Update: December 2011 – Tournament Round 2

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December 2011 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V6C3: Divine Beast
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V3Prologue: The Seal of the Sword on the Knight
  3. ½ Prince V6C4: Celestial’s Reappearance
  4. ½ Prince V6C5: Special Training!
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C1: “A Missing Princess”
  6. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C2: “Form an Adventurer Team”

Thanks to everyone for a great Round 1 of The “This is Not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament! Sun Knight won about 2:1, so he’ll be moving on to the Preliminaries Stage 2. Remember, the writing contest is still open until the end of December, and you have a chance to win again with this month’s round, which will also end in December!

But more importantly, this month we’ve got a surprise for you: to celebrate the holidays we’re releasing six chapters, three for each series!

Happy reading~



Round 2

Who would win in a fight between Ming Huang and Blaze Knight?

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Name: Ming Huang (明皇 prn. míng huáng)
Race: Human; Class: Mage
In short: Wicked’s brash and arrogant younger brother. Despite his effeminate looks, he is a mage of considerable power.
A very feminine-looking and hot-headed fellow, Ming Huang bears a grudge against Prince when the latter mistakes him for a girl, thus sparking their first conflict. Interestingly enough, he seems to swear more violently than any other character. He is also Wicked’s younger brother in real life. As a mage, Ming Huang specializes in lightning-type magic, which is particularly destructive.
“Sun!” Real name: ???
Age: 20+
Hair color: Red; Eye colour: Amber
Widely regarded as: A person with fiery red hair with a temper to match, and who worships the Sun Knight.
A member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction, Blaze is one of the rare members whose real personality matched the Blaze Knight persona. He is a strong swordsman who also specializes in purifying flames that could cleanse the spirit.
Tournament and Contest Rules

Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.
  5. The tournament takes place much like the Adventurers’ Tournament, in a stadium filled with spectators, with no outside interference allowed. The match ends by concession or death.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to [email protected]! The deadline for Ming Huang vs Blaze Knight is December 31st.

160 Responses

    • Gohankuten

      @That One Guy
      Using your first post to start a petition.

      I am starting a petition to either have a rematch between Sun and Prince with the new updated rules about it being an audience and what type of audience is watching the fight or to have Prince put back in and swap place with Ming Huang in the brackets and redo the fights with having it Sun vs Ming and Prince vs Blaze so that Prince and Sun are on opposite sides of the brackets like they should have been from the start.

      If you agree to either of the above then please reply to my comment saying whether you agree with both or one or the other.

    • Kyner

      I’ll agree to a rematch prince v sun but the new rules kill Sun’s effectiveness and having him on the other side of the bracket would mean that they would never meet each other so changing the bracket would be pointless

    • AC

      I agree that Prince should have been in the other bracket. The epic match Prince vs Sun shouldn’t happen before quarter-finals! having them fighting in the beginning took away most of the fun.

    • RurouniAlchemist25

      You took the thought right out of my head (so to speak)! I was surprised and disappointed that that was the first match; after all, it would be the most anticipated, right?

    • Rona ♥

      yeah, like how they would end up being the ultimate victors of each brackets. though it is clear that sun would win, still. haha.so i guess it’s fine.

  1. That One Guy

    Blaze Knight would win, because mages are useless without their warrior meat-shields.

  2. While I WANT to say Ming Huang, in a one-on-one battle I would have to say Blaze knight would win. Ming Huang is deadly for sure, but it takes a while to charge his more powerful spells. Blaze knight could easily use such an opening to cut him down, thus winning the fight.

  3. Hobbit

    I am afraid I don’t know much about either of these characters, but I believe Ming Huang’s strongest fighting point is his Wrath of the Nine Heavens. So while he would likely be able to kill Blaze Knight if there was someone to protect him during his incantation, there is no way he could hold out against Blaze and chant at the same time. Blaze would kill Ming long before he could ever deal any damage to Blaze.
    It is with great regret that I pass this judgement in favor of Blaze, for I rather like Ming Huang.

  4. blueshadows

    OMG!! 6 CHAPTERS??
    looking forward to them!!

  5. Drake

    Well on Prince revolution Ming Huang always needed time to cast spells and was unable to defend by himself. Also Blaze Knight has a fiery temper wich should be even more aggravated thanks to Ming Huang words so he should be going for the first and second and third and… xxxx strike.
    I wiil say that depending on the tactics both have equal chances of winning but in a place where there are no places for Ming Huang to hide or protect so he should be in the brink of death very soon enough.
    So my vote goes for Blaze knight for concesion, not for killing the enemy.

  6. Toren

    Blaze knight hands down. Ming Huang has some powerful spells, but he has to take the time to cast them first, standing in one place, uninterrupted, while Blaze is swinging his broadsword at him. That cuts out Ming’s strongest spells, and against the Holy Knights’ strong innate healing, lesser spells don’t do much. In the end, Blaze ends up cutting Ming down.

  7. Miiaow

    Clearly Blaze Knight will win. While they both use magic, respectively fire and lightning, Blaze does not need incantation in utilising his magic. Ming Huang however, originated from 1/2 Prince world, needs time to use his magic. Furthermore, Blaze is just the type to rush in with his physical abilities. His fire magic would just be used for protection and to coat his sword with fire. To add to other’s point, even if Ming Huang manage to put in some spells, the holy knights like Blaze Knight are a mixture of knights and mage, with Blaze Knight particularly mixture of broadsword user and fire user, so Blaze should be able to hold up against Ming Huang’s magic.

  8. Ktywf

    Battle of the hot-heads? I like it. Blaze Knight was my first thought, because even though his specialty is pretty narrow he can still just hack away at Ming Huang while the kid’s busy chanting. But then I realized Ming Huang wouldn’t even bother chanting. Blaze Knight would probably piss him off so much Ming Huang WOULD JUST KICK HIM IN THE GROIN just like he did to Prince. I’ll bet Blaze isn’t exactly trained for that kind of beating. Ming Huang would absolutely win.

    • Koral

      The thing is: Kights wear heavy armor. It would probably hurt Ming more than Blaze, and Blaze could just go in for the kill, so Blaze’ll win, hands-down.

  9. Cerisabeth

    Blaze will win because he has a fiery temper and would attack really quickly and Ming Huang won’t have time to cast any spells. Ming Huang is defenceless when Blaze charges at him. I don’t think Ming Huang has any spells with the capacity of slowing Blaze down either.

