Update: January 2012 – Tournament Round 3-4

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Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2012!

Unfortunately, after some deliberation we decided to take a month’s break from translating, so there will be no chapters this month (For one, we did 6 chapters last month, and two, I personally have a concussion at the moment which makes editing of any sort rather difficult). However, to make up for that, starting in February we’re going to start churning chapters out at a faster rate!

Sorry for the late news, and enjoy the next few rounds of the tournament! (We’ll announce the fanfiction contest winners later this month.)


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Round 3

Who would win in a fight between Lolidragon and Storm Knight?

Name: Lolidragon (小龙女 prn. xiăo lóng nǚ)
Race: Elf; Class: Thief
In short: A great and unscrupulous beauty. She is a hidden GM and a walking Second Life encyclopedia. Is aware of Prince’s true identity.
Lolidragon is a hidden GM in Second Life and is the only person in Odd Squad who knows about Prince’s real gender and identity, being the GM who helped Feng Lan create her character. She is often described as a great beauty, but beneath her looks lurks a pervert who has no qualms about attacking Prince’s virtue. She is also a notorious spendthrift.

Although Lolidragon often appears to be rather irresponsible and flighty, she often plays the role of an elder sister or mentor to Prince, and watches out for the latter quite frequently. She initially posed as Prince’s wife in order to deter other female players from approaching or harassing Prince, but the two of them dropped this pretense when the ploy failed to deter Rose and Fairsky from pursuing Prince romantically.

Intially, Lolidragon considered herself to be a more experienced – and hence superior – player compared to Prince. However, she quickly realized that Prince’s unconventional fighting style and innovativeness, both of which stemmed from the latter’s unfamiliarity with regular methods of gameplay, allowed him to exploit Second Life‘s 99% realism to the fullest. As such, Lolidragon’s fighting style also grew more and more unconventional, using moves such as Chun Li’s Helicopter Kick and abilities such as Burrowing.

At the conclusion of the Adventurers’ Tournament, Lolidragon snatched victory from Dark Emperor by stomping Feng Wu Qing to death. Since then, the two of them have been at loggerheads.

It should be noted that Lolidragon’s in-game name literally means “Little Dragon Girl” and is a reference to a character of the same name from Jin Yong’s The Return of the Condor Heroes.

“More reports to write again…” Real name: ???
Age: 20+
Hair color: Blue (dyed); Eye color: Green
Widely regarded as: A carefree, footloose charmer, the knight-representative of “freedom”.
One of the members of the “good, warm-hearted” faction, the Storm Knight is, unfortunately enough for him, one of Sun’s subordinates.He may be the knight-representative of “freedom” and hence able to skip meetings on a regular basis, but for that very reason, most of the work – especially Sun’s – usually gets pushed onto him.

Also, despite the Storm Knight’s reputation as a flirt, this particular Storm Knight seems to still be a virgin…


Round 4

Who would win in a fight between Nan Gong Zui and The Son of the God of War?

Name: Nan Gong Zui
Race: Human; Class: Warrior
In short: The general of Infinite Hamlet, captain of Righteous Blades. A very loyal and protective man, who is also skilled at a leader and warrior.
Real name: Mike
Age: 20+
Hair color: Black; Eye color: Black
Widely regarded as: One of the strongest warriors in the world, very strong and agile and a master swordsman.
Tournament and Contest Rules

Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.
  5. The tournament takes place much like the Adventurers’ Tournament, in a stadium filled with spectators, with no outside interference allowed. The match ends by concession or death.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to [email protected]! The deadline for Rounds 3 and 4 is January 31st.

83 Responses

  1. Gohankuten

    Hope you get to feeling better Shadow. And when do we find out the winner of round 2? Or are you guys considering the petition I started for redoing round 1 and considering swapping either prince or sun to round 2 and making it prince vs blaze and sun vs ming?

    Well for Lolidragon vs Storm Knight I would have to say that the winner would be Lolidragon. Storm is at a disadvantage both due to Lolidragon being a girl and her extreme speed. Storm would be hard pressed to even be able to hit Lolidragon and due to him having to keep up his flirtatious nature he would have to keep winking at Lolidragon whenever he looked at her hindering his ability to fight. Add to the fact that Lolidragon can disappear underground and launch a spring attack on Storm and all her weapons have a very strong poison and all she has to do is just nick Storm with her dagger and Storm will most likely be down for the count.

    The next fight is harder to think of who would win. It would be a really close fight and I really don’t know which would win. If it was just a straight out fight of blade vs blade then I can’t tell but if Mike has some magic then that will make the fight lean in his favor and give him the win. I think I will vote for Mike to win since I am almost positive he will have some combat magic on his side that will give him the edge to win the fight.

    • Gohankuten

      Edit: Well seems you guys updated the winner of round 2 while I was making my reply so scratch my second and third sentences.

    • Gohankuten

      And I will give the petition another shot since my last one was posted late so I think most never saw it.

      I am petitioning a rematch for Round 1 of Prince vs Sun using the updated rules. There was contention in the replies about if there were spectators watching the fight which would effect the outcome of the fight immensely.

      Please reply to this with either a Yes you would like a rematch between Prince and Sun under the new rules or a No you want to just leave the results as is.

    • Kyner

      I joined the first one, so I’ll join again. The central point to my Sun knight vote was that he would use is full strength that includes holy magic, elemental magic, and necromancy. Having a adventurer’s tournament style would limit him to holy magic and it would be argueable if he could use things like earth shield, which are talents of other holy knights. The new rule would severely hamper the sun knight.

    • Dustcloud

      Although I voted for Prince the first round, I don’t think a rematch really makes sense. Even if Prince wins the rematch, what then? This tournament was set up for the fun of it as a way to involve readers between chapter releases. It wasn’t meant to be taken so seriously…right?

      It’s cool that you really support Prince in the tournament and I do as well :) But I think it’s better to move on from that first fight.

