The “This is Not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament

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Welcome to the start of The “This is Not a Beauty Pagent” Tournament!

This tournament will be done in five main stages: Preliminaries Stage 1, Preliminaries Stage 2, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals. There are 28 characters participating; 14 from 1/2 Prince and 14 from The Legend of Sun Knight. Each month (except for the first two) we’ll reveal and vote on two new matches.

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Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to [email protected]! The deadline for Prince VS Sun Knight is December 31st.



Round 1

So, who would win in a fight between Prince and Sun Knight?

Vote in the comments and give a solid explanation! And of course, have fun.

261 Responses

  1. Sen

    I think Prince would win since his unbelievable luck would get him pass any schemes Sun comes up with.
    Also, even if Sun uses his magic, Prince, with his speed, would probably be able to attack him while he’s chanting any powerful spells.
    Go Prince! XD

    • Daywalker

      You don’t need powerful spells, to hit a charging opponent and even if he is fast, you still do know, where a Swordsman has to appear in order to hit his enemy, therefore you can plan ahead for those scenarios.

    • youandi

      Sun doesn’t need to recite spells in order to use them. O_o He just… casts them. Plus, when Sun casts powerful spells, he combines multiple intermediate spells to form an advanced one.

  2. marshmellow

    I think Sun Knight would win because Sun Knight is more *cough* evil *cough*, he probably have something plan for Prince that I wouldn’t dare to think about… Also, Prince like hot guys so Sun Knight (if he were to find out and probably will) would use that to his advantage. I nearly forgot to mention the Saint Dragon Brigage or at least what I remember it was called… Sun can use that too or is it not allow. Anyway I definitely think Sun Knight would win.

    • Rona ♥

      haha. i agree. prince would stop for some second and admire the bishie in front of him. Those matter of seconds will be beneficial for sun to cast his spells.

      I can see know why Sun won here. :P

    • randomtyping

      @Rona ♥
      … And probably because Prince is so handsome, the kind of handsoome that would make men want to kill him and cut his corpse is also a valid reason for Sun to win XD

  3. Kyner

    Sun Knight would win because he has a mastery of healing skills, and a rather advanced knowledge of magic and necromancy that would allow him to fully defend or heal any wounds Prince would throw at him. Not to mention, Sun is the most devious and cunning characters out of both stories, allowing him to out maneuver Prince regardless of Prince’s unorthodox style.

  4. Fighterfemme

    I think the fight would start off with an advantage to Sun since he is gorgeous and Prince has a weakness for that, but would ultimately go to Prince since when a fight starts s/he is able to move on from that and concentrate on fighting, and if you add Prince’s unpredictability in moves to his unbelievable luck I’m pretty sure that would counter Sun scheming (since u can’t plan for what u can’t predict) and then use an Incredibly strong attack, finishing the fight off quickly before Sun’s regenerative abilities have time to show themselves. SO my vote is for prince :)

  5. Jasae Bushae

    Hmm….I am gonna have to put my vote towards sun knight on this one….

    Assuming prince operated on game physics and sun knight didn’t then the fight would hinge upon an extremely powerful muscle head with an array of fighting ability VS an abysmal swordsman who is possibly the most powerful practitioner of magic ever. (has mastered spells of necromancy and light magic just by watching it cast)

    If the battle was a straight forward confrontation between prince and sun knight….it would almost definitely go in Prince’s favor since she would just run in blindly while cowardly sun defended himself. ^^; (plus he kinda sucks in battle against living breathing people which as judgment noted, sun would be terrible at fighting in a battle of just swordplay)

    However this being a tournament setting would suggest that sun would have time to prepare. and while prince is freakishly super powerful and strong…i don’t think prince would be that prepared for dirty underhanded villainy which is suns bread and butter ^^;
    I can easily imagine sun in preparation for the tournament going out of his way to trip up prince and give her absolutely no peace with his dirty evil underhanded tricks and during the battle using all manner of twisted spell’s to slow down prince and get him from behind…

    Funnily enough despite them both being the main characters of their respective series they couldn’t be more different ^^;
    sun is a shameless liar and cheat who wouldn’t care what he has to do to win (he would curb stomp doll if they were to fight and lolidragon would be the perfect opponent for him)
    while prince exists in a world where one can physically do anything they can imagine and she abuses that with fighting game moves and martial arts XD she enjoys bathing herself in blood and as a warrior she is one of the strongest players in 1/2 life. Prince would have been a more fascinating challenge against roland or judgment….

