Update: September 2010

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Hi everyone, I’m back!~ Here’s yet another update from the hardworking PR! staff, and happily there’s LSK this time! Wheeee! (Thankusforit*shot*) And as promised, you’ll be seeing more of me. (Check the update post, people!~)

Well, have fun and enjoy the chapters, guys!~ *waves* I’ll pass the mic over to Brie, who’ll talk about more important matters.


Hi everyone, Bridget here this time! …Or Brie, I guess! (Never thought I’d be getting used to that nickname! XD) I’ve come to bring you news and updates, which I’m sure you enjoy! Anyway, on to the important matters Ray mentioned! We have some more new members; three new probationary translators: Amgine, SilverLyre, and Enma. We also have one new probationary C/E editor, Rena. Welcome to the PR! family, guys! Be sure to give them a warm welcome~ Continued

Update: August 2010

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Hey everyone! This is Ray, the translator that we haven’t been seeing a lot of. No, it doesn’t mean that I am inactive, it just means that the chapters that I translated haven’t been released. Still, you guys will be seeing a lot more of me soon, especially the LSK fans! (Since I’m nearly the main translator for the series already*shot*) Please take good care of me, okay? (And please try not to compare my work with Eri’s, it’s not up to standard *shot again*)

Still, moving on to admin stuff. First of all, we have solved the ipbfree problem by moving to a new forum. Same goes to the Second Life Project, it is now at http://s7.zetaboards.com/SecondLifeProject/index/ *waves link in face* Do drop by if you have time!

Next, we have a new probationary translator, Regina! Everyone, say hi to her and give her a warm welcome!!! ^^ I sure hope that she’ll join us as a full-time translator soon…. Speaking of which, the next point! Continued

Samples of PDF

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Well, some people had asked me for samples of pdf so they could know about the requirements or quality of pdf to be expected when they are drawing the artwork or designing the pdf. So here they are, samples of pages from the old V1 pdf. Continued

1/2 Prince and SLP Forum News

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For all members of the 1/2 Prince and Second Life Project forums:

As some of you may be aware of, ipbfree, the site that was being used to host these forums, was recently shut down. A lot of different sources have said that it was for legal reasons (hosting too many forums with illegal content), but as today nothing has been confirmed. Regardless, the end result was that all of the forums hosted on the site were permanently deleted without any warning.

I currently have no new as to what Smerian plans to do about the 1/2 Prince forum. More news will be posted when we have some available. The SLP forum, however, has already been recreated and is up and running, along with a series of new screenshots and examples of artwork that will be in the game. Also, we have a new position that is open for applications: Writer. We’re looking for several talented writers who can convert the 1/2 Prince story into game-format and come up with new quests, areas, content, etc. Applicants must be creative, proficient in grammar, and able to work with a group of other writers. For more information, including how to apply, please refer to the application thread.

The SLP forum can be found here: http://s7.zetaboards.com/SecondLifeProject/