    • Gohankuten

      Well seems like there is almost no support of a rematch since so few actually responded. Guess I will just have to accept that Sun wins even though I still think the outcome of the fight was unfair due to the vague rules at the time.

    • 15B

      Maybe it’s better that Knight-Captain Sun wins. This way we will be spared imagining Knight-Captain Sun’s revenge upon the unfortunate lady.

  2. Blargel

    Oh hey, a news post. As long as you guys don’t just stop abruptly without telling us what’s going on, I don’t mind the occasional break. Hope you get well too~

    As for the fights:

    Round 3 – We haven’t heard about Storm Knight’s fighting style so it’s quite hard to judge this. Random speculation would have me incline that he specializes in speed and agility like a standard wind-affiliated fighter would be. That would make Lolidragon vs Storm a very fast paced battle. However, since Storm is kind of bad with women, Lolidragon might be able to use that to her advantage. My vote goes to Lolidragon.

    Round 4 – Nan Gong Zui doesn’t strike me as particularly strong. Even in the tournament in 1/2 Prince, he was described as better at leading than at fighting (or something like that). The Son of the God of War on the other hand is described as being overwhelmingly strong in 1 to 1 battles like a tournament setting would be in. Zui isn’t really the type to use underhanded methods to win and go head on so my vote goes to Mike.

  3. caithdean

    I think Lolidragon would win, simply because she is so unconventional. Also, she has no problem using her ‘assets’. Poor storm wouldn’t stand a chance.

    The other is harder, but i think the son of the God of War would win, as his fighting ability is so good. He may have some magic of his own as well…

  4. shinikage

    loli dragon versus storm is harder than you think since we dont really know how strong is storm as a knight but we know he knows a lot of techniques to charm women and lolidragon is quite the pervert so it shouldnt be a conventional fight

    as for the second fight i put my money on the son of the god of war, his combat skills are overwhelming and as sun said based on his elemental analisys his atributtes of fire and wind are high enough to match a powerful mage

  5. dahlys

    For the purposes of this tournament, I shall reveal Storm Knight’s fighting technique. I hope this isn’t too big a spoiler…

    His weapon is leg armor, and he attacks using kicks. He can slice a normal human in half with one kick, and smash a large hole in the ground from the air. In an instant, Storm can accelerate until he is faster than wind. (I imagine he is something like Lenalee from D Gray man) Therefore, fighting skills wise, Storm should be a good match for Lolidragon’s speed.

  6. Drake

    Thanks for letting us know and lets hope you don’t suffer from any side effects from the concussion.
    Now for the winners.
    In the battle of Lolidragon against Storm Knight it’s very hard to determine but since we haven’t seem him fight my bet is with lolidragon. Both that he is not accustomed to women and also that for him should be hard to fight a girl and since lolidragon uses her charms as she see fit so there will be little chance. Maybe if we had more information about Storm he may win but for now lolidragon, also he may just give up to catch up with some work.
    Now the other fight it’s quite easy, Nan Gong Zui against the Son of the God of War (Mike for short). Both are warriors but only one of them is the warrior, Nan Gong Zui isn’t even rated as one of the top fighters and has normal fighting skills , on the other hand Mike is regarded as one of the most powerfull warriors and not only that but he is very used to fighting 1 on 1 so there will be very little chance for Nan Gong Zui to win. My vote goes fo Mike that will win over Nan Gong Zui

  7. E

    Oh no… I hope you’re feeling better, SR! >___<
    For these rounds, my votes go to Lolidragon and Mike! (Is it me or characters from LSK are winning? Dx)

    I chose Lolidragon because one, I don't really know what Storm Knight is capable of and if he can really impress me *refuses to look at dahlys' post* (Too late! XD Still, as dahlys said, they're still a good match.) and two, Storm Knight has a duty to flirt with women whenever he sees one, so I reckon he, or rather *coughs* his poor eyes and already lack of physic strength due to undertaking Sun's workload, would give up on him before the fight could end. XD Being as pervert as Lolidragon, however, I think she would be little affected by Storm Knight's charm. XD (Or maybe not… hmph…)

    As for Mike… well, I have a hard time deciding on this one, actually. Nonetheless, Mike's strength is said to be on a par with Judgement's and Roland's, who both leave a strong impression on me with regard to their abilities, so I trust that he will take down Nan Gong Zui. I like Nan Gong Zui more, though. </3

  8. Nicole

    Round 3
    I vote for Storm. He is faster than wind & can actually attack ppl & go back to his place without letting other ppl notice him. His main attack is his leg armour which is something u dun wanna mess with… (I hope I’m not giving too much spoiler here…) Then with his look n flirting skills, Lolidragon will give up instantly & start drooling at him. While Lolidragon was distracted, Storm will use this chance to attack Lolidragon so he can use the remaining time to sleep…
    Round 4
    This fight is hard to predict as both r very strong warrior. Mike is not the strongest warrior in SK but he is indeed the son of the God of War & he’s stronger than Roland. He is good in a 1 on 1 fight so he do have an advantage over Nan Gong Zui who is a platoon leader. I think I’ll vote for Mike here…

  9. Demoninmysoul

    Round 3: My vote is for Lolidragon, for she is just too fast for the Storm Knight to catch her. Even if she could do little damage, as time goes by, she could defeat Storm.

    Round 4: I assume both of the Knights are strong, and I’d say int the same weight as fighters, but Nan Gong Zui has more skills to use, and the Son of the God of War has the Gods blessing – if I could I’d choose tie, and noone would go to the next round. Given the no tie rule, I say Nan Gong Zui would win. He has more experience, and maybe that will be a deciding factor.

    • briar

      How does Nan Gong Zui have more experience when the Son of War has been raised as a warrior for years and Nan Gong Zui is only warrior in a video game for maybe a year or two?