    Thanks for the surprise! Happy holidays! ^w^

  10. Caithdean

    Blaze Knight will win, because he will stab Ming as soon as he starts talking.

  11. Yann Ru

    Blaze Knight. He will definately win.
    For Ming Huang to cast some powerful spells, he takes a pretty long time to cast it. When he is casting it, Blaze would have attacked him. Ming Huang is praactically useless without people guarding him when casting his magic… So my vote goes to Blaze Knight.

  12. Kuran Nita

    First, thank you sooooo much for the SIX chapters!!

    And, Blaze Knight would definitely win.. Actually these two characters one of the most character with unknown ability.. So far, Ming Hua just cast his most destructive spell (Which I forgot the name and too lazy to search for its name.. Heaven blah blah blah Fury) that need a long time to cast.. And Blaze Knight we’ve know so far is just cleansing spirit… BUT he’s a knight! And a trained one to boot.. Mage is pretty useless without someone protect them, you know… So, DEFINITELY BLAZE KNIGHT!!!

    First, the two main charracters.. Second, the two hard headed ones… Then, I think Wicked and Nan Gong Zui would ended up with Roland and Judge… And maybe Lolidragon with Earth or Cloud… Just assume… XD

  13. zo

    Ming. I love Blaze but he is good versus spirits, not people. A boom boom bang here and there quickly would leave Ming the winner :)

  14. Wolfcub

    Blaze Knight. From what we know of Ming Huang’s character he needs casting time for his spells – especially with his powerful spells. Ming Huang would likely destroy Blaze knight if it was a party vs party situation, but this is a one on one tournament; so Blaze would win hands down.

  15. Gohankuten

    It would depend on if Blaze knight knew Ming Huang was actually a guy instead of the girl he looks like. If Blaze knight does not then that would give Ming Huang time to charge up a spell to use on him since Blaze Knight would not be able to attack a woman as that would be unknightly. If Blaze knows Ming Huang is a guy then Blaze will win easily since Ming can’t defend himself on his own to use his better spells so while he would be chanting Blaze would come in and dispatch him fast.

    Also I think we should have a revote for Prince vs Sun since now you guys finally stated that it would have an audience watching the fight so that would change a lot of the votes since Sun would be severly limited then. I still think it was a bad move putting Prince vs Sun as the very first fight. It should have been Prince vs Blaze Knight and Sun vs Ming Huang so that Prince and Sun are on opposite sides of the tournament.

    • Jasae Bushae

      i agree it was a bit overly early to pit those two against one another ^^; especially since book three of sun knight supposedly focuses heavily on Sun fighting
      (though im not that sure the fight would have been that different since if the battle had been delayed we might have discovered sun possesses even more powerful abilities. something a number of the translators have been hinting at)

    • Kuran Nita

      I think he know already… If this is a tournament, it’s just right for knowing some info about your opponent, right?

    • Paupu

      I agree, but I also think we still need a little more to go by for the Prince vs Sun Knight match. If there is an audience, who is the audience? Are they from the HP universe who wouldn’t know or care about the God of Light, or the SK universe where the image of the Church of Light is vital? Sun’s position is so particular that these details are very important in determining how he’ll fair.
      But it would be nice if we could do a rematch as you’ve suggested with different opponents. Maybe have two matches in one month to make up for the loss of one match.

    • Yukimi

      I agree with everything you’ve said. If Blaze toguht Ming was a girl it would happen like with Prince with Ming losing his temper and going for the most horrible spell ever while Blaze wouldn’t dare to smear his reputation as a Holy Knight attacking a girl. By the time the missunderstading had been solved, he would be deader than dead. ALso Blaze doesn’t seem to me like the guy who would do research before a match… at all.

      Also yep, Prince vs Sun was a bad move… they should have been in opossite sides… Also I would have find it more interesting a popularity contest (not beauty pageant) than a fighting contest especially since it’s very difficult to pit people form 2 different universes with different rules althoguh it’s fun anyway :)

  16. Mitsou

    Mhmm, mage is really weak against anything, especially warrior. I’m not so sure about voting for this because I don’t have much interest or paid attention to Ming Huan, so even if its seem a little unfair. My vote goes to Blaze!

  17. Crimson Knight

    Blaze knight.
    Blaze is a charger as soon it start he will jump in and attack until him or her drop dead. if huang guy don’t have other resort other than spells. well he is screwed.

  18. meow

    I love you guys very much. I really do. I love you so much. I’d marry you if I could right! But, thanks a bunch for the 6 chapters! Good luck translating them all!

  19. cattemari

    I vote for the Blaze Knight. Reiterating what many others have said before me, the Blaze Knight has fantastic offensive abilities, and Ming Huang has ridiculously powerful spells, however Ming Huang’s spells take to long to cast to be effective, whereas Blaze Knight’s sword abilities would effectively overpower the opponent.

  20. Jasae Bushae

    hmm….a toughie….unlike the battle before between sun and prince the mage of this battle actually needs to chant…personality wise these two are really really really similar and while blaze doesnt have much going for him against flesh and body opponents we know he is at least average in swordplay among the knights…

    it would easily come down to who gets the first hit in between them so…

    hmm…the other factor i we saw very little of blazes fighting might (the finale of chapter 1 where he lead an assault on the royal guards out of rage against the king and earlier when the blaze squadron was fighting the death knight…) in those it seemed that he had self control even when he was ticked off and has an advantage of not letting his anger cloud his actions (even when royally pissed off he used his head) his specialty is spirits but hes basically been shown exhibiting a talent for leading and coordinating his men…to use a quote from book two in regards to the former hell knight ‘i want people to understand that if those three were leading squadrons of knights then he would be the victor’

    on the other hand haung is very much the traditional mage…absurdly powerful magic (he has once destroyed two parties of warriors and later with help wiped out an entire stadium) but he actually needs time to cast his spells. so much time in fact that blaze could probably run circles around him, lead a parade across the city, get into a fight with two other guys and come back just in time to be blasted by the spell…the only plus is haung is such a heavyweight magically that if he had enough time to cast a spell he would most probably kill blaze with the first strike…however unlike sun who had the advantage of healing spells and being able to eat up tons of damage, haung is an offense exclusive and seems kinda wimpy….
    even factoring in haungs special attack ‘kick to the groin’ and that he has defensive spells too it would be a tough battle for him

    since it all comes down to which one would attack first i think the main factor would be temperament….blaze is someone who when angered will easily get in over his head and take down someone without factoring in how strong they are. he would use common sense in the battle such as strategy and fair swordplay (swordplay that is worse than ice’s but easily better than suns) however he has been shown to easily underestimate his opponents and get in over his head ^^;