    But in conclusion I think if this fight was out of the blue with no more than an hour of preparation then Prince would wipe the floor with sun.
    However if Sun had half the time he used in the second book I have little doubt he would have come up with a plan and sabotaged Prince at every chance because to quote him ‘I wont challenge someone unless I am either 200% confident or 100% positive.’ and prince is just not mentally prepared enough for sun’s diabolical…(considering how well lolidragon can trick prince its a good indicator of how well the blood elf would fare against someone of a similarly twisted mindset)

    Major factors of this battle I imagine would consist of Prince having that high level evolving equipment and those special moves which are primarily fire based
    And Sun having that sun sword (which he would probably not use for fear of damaging it) a vast repertoire of spells and an almost bottomless reserve of magical spells.
    Oh and as I write this it occurs to me that he would quite possibly actually be able to learn many of Prince’s own moves (the magic-like ones, not the fighting ones) just by seeing Prince cast them…But on the other hand Prince has shown a remarkable talent for improv during a battle….

    Oh and of course since it specified Prince vs Sun then it would cancel out the use of Princes pets (meatbun, kenshin and sunshine) and sun’s dog- I mean lackeys (Hell knight and the sun knight platoon)

    • The lee

      @Jasae Bushae
      For everything you just said, I agree with and cast my vote as that. Sun would definitively win in a tournament because he would have time to think about how he would take Prince down. Where as Prince would just go in blindly.

    • lucija

      @Jasae Bushae
      I also agree with and cast my vote to Sun Knight- he is a lot more smarter than Prince and when you think how much time he has before tournament start, you can bet he would a least 3 plans how to win against Prince.

    • Jasae Bushae

      @Jasae Bushae

      It took me a while for this to occur to me but I just want to add this realization XD
      prince is not a bad person and if she had to fight someone who could potentially die (unlike her brutalness in the game where people just respawn) im not sure she would really give it her all ^^;
      heck, this is a person who potentially threw away the opertunity of saving her city so she could help two sentient npc’s who she could have just left alone.

  6. Kyran

    I think that the Sun Knight would win because he is much more devious than Prince, and he has all those extra magic spells. Sun would also be able to heal himself over and over, while Prince would just get hammered away. Sun would also get an extra anger boost because of all the girls that like Prince, and that Sun can only love the God of Light.

    • Dustcloud

      It’s funny to think that Sun would go into a jealous rage xD
      But I don’t doubt it might happen.

    • amy

      i dont think sun can heal himself over and over… good healing spells take a lot of energy and you will get exhausted eventually

    • 15B

      But consider how much holy magic Sun has… And I don’t think Sun actually HAS to say three paragraphs’ worth of praise to the God of Light to use an Advanced Heal, except to maintain his image.

      And there’s the necromancy… And the elemental magic… And the tricks he has up his sleeve… And the threat of his teacher killing him if he fails and dies disgracefully for motivation…

      ._. Poor Prince.

    • Donpon

      I can see sun getting all mad, because of that lol. Just a thought, but if he were to figure out that prince was a girl- who gets all the girls- he’d probably flip out, even more.

      AMGINE’S NOTE: Please keep the language PG, thanks!

  7. Lyell

    I think it would be Prince. Sure there might be some problems in the beginning, Prince wouldn’t be able to stop drooling at Sun’s bishiness, but Prince’s attacks (Was it Blazing Inferno slash? It’s been a while since we’ve seen it) can chop monsters in half! A bone wall is nothing! Also even if Dragon saint Brigandine gave Sun a boost, Prince is probably still faster. One last thing… Sun’s sword skills suck! So unless Prince slipped in his own drool and gave Sun an opening, would Sun be able to hit Prince.

    • illsooni

      umm…it’s called grease i think, you know, the spell Sun used to make those knights some time back trip?

  8. hina

    Sun Knight.

    No matter how good at fighting prince is, the sun knight would research his opponent carefully and think of a convoluted and manipulative plan that would cause him to win. Moreover, the sun knight would NEVER fight… scratch that…NEVER even ENTER a fight that he was not 200% sure he would win. Also, if you think about it the sun knight is approximately as lucky as prince.

    The battle, “Prince vs. Sun Knight” is more a battle of “brainless expert fighting vs. manipulative schemed fighting”. And as history has proven, the more strategic side always wins.