    • Grimful

      @briar i’d like to point out that we don’t actully know how long nan gong zui has been playing, sure second life he may have only played for a year or two but there were games b4 second life that he could’ve been playing for years giving him more experance than just that. but yes over all i would think mike would have more experience, i’m just arguing that nan may not be as inexperienced as u are mentioning here.

  10. dys

    R3: Since we never saw storm fight I can’t say anything on that from but on a psychological level, he puts up with Sun(the devil), Cloud(the ghost) and the whole church of light all the time so any sneakiness or cheats Lolidragon may pull shouldn’t have an effect on him. And as much as he doesn’t like it, he’s a woman master and Lolidragon is a mega pervert so he may actually be in advantage on that field. From his name it seems that his fighting style might be speed based as well. I’m going to trust him being a Knight Captain = not at all weak, and vote for him. Though the mega pervert issue might work in reverse and give Lolidragon a whole another reason to *ahem* take him down. These tournaments are really unfair since we haven’t nearly seen all the LoSK has to offer. First two books feel more like prologue.

    R4: Mike Mike Mike. Probably the strongest fighter in the world, a church leader who is most likely magically equipped as well, specialized in one-on-one fight especially against other fighters vs. NAN GONG ZUI?????? I used to think Nan Gong Zui was cool but you had to make me compare him to Son of God of War. Now I can never look at him the same way.

  11. DarkDragon

    I vote Lolidragon. We haven’t actually seen Storm fight, but Lolidragon has the advantage of speed which probably surpasses Storm’s- she is a player in a game, so she can distribute her own stats, and she put a ridiculous amount of points into agility, to the point where we saw her race the wind and win. Storm is, I’m guessing, fast, but she’s faster. Even if he’s strong and a good warrior, what’s the use if he can’t hit her?
    (I’m behind on LSK so I don’t know enough to judge the next round)

  12. bookwizard01

    Lolidragon, she’s fast, would use her assets, is sneaky, and is unconventional. She would definitely win.

    I think Nan Gong Zui would win because he’s not as arrogant as the Son of the God of War, but they’re both very strong warriors..but in the end Nan Gong Zui would most likely win.

  13. briar

    I hope you feel better!
    On another note, Lolidragon and the Son of War! Lolidragon is a devious woman and the Storm Night is a shy virgin so need I say more ;) . Then the Son of War is proficient in the art of war and Nan Gong Zui is more of a lover than a fighter.

  14. Cerisabeth

    Get well soon SR! ^_^

    Round 3: I vote for Storm Knight, because he’s probably fast (Just assuming Storm=wind, but I don’t really know that much about his capabilities in battle) but Lolidragon is too, but Storm Knight knows magic and he will use that advantage to win.

    Round 4: I vote for the Son of the God of War, because he is a master swordsman and I think he is better than Nan Gong Zui. The match will be very long and equal. But the Son fo the God of War will win in the end, because Nan Gong Zui isn’t one of the best warriors in Second Life, while the Son of the God of War is revered as one of the best in the LSK world.

  15. Kyner

    A break now and then is fine with me. Thanks for the continued effort!

    Lolidragon vs. Storm Knight is a hard match-up. Lolidragon is a beauty, crazy about money and hot guys, quick as the wind, and has some crazy attacks. Storm knight is known to be a strong swordsman, relatively strong with ice magic, publicly flirtatious but secretly extremely bashful. I think lolidragon would win the initiative since her lust can be overcome by greed, where storm has to flirt but would not handle lolidragon’s flirting as well. With her extremely agility and odd skill set Lolidragon would get the first hit, but with weak strength would not kill. Storm would then win the day due to armor, and his combination of ice magic, holy magic (relatively weak compared to sun but still has some as he is considered a holy knight) and skilled swordsmanship.

    Nan Gong Zui vs. Son of God of War is a simple fight. Son of the God of War wins. Although Nan Gong Zui is strong he is not known to be within the top of 1/2 prince in terms of strength. Comparably, Son of God of War has displayed strength capable of fighting on par with anyone except for maybe the recently retired sun knight. In a fight of pure warriors, the winner would have to go to the one with the superior reputation, which is the Son of the God of War.

  16. Kyran

    In the fight with Storm vs. Lolidragon, I think that Storm would win simply because of how pissed he would be. He would have to leave his work to fight, probably fall behind, have to wink all the time during the fight, and then deal with Lolidragon’s pretty boy fetish. Besides, if he wins the next battle he gets to fight Prince and get his revenge on him for all the work that Prince makes him do.

  17. Mega

    Storm Knight for round 3
    Mike for round 4

    For round 3 I was going to say lolidragon but then I read about Storms combat style, I imagine Lolidragon will try to use her burrow skill in order to execute a surprise attack and poison Storm with one of those deadly poisons of hers. However since
    storm can rip holes in the ground that would fail in a spectacular fashion and thus my vote goes to Storm.

    For round 4 it is rather simpler, since nan is more suited to leading than fighting and Mike is pretty much a walking killing machine Mine would win by sheer skill alone

  18. cattemari

    Storm vs Lolidragon:
    My vote goes to Storm. In terms of speed, I’d say they both would be even matched, but Storm has the added bonus of being able to fight with his weapons well. While Lolidragon is fast, she did end up stomping Feng Wu Qing to death, so this indicates she doesn’t have many attack based skills.
    Nan Gong Zui vs Mike (aka Son of the God of War)
    My vote goes to Mike because he is a better fighter than Roland, lest Nan Gong Zui. Nan Gong Zui is a better leader. Maybe if this was a battle in terms of a war, he’d win, but this isn’t the case.

    • Gohankuten

      She stomped him to death since he was almost dead anyway and wanted to add insult to injury for his pride by killing him by stepping on him. She has a lot of attacks as you should well know.