    With that factored in alone I would put my money on Haung since it would not be that hard to imagine Blaze posturing or making some speech about how he will win while Haung charged up a spell to nuke the blaze knight with.

    however since Haung has been shown to have the sort of temperament where if angered would use questionable fighting strategy to attack and when angered wont settle for less than his opponents death…
    plus them both being pretty hot headed and ill tempered….
    i can pretty easily picture the battle going with the two meeting, managing to get along like oil and fire, blaze doing something to piss off haung (like mistake his gender) and for him to deliver a kick to the groin and then cast something like that ‘heavens nine wrath’ lightning spell which would give blaze enough time to recover and easily strike haung down…^^;

    the funny thing is if haungs party and blaze with his platoon were to face off it would be a pretty crazy and close battle but haung would probably be the victor since it would give him enough time to cast the spell without interruption…
    even with the slow casting Haung would probably win if he could cast two spells at the same time (charging up the mega attack while focusing on defensives)
    however since 1/2 prince never really told us if that was the case and if someone could maintain a defensive spell while casting something else…(even though that sounds pretty likely to be the case since an MMO like second life would want to find a means of balancing out mage players so they could fight on their own)
    going by what we know of the characters at present i would be forced to vote for Blaze Knight ^^; Though second life probably developed a means for mage classes like Haung to manage on their own, we can only speculate what other abilities Haung might have since the author did not put much focus onto mage characters in 1/2 prince and lacking a means of casting multiple spells, healing or (for all we know) using defensive bubbles while charging up attacks….
    im gonna have to go for Blaze only because the limitedness we know about him suggests he is at least competent enough to attack someone while he charges

    Vote for: Blaze Knight

    • The Lee

      @Jasae Bushae
      Must you make me agree with you everytime?
      Anyways, Blaze would win, partly because he would never want to fail infront of Sun, and Sun would totally be watching. And because of what Jasae said. DITTO, dude.

    • Crimson Knight

      @Jasae Bushae
      I agree already voted but i like your explanation just saying that if you don’t want my vote above i put the same reasons that this guy because it is what gonna happen.

  21. Jasae Bushae

    also i just want to say its super duper awesome to see so many chapters being released in a single month X3
    im guessing it is because you now have so many translators?

    annnyway~ im going to put forward the guess that the prologue for sun knight book 3 will be released in the second week since it requires less translation while the remaining chapters will be released in the late third or possibly even after christmas…

    oh and that at this rate 1/2 prince will have caught up with its manga counterpart and surpassed it by febuary

    hmm….im curious, will princerevolution be translating another of yu wo’s works when 1/2 prince fnishes or will you be focusing on sun knight until its completion?

  22. kittikiti

    there isn’t alot to say about this match. . . it’s just hard to pick because in both of the novels we don’t really know what both of them do. . . I pick Ming Huang because he seems stronger and mages can have lots of different kinds of attacks and he can dodge easier :D

  23. Mega

    Blaze Knight
    No doubt about it, Ming takes way to much time in casting his spells, sure the spells are powerful enough but all power in the world wont help if you get no chance to use it. Blaze would cut him down before Ming could finish casting a spell strong enough to take Blaze down

  24. Paupu

    Although I very much like Ming Huang, I just can’t see him winning against Blaze Knight. With Blaze’s holy magic, to do any lasting damage, Ming Huang would have to use his most powerful spells. But with the incantation time, I don’t think he can hold out on his own long enough to finish it. And I don’t remember too well, but I don’t think Blaze’s fights were popular to spectators, A.K.A. he finishes his matches too quickly. With his temper, he wouldn’t drag things out long enough for Ming Huang to use his powerful spells. So, Blaze wins. 1/2 Prince needs to step up the game! XD

  25. Ryuonko

    I think Ming Huang would win…. Because Blaze’s powers are more for fighting ‘undead spirits’ and Ming Huang is probably also somewhat smarter than Blaze who rushes in imeadiately… But then again Ming Huang does that too…
    I still think he would win though. I’m certainly rooting for him to win. I find him a much more interesting character.

  26. sanachan

    Blaze would definitely win because Ming Huang specializes in high attack, long casting time attacks, which cannot be used without a meat shield to hide behind. Also, Blaze is a holy knight, which means he has some knowledge of and defense against magic, so fast weak spells wouldn’t work very well either.

  27. KuwaNeko

    unless Ming Huang finds a way to delay Blaze, or to paralyse him, I don’t think he has a chance. though it would probably take quite a while at first, I bet both would engage in a verbal fight for a while before actually fighting. probably would be fun to see.

    not much is said about mages in 1/2 prince, but, it seems like while a mage’s got a barrier on, he can’t attack; and being alone, Ming Huan just doesn’t stand a chance in a fight against pretty much anyone (considering Gui himself had managed to pin Ming Huan down easily). and also Blaze is one that doesn’t discriminate people in a fight, the moment he charges, it would be pretty much over…
    so yeah, my vote is for Blaze

  28. Kierah

    Ooh, I think Blaze would win for this one. First of all, he seems like he has good swordsmanship skills and well, he is an holy knight, so he should be efficient with something else, right? And Ming Huang is a mage, so he’d probably have weaker defense and speed. His spells also take long to cast, as we’ve seen times before, and even have a risk on injuring him himself. Without his companions to help him, he wouldn’t be able to protect himself to cast the spell. So yeah, Blaze would win.
    On another note, Happy Holidays!

  29. Ragna

    I think Blaze will win.
    Maybe both characters, because both are pretty hotheaded, will agitate each other through words until they start attacking each other.
    But even if Ming Huang would use his special kick, mages physical strength is just to pathetic, so that blaze would maybe stunned for a short time but he will recover soon after that and even if Ming Huang has started to chant his special spell at that time, one hit of blaze’s sword and he will be down.