    At first I was “prince~! prince~! since the sun knight can’t fight… at all.” but after thinking about it, prince is an idiot. A lucky idiot who can fight really well. But the SUN KNIGHT not only has mad healing powers, necromancy, and light magic skills, but also he’s a manipulative poopy head ;____;. Hence, a lucky, smart idiot who may suck at fighting, but has infinite other skills at his disposal.

  9. Daywalker

    Sun will win. And no, this is not a entry to the writing competition, because my english sucks and i’m to lazy to correctly spell and check for errors and i just went a little overboard, while typing an explanation :D

    The Stadium is filled with Fans shouting Sun and Princes names, but while the Sun Knight just shows a radiant smile to his fans, Prince is swarmed by his fan girls wishing him luck and talking about his opponent. Some of them seem to even consider changing sides, which enrages Prince a tiny little bit. On the other hand Sun is boiling on the inside, because he isn’t swarmed by a bunch of cute girls and has to uphold his image and secretly plans to send the Sun knight platoon to do some unspeakable things to his enemys behind the scenes.
    When the fight starts, Sun flashes Prince a dazzling smile and starts talking about the God of Lights kindness and how it is unfortunately inevitable, that they would have to duell, while he secretly prepares his first few spells like Grease in front of him against a charge from prince. After a short bout of confusion and drooling on Princes side, Prince gets pretty annoyed about the nonsense Sun is talking and charges forward. Sun flashes a brilliant Holy Light, which blinds everybody and Prince runs blindly into the beforehand prepared grease and slips in a very epic way. Then Sun unfortunately knocks over a conveniently placed candel into the grease and burns Prince to a medium-rare, which costs him a great amount of hp. While Prince tries to find out a way out of the inferno raging around him, Sun quickly cast a few buffs on himself, while muttering under his breath while nobody can hear him, that a stupid pretty boy should just go and die and that even if this would be a beauty pageant, he would still win hands down. Meanwhile Prince stumbles out of the fire and while coughing out his lungs, starts looking around to locate Sun, whom he then swiftly again charges holding the black dao prepared for a mighty downswing to cleanly chop his opponent in two. While being a bit cautious about another grease puddle, Prince still quickly reaches Sun’s position and starts chopping away at Sun, who barely manages to stumble backward and avoiding any fatal blows, while preparing his next stage of his plan while flashing short bursts of holy light to blind and distract Prince.
    While chopping away at his opponent Prince can’t stop thinking, that Sun makes even stumbling hastily backward look like the most elegant thing he has ever seen and starts worrying about why Sun is still smiling at him in such a kind and dazzling way.
    Another all encompassing constant dome of holy light conceals Sun’s next move, which is to active dragons brigand and paying to summon a throwing dagger, which he then uses to incapacitate one of Princes legs, who then again stumbles to the ground and loses sight of Sun, who stealthily sneaks behind Prince and stabs him in the back with his Sword. Fortunately Sun thinks to himself, he left the Sun Sword in his room, so even though he has to stab through armor it will only dull this cheap sword and not the ridiculous expensive Sun Sword, for which he has to pay out of his own pocket, which would devastate his retirement funds, which currently are heavily taxed, because some idiot decided to have the Tournament outside under the glaring sun, which will definitely tan him pretty good and makes a few unscheduled applications of his facemask necessary. Well, at least his opponent is dead and even though his thoughts are on his retirement fund, Sun still manages to raise his hand in a victory gesture in the air and smiling at the crowd, after releasing the holy light.

    And because this is a tournament (not in a game world and dead means dead), Sun afterwards uses his secret necromancer skills to turn Prince into a Zombie and uses him and his group of Sun Knights to attack his next opponent in the changing room before the next fight, to soften him up a little bit. Meaning hitting in places, which are covered by clothes and can be easily bandaged afterwards, to stop blood from leaking to early and give away the condition of his next enemy beforehand.

  10. Caithdean

    Prince would win, because Sun can’t fight. He can’t talk his way out of this one. And most of his magic wouldn’t work on Prince because A) Prince is too fast, and B) Prince isn’t and undead, so Sun can’t smite him.

    Sorry Sun! Better luck next time!

  11. Fakeview

    Well, i believe the Sun Knight would win, simply because he is a very cunning person, although his sword skills are ‘not that bad’, he still has other attibutes, such as his holy magic, necromancy, normal magic, and of course the Dragon’s Sacred Brigandine, which he will use brilliantly. Another thing we have to take into account, is Prince is a girl, Sun is a Super Ultra-hottie, and well we know the effect Sun has on your average girl :). In the end, if all of this fails, Sun is a genius at planning (not scheming, not at all) interesting outcomes, since we all know he wouldn’t dare face an opponent without atleast knowing something about him.