  19. Jasae Bushae

    Wooo~ i was looking forward to the coming round of the tournament!
    and no rush on the chapters, take it easy and let the others pick up the slack if your doing unwell ^^ we just appreciate that your taking the trouble to translate these marvelous works :3
    now onto the battles…

    Well this is an awfully fun match-up and it promises much enjoyment XD
    to start with analyzing lolidragon you have a fast and agile type with decent attack, poisons, sneak attacks, burrowing and fighters with daggers. Her specialty is her speed and her mind making her possibly the craftiest character in 1/2 prince.
    While she probably not that good at taking a hit she is more the type to outsmart and attack her opponent

    Storm we have not really seen in combat before or ever ^^; all we know is that all knights have healing ability and with the exception of sun, pretty good battle aura. from a conversation about storm knight armor with pink we know he is possibly a bit fast however it has not been shown yet if storm is actually fast and assumptions cannot be made ^^;
    on one hand he is a very very hard worker. on the other he is also abused and overworked and taken advantage of with piles of work from sun and others ^^;
    oh and that since he is from the nice and warm faction he probably has pretty good holy light

    Another big factor is looks.
    Now lolidragon may appear a bit attractive however storm has never shown more than the required feigned interest in women. ^^;
    On the other hand lolidragon is obsessed with hot guys and prone to nosebleeds XD but thinking about it she abuses prince without worry and walks over princes brother and other bishies whenever she feels like it…
    because of that even if storm was to try using his charms to make her drop out at best she might play along and stab him in the back and steal his money ^^;

    now in terms of comparing abilities its fair to assume that the holy light might be able to simply nullify the poisons rendering it useless and that storm has enough healing abilities to be able to actually rely on it and last a while…
    on the other hand he has not been described a good sense of perception so its fair to say that lolidragon has good odds of sneaking up and attacking him from behind or below…especially with the ability to burrow below ground.

    add to that the fact that storm hasn’t actually been shown much in a combat sense yet. ^^; while we know the general abilities of ice, earth, judgment, cloud and blaze we know possibly the least about storms abilities (with the possible exception of moon and metal who are similarly vague at this moment)
    while lolidragon is a well established shameless commiter of evil deeds who once won a tournament by sneaking up on an armored knight and stabbing him to oblivion ^^;

    So i will have to place my vote with Lolidragon due to craftyness and underhandedness always winning out straight forwardness and because we know so very very little about storm and what he is capable of ^^;

    as for the grand round four this one is probably a bit more straight forward and easier to go over
    nan gong zui is a warrior but with loads of charisma. he lead a large and magnificent army of thousands of players and was described as one of the stronger warriors on the central continent.
    He is probably not as strong as more notable warriors such as dandan or kenshin or prince but he has shown an ability for leading people and strategy even.
    he has not been shown doing any perticularly impressive special attacks but he is said to be pretty good.

    Mike on the other hand (the son of the god of war is to much of a mouthful) is one of the strongest warriors in the world of the sun knight, has a skill with a sword that is unrivaled by everyone so far (i think if judgment and roland worked together they would almost certainly defeat him but only then) he is in a universe where warriors can develop something called a battle aura and is the chosen one of an entire religion which means by the logic of the story that he is probably the most powerful especially in a warrior based religion.
    On the other hand the series constantly describes warriors as fighting solo and not working well together

    So in the end comparing these two i would have to put m money on Mike the son of the god of war because while Nan Gong Zui is pretty strong he isnt quite among the strongest in the game ^^;
    on the other hand if it had been a battle between the church of the god of war and the rightous blades i would put my money on Nan Gong Zui since he uses plenty more strategy and is better at commanding large numbers in combat.
    also i should mention that given the personalities of the two warriors i am pretty confident that they would doubtless get along swimmingly and probably be buddy buddy after having a fun duel XD

    so to repeat myself to save people the bother of reading through it my votes are for Lolidragon and Mike ^^;

  20. RurouniAlchemist25

    Lolidragon is vicious enough to stomp someone to death. Add that to her speed and agility, as well as the fact that Storm tends to try to avoid girls and would have to wink at Lolidragon (and possibly every female watching the match), and I’d say that Lolidragon’s victory is pretty probable. Lolidragon is very evil for a good guy. ;)
    About the other match…I honestly don’t know. I can’t seem to decide who would win! I guess I just haven’t studied those two enough….?

  21. Sarill

    I think that lo keratin would win because she is so fast and good at assassination, as well as having all of the unique moves that she and prince taught themselves at the beginning of the books.

  22. Aerebes

    Lolidragon would most likely win the fight against storm. Even if storm can move as fast as the wind, in the past, we have seen lolidragon run circles around the actual wind. This along with the fact that she has all of her poisons/burrowing skills, and, fairly important for someone with such high speed, she has her throwing knives (though i can’t remember if she only used those in the manga). Though she does have a slight obsession with bishies, she is entirely capable of setting that aside and putting on her “serious face” whenever she needs to.

    For the other round, Mike would completely beat Nan Gong Zui. Mike is, perhaps not the brightest, but still the strongest warrior in the world. Nan Gong Zui is a briliant and charismatic military strategist. I hate to say it but Nan Gong Zui would be beat almost immediately, seeing as he couldn’t even get close to beating a drunk prince with the help of another person…

  23. Unrepentant Otaku

    I have to say that Lolidragon wins this one hands down ;) For one thing, her tournament description explicitly states that she is a “great and unscrupulous beauty”, so Storm was finished before he began. First, from what I know of Storm, he is petrified of women (especially beautiful/flirty women). Even if he couldn’t show that in public, it would affect his battle ability. Second, Lolidragon is so unscrupulous that she would use many tricks (including her looks) to distract and defeat him. Remembering how, way back in the earlier volumes, she defeated Feng Wu Qing in a tournament by crawling out from some rocks even when she was half-dead, Lolidragon also has sort of a precedent for defeating beautiful men. All in all, the women from 1/2 Prince are much more assertive towards men than the men from LSK are towards women, so Storm is done for :'(

    BTW – I also have a blog where I review different manga/anime/novels/dramas etc. I haven’t done much yet, but LSP and 1/2 Prince are both on my list, and I would really appreciate it if people would follow my blog at unrepentantotaku.blogspot.com

    • Jasae Bushae

      @Unrepentant Otaku
      as i recall, what happend was loli burrowed underground and thus avoided the attack entirly XD
      and just to point it out since the king of suns kingdom is shown to be thoroughly henpecked, the princess of the same kingdom is visciously protective of her love and the princess of mikes kingdom is a rude foul mouthed warrior….its safe to assume that the women are just as assertive in the sun knight universe :p

  24. Crimson Knight

    Loli winner, because storm can’t keep focusing in a girl.
    Mike winner, because the level of combat on Lsk is higher which saying mike is the champion of war church put him among the top.