  30. Esprit

    Thanks so much for the extra chapters! And I can’t wait to see how Sun will beat Prince (though I really though it’d be the other way around. Oh well, I love both of them :D)
    My answers are based off what the translated chapters say about each character (though that isn’t very much for these guys)
    Both Blaze Knight and Ming Huang are very hotheaded, so I think this would be a short match because as soon as Ming Huang insults Blaze/Holy Knights in general, Blaze is probably going to rush in and attack. Since Ming Huang is a mage that requires times to set up powerful spells, even if he had minor spells, i think Blaze Knight could brush those off and beat up Ming Huang in time. Though he might have qualms about beating up a kid… Blaze Knight’s got my vote.

  31. ministreld

    Blaze Knight.
    Why? well, a bunch of people already said it but it’s all about their attacks.
    Ming Huang specializes in large area attacks that involve lots of incantation mumbo jumbo, he obviously needs concentration and time. Blaze Knight, on the other hand, uses swords and holy magic- something that a few words can activate. Ming Huang can not defend himself as he talks, leaving Blaze to simply dart in and kill him. Even if Ming Huang manages to run away, Blaze can use his magic to corner him.

  32. Chloesong

    Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what an awesome Christmas gift.<33333333

    As for the tournament, Blaze Knight would win. Blaze Knight would thrash Ming Huang before he finishes his chants.

  33. wolfy134

    I vote for blaze knight because a warrior has the total advantage over a mage, and with blaze’s personality there’s no way he would wait to attack and let ming huang have enough time to cast even one large spell.

  34. Baka Weiss

    I’m with the rest of the gang. Blaze Knight it is. Putting a nuker without a tank against a warrior isn’t the best of ideas. Blaze will just charge Ming Huang and be done with that. Cuz unlike the cockroach, Ming Huang is a squishy wizard.

  35. MoonlightFlower

    no matter how strong a mage is, unless the spell is instant cast, they can’t win. So well, combine with Blaze Knight’s personality to “charge in and fight”, I doubt he could cast a single spell.

  36. Ryne

    Blaze.Ming Huang will take time to cast his spell and his defense is probably poor. So Blaze wouldn’t actually wait for him because of his personality. Blaze will probably just rush and slash Ming Huang.

  37. chicaalterego

    Blaze would win… How could a knight lose to a mage without his meat-shield? (god what a short and boring reason, but there is no other whatsoever)

  38. LuxEterna

    i agree with those before me: blaze would win
    cause a mage without meatshield vs. a knight is a pretty one sided fight
    cause even if ming huang is able to harm blaze with fast spells blaze could heal himself instantly with his holy light magic

  39. darkgloomie

    I’ll say Ming Huang too. Blaze Knight’s skills are motly geared to fighting off spirits, and while not an ideal matchup I believe that if Ming Huang can win, either by spamming low-level spells (unlikely: he’s the kind that thrives on NEEDLESS DESTRUCTION) or maybe wearing down or distracting Blaze long enough to cast a good spell.

    In a pinch, I think the “kick-to-the-groin” is gonna work too.

  40. Elaru

    Ming Huang would win, here’s what’d happen:
    As they are both hot heads, one of them would annoy the other, which would in them both getting completely pissed, with Blaze running full out to kill Ming Huang without a care, meanwhile Ming Huang would be casting his epic god destroying thunder spell, which, after Blaze gets there and slashes him a few times (maybe Ming Huang might kick him in the groin,) would be released and kill Blaze.

    • Kuran Nita

      I think that’s most likely won’t happen.. Since Blaze Knight, even if he’s hot-headed, is a trained Knight.. He wouldn’t do some unnecessary things “Slashed him few times”. He’ll do it in one time slash.. Moreover when he know that Ming Hua would cast a powerful spell that would kill him instantly. Even if he’s hot-headed, he still one of the 12 captain of holy knight. When he and his platoon able to caught up to Roland is like that too.. he’s proved level-headed to some extent…

  41. Blargel

    I just realized that this is supposed to be a 1/2 Prince vs Sun Knight tournament, but already it looks like two Sun Knight characters are going to win. Logically speaking, if more Sun Knight characters win than 1/2 Prince characters, at some point (probably when the second round of fighting comes along) people from the same series will be fighting each other. In the end, it’s actually very plausible for two same series characters to be competing in the finals.

    …Won’t be much of a “1/2 Prince vs Sun Knight” tournament at that point anymore, lol.

    That said, I could contrive a series of ridiculous events that cause Ming Huang to win, but logically speaking Blaze will probably just rush in after being provoked by Ming’s cursing and attack before he can prepare a spell.

  42. WhistleLeaf

    I think the blaze knight would win.
    Ming Huang is a respectable magician but spells take time to chant so the blaze knight can waltz right up and hack at Ming. The blaze knight also has a amazing endurance ability…and he was still trained at sword fighting and managed to be chosen as one of the twelve holy knights, which is not something anyone can become without skilled combat abiility (except for the sun knight but he had skills in other areas)…so he should be really good with a sword

  43. LilyWinx

    Awesome!! So many chapters this month! ^_^
    Is it because the holidays are here?
    I think…. Ming Huang would win.
    Because he can use thunder magic, and that is a very damaging type of magic. He can paralyze Flame Knight and recite the finisher spell. =3

  44. Ruu

    Blaze Knight. As much as I’d like to say it would be Ming Huang due to his quick temper and… generous use of thunder magic, the truth is that it takes too long to charge up. Knowing those two, Ming Huang will insult Sun and Blaze’ll make fun of his girly looks, triggering massive rage on both sides. Which means they won’t hold back. Sadly, the squishy wizard is no match for the pissed off dude with a sword. Unless they’re in an arena where Blaze can’t reach Ming Huang so easily. Then he’s dead.

  45. fanfan

    I choose Blaze Knight, of course.. Because he’s a knight that has great swordmanship.. in other words, he can defeat Ming Huang before the later finished his chanting.

  46. Immortalus

    Oh dear. This is a difficult one. I WANT to say that Ming Huang would win, but his fatal weakness is this: he’s a video game mage. As a person who almost always mains as the magic user in any mmorpg, I can say with confidence that, while with the right build we can hold well on our own in PvE, we are very, very much useless in PvP without a warrior-type support. Games love giving the strongest spells insane casting times, after all, and from what little we’ve seen of Ming, it seems like much of his attack power comes from these flashy, strong spells that games love giving insane casting times!