  12. Crimson Knight

    Well I don’t read 1/2 prince, but I believe Sun would win anyway for few reasons(if you have reasons that counter them say it):
    -Sun is an all powerful spellcaster, necromancer, healer, assassin and strategist.
    -as long there isn’t by-standers sun is allowed use anything from previous reason.
    -I believe sun would put Roland and judment to fight in his place or even fight with him(oh and Pink too)(or even all holy temple of light too).
    -I don’t think need any other reason butthings like he can’t use anything of it because there is by-standers or it is 1 vs 1 fight sun would summon a army of undead. or lay traps forehand.
    -KNowing sun i bet he would poison the prince.

  13. Toren

    Prince would win as long as Sun doesn’t have any of those rose marbles. As good as Sun is at necromancy and holy spells, Prince is near the top of the warrior chain. It’s the same reason Sun found a way out of the fight to the death with the son of the warrior god. Sun’s magic puts him on pretty equal footing, but his magic tires him out as well, ending in Prince soaked in his blood. If Sun had the rose marbles, he would be able to save his energy by using those instead, tipping the scales in his favor.

  14. Biased?Judge

    For some reason, Prince seems very weak to insults. Sun is very good at giving insults, so my vote goes to Sun. There isn’t even a need to draw a sword before Prince is holding his ears while Sun praises the Sun God and insults prince at the same time, possibly till Prince is crying. After all, Sun does not have compassion towards guys(especially good looking ones, with girls all over them), while Prince is weak against good looking guys.

  15. snow

    I think Sun would win because he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Besides, Sun is like an invincible cockroach and won’t die easily. After all Prince must rely on a priest to heal him while Sun can do it himself. Sun also has necromancy spells as well as other attacks(magic,holy spellsl ect.) .Eh now that you think of it Prince even though he is strong would probably have trouble dodging some of suns spells He wouldn’t be able to get close and chop Sun with all of those spells flying at him. Sun not only has this but also has the Dragon Saint Brigandine. I really do believe he would win with all of these things.

  16. Storyteller

    well i think sun knight would win because firstly he is cunning (meaning even in hard pressed situations he has a plan, or at least thinks fast on how to get the best out of any situation), then he knows almost any type of magic (light, ice, fire, earth, necromancy, wind, dark, etc) and can cast it without chanting meaning he is a freaking magic machine, then there is his incredible healing ability so even if injured he can cast something to cure himself or just bleed until he can (come on he bled an entire street), though he has less ability with the sword than prince (something already known) if prince were to fight sun, here comes another point, it would be mainly a fight of stamina because even if he charges forward sun will just keep protecting himself from the attacks waiting his chance whilst prince can only rely on his physical ability. Also, sun with his special “vision” can see prince attributions which will give him an advantage. And lastly, if allowed to use the dragons saint brigandine (sorry can’t spell it right), all the physical abilities of sun will be enhaced dramatically, making him faster and stronger, and don’t forget the thing has life, so it can actually tell sun when and from where the enemy is approaching, and also provide him with weapons to fight (assasin weapons). Although sun is devious, i’m not sure if he will make Roland or Judge fight this one (since he will be burning with envy of prince’s fans as stated before), what’s more (also as stated before) prince likes beautiful men so he will be in trance for the first moments, and that would be an advantege sun would be already aware of. Prince is really really strong but this one i think will be sun’s. Also in the worst case scenario, sun can use *super spoiler* (not telling XD) but believe me, it will work, though i doubt he will use it unless he thinks prince is a great threat to the other knights lifes, in that case i believe sun will turn into the worst devil out there and will finish prince asap (since sun believes the knights are his precious irreplaceable family….so cute!)

    though it will be a very close and interesting match (btw maybe i will also enter the writing contest with the details of this ;)

  17. SilverWitch

    Sun knight because he can use magic and would probably find some devious way of winning even if it involved cheating. Also as some others have stated Prince loved handsome men and Sun is very handsome. Prince would be more likely to drown Sun in drool than chop of his head.

  18. youandi

    – Sun’s a bishie, and Prince would er… faint?
    – Sun can manipulate people into doing things they don’t want to do.
    – Sun can talk Prince to death about the God of Light
    – Sun could get the Hell Knight to fight for him.
    – lol if they were to fight, Sun would just continually heal himself until Prince ran out of stamina.