  25. Monet

    1 Lolidragon wins, she’s a woman and Storm is usually deadtired from working for Sun all day and night without any sleep. We know he’s a knight and a decent kicker but Loli is a thief and she’s very sneaky. Remember how she stole all that money from all sorts of people? Loli can steal his swords or any other weapon just by distracting him with her looks, then Storm will be helpless.
    2 Mike has been shown to be the strongest swordsman in the Sun Knight so far, even Roland can’t win by pure swordmanship and that guy’s a death lord neither can Judge. Nan has been shown to be only a decent fighter and can easily caught off guard like with how wicked just killed him with one hit. Nan hadn’t be shown to make any significant victories. That and if it was Mike vs Arctic Fox then it will be a challenge but when it comes to swordbattle, Mike is the Son of War for a reason, just his title will be enough.

  26. Gamachan32

    Storm would beat Lolidragon, his combat level is higher and he wouldn’t be distracted by her looks. Nan Gong vs the Son of the God of War is tougher, but Nan Gong would probably lose in the end, as the Son of the God of War has abilities like battle aura to help him out, as well as having more real life experience.

  27. TK

    I think Lolidragon would win b/c first Storm is so overworked and pale and two b/c Storm is described as a footloose charmer and he winks at every girl he sees and the tournament will be fill with lots of girls. For the next round Mike is definitely the obvious choice and while Nan Gong Zui is pretty strong, no one but Roland and Judgement could ever be a match in a fight with the Son of the War God. (PS. Sun stands a chance in a underhanded, amazingly elaborate, and extremely terrifying, and horrible plot – type battle, NO ONE BEATS GRISIA!!!)

  28. Esprit

    Again, for the tournament, I’m only using what the translated chapters have so far. It seems odd to use spoilers because if the translators had wanted us to learn about Storm Knight beforehand, wouldn’t they have finished up those chapters before starting the tournament? Of course, this does give the 1/2 Prince characters an slight advantage, though it seems like the Holy Knights aren’t having much trouble. :)

    For Round 3, Lolidragon. Storm probably is fast and powerful, but Lolidragon’s speed is developed from running away from Sun and hordes of robbed merchants. She’s even outchased a wind spirit. And she just needs a few critical/poisoned hits to take him down. Storm’s fighting abilities aren’t known yet, but he’s not going to get a chance to attack her.
    Looks matter more in this round than in others because Lolidragon does obsess over cute guys while Storm is trained to flirt with women he’s secretly nervous of (and he has a reason to this time). Lolidragon is crafty enough to “charm” (scare) Storm into a mistake.

    For Round 4, Mike. Much as I admire Non Gong Zui, Mike has a clear advantage with the battle aura and fighting skills comparable to Roland. Nan Gong Zui is an excellent swordsman, but he’s more of a commander whereas Mike is supposed to excel at both.

  29. WhistleLeaf

    I’m going to vote for Storm and Mike.

    Storm, because his speed should be at least equal or around the speed of lolidragon but he has more power(since he has really strong kicks) and i think Storm is really reliable (even with all his work and responsibilities he still manages to pull through each day) and even though Storm is (supposedly) a charmer, i don’t think he would go completely out of his way and risk dying (like Sun) to keep up an image.

    Mike, because he was one of the best warriors in LSK and was able to fight on par with roland (and probably Judge), skilled on one to one duels, and probably has other skills while Non Gong Zui was a good warrior, but nothing amazing.

    • WhistleLeaf

      p.s. storm is also good at gathering info so that should also help with preparations and plans(he was even able to find out the color of underwear the king was wearing that day)

  30. SK

    waaaaaaaa get well soon?
    and… hope a girl wins this time~
    just noticed that Zui is hotter in the novel illustrations than in the manga boo~

  31. phoenix

    Lilidragon, she is hot and Storm will blush to death when he sees her. And she is pretty powerful with sneaky attacks so she won’t give him time to attack

  32. Baka Weiss

    Round 3:

    I’d say this one goes to the HP cast, since Ceo is just too weak when it comes to women. And since we don’t know his actual strength, that is the only thing we have to use for a comparison.

    Round 4:

    Michael is the champion of the Church of the God of War and quite possibly the single strongest 1-on-1 combatant in the LSK world(though that title might go to Neo on second thought). Zui, on the other hand, was outclassed by other rivals rather early in HP. I expect an overwhelming victory for Michael right off the bat.

  33. sanachan

    3: I think Lolidragon would win because she’s very fast and agile and has poisons at her disposal, while Storm Knight isn’t mentioned to have any particular expertise at fighting and is always sleep-deprived from doing work.

    4: I think the Son of the God of War would win because he is extremely skilled at fighting, possibly the best in all of LSK, and Nan Gong Zui doesn’t have any kind of magic, so it would be a comparison of purely martial skills, and while Nan Gong Zui is pretty good, he’s not among the most skilled in Second Life.

  34. missreadsalot

    Round 3: I think Lolidragon would win because of her extremely high agility, her wiliness, and because she can burrow. I haven’t read much about Storm Knight, but I don’t think he’d expect the opponent to pop up from the ground, and I think the best weapon in battle is surprise.