    So, my vote has to go to Blaze, although I would personally love to see Ming win.
    …I think that a lot of 1/2 Prince’s characters are going to be at a disadvantage, honestly, for much the same reason as Ming. Being video game archetypes, especially in a social game, they all suffer from crippling overspecialization (with the exception of Prince, who was quite well rounded for a warrior – the problem being that he was knocked out in the first round). They were designed to play well and be almost unbeatable when they combine all their strengths – in a one on one tournament like this, I’m not sure if any of them would do very well. It’ll be a hard fought battle indeed for any of them to win a battle against the more situational Holy Knights.

    • Dustcloud

      Hopefully this will post right… (For some reason, I don’t get the usual nested reply script when I try to reply on this page only?)

      But anyway, Immortalus I concur. Although, I think Lolidragon, Kenshin, and Sunshine (among others) have a greater chance of winning matches in this tournament on the 1/2 Prince character side. If they are in matches.

  47. TK

    I personally don’t no who would win i would like to say Blaze because he would never ever hope to disappoint Sun and because he is a pretty strong fighter. But also seeing as how Blaze’s specialty is against spirits it wouldn’t contribute much to the fight. Ming Huang on the other hand has really only a few things going for him, his anger. The moment Blaze mentions he’s a girl he will go berserk but will that be enough to beat Blaze. He has really strong magic but can’t just do it without an incantation like Sun, and lastly we’ve only seen Blaze fight with other knights by his side. So with all that in mind my vote will have to be for Blaze because Ming Huang doesn’t really have motivation other than to kill anyone who insults him while Blaze HAS to win to please Sun

  48. Ashley

    Lolz. In and instant I would say that Blaze would totally win (mages typically have low defense and it Huang a crazy long time to cast a spell), but in this case it may be different. Like Prince, Blaze would look and Huang and go “I can’t fight ladies o.O…or is she actually a he???…” in which Huang would cuss violently and start Heavens Nine Wrath. ^^ Lolz xD At least that’s how I see it. Otherwise, like I said, if Blaze didn’t have typical Blaze personality, he would totally destroy Huang.

  49. matt

    blaze is a night which means his attacks are immediate. i think blaze knights specialty is dealing with ghosts and spirits, correct me if i’m wrong. but a sword is a sword and hacking someone with it will eventually result in death. on the other hand Ming is a mage with insanely powerful attacks that are perfect for taking down soldiers, his main attack is a random downpour of lightning, it’s not accurate, and it takes a long time to cast. Ming probably has other attacks that would be quicker to cast and might even be strong enough for him to win the fight but i don’t know anything about those so i’m not going to make any assumptions.

    this fights a no brainer Blaze wins

    ……..Ming gets pissed but is forced to join forces with Blaze and the other holy knights in order to defeat a massive group of characters from both stories. immediately followed by the 12 Holy knights squaring off against Odd Squad and the generals of infinite city. at which point the 12 Holy knights are defeated by Odd Squad and company who are more dangerous after prince is dead (you people decided he would lose to sun) and have the crazier skill sets including the ability to summon backup (skeletons, flaming skeletons, hell dragon, meet bun and fire Phoenix)

  50. Xia

    Ming Huang speciallises in spells that have a great power, but take a lot of time to cast. I prefer Ming Huang to Blaze, but I have to say that Blaze would definitely win this battle, since he could just charge to Ming Huang and take him down one strike (Ming Huang has a really low defense), while he is still casting his spell.

  51. Mockingjay

    It is amazing that we will have six chapters this month!!!!
    Thank you !!

  52. Gralie

    …blaze like will win. mainly because it takes too long for ming huang to get his spell off.

  53. Sushi

    Blaze would win for sure. Ming Huang’s meant to be heavy artillery, he can’t do anything to blaze unless he started to chant before the tournament…which wouldn’t happen. Being the kind of person who likes to sit in the back and fire off arrows nonchalantly or spamming my spells in the back of a team in MMOs, I can definitely say that Blaze would strike Ming Huang down in a single blow before a spell could hit him.

    tl;dr Blaze wins

  54. munch

    Blaze would win. Any spell decent enough to cause enough damage would take too long to chant so Ming Huang would be taken out before he could strike.

  55. Pietoss

    Thanks for the six chapters this month! You guys officially made my month =]. By the way, Blaze would win 10/10 fights. An unprotected mage against a knight strong against magic? Spell casting time will cost Ming the battle.

  56. CocoFlower

    Oooh, a contest between the leaders/main characters and now the hot headed types? Dare I guess that Pink and Doll will probably be fighting against each other then? Maybe Wicked/Frost is a possible combination aswell… Anyway, I vote for Blaze because even though I hardly know much about either of their fighting styles, a mage would need more time to charge a spell so Blaze has the advantage.

    • chicaalterego

      @Jasae Bushae
      I would preffer an Ugly wolf vs leaf… the battle of good guys

      and Yu Lian vs Storm… a battle of… I don’t know what to call it, but dear sweet storm would lost that one (;_;)

    • Jasae Bushae

      oh that would be a fun combination XD a healer vs an archer…a question of if wolf could get close enough to pound leaf with martial arts before leaf turns the healer into a pincusion

      pffft XD the pretty boy vs the girl with a warped sense of beauty? XD yeah that would be pretty one sided XD
      though i think it might make more sense to pair her up with leaf or ice…given her way of seeming so nice and then when her buttons are pressed becomes an inferno spewing terror XD

      hmm…i wanna see the immortal cockroach lord of the southern continent in this XD his ability to drag himself along on crazy injuries and keep going for very very twisted reasons makes him surprisingly similar to Sun XD

  57. NanoLaughing

    Blaze Knight would win, though Ming Huang might have an advantage at Magical-based level, what use is it if you can use it quickly enough to attack? Ming Huang’s spells take far too long, thus leave’s Ming open of attacks. And with Blaze’s fiery Aura and wild style of fighting; hope he can survive without the priest around. Unlike Blaze, strong, quick,and proud; Ming is quite arrogant, weak in physical power,and can only bark then bite most of the time. Both of them are quite hotheaded, but this out come in going to win for Blaze no doubt.

  58. Kyner

    This battle is between Ming’s powerful lightning magic versus Blaze’s purifying flame / broadsword. In this situation, the battle would most likely go to Blaze since Ming has not been shown to have any cc abilities and although purifying flame has little effect on the living (or dead) a good broadsword can finish the job just as well. The key would be Blaze to quickly finish the job before Ming gets a cast off. This should not be a problem considering his hot-headed nature.

    Blaze Wins!

