Journey Of The Prince
by Danica Caracal

Chapter 1

Prince is going to take on the Dictator of Life. Will he succeed or fail? What happens when he finally reaches the Dictator of Life? A continuation to 1/2 Prince by me.

Prince stared at the place where Wicked had vanished

Prince, what happened? Lolidragon PMed Prince.

Prince! Noo… could something have happened to your royal highness? Gui wailed.

Prince responded to neither of them. Hesitantly he messaged Wicked, “Zhou gege?”

Username not found

Prince! Lolidragon demanded.

Wicked…he’s gone. Prince slowly said, the enormity of what had just happened hitting him.

What do you mean gone? He’ll just respawn at a rebirth point. This is Second Life remember?

No…he’s gone. Wicked activated ND program.

Oh, oops. I didn’t expect him to actually activate it, Lolidragon thought. Where are you?

Prince pulled up a map, I think Wicked said we were a little south-west of Flower city.

Wait there, we’re coming.


What are you talking about?

I said no. I’ll take care of this on my own.

And how are you supposed to get there?

I’ll find a way.

You? Who can’t even manage going from your room to the throne room without getting lost?

I can find my way, Prince pouted, I just take a longer route.

Stop being an idiot. We all came here to defeat the Dictator of Life. We’ve come this far, you can’t expect us to stop now. Each and every one of us has the resolve to continue and know that our character may be defeated at any time. Are you going to forsake our determination? Besides this isn’t just your problem. This involves all of Second Life.

Why did Wicked have the ND program installed?

Wasn’t I supposed to be the only one with the ND program? I don’t want more people to disappear before my eyes!

Wicked begged me to have him installed with the ND program before we left. Look we’ll re-congregate and half of us will go to Flower Mountain, the others to Flower City.

But I don’t-

We also found your sword. You’re going to need that in the upcoming fight.

Prince glanced at the high quality blade in his hand. It wasn’t the same as the black sword that felt so accustomed to resting in his hand such that it seemed like another limb.

Fine, he pouted, Only because I want my sword and… I kind of can’t get up.

Wait? You can’t get up?

No I’m stuck underneath two trees.

Oh no! Don’t worry my Prince, your loyal bard Guiliastes will come to your rescue! Gui cried out.

Damn that Gui, he ran ahead! Lolidragon cursed But Prince, don’t worry we’re near the area you described. We should be there soon.

Hurry up, I’m really uncomfortable.

“PRINCE!” Prince heard Gui yell.

“Get over here you idiot Gui!” Prince replied.

Gui quickly came upon Prince, trapped beneath the treed, “Thank god you’re safe.” Gui’s long hair shielded his face as the breathless words are released.

“Just hurry up and help me out of here.”

“Yes, your royal highness!” Gui was instantly smiles and cheer once again. Gui leaned over, trying to shift one of the trees. Its weight was too much for his meager strength and Gui collapsed backwards, in front of Prince.

“You really should invest more points into strength,” Prince groaned.

Gui leaded over, “But if I had, I wouldn’t have you all to myself without you resisting my embraces!”

Prince hit him in the nose, with only a fraction of his normal strength.

Guiliastes -20 HP

Gui fell backwards, nursing his nose. He opened his mouth to tease Prince some more, but stopped as Prince’s face paled.

“Gui, run away,” he croaked.

“Your highness?”

“Run away!” Prince yelled desperately.

Gui turned around, facing one of the four heavenly kings.

“So this is where you fell,” Zephyr walked towards Prince, “I was wondering what was taking you so long?” He glanced around the area, “Where’d Inferno go? Actually no, I don’t care. You’re coming with me now.”

Gui held his guquin aimed toward Zephyr, “I won’t let you take Prince.”

Prince strained against the heavy trees trapping him, “Gui, run! You can’t take him on!”

“Prince is worried about me? I’m so happy!” Gui exclaimed in jubilation, “But I will not allow anyone to harm Prince.” Gui’s eyes narrowed.

“You, stop me?” Zephyr laughed incredulously, “Move. I have orders to bring Prince to Flower Mountain.”

Supersonic Soul-chasing Arrow“Gui released the tension on the stings of the guquin.

“Is that all you have?” Zephyr asked, hovering in the air.

Prince could only watch as Zephyr released a powerful wind attack, throwing Gui into the surrounding forest.

“Gui!” Prince yelled.

“Now that that annoying pestilence is gone, you’re coming with me.” Prince could only watch as Zephyr approached him.

Ghost Chase Super-sonic Arrow” the arrows forced Zephyr to jump back.

“Still alive?” Zephyr smiled, “I suppose I’ll just have to kill you off first.” Zephyr stalked in the direction which the arrows flew from.

Prince felt helpless, trapped while his friends were in danger. “Gui, please, just run away!” He pleaded fruitlessly. Prince squirmed, trying to shift the dirt underneath him and the trees above him. He clawed at the ground, only succeeding in uprooting the grass. However he persisted and Prince, finally free, laying panting for a few seconds before jumping up to chase after Gui and Zephyr.

The clearing surrounding Prince and Zephyr was bare. The trees that had been standing were knocked over and the demon was barely standing. Zephyr continued to hover in the air, laughing.

“Zephyr! I’ll take you on!” Prince held his sword, pointed at Zephyr.

“Prince!” the obvious relief showed in Gui’s face, “You’re okay.”

“Shut up and let me fight. Give me back up!”

“Yes your highness!” Gui smiled. “Ferocious Spell” Gui cast the spell to improve Prince’s healing and destructive ability.

“This is getting annoying,” Zephyr narrowed his eyes.

Prince leaped to attack Zephyr, but Zephyr kept him at bay with his wind.

“I can still get close to you,” Prince pushed through the wind.”

“It’s better to get rid of the annoying bard, then, I can bring Prince back to Flower Mountain,” Zephyr decided.

Prince’s eyes widened as Zephyr turned back to Gui, “Oh no you don’t. I’m your opponent!” Prince renewed his force against the wind.

“Hmph” Zephyr flashed past Gui, clawing at Gui in the process, similar to how he killed Gui earlier.

“Gui!” Prince yelled, again seeing the blood and organs fly out of his friends’ body.

“Your highness,” Gui smiled weakly. The attack had done less damage than the previous time. This time Gui knew what to expect and was able to shift to the side, just enough to avoid a critical attack.

Prince turned to Zephyr, “You bastard!” Prince rushed at him, “Requiem of Blazing Inferno“.

Instead of reaching his target, Prince found himself being thrown backwards, stopping only when his head hit a large rock.

“You actually thought that the same attack would work on me twice?” Zephyr smiled evilly, slowly approaching Prince.

Prince struggled to remain conscious, his eyes fluttering, “Maybe, but I’ve still got more attacks to bring you down.” Prince tried to push himself up.

Zephyr laughed, throwing a little wind at Prince, causing Prince to collapse again. “You’re barely conscious, how can you defeat me?”

Prince pushed himself forward, slashing his blade at Zephyr.

“You can’t even reach me,” Zephyr said to Prince, who was now lying at his feet. Zephyr reached to grab the back of Prince’s cape.

ND Ultimate Program Activate” an arrow went flying into the air, embedding itself in Zephyr’s skull.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” Zephyr turned in surprise to the barely alive bard.

“I told you, I’ll never let anyone hurt Prince,” Gui smiled at Prince, tears in his eyes, “Don’t cry, it doesn’t fit your smiling face.”

“Gui!” Prince reached his hand toward the demon bard.

“Don’t forget your promise,” Gui whispered, tears streaming down his smiling face.

There was no one else in the clearing.

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