    Round 4: I think the Son of the God of War would win because he is one of the best fighters in the world. Nan Gong Zui isn’t, if I’m not mistaken. He may be good, but he’s not the best.

  35. Ministreld

    lolz. for round 3, it would be Lolidragon. Though Storm is a naturally shy kid, old habits die hard, especially one that your teacher has purposefully ground into your mind. While Storm is treating Lolidragon with courtesy, she would already be imagining how to best trick him. :D though perhaps Storm’s good looks might deter her from harming her…
    round 4: Son of the God of War, cause he’s obviously the cool guy here and has more experience.

  36. chicaalterego

    Round 3: Lolodragon would win, just for the fact that she is a woman and storm is a knight, not to mention a virginal shy gentleman… So even if he happened to be psychicaly stronger he stands no chance against her charms and sneaky behavior.

    Round 4: The son of the god of war would win… didn’t they say that he even had the upperhand against Roland? Also, believe that since Mike is a warrior, he has the upper hand in an one on one combat against nan gong zui… though if he was leading a small team he would probably win ^_^

  37. zo

    Lolidragon wins round 3 due to generally cunningness while fighting. Storm specializes out of combat much more and general knowledge getting.
    Son of the God of War wins round 4 cause he is considered one of the best, if not the best sword fighter in LSK series. Hell, anyone who can fight evenly with Roland is a badass in my book.

  38. blargin7

    Lolidragon would win against Storm due to the fact that she’s more interested in money than she is in men. Granted, she has most likely molested Prince despite the fact that she knows that Prince is actually a woman outside the game, but she is still more interested in money. She’d probably slit his throat and loot his corpse before falling for him. Add in the fact that we haven’t read a single thing about Storm getting in a fight, and the winner is obvious.
    Son of the God of War would win because Zui is too hot headed. While Zui is very loyal to his team and very strong, if Mike said the right words about his sister-in-law, Zui would see red. Mike would take the oportunity and cut Zui down.

  39. Elaru

    Lolidragon would win because she can actually fight… Storm’s skills are in desk work (sorry Storm.)

    Nan Gong Zui would win because The son of the God of War is a mortal… where as, like all people who have been in the company of Prince Zui can do crazy things the no one would every be able to do when constricted by the laws of gravity.

  40. Grimful

    lolidragon, and mike/son of god of war.
    okay round 3 is like round one where it can depend on the setting, round one it mattered so much that i didn’t even bother to vote and that i had about 20 different scenarios in my head about how that fight would go i think i spent a good 10 hours thinking about them, i digress. i don’t remember hearing about if this was in a public tournament arena setting or just a fight in a selected location, i’m going to assume arena. that setting would hinder storm bc of all the women he’d have to look at, but it also hinder lolidragon bc there would be no good obsticals for her to use to hide with. now for the second big factor would they know ahead of time who they were fighting (this as everyone probably knows was another big problem with the prince vs sun match). if it was the case where they knew ahead of time i give advantaged loli. the advantage would be that loli wouldn’t have to bother figuring out storms weakness and would already know them. though if loli did have to figure them out i would think it would take maybe a min to realize he was winking at every girl, and bc lolidragon has been shown to be very good at figuring out peoples weaknesses would realize even as she and storm were darting around that women were his weakness. from there she would torment him throughout the fight taking each moment she slips him up to stab him and poision him more and more. i don’t think storm would even get a hit on her bc while storm is stronger and is in lolidragons speed i still feel as though she is even faster and her fighting style has shown she will wait till she knows she can strike without getting hurt back.

    nan vs mike is pretty easy choice, one nan we know is a good leader and a good fighter but not a godly fighter i’d rather this be kenshin or artic fox then it be more intresting. mike hands down has more experance, and more skill when it comes to one on one fighting. i see this fight ending in 3 swings of mikes weapon.

    the real problem with this tournament is that it favors the LSK characters bc those from the world of secondlife focuse on party fighting where LSK don’t. any mage from princes world is atomatically going to be defeted as that they may be more powerful than people from LSK but they don’t have the meat sheilds they need to cast their spells, also that a good deal of LSK kights are basically there own healers to a degree, princes world each caracter is specalized in there specific ablities where in LSK the knights have more divers backround but less knowlage in each area which is just overall better for one on one fighting.

    PS yes i know spell check hell,i got lazy.

    • Gohankuten

      The rules were updated and state that they are in a stadium arena with loads of spectators. It’s one reason why I am petitioning a redo of round 1 since that wasn’t stated and caused exactly what you described. But seems unlikely that my petition for redo of round 1 will happen.

  41. AC

    Round 3: Lolidragon wins.
    She’s probably Storm’s nemesis, because 1- he has the obligation to wink at her, which would give her time to do something outrageous for him, and 2- he is actually shy, and Lolidragon is a cunning bastard who knows exactly how to take advantage of that.
    Round 4: Mike (oh my, I still don’t believe he has this name…) wins.
    Zui’s good, and everything, but that’s simply not enough, because Mike is like a super over-powered ultimate boss. Plus, of Prince’s friends, Zui is one of the most… normal. So he also lacks that special (or more likely completely insane) trick that is so weird that might actually work. No way Zui would win against Mike alone.

  42. Yann Ru

    Round 3: Loli would win because of her agility as on the other hand, I don’t really know storm’s fighting ability or what his strengths are so I can’t just say, “He slashes loli and win”.

    Round 4: I think Mike will win as his strong in 1 v 1 fights and his one of the best swordsman that can even make Roland and judgement compliment him.

  43. Flitfish

    Round 3: Lolidragon would win because, as the adventure tournament shows, she’s a bit like a cockroach and will never die. She could dig underground and avoid many of Storm’s attacks. I would like to think that in such a serious scenario Storm will not be obligated to wink at everyone and Lolidragon would get over his bishonen good looks. Even then, however, Lolidragon probably would be willing to use her assets to shock Storm and win.