  59. Dustcloud

    Although not much information is given by the author about either one’s fighting abilities, I would vote for Blaze Knight.
    If Sun just told Blaze to win, I’m sure he would follow through with the strongest conviction. Even if Sun didn’t say anything, I think Blaze has the advantage by being a decent (holy) knight against a slow-casting mage. From what little fight scenes he’s had, it seems Blaze can devise strategies and keep his cool (V1C7, against Roland), and that his sword skills may not be as good as Ice’s, but are likely far better than Sun’s. For Ming Huang, the greatest conviction to win would most likely come from his childish rage and obstinate nature. In the tournament’s final battle (V2C7), Prince had to go help Wicked and Ming Huang simply because Ming Huang wouldn’t back down from an unnecessary fight. Also, even though little has been said about Ming Huang’s possible other abilities, it seems casting large powerful spells is his favorite strategy since he’s never been written about doing anything else (besides the kick to the groin). Unless Blaze must run to Ming Huang from a far enough distance, Ming Huang won’t be able to complete Wrath of the Nine Heavens (which might instant-kill Blaze) before Blaze strikes him. Especially for the Sun Knight, Blaze would be relentless in his attack and Ming Huang would be defeated.

  60. southrufus

    I may be wrong, but Sun appears to be the stupidest knight in the entire series. So I can easily see him be struck by alot of lightening while trying to cross the arena. Problem is, being stupid he’s probably been burnt by his own flames before now. Its safe to assume anyone who doesn’t win will have to face Sun, so he’s not going to conceed the fight no matter what. SO I think Blaze will win, albeit by being battered around more than any knight should be able to survive.

    • Mitsou

      ouch! what are you talking about? bad mouth sun knight >.<? bs its not those lose will face sun but the winner will do and believe me in a couple more chapter, I wonder who will still think he is the stupidest one when almost every knight (beside judge I guess) rely on him for difficult situation.

    • southrufus

      OUCH worst typo possible…. I meant to type Blaze

      I was trying to say that any knight who lost would be seen as damaging the light god’s reputation and would be creating more work for Sun. Therefore Blaze would rather die in battle than face Sun afterwards and explain his failure.
      Please be no typos this time.

  61. syntia

    Blaze, when Ming Huang angry (I thought Blaze will say like, “I don’t fight girl.”) and cast his spell plus swear, Blaze definitely dodge it. Blaze will thrust his blade on Ming Huang side. Ming Huang can dodge it, but he take several wound. Blaze will cast spell and throw it at Ming Huang and strike him again and again. After a while for battling Ming Huang SP will down, but Blaze still have his Knight skill (MP) to finish Ming Huang.

  62. gamachan32

    Blaze. Ming Huang has no individual combat ability, as his stats are low and he needs time to set up his spells. In a 1v1, he’s worthless.

  63. denzeljuliet

    Blaze will win. Firstly, when Ming Huang fights, he needs time to cast lethal spells (e.g Wrath of Nine Heavens). By then Blaze would have chopped him up. Secondly, Blaze is a knight therefore he has a sword to kill with even though his spirit-thing doesn’t help here.

  64. Mokona

    Blaze wll obviously win the time requirede by ligting spells is far too long.
    regardlesly it s clear after this round that knights have a too great advantage over mages an this means that the winner of this thunament will be a secondary character from 1/2 prince.
    i don`t want to say becaus it seems like a spoiler bt i hope i get the gist out.

  65. Siluna

    I vote for Blaze Knight. As stated previously, Ming Huang’s best spells just take far too long. Unless he can chant while dodging attacks, Blaze would be able to cut him down before being severely injured by Ming.

  66. Daywalker

    All hail the Blaze Knight! I Vote for him, cause the powerful magic in 1/2 Prince takes time to cast, while Blaze is a very strong magic sword melee fighter. As a mage i would sh*** my pants, if a dude with a flaming sword is coming after me and he is just a few meters away xD

    Great 6 chapters :) do they all come out on christmas (as a present), or spread over the month? (don’t know if someone asked that before :D)

    Hope you guys are all doing okay!

  67. Sorcha

    Ming Huang, because he specialized in lightning attack, which-deadly, even if it’s only a low level magic. More, considering his violent character, I’m sure he also has a good defense and strength to survive from Blaze’s attack. While Blaze is a strong swordsman, his purifying flames (mostly) only for cleansing spirit. And Ming Huang seems to have more brain that Blaze…..

  68. Sarill

    I think that blaze would win because lightning magic takes too long to cast, although it is extremely powerful

  69. fighter136

    definitely Blaze will win… that hot-headed guy will just crush ming huang in a blink of eye without even give him chance to recite any spell…

  70. Gimei

    Hmm, I vote for Blaze. The magic as I know Ming Huang can use takes too long to cast. As a regular magic type character in several MMOs I know it’s not impossible to defeat a knight, depending on skills/equips it can even be easy. My knowledge on what Ming can do though is limited, far as I know, he’s got magic that takes time to cast, and there’s nothing about him having any spells to keep Blaze from getting close. xD

  71. Demoninmysoul

    Blaze Knight is strong and physically he can endure more damage, but his special abilities wouldn’t do anything to Ming Huang. MiHua has to cast a spell longer to do more damage, but if he starts out in fast ones, he still can do decent amount of damage, and with each strike stall the enemy, which gives him time to cast the next spell. If Blaze reaches him, he’s dead, but I doubt that possibility, so I vote for Ming Huang as winner.

  72. Hagane Kuragari

    Ming Huang will win because lightning is super effective against fire (sorry I’m a Pokemon nerd -_-)

  73. cricri

    if ming huang was able to successfuly cast his spell, he would win.
    but since it tackes so much time to cast, blaze would beat him first.
    so winner has to be blaze

  74. Snow

    Blaze Knight would win this one since he is strong. Ming huang is strong too but his magic takes to long to cast. by the time he would finish Blaze would have already won.

  75. TanteiKid

    Blaze Knight.

    He has holy magic and knight training on his side. Ming Huang is, as everyone has stated, a mage. Of course, he does have some skill with a sword (if I remember right) and I’ll assume there is the possibility of him using fast, but weak attacks. However, Blaze would attack quickly and (since he is one of the Twelve Holy Knights) something strong would have to be used against him. Ming Huang doesn’t have someone protecting him from being attacked, nor do he have a fast, powerful attack (that I remember, at least), so Blaze would defeat him quickly.