  19. zo

    Sun Knight. Have you ever seen someone who plays dirtier, has a ton of tricks, and is a coward at the same time? Prince can be prince and a great fighter, but Sun Knight is as low as it gets.

  20. Saiyadena

    I think Prince would win. Prince is the better fighter and has shown incredible skill at countering whatever her opponents can throw at her. Yes, Sun would likely come up with some convoluted scheme to try and gain the upper-hand, however as most of his plan would have to take place outside the tournament, Prince would still have the benefit of having all her allies to counter that as well. At best, Sun’s schemes would give Lollidragon something to do.

    Sun does have the benefit of magic, but I really can’t imagine Sun would do so well after getting hit with one of Meatbun’s machine-gun meat attacks… Sun is low-down, dirty, scheming bastard, but he’s just vain enough to be thoroughly thrown off by suddenly finding himself covered in raw meat.

    • Cary

      i think the meat would just tick Sun off enough to go all out and make Prince regret being born in the first place. As you said Sun is very vain and he’d do anything to protect his image which is why i say that even though i think prince is one of my top 3 favorite anime guys, Sun will win hands down

  21. Painted

    Sun Knight, because he can use magic and is way more cunning than Prince. Plus, he knows holy magic, so he can just heal himself over and over again.

  22. Ruu

    Gah. A tough one right off the bat? Thou art cruel. I’d have to say… Sun. Because while Prince is badass and awesome in every way with his crazy ass fighting skills and general all-round badassery… Sun’s insane. Completely and utterly insane. And as evil as you can possibly get. Prince has some semblance of ethics. Sun is a scheming little bastard under all that blond hair and bishie sparkles. Which, by the way, will be used as a weapon, even if he doesn’t like playing to the yaoi fans. BUT I DIGRESS. Sun wins because he’s pulling tricks out of nowhere and breaking every single rule enforced by the tournament in a way that makes it look like he’s not breaking any rules. Because it’s Sun, and the 38th Sun Knight can do whatever the hell he wants.
    …because the Benevolent God of Light will forgive his sins.

  23. Gohankuten

    We really need more information for the details of the fight. Is Prince allowed to bring in Meatbun? Do they have a lot of people watching? If both are true then Prince will win hands down. If only the people watching is true Prince will win with a tad more trouble. If neither are true it would be a close match which I can’t give a reply to who would win.

    My reason for saying Prince would win if both the above is true is that due to being watched Sun cannot go all out due to the fact that Prince is not an undead and so Sun’s image prevents him from going all out. If Prince has Meatbun then a machine meat gun attack will totally distract and disgust Sun giving Prince the time needed to initiate a big hit on Sun that would take out Sun. If you remember Sun is quite susceptible to big wounds as Roland demonstrated with the big slash on his back. Though Meatbun is not crucial since Prince also has her ungodly luck on her side. Factor in the fact that no matter what Sun wouldn’t be able to beat a 10 year old in swordsmanship and that he is limited by the audience so he can’t use his full assortment of spells or the Dragons Saint Brigard means that Prince will easily take Sun out. And though Sun does have the ultra bishie look on his side Prince has demonstrated time and time again that she likes to beat the heck out of bishies. And Sun himself would also be distracted at first by Prince’s looks since they rival his own. Prince has the speed and strength on Sun and though Sun has lots of cunning he would not be able to utilize it enough to defeat Prince in the location. And Prince’s luck would counter any attempts to sabotage her before the fight that Sun might do.

  24. Paupu

    Creus Sun! I say this for some reasons already mentioned. One, Sun would be extremely envious of Prince for being able to attract so many woman. Two, he never enters a fight he is not 200% sure that he can win. Three, if Prince were to have the opportunity to learn about Sun before the match, chances are she would completely underestimate him and we saw how bad that can be for the tournament. There are more but I’m lazy XD This is reason enough. Sorry Prince -.-

  25. snowrabbit

    he won’t win easy tho.. he’ll throw all the tricks he had planned (save for the dirtiest, last trick) for prince and make him suffer for a while, but prince would definitely bounce back and sun would also suffer damages (for show, since sun wouldn’t fight without a 200% chance he’ll win). but without wolf-ge to heal him, prince would lose too much blood and sun would take advantage of this to apply his most dirtiest tricks..
    heck, he could even dethroned a ‘king’, prince would just be another of his scheme’s victim.

  26. Gohankuten

    I shall take a stab at writing the sceneplay of the fight. I shall assume a large audience is watching and that Prince has Meatbun. I shall also assume they have had some time to prepare.