    Round 4: We really don’t know too much about the fighting styles of Nan Gong Zui or the Son of War but I sorta wanna side with the Son of War because his title is the Son of War. He was probably given a sword and told to beat stuff up since he could walk. Nan Gong Zui might be strong but he probably doesn’t have any formal training outside of beating stuff up in the game. He’s not quite as creative as Prince either so the Son of War would probably win.

  44. Kuran Nita

    Too lazy to type too much reason. Anyway, Lolidragon wouldn’t win the third match because:
    1. She is a girl and,,, Storm almost always work to his bone that he maybe couldn’t be in his best condition.
    2. His image as Storm Knight. Just like Sun, if in vacation said that he would still be the Sun Knight and just changed to [Sun Knight in Vacation] then for Storm, it would just change to [Storm Knight in Battle]. Oh man, you know his suffering, right? Poor him!
    3. His kicking technique is good just like what on the novel said and he’s a pretty good knight too but, Lolidragon is too fast, and cunning.

    Son of The God of War/Mike would win on the forth match, since:
    1. Sun said that he could see with his mage sight that Mike has large amount of fire and wind that almost as much as that of a mage. That means, he is STRONG and FAST. First, the amount itself maybe has outdone Nan Gong Zui’s. Second, considering that Zui is a character from Second Life game. One of the unbroken rules in game is that if the character strong, theh, he would need to sacriface his speed. Zui just able to have one important factor in raw battle when Mike definitely have 2.
    2. zui know strategies and has been leading many people. He might be try to use his head but, however Mike acting like a brat, he still the sole head of the Church of the God of War which means, he won’t lose in that aspect too.

    • Gohankuten

      @Kuran Nita
      Not sure if you made a typo or not. You said Lolidragon wouldn’t win yet your reasons why seem to point to her winning. You might wanna clarify if it was a typo or not.

  45. Dyute

    For round 3, Lolidragon would probably win since Storm Knight might freeze and turn bright red because of her beauty. And then as he was attacking her, she would probably sneak up behind him and steal all his money and then laugh at his face.

    For Round 4, I think the Son of War would win. He is the son of war. He was trained to fight. Nan Gong Zui would loose because while he’s good in a game/vr, he’s not a fighter in real life. All the son of war knows is fighting.

  46. Mitsou

    I really really wanted storm to win but his chance are not so likely in this round, since Lolidragon is crazy for hot man yet Storm is actually very shy (he also receive daily abuse aka workload from Sun so he really doesn’t stand a chance for Lolidragon) Also, it seem that LSK character are winning like crazy I couldn’t help but want to vote for 1/2prince (at least one or 2 characters).

    For the 4 round, Hah, do I even need to confirm, Mike definitely would win! jeez, he is a powerful swordsman for god-sake, there is hardly anyone can match up with him in LSK, I doubt that Nan Gong Zui, despite being a great character but not an exceptionally good fighter would never never able to win!

  47. Loinvoyant

    Well, I second Mitsou’s opinion for more or less the same reasons so… I don’t know what much else to add so…
    Lolidragon and the Son of the God of War would be the victors.

  48. Dustcloud

    I vote for Lolidragon and Mike.

    Lolidragon has the advantage being an unconventional (+cunning), poison using (+damage), perverted girl (+resistance to flirting) thief (+agility) with high perseverance (+stamina). On the other hand, not much is known about Storm’s fighting ability, but even knowing the spoilers of his swiftness and specialty in kicking, given the tournament setting he would be forced to keep up his image and flirt with Lolidragon and the tournament audience women, which would likely hinder his fighting ability unless he had a personality as bold and cunning as Sun’s (which is not the case). Storm seems to have a shy personality, which would not help him against a perverted girl. Storm may become merciless when he’s angry, but I doubt Lolidragon would trigger such rage with him; he would not be able to show this rage anyway to preserve his image. As for Storm’s resourcefulness, I don’t think any information gathered on Lolidragon would be particularly useful in this fight (unless Storm suddenly twists his personality). Given Storm’s disadvantages and Lolidragon’s abilities, I say Lolidragon would win the fight.

    As many have mentioned earlier, it is a simple case for Nan Gong Zui vs. Mike. Nan Gong Zui has been described as an average swordsman whereas Mike has been dubbed the strongest warrior in his realm. If Nan Gong Zui were cunning, he might have a chance, but since he’s straightforward (and so is Mike), in a head-on battle Mike would likely be victorious.

  49. [email protected]@lker

    Well, i hope you guys take a good rest and start refreshed into the next months work :D
    As to the Duells… hmm… don’t know. I find them both pretty hard to think of a plausible course of action -.-

    I’d vote for Storm, because in the end, he would wink at Lolidragon and distract her, but he himself doesn’t fall for her, so that he can calmly analyze the situation and strike first and by taking the innitiative start off with a good hit, even though Lolidragon is fast, she could never completely avoid a suprise attack, which will hinder her in the course of action, especially, if Storm strikes at her legs, which would take away her speed advantage and due to his longer reach (thanks to a Sword against lolidragons daggers) he can take his time taking her apart.
    (Yeah, i know, it is sort of unfair, to take down another of Prince chars, but i think of the LSK people as the more capaple fighters.)

    Well, Nan Gong Zui and the God of War… they are both capable individual fighters and depending on his reputation, the God of War should be able to win this hands down, because Nan Gong Zui doesn’t completely focuses on one-on-one and more on Group fighting as a leader of a warband, even though he himself is pretty strong himself. As a conclusion i would say, after a long and hard sword fight:
    Mike will win!

  50. Gralie

    lolidragon would win because storm would be blind from all the winks he have to give her and every other girl that is watching the tourment, and he have so much work to do that he would prefer to lose and go back to doing his work.

    Mike would win because he would call on his god’s power to aid him in his fight. Nan Gong Zui might hold out for a while but there is not much he can do against a person who is known to be the best in a 1v1 fight without magic.