    People mentioned that Ming Huang being mistaken for a girl could damage Blaze’s reputation, but it’s a tournament. Do they expect him to not attack his opponent?

  76. Elphie

    If I may say a word; this match-up seems very much one-sided to me.

    Yes, they’re both great fighters. Each has their own specialised way of fighting, but this is where the problem lies. As we all know, a swordsman is able to fight solo as he is trained to do so. Very much suited for a one-on-one battle, no? On one hand, the opponent; a mage who takes very long to cast his magic skills, who very much needs someone to cover for him and is someone whose fighting method is group-dependent. It doesn’t take a genius to know who would win in a normal solo fight. A solo fighter isn’t very suitable to fight mobs; isn’t this situation rather similar with a mage who’s not suitable to fight one-on-one?

    That being said, Blaze wound win in a normal fight. Unless Ming Huang has a few practical skills which causes paralysis or lower the opponents’ status, but we don’t know if this is true.

    It’ll be a different matter altogether if this were to be a bad-mouthing fight, where they stand on equal grounds.

    • Jasae Bushae

      PFFFT~ XD
      a bad mouthing fight would be quite an awesome match for those two XD
      only problem is i don’t think we would ever be able to figure out who would win between them….
      their both pro’s inthat field afterall XD

  77. Jasae Bushae

    huh….since im able to actually read the pixelated censored names of the tournament brackets i can honestly say next months battle is destined to spell awkward things depending on the winner XD

    • Jasae Bushae

      yup XD
      assuming this comment isnt edited to avoid spoilers and its going from a top left to top right to second left second right order
      the next fight will be lolidragon VS supreme dragon

    • Jasae Bushae

      @Shadow Rebirth
      huh? *checks* pffft! XD how silly of me ^^; that spelling i took for dragon is repeated in several places so it must be the word knight ^^;

      ultimately with censoring its all a matter of gauging the length and studying for hanging or climbing letters to allow one the right evidence for an educated guess….ah well, i shall wait and see :3

      though im baffled who from prince side will be fighting two months from now O.o i cant think of any characters with a 3-6 character word thats repeated three times which serves as a name…*is terribly limited by memory when working out who is what bracket*

    • CocoFlower

      @Shadow Rebirth
      I wonder if Supreme Dragon would ever be a competitor, since techinally he is Sun himself. On that note, if Hell Knight took part, which one would it be- Roland or the past one? But then who would be the Death Knight? …I should stop confusing myself now XD

  78. AC

    My bet is Blaze.
    Because Ming Huang does need to recite his spells, and is totally powerless in close combat. Also, I don’t think he has the patience to dodge Blaze’s attacks until he can cast his spell, because they’re both too hot tempered. So Blaze would turn him into mince meat as soon as he started casting a spell.
    If Ming Huang has some spell that doesn’t take time to cast, the battle would last longer and be far more interesting, but he’d still loose because he’s a brat and Blaze is a trained knight.

  79. cutekitty

    hmmmm… another hard choice… These characters are both very hot-headed…
    Ming huang is a mage and they tend to have minor spell that they could use to protect themselves (assuming that he can use those) and also he could use it to give the Blaze knight a disadvantage. Blaze knight is a warrior so he has batter advantage in terms of close combat, speed and strength (does he know any magic??).

    They would probably have a verbal fight at the start of the match and i think Ming is much more irrational then Blaze knight so the Blaze knight actually has a clearer head then the mage. This means that Ming cannot strategically use his magic spells with a clear mind in a way that he could beat the Blaze knight. This is the most important part for a mage to beat a warrior in an individual combat, as they need to think ahead and make ways to win by themselves with the upper-hand of magic.

    In overall, blaze knight would win… i should’ve said that in the first place… =_=’

  80. NanoLaughing

    Reading most of the comments, no doubt all the semi-finalist are going to (mostly) from the Sun knight Novel!

  81. Cary

    I think that Blaze will win because he can cut Ming Huang to bit’s before poor Ming can cast his first spell.

  82. Nicole

    I vote foe Blaze Knight…
    Mage vs Knight of cause knight will win…
    On top of that, no matter how bad is his sword skill also he wound be as bad as Sun so no worries…

  83. Nicole

    typo error…
    i mean On top of that, no matter how bad is his sword skill also he WON’T be as bad as Sun so no worries…

  84. AngelSnow

    I can imagine that blaze will come up on stage, Ming Huang look at him with a cocky attitude. Blade then comment that he wont duel with a girl, which then send Ming Huang into rage and start insult blaze. Blaze is confused. Ming Huang push further by insult sun, which then is the final straw for Blaze. Then both Ming Huang and Blaze begin to engage combat. Blaze rush over with his sword, Ming Huand dodge it barely while throw out a quick low level spell like energy ball or something (which is a very basic lvl mage spell. Cant imagine how the game don’t have those). Ming Huang keep runing and dodging Blaze attacks. callcall out his fire abilities

    • AngelSnow

      sry, the comment box got cut off. Anyway, Blaze will use his holy magic to self-heal sometimes, then he use the opportunity to call out a few elementary fire spells to distract Ming Huang. Ming Huang got pissed and started to chant his high spell, but at the crucial moment, he tripped, which then Blaze charged over and suddenly…. we got flower and sparkle all over the place. Blaze got a serious mental attack from the adorable Ming Huang and lose his will to fight. Use this chance, Ming Huang kick him in the you-know-where. Blaze unable to continue. Ming Huang won. lol

  85. Katiewoo

    My main reason for choosing Blaze is that he would be able to attack Ming Huang when Ming Huang is trying to cast his spells. That, and Ming Huang has the tendency to not be able to shield himself without a warrior or someone to be his shield.

  86. Vapore

    I would say Blaze has the upper hand in this fight. Ming Huang’s heavy damage spells require a lot of time to prepare (as shown in all the fights he has had in 1/2 Prince). Blaze, being someone who can wield a sword, can easy attack when Ming Huang is concentrating on his spells. Plus, Ming Huang is a mage; I’m sure his defense and life points are wicked low. Unless he can cast extremely quick spells like Sun, he has no chance of harming Blaze heavily enough to win the match.

    They’re also both hotheads. I can see them both annoying each other to the point of Ming Huang falling back to his old habit of losing his head and wanting to end things big with a massive time consuming spell. Unless he has some kind of shield, Blaze would probably rush at him in a frenzy (if MH managed to make him mad and with MH’s personality, it will happen with his taunting).

