Second Generation
by Anonymess

Chapter I

It seemed like any other late summer day.

I woke up to the smell of my mother cooking breakfast. Typically I would wake up to an alarm if school was in session, but since it was still summer break that was not necessary! And even better, I had graduated high school and would be attending XX university in the fall! I couldn’t help but smile in excitement of the upcoming days till then, and jumped out of my bed.

I walked into the living room just in time to see my uncle and aunt- Feng Yang Ming and Shui Hun- stumbling into the front door. They clung onto each other as the crash landed into the sofa, rumpling up all the neatly folded blankets that were lying on one of the cushions to be stored somewhere. Oh boy, Kenshin isn’t going to be happy one bit. I thought to myself. I couldn’t just ignore them, Buddha only knows what would happened if I just left them lying there.

“Uh… Yang-shushu, Shui-yima? Would you like some help to your room?” I asked tentatively.

“Ah, Feng Wen! What a good boy!” Was all my uncle spat out before he passed out alongside my aunt. All I could do was sigh as I draped my aunt’s arm over my shoulders first. Even with inheriting my mom’s ridiculous strength I was still going to have to drag them one at a time. Once I had dragged them both and put them to bed, I walked into our large kitchen. I sat next to my father, Min Gui Win as my mother Xiao Lan put our plates in front of us.

My dad gave my mom a kiss as she sat down to the table across from me. “So I heard the door open, was that your ridiculous uncle and aunt?” my mom asked, eyeing the entryway to the living room.

“…Yup.” I replied. My mom glared at the entryway, and slammed her fist against the table which made my dad instinctively duck for cover. I have no idea why, but he always acted like mom was going to hit him every time she got angry.

“We better not get another bill from another bar for damage. I am so sick of the mail box being filled with them. It’s hard to believe that bars are still letting them in after all these years.” She mumbled.

“At least Feng Long Ming is sensible, my dear.” My dad piped in while looking through the news on his tablet. My father is typically a pretty energetic person, except in the mornings. In the mornings he acts like what most people would expect of a man possessing an IQ of 200- calm and serious. My mom nodded, still visibly annoyed by her brother and sister-in-law’s actions.

When I was about two-thirds of the way through my sixth plate, I remembered I actually had plans for once. “Hey mom, I was going to go out today to fill out my class schedule. Is there anything you needed while I’m out?” I asked my mom. My mom stared at me as well as my dad, who stopped reading the news to give me the same look. “W-What?” I couldn’t help adding.

My mom bit the bottom of her lip, “Ar-Are you sure, Feng Wen? Your father can do that for you, since you will be going to the same university he teaches at…”

“Yes son, it won’t be a problem if I do! In fact, I want you to take my introductory literature class anyway! It’ll be easier if I do it.” My dad added on. Their reactions whenever I went out alone were always really annoying. I’m a good kid! I don’t smoke, drink or play around with girls. Just because I’m 16 doesn’t mean I should still be followed around by my parents!

“Guys no, I want to do this myself. I can handle it! I’ll even take the hover bike instead of taking the public transit!” I said, determined.

My parents shared one more glance with each other before they looked back at me. “Alright.” My mother conceded, “But you need to be back by four o’clock, Xiao Xiao Lan and Zhou-gege are coming over for dinner!” I was beaming; I get to go out by myself and my big sister and her husband coming over tonight as well! This is going to be an awesome day!

I bid my parents farewell, and gave back a Meatbun-bun to my mom that tackled me at the last second, crying for me not to go. I jumped on the hover bike and slammed on the accelerator, blasting out of the vehicle port. Could have sworn I heard my dad said as I took off, “Dear, he is too much like you.”

XX University has a huge club devoted to the history of Second Life, particular that of the members of the Odd Squad. How could it not, when it had featured not one but possibly three of the original members. Li Tian Lang’s priest, Ugly Wolf, is the most famous priest in all of gaming and was at one point the school’s head nurse. The demon bard Guiliastes, known for his breath taking beauty and obsession with the leader of the Odd Squad is actually the head of the literature program at XX university- Min Gui Wen. Thanks to technological advancement, at the age of sixty-three years old he is still as handsome as he was when he was twenty-six. As for the third, well…

Legend goes that Prince actually attended XX University.

The thought of Prince made me do a little squeal. I don’t care if he would be fifty-seven at this time, he probably would still be as hot as ever. I probably shouldn’t have been daydreaming instead of writing my paper in the library. Get it together, Fang Hua! This paper is due tomorrow, and Professor Min will not be happy if it’s late!

All hope was lost for my paper when he walked in. A young man with jaw length black hair, elegant facial features and brown eyes that could weaken the knees of a heterosexual man walked in with a confused expression on his face. While most girls my age would just think of him as the bishie to end all bishies, I was more literate.

He looked just like Prince.

Of course there were some color differences and round ears, but I was not expecting Prince to ever be an albino in real life. But outside of those differences, they looked almost identical to each other outside of this guy actually being a little taller than what records of Prince say. I watched the Prince clone furrow his brow in even more confusion. His eyes seemed to search his surroundings, and settled on me. Then he started walking towards me. Buddha, please help me remain calm in the presence of this glorious being!

“Uh… Hello, could I ask you a question?” He asked in hush voice. I almost lost my composure at the sound of his voice.He even sounds similar to him from the voice recordings!

“Sure! What do you need?” I replied, putting on my cutest smile I could muster.

“I was heading towards the Administrative office and somehow I ended up here… Could you point me in the direction of it?” He sounded embarrassed by what happened.

“Oh you’re not too far from it. Just keep going down the hall and take a left at the next hallway. It’s the second door on the right.” I said.

Then he stunned me and practically the whole library with such a beautiful smile. “Thank you so much!” Then he walked out the door,
seemingly oblivious to all the stares trying to burn an image of him into their memories.

It took me another fifteen minutes to find the office, but I was in and out of there faster than it took me to get there in the first place. With my classes set up for the fall semester, I decided I would go and stop by the mall to get my mom some fresh meat buns to apologize for making her worry so much. When I got the meat buns for my mom (For some reason I got a 50% discount from the cashier girl, maybe it was a special?), I noticed a large crowd gathering around the electronics store. Curious, I weaved into the crowd to see what the commotion was.

“I know you don’t believe it, but believe me folks! Ask yo’ mothers, ask yo’ fathers, heck as yo’ grandparents! The infamous Second Life Virtual Reality game is coming back online as Life 2.0! Get it while you can folks!” The cheesy salesman rattled off, thrusting gaming helmets out in one hand and receiving cash in another. The salesman turned to me, and when he did his eyes widen a bit. This caused the rest of the crowd to quiet down, with older people murmuring among each other. The salesman asked me, “Young man! What is your name?”

Startled, I sputtered out “U-Uh… Min Feng Wen.”

“Well Min Feng Wen, you are our grand prize winner for the look-alike contest! Your prize is a Life 2.0 headset!” And with that he stuffed it in my arms, and began rattling off the same sales pitch as before. Bewildered, I decided to just leave the store and go home.

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