  51. KuwaNeko

    Storm vs Lolidragon……. lol, shy versus queen of molesters lol, poor Storm. and Storm = Lenalee, oh god, I nearly died laughing…

    ok now serious, wow, another fight between winds… this is hard, and I seriously don’t know to whom give my vote…
    If I have to vote, I’d say….. Lolidragon, I don’t really think shy Ceo can manage against such…. anatomy…. (plus, if he gets himself knocked out, he can sleep and scape from paperwork)
    though if Ceo was actually able to fight all out, he’d probably win (fast/strong/good strategist(c’mon, part of his duties is to lead rebelions), and I really don’t think he would ‘have to’ wink at any girl during the fight, after all, he can skip winking if he’s doing something else)(I also think Lenalee would win against Lolidragon)

    round four goes to Mike, he is scary strong and scary fast (wind and fire attributes as strong as a mages….), and an elite warrior that even Judge isn’t sure he could win against

  52. DevilMania

    First time voting… Sad to say I wasn’t able to vote for the first two round but ll good since the winners were all my bets ^.^
    Now for the current battle;

    Round 3: My vote definitely goes to Lolidragon! Though Storm may be able to win this fight, since he is weak and shy when it comes to the opposite gender and then there is the ‘fact that the whole continent knows’ that he is flirtatious and has to wink at Loli (and if there are any female spectators), the lack of sleep that had accumulated because he has a lot of paperworks to do, and then if ever he’ll win this fight, his next opponent would be no other than the Greatest Sun Knight, the consequences that he’ll suffer if ever Sun would lose to him would definitely, absolutely, unquestionably be much much perilous than being defeated by a girl. If that’s the case, I’m sure Storm wouldn’t mind losing even from Loli’s stomping due to lack of fighting spirit. Then there’s also Loli’s great determination to avenge Prince’s loss.

    Round 4: Mike! Certainly the strong leader of the Church of the God of War. Nan, who I believe has a disadvantage in skills when compared to Mike who is on par with a Death Lord and Judgement, will lose to Mike.

    • Dustcloud

      Hmm, that’s quite interesting! xD For some reason, I did not think about how Lolidragon might want to win to avenge Prince! That sounds like it could make an interesting fic…

    • DevilMania

      I think so too… I remember during the adventurer’s tourney how the odd squad went berserk after prince’s death… Haha…

  53. SilverWitch

    I think that Lolidragon would beat Storm Knight to some devious method like poisoning his food or making him “unavailable” for the fight.

    Mike would beat Nan Gong Zui simply because Mike is one of the strongest swordsmen in the world and Nan Gong Zui is just a good swordsman. It would be a physical fight all the way.

  54. X

    Lolidragon will win. There is no way the Storm Knight can win if he has wink at her every few seconds.

  55. mokona

    in the 4th round victory for the Son of the God of War is obvious
    if Sun considers Storm a potencial meat shield it means that he is extreamy strong and he can be blackmaild with extra worck to win so as to make it easyer for Sun to win so i vote for Storm

  56. Dragon

    Round 3:
    I vote for Storm Knight due to his armor, battle aura. strength, holy knight healing ability. Storm won’t lose in a match of speed he can move faster than the wind. storm knight is known to be a strong swordsman as well as relatively strong with magic,.

    Some people would think that the tournament setting would hinder his fighting ability but he only winks at girls in his line of sight and only once he would still fight seriously also storm is also good at gathering info so that should also help with preparations and plans so he would know most if not all of Lolidragon ability’s and skills.

    Lolidragon wouldn’t win the fight.due to the fact her class is a Thief she while she is fast storm is faster and can do more damage.
    Initially, Lolidragon is considered experienced storm as well as the other knights were trained as children and continue to train everyday when they are free and hence superior

    Round 4:
    Son of war has a clear advantage with the battle aura and widely regarded as one of the strongest warriors in the world he very strong and agile and knows combat magic to increase his abilities even more. Nan Gong Zui is an excellent swordsman but not better then Mike who has a ton of experience.

  57. Ruu

    Round 3 – I’d have to say Lolidragon. As tanked up as Storm might be, as a Holy Knight, it’s just the simple fact that she’s a femme fatale type of character, and since Storm isn’t exactly good with women… yeah. Poor Storm. Of course, this is under the assumption that Lolidragon has the psychological upper hand. While Storm is distracted, she can ninja the crap out of him. The question would be, can Storm recover quickly enough?

    Round 4 – Son of War. Because that man is a monster on the field. As intense as Nan Gong Zui might be, he doesn’t have Mike’s magic/battle aura. Which would probably be the deciding factor.

  58. Round 3: As much as I love the Storm Knight, I would have to say Lolidragon for the winner. While we haven’t yet really seen Storm in battle, I think Lolidragon would be at an advantage with her agility and stealth. After all, it was because of her underground move that the Odd Squad even won the tournament.

    Round 4: Definitely the Son of the God of War would win. He is an extremely skilled fighter, and even Roland and Judgement Knight would be unable to beat him, nevertheless Nan Gong Zui.

  59. Juliastes

    Round 3: Lolidragon. Loli dragon’s speed is considered extremely fast, she’s very skilled at self preservation, and even when she sees a pretty guy, she maintains her composure (sometimes she gets even more devious and dangerous – we’ve seen men fall prey to her whiles). Storm, on the other hand, if there were no audience, might win, by the nature that his character is expected to wink at all the women he sees, would have to spend a portion of his fight winking at the multitude of women in the audience. While he could prolong the fight due to his own speed and defense, Lolidragon would be using here womanly whiles to overwhelm his virgin mind with her sex appeal. She would utilize it right away even if she didn’t know his weakness.

  60. randomtyping

    Storm would be forced to wink at all the girls in the crowd, therefore leaving him automatically dead (and maybe finally blind.)

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