    Blaze wins. ^ ^

  87. Breimoon

    since Ming Huang is a thunder mage he has a chance to win. If he knows fast casting spells like sun he should be able to teimporairly block the opponent for 1-2 second(the enemy body should go numb for a bit) and being his opponent a knight the electricity should be attracted by the sword and armor. Then after using fast spells to block Blaze for a few seconds he should little by little increase his spells power and as the power increases blaze should be blocked for a longer time giving ming in the end enough time to perform a great-scale spell.
    on the other hand if blaze can use his fire powers from far too then his victory is assured since even if he is blocked from the enemy his spells don’t need chanting( not sure about this)

  88. sinister banana

    I agree with just about everyone else. Blaze Knight would win because Ming Huang’s spell-casting time for his super serious attacks just takes too long. There’s no way he would be able to hide in a corner long enough to cast one (not to mention he’d be too busy bickering with Blaze to concentrate on spell-casting).

  89. AC

    Merry X-mas, people! Can’t wait for the next LSK chapter, so release it soon, and thank you for all you have done so far!

  90. That One Guy

    Wait, aren’t there fast casting spells as well? A rapid thundershock would go haywire in someones body, and Blaze could very well end up stabbing himself in the muscle spasms.

    • Jasae Bushae

      @That One Guy
      possibly ^^; the problem is that Yu Wo really didn’t show much about what his spells can do and since he has only been shown pulling a defensive spell and a giant mega attack and was never shown doing minor spells its complete conjecture whether he knows any fast spells ^^;

  91. Clarbart

    Blaze for sure.
    He can torch the irate dwarf and slice him up like a pineapple.
    Meanwhile the irate dwarf uses spells that take far too long to charge, giving Blaze the ability to pop in, stab him through, and then giggle like a little girl.

    • Kuran Nita

      If it’s Blaze, I am sure he won’t laugh. Maybe he’ll just said that Ming Hua is pathetic. Or maybe he’ll laugh like a villain~ Hahaha!

  92. MidnightAngelle

    Ming Huang would win because Blaze would mistake him for a girl, so Ming Huang would kick him where no guy wants to get kicked

  93. AngeIs GIory

    Does anyone else feel that the LSK characters are a bit OP compared to the half prince chars?

    • Dustcloud

      @AngeIs GIory
      If by OP you mean ‘overpowered’, I think so too. This isn’t surprising given that LSK and HP take place in two different worlds that require different strengths for characters to survive. But that makes this tournament very one-sided (- _-)

    • Jasae Bushae

      @AngeIs GIory
      Considering an rui can change peoples gender, sunshine can take down a hundred individual targets at once, kenshin has the strength of a thousand men and is rivaled by another man with nearly as great a strength…(and this isnt even putting into consideration the dictator of life of the sentient bosses or the overlords)

      yeaaah~ i dont really think their that overpowered ^^;
      on lsk side you have sun who aces ever field except his chosen profession, roland who is the most powerful of undead with freakishly good swordplay and judgment who is basically an armored batman with a sword XD
      its really impossible to say where it will go in the end but considering by book three of 1/2 prince both sunshine and kenshin were introduced (plus by that time nearly every character of importance native to the central continent)
      well ill leave it to others to draw conclusions ^^;

    • Jasae Bushae

      its so true~ XD
      he can super detective people to submission, he fights crime (though as judge, jury and executioner) and hes dark, imposing, has a reputation for never smiling or laughing and can handle himself in a fight XD

      Judgment knight is batman! 8D

    • Daywalker

      @AngeIs GIory
      not at all ;)
      In 1/2 Prince they have a strict class system, which is balanced in accordance to mmorpg rules.
      But the LSK Holy Knights leaders are like a group of overpowered last bosses in a rpg because they’re the representatives of an actual God!

    • Daywalker

      @Jasae Bushae
      I have to second that. Otherwise please just say, that they’re delayed, otherwise i will just get a heartattack because of anticipation :D

    • dahlys

      We ‘might’ be delayed, especially the LSK chapters… :(
      So please don’t get a heart attack lol.

    • Daywalker

      @Jasae Bushae
      I think it is probably more of a Problem caused by the Princess, because they just won’t release in a slightly Pink front and now she shut herself in her room and nobody can kidnap her ;)

    • zo

      It feels like…. like…. yeah I’m think I’m fine. Nice work on the chapters this month though :) Keep up the good work. I look forward to the LSK chapters in January. I’ll think of them as a belated holiday present. THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

  94. sassymiss

    Blaze Knight will win because he can attack immediately and Min Huang needs a lot of time to cast his spells. I’m not even sure if he has any short range attack that can be use immediately ;)

  95. Daywalker

    wohoo, Happy New Year! Slightly late after i came home right after drinking a little… ;)
    Thx for the new chapters :D

  96. Breimoon

    here they are!!!! when i was about to lose hope they apperead!!! thk for new ch gonna start now to read LSK :D

  97. Emerald Wind

    My choice: Blaze

    Why: Well, both are hot headed characters. Blaze would definitely mistake ming huang for a girl, then proceed to tell ming huang such. Ming Huang would get pisses, attack blaze with a minor spell that hurts like a bi**h, then proceed to yell at blaze, and announce that he is not a girl. Blaze, another hot headed character, would then get royally pissed, and move to attack ming huang. Ming Huang, a long range attacker with no ability to protect and attack would then try to maintain a distance while attacking and using attacks to defend. Eventually blaze would get close enough (either by getting close enough where ming huang’s attacks might hurt himself – rendering him useless, or when ming huang runs out of mana from keeping up his barrage of attacks/defences) and start hacking away at ming huang.

    In the end, ming huang, would fall, and blaze would win.

    • Jasae Bushae

      since they never announced the titles its a good guess ^^;
      a right shame too since it seemed like 1/2 prince was going to surpass its manga counterpart and sun knight started off splendidly

      im going to put forward the theory that they will either go back to smaller updates next month or will start doing these large updates bimonthly

    • Crimson Knight

      @Crimson Knight
      Wait never mind anyone who saw the comment above forget it.
      And to staff of PR!guys you guys are getting behind on translating.

    • dahlys

      @Crimson Knight
      1) The LSK volume translations will be slowed a little while we work on the LSK side stories.
      2) Also, since we are doing our best to produce high quality translations (we have 3-4 rounds of proofreading) it will naturally take longer to publish a chapter.

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