    The fight would start before they enter the stadium arena where Sun will have set up multiple traps to sabotage Prince ranging from poisoning her food, putting tacks in her shoes, setting a trap over the door and so on and so forth. Prince will eat the food but through sheer luck the poison doesn’t effect her. She avoids the tacks in her shoes because Gui being Gui was polishing her shoes and noticed the tacks and got rid of them. And Gui would trigger the door trap when bringing the shoes so Prince is unharmed by the trap. When they enter the stadium Sun is taken aback a little by the fact that Prince seems totally fine despite his schemes. They then square up and while waiting for the countdown to finish Sun starts in preaching about the God of Light to try and gain an edge over Prince at the start. The preaching distracts Prince at first but as the countdown is about to hit Prince shifts into Blood Elf mood and tunes out the babble from Sun and takes out Meatbun. As soon as the countdown hits 0 Prince has Meatbun use machine gun meat attack while Sun uses a light magic spell to cast a blindingly bright light to blind Prince. Prince is disoriented for a bit due to the blinding light while Sun takes a hit from the machine gun meat attack due to Sun not being able to avoid it. The dripping raw meat disgusts Sun and causes him to lose his focus long enough for Prince to recover enough from the blinding attack to launch Pure White Inferno Rhapsody on Sun. Due to Sun’s horrible swordsmanship he is unable to dodge the attack. Sun hangs on barely after the attack due to his natural regenerative properties and his magic barriers but is in bad shape to fight. Sun attempts to use a high level healing spell on himself but Prince doesn’t give the chance by using his Nine-Headed Dragon Strike on Sun right after the Rhapsody. The large number of high powered consecutive hits kills Sun before he can finish his healing spell leaving Prince bathed in Sun’s blood and the victor.

    • youandi

      It might be better if this was a reply to your original comment, because it seems like another vote for Prince like this. c:

    • Gohankuten

      Considering I said it would be a stab at the writing they won’t count it for a vote. Plus with how close together they are already they won’t count my name twice.

    • Crimson Knight

      any spell lower than gran or ultimate sun doesn’t have cast time or doesn’t need to chant to cast it. Also you forgot sun know a plenty of buffs, which he also would cast them while talking about his god on coutdown(which usually there isn’t because it is exclusive to fighting games not real life or this case.) poor swordship don’t affect things like dodge or evasion which means sun will mostly fail to block the attack not to dodge it.
      Also sun would cast spells like blind and smokescreen, which he is allowed to use because there aren’t dark spells, also Sun don’t have a problem with raw meat which he would think about coocking it later. I don’t think you can’t be immune to poison maybe you can write that somebody else mixed or ate the prince food in some point because of his lucky.

  27. DarkDragon

    I think that it would be a close match, but ultimately Prince would win. He would be distracted at the beginning by Sun’s looks, but he is a better swordsman. Now, Sun also has his magic, but due to the fact that this IS a tournament he wouldn’t be able to use most of his offensive spells, due to all the onlookers that would be surprised if he does. For the same reason, he can’t use the “Supreme Dragon” alias. The only spells that Sun can really use for his public image are his healing spells. Prince, as a player in an MMO, will have potions that have the same effect, and also restore his energy. Don’t forget that Prince has Meatbun too. So at the end of the fight, Prince will emerge victorious.

    • Crimson Knight

      He can use his offencive spells which by the way they are to be used agaisnt undead, but he will use it on himself. also sun can buff himself and cast spells like bind and grease which prince would be lucky to not fall in the grease but while he is avoiding fall sun casted bind which using that moment to break prince leg.(yes he would use the same plan with first chapter, a knight with a broken leg isn’t much of a treat.)

  28. Hobbit

    While I’m nowhere near knowledgeable about fighting and such, it is simple to see who would win here. Despite his rot–not so great swordsmanship, Sun has one very important thing in his favor: Prince’s alter ego. See, for Lan, who has previously had to choose between incest and narcissism (and Gui), I firmly believe that one dazzling smile from Sun is enough to make her forget her fighting, even if only for a second. In the past, she has beaten up bishies, but only those she deems inferior, or overdone. The Sun Knight is certainly neither. Devious Grisia will without a doubt, use that split second pause to his advantage. Even if his swordsmanship is not so great, he is skilled enough in Necromancy and Magic to take Prince down, with a few lesser spells. Grisa is Prince’s equal, if not his superior in cruel, clever, crafty ways to defeat the enemy. Not even the Blood Elf can stand up to the Sun Knight.

