I don’t give a damn anymore
by Cookie- TheDestroyer

Monday Introduction

What happens when Prince, fed up with Gui not knowing the truth about him, decides to reveal his identity?

A/N I wrote this when given a challenge by a friend involving writing FF while listening to my songs on shuffle. Anyway, this first chapter is just the intro, the next chapters will be longer. Enjoy ~


I was fed up of not knowing if Gui truly loved me so in the end I’d decided I’d just meet up with him and reveal my true identity, I didn’t want to lose him but if I did well that was that. I shoved the gaming helmet on my head maybe a little too ferociously, and Gui seemed a little scared as I immediately PMed him saying ‘we need to talk.’

He stared at me scaredly as I pinned him to a wall.
“What does his most royal highness want?” he asked me.
“Gui, I want to meet up in real life,” I growled. His eyes widened at the suggestion.
“B-but before now you-
“I don’t give a damn anymore, I need to know if you really feel about me the way you say you do!”
“Prince what’re you trying to say?” Gui whispered not his normal in game goofy self.
“I-I-I…” I stuttered staring into his eyes as he stared back into mine.
“Are you saying you… you really love me?” Gui whispered. I let go of him turning away and running away. But before he was totally out of sight I yelled to him “I’ll meet you in the coffee shop around the corner from XXX University. Next Friday.”

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