Bittersweet Sweetness
by Lucathia

Part 1 – Judgment

Sun’s recent predicament with the rampant Death Knight occupies much of my worries, leaving me no room for rest. He thought I doubted him, that I didn’t trust him. He should know there is no one I trust more than him, yet he was the one who doubted me.

If I weren’t in public, I would have sighed. Instead, I schooled my expression into a stoic mask. I know Sun didn’t think before he spoke his accusations, but it still hurt. People scurried out of my way as I stalked forward, my robes billowing out behind me.

The only person brave enough, or should I say obtuse enough, to approach me in my stalking was Blaze. After hearing his passionate speech about finding the Death Knight for Sun’s sake, I gave him the go ahead to patrol the city this month. I could tell how guilty Blaze felt for having made Sun’s injury worse. If I were allowed to show my concern for Sun, I might have chosen a path similar to his. I also asked the Pope to allow for three more days to settle the matter. He immediately knew I was asking for Sun so that he would have enough time to investigate.

Make use of this time as much as you can, Sun.

Having done all I could at the moment, I retired to my room to plan my next step. Just as I thought I’d finally found some peace and quiet behind my own door with a warm cup of soothing tea, I was suddenly pulled right into the heart of Sun’s problem, much deeper than I’d wanted to be.


Not that I hadn’t been in deep enough already.

I hadn’t even been able to sip my tea.

There was a girl in front of me with unnaturally pink skin. No, she was not in my room — I did not make it a habit to bring little girls to my room — and I was not hallucinating. She looked up at me expectantly with large eyes as I surveyed my whereabouts. I kept her in the corner of my eye, for even though she appeared to be a young girl, I could feel her power. It would be idiotic of me to ignore her. She was waiting for my reaction, but I still needed to get my bearings.

Somehow, I was no longer in my room. That much was evident, since this room smelled of sweets, almost like Sun’s room, but at least his room was not decorated in pink and lace as this one was. I didn’t know how I had landed here, but I had a feeling Sun was involved. He almost always was. What unsettled me was that I didn’t have my cup of tea in my hand — if I had been teleported here, surely the cup would have come with me.

Wanting to rest my hand on the hilt of my sword, I shifted my arm to the side, but when I touched the sword, a tingle went through my body.

That is not the Divine Judgment Sword.

My sword never overflowed with holiness like this.

Sliding my eyes down, my sight confirmed my suspicions and raised a plethora of other questions.

I was wearing white. Blinding white lined with gold. What I had by my side was not my trustworthy sword but rather a plain sword, a very familiar plain sword that I always saw Sun carry whenever he didn’t want to bring along his Divine Sun Sword, which was ninety percent of the time. He has always been afraid he might break the “relic”.

I didn’t need a mirror to figure out what had happened. I wanted to cover my face with my hand in exasperation at the situation, but instead, I returned my gaze to the little girl. She must be Pink, the necromancer that Sun sometimes snuck out to visit. An apron-wearing corpse that was sweeping the floor off to the side confirmed my guess.

“Back to the living yet, Sun?” the little girl asked curiously before taking a lick from a huge lollipop that dwarfed her hands. “Here I was hoping that you’d finally taken the step to become my apprentice.”

Sun. I was in Sun’s body.

What in the world did you do this time, Grisia?

I narrowed my eyes at Pink, my face cold.

“I’m not Sun and you know it,” I said, and I wasn’t going to let Sun become her apprentice. Even though I figured out that I was somehow in Sun’s body and that she was responsible for that, I was still startled at the high and clear voice that came out of my mouth. This was the voice that Sun always used to wheedle me into buying blueberry pies for him, a voice that could so easily be deceptively sweet and kind and deadly when the situation called for it.

She giggled. “How trusting of you to reveal that! Yup, I know you’re not Sun, though I wondered who you were.” She studied my face. “Let me guess. Am I in the honorable presence of the Judgment Knight?”

She was right. Just how close was she with Sun?

“Don’t glare at me like that, Sun. You were the one who needed a way to investigate. What better way than this?”

“Explain,” I demanded in a low voice, as low as I could get Sun’s voice to go.

“Fine, be all uptight. You’re no fun,” pouted Pink as she waved her hand in the air. “Sun is much more entertaining than you.”

I waited. If she wanted entertainment, she had the wrong person.

Pink rolled her eyes. “Like I said, you needed a way to investigate, so I gave you a little trinket that’d help with that. The Sun Knight stands out a lot, but the Judgment Knight on the other hand…”

The Judgment Knight can make inquiries out in the open, since catching and punishing criminals is the Judgment Knight’s duty.

Do I want to know what Grisia is up to in my body?

Probably not.

“How long?” I asked. As much sense as Pink’s reasoning made, I wasn’t supposed to show any concern for the Sun Knight, so investigating as me wasn’t all that smart.

“Time limit is three hours,” she replied.

“Do we automatically change back after the time limit?”

She grinned. I did not like that grin.

“I don’t know~! You’ll have to find out~!”

I stared at her with narrowed eyes. She was even worse than Sun with how clearly she enjoyed our demise. I better find Sun and figure out how to get out of this mess in case we didn’t automatically change back.

I also needed to do…damage control. I trusted Sun, but trusting him to behave while he was in my body was a different matter all together.

I bet he’s having a grand time, no longer having to hold back his darker impulses.

Little did I know I was spot on with my thoughts. I needn’t have questioned myself — there was no one who knew Sun better than I did, which meant I was worrying for a very good reason.

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  1. angelmicx

    (Me holding a stick) (Poke, poke poke….)

    Can I please have an update on this story?… I’m dying to know what would happen next…. Pretty please!!!!!!!

    • [PR]lucathia

      I plan on updating this sometime… soon. XD We should be heading towards an ending! I can’t wait to finish, haha.

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