  29. Pillows

    I think that Prince would win. The Sun Knight isn’t a very good swordsman, so Prince could just run up and cut him to bits. I just hope Prince wouldn’t get distracted by the Sun Knight’s good looks.

  30. Wynter

    Prince would win because even though sun is extraordinarily good at magic and has the dragons thing prince would beat him out with speed and sword and other skills even if he is destracted by suns hotness

    • Crimson Knight

      dude , he can’t use dragon thing but sun can cast spell with 10 minutes time no pause and keep going. so lets say oh he got speed and sowrd, well Sun can blind prince for 10 minutes by using it for 10 minutes not even saying that he can use grease and blind while casting holy light. not even saying that it blind everyone too so he would use dirty moves.

  31. saganatsu

    Sun, because he’d win in a battle of dirty tricks, and he’d naturally make sure that it would become a battle of dirty tricks

  32. Yann Ru

    I think that Sun would win this round. His healing abilities are better than good. His knows holy and necro magic. If he puts on his Dragon’s Saint Brigandine his speed and strength would go up. I don’t think Prince, could fight up Sun’s abilities with pure luck and unpredictable swordsmanship.

  33. Gohankuten

    Why do so many people overlook the fact that Sun is severely limited in this fight. There is a large audience watching so Sun CANT use the Dragons Saint Brigand or his necro magic and he can’t use dirty tricks or go out of control due to Prince not being undead. He has to maintain his Sun Knight image at all times and that means all Sun has to rely on is his horrible swordsmanship and his holy magic but as Roland demonstrated a large wound on Sun would make it difficult for Sun to continue a fight no matter his healing ability. I don’t want to see Sun win cause people keep voting on him thinking he can go all out when the fighting area makes it impossible for him to go all out.

    • Jasae Bushae

      personally i think the main factor would be how much time there would be to prepare for such a thing since sun in the second book has shown to be pretty sneaky and clever if given enough time to prepare (and did much worse in battle against roland the first time mainly because he had little to no time to use his head which is his greatest asset)

    • Kyner

      Where does the scenario state that the fight takes place inside an arena? What if its a “Mortal Kombat” style tournament where there may not be an actual audience or pre-defined fighting area. My response chose to take the warriors going at full strength and not create my own restraint that would severely limit one of the fighters. I don’t believe that Prince would be smart enough to lure Sun into an audience that would limit Sun. Also the wound Roland inflicted on Sun was so dangerous/ hard to heal because of the strong dark aura around the wound.

    • Crimson Knight

      well on second book, sun can cast holy light with 10 minutes time no pause, which would blind everyone which would result on no audience, allowing he use low moves and the dragon bridge besides you would need be a holy knight to detect it which are under sun command, also he would think it is from prince.

    • Dustcloud

      I think it’s more that they overlook the fact that Sun did not pick to fight with Prince, thus there is no guarantee of a 100% or 200% chance of victory ;__________; Otherwise, there are ways Sun could go around Sun Knight expectations even if there is an audience. Also, it seems not all comments are based on the same amount of knowledge regarding Prince or Sun.

  34. Bicky

    Much as i would like Grisia to win, my vote goes to Prince
    Whilst Sun has a prodigal talent for magic (elemental/holy/necromancy), his sword skills are horrendous. With Prince’s high agility and good swordsmanship, not to mention his exceptional luck, Sun would have a hard time beating Prince. Also, Sun has an image to uphold and would be unable to use his magic (excluding holy skills) lest he be killed by his teacher.

    • Crimson Knight

      oh but don’t forget sun can cast holy light for more than 10 minutes with no pauses, which he would use to blind audience and the prince or at least make everyone cover their eyes alllowing sun use many low moves which everyone can’t react or see what is going on

  35. Lucem

    My vote goes to Sun ,sure prince has brilliant swordsmanship but in the long run suns just too crafty he would have atleast 5 plan made before hand and another 10 for backup. Even with the huge crowd watching the deathmatch for the princess sun was still able to pull off his plan without anyone (other then judgement)knowing and also because sun just has such a high level of hp?(or just a lot of blood) to still be standing even after being slashed by roland and bleeding an entire streets worth of blood ,so he could just tire prince out to the point of collapse and finish him with a spell or a slash from a sword ,after all the Sun knight is perfect

