuttoning his shirt, staring forlornly at the blue wallpaper plastered all over the walls. He and the rest of the Infinity City band had only just finished another concert, and it had gone perfectly. But the roaring admiration from the crowd and the feeling of satisfaction he got for a performance well done couldn’t quite cover up his slightly helpless mood, which had been plaguing him as of late.

When his dress shirt and pants had joined the jacket on the clothing rack, he reached for his usual outfit; the violently purple clothing he sometimes wondered why he liked. Sighing again, he stuck his arm into one of the pieces of clothing and tugged it toward his shoulder. The bright colors, which screamed energy and excitement with their every inch, only made him fall a bit deeper into his swirling despair as they reminded him of the color pink; the color of Valentine’s Day, which was coming up. And pink reminded him of the color red, which then reminded him of his beloved Valentine’s eyes. The mesmerizing red eyes of Prince.

Gui was certain that every single one of Infinite City’s female citizens, and most likely all of Central Continent’s other females, as well as many of the males for all he knew, were all preparing Prince chocolate for the holiday of love. That thought made Gui extremely angry. Not only because he felt that Prince was his, but also because he felt it was rather ridiculous that the silly women – and silly men, whoever they were – had ‘fallen in love’ with his highness simply because of his looks. Gui hated such shallow people, and all the more so because they were directing their fleeting feelings toward the person Gui loved with every fiber of his being. Not that Gui didn’t enjoy looking at Prince’s trance-inducing features, but Gui knew that there was so much more to Prince than just a pretty face.

Other people aside, Gui was also rather worried about his own Chocolate Situation. After all, Gui wouldn’t dare let Valentine’s Day pass by without making Prince chocolate. The holiday simply gave him yet another reason to shower Prince with gifts – and more importantly, food – and show how much he loved the elf. Not that he didn’t try every other day as well.

Pausing his thoughts, Gui looked down at the piece of clothing he’d been tugging on for several minutes, and frowned in irritation as he noticed he’d been attempting to stick his head into the leg of his pants. No wonder his ‘shirt’ hadn’t fit all of the sudden. Quickly correcting his mistake, he coughed, feeling slightly embarrassed with himself, and put the pants on his legs where they belonged.

After slipping into his actual shirt, he flopped onto the chair in front of his mirror, and stared at his own reflection, rather than putting on his footwear. The worry over the situation was making little wrinkles dance across his face. Even with as long as he’d been thinking about it, he hadn’t managed to get his holiday planning to move past the Make Chocolates stage. Make the sweets, and then what? Prince would be receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of boxes of chocolates. As much as Gui wanted to be special in the young city lord’s eyes, Gui was certain that Prince would simply treat his gift as he did the rest. If he presented the candy himself, he wondered if Prince would even accept them. Prince always seemed to be suspicious that Gui was up to something devious. Not that he wasn’t. And even if Prince did take them, Gui highly doubted Prince would also take the message the chocolates held. He never took Gui’s numerous confessions seriously. Gui supposed that was his own fault, but the careless rejections were starting to weigh the poor bard down.

Finally sticking his feet into his socks, he pulled them up about his ankles and sighed down at the floor, staying in his hunched-over position for several moments until he got enough motivation scraped together to put on his slippers as well. He buckled his belt on, picked up his cloak from the back of the chair, and slowly shuffled toward the door, not particularly wanting to leave the tiny room to face the raving fans outside.

Steeling himself against the screams to come, he threw his cloak about himself, took several deep breaths, and opened the door. He was immediately smacked in the face with the insane-sounding screams of the band’s fans all crowded around outside the concert hall. They were nowhere near him, but his ears started aching from the echoing yells bouncing around the hallway. He reluctantly left his dressing room, shutting the door behind himself. Sending a glance up and down the passageway, he wondered slightly if the others were still in their own rooms, or if they’d already left. Gui had spent quite a bit of time in his own room, after all.

He took a few steps toward the exit, and then paused, wide-eyed, and looked over his shoulder. There was a clothing rack out in the hallway with Lolidragon, Fairsky, and Ice Phoenix’s latest clothing designs, probably there for the next photo shoot, whenever it was. Feeling curious, Gui stepped back to run his eyes over the colorful piles of fabric hanging there.

A small idea popped into his head as he rubbed a finger on the lace-trimmed sleeve of a purple dress. Prince might not accept Gui’s chocolates if it was Gui giving them. But what if someone else gave Gui’s chocolates to the elf…?

Eyes narrowing, Gui turned his head from side to side to make sure no one else was in the hall, and lifted the dress off the clothing rack before running back into his dressing room and locking the door behind himself.

7 Responses

  1. Anon

    ahaha! He’s finally sinking into cross-dressing!
    Nice fanfic. I could see Gui actually doing this. :)

  2. Chrona Wins

    I think that, after looking at some of the fan art, Gui would make a gorgeous cross dresser*. Lol, someone with more artistic talent than me should draw Gui in a lacey purple dress!

    Yes, I do mean it.

  3. 15B

    *sputters and starts giggling at the purple dress part*
    XD So now we have a tranny, a part-time tranny and a crossdressing bard. As if this story couldn’t get more genderbent.

    X3 I can imagine what would happen.
    *Gui tries acting like a shy girl handing Prince chocolates like so many other fangirls*
    Prince: ._. Gui… What exactly are you doing in a dress.
    Gui. o.o” I- I-…
    Everyone else: What’s Gui doing in that dress?!/He actually looks pretty good in that…/T.T My eyes!/Is this a joke…?

    • Alyss

      OMFG I can totally see that happening, cept Prince’ll prolly beat up Gui again after eying him in the dress 4 a while.

    • Jynx3d

      yeah she’ll probably beat him up after realizing gui looks better in women’s clothes than she does

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