  36. bonky

    i would say sun wins, provided that he doesnt hafto keep his image intact
    otherwise prince wins by default as sun forfeits because his chance of winning is below 100%
    the scenario i envision goes like this:
    sun and prince get the tournament schedule
    prince asks his friends about creus and through some various interrogation methods of passerby A and B, they learn he is the most beautiful and kind person alive as they are common folk, prince being the naive person she is believes he must be a true warrior that fights honorably and proceeds to have her bishie fantasies until the day of the match
    sun on the other hand says to himself, “a strong beautiful swordsman?” judgement standing nearby goes “your thinking all skilled swordsmen and handsome people that are free to seduce women should die, right?” to which sun replies “shut up alien” and proceeds to go look for information, he finds doll and muses ‘she reminds me of pink, i wonder if the same tactics will work?’ he introduces himself to pink and gives her a lollipop, through his very confusing speech, doll gets really confused while licking her lollipop and doesnt think about what she says, revealing prince is actually a real girl like her that loves bishies, sun smiles very brightly, thinking ‘bishie loving girl huh, this will be quite simple then, [insert evil laughter]’
    on the day of the match, prince meets sun and starts drooling, while sun thinks ‘enemy of men beauty level, better get my speech ready for when i run to lesus and roland’
    the match starts but before prince gets into blood elf mode, sun goes “the god of light is truly shining brightly today, this sun wishes to purify his body to fully embrace the warmth of the god of light before honoring the god of lights most beloved friend, the god of war” prince gets really confused as sun forms a large stone basin and fills it with water using his magic, sun then takes off his shirt, sending prince and half the audience into bishie fantasies
    sun says to prince “this must be the god of light’s kindness that has brought us to this place under her watchful eye, would you aid this humble sun in cleansing this body granted by the god of lights compassion”
    prince ignored all but 3 words, aid, cleansing and body
    she then rushes over screaming “with pleasure!”
    as she fills a bucket with water, sun freezes the water around her arms and in the basin with 10 basic ice spells
    prince looks perplexed before turning to sun who smiles brightly as he forms a whirlwind around them to block the sound
    sun says “i heard that you arent afraid of being skewered to death” as he formed numerous icicles in the air
    prince says “umm id like to rethink that statement” as she she noticed the sharpness of the icicles
    sun smiles brightly and simply says “goodbye enemy of men” as he dispels the whirlwind
    he then goes “sun is most envious that you shall meet suns most precious god of light and embrace in his warmth before his most noble servant, this humble sun”
    prince goes “what?” as she gets skewered by all the icicles

    • Gohankuten

      Couple things.
      One Doll does not know that Prince is actually a girl.
      Two Prince would not go grab a bucket of water.
      Three Sun would not be able to use ice spells due to his image he would have to keep up infront of the audience.
      Four Prince would not just stand there and get skewered. Also Prince didn’t care about the getting skewered Prince was afraid that the guy would do much more horrendous things which is why upon learning it was just skewering Prince started talking bout all the plans and got a default win by making them all barf.

    • bonky

      im thinking of endgame versions, as in after novel is over wer every1 knows
      prince would love a chance at groping a bishie even if she does hav gui, fictional women are wolves vol 1 1/2 prince
      i clearly said at the top, provided sun doesnt hafto keep his image intact
      if u followed along, she would hav been frozen by sun, the whole skewering was a karma joke

  37. Mega

    Sun Knight.

    At first I thought prince would win due to the sheer amount of damage the guy/girl-thingy can dish out, then I realized sun can ‘take’ inhuman amounts of punishment and would eventually prevail through death by a thousand cuts, provided prince is not allowed any healing potions for the duration of the fight. I am basing my observation on the prerequisite that both are going all
    out with everything they have at their disposal, no limiting sun due to eventual spectators (or said spectators will suffer a “convenient” memory loss after the fight)
    Dragon saints brigandine would make up for what sun lacks in speed (no victory if he cant touch his opponent) I am also assuming both participants got ample of time before the fight in order to prepare. If sun had not possessed those nifty instant cast necromancy spells things might have been different but as is I believe sun would emerge victorious.

  38. Riovenafeht

    ahh hard choice! well… sun will be at a disadvantage if he can’t use the Dragons Saint Brigand or his necromancer magic plus he need to take care of his image. prince is better at close combat. so if prince can get close he would win. If sun can go all out and he keeps his distance, sun would win but if prince manages to get close, prince would win.
    well, I vote prince!

  39. nga130

    Okay, this is a one-on-one fight, right? And there would be no helpers. Also, you can’t have any replacement. I’ll say its a 50-50 chance. Prince has great fighting skill, if I’m right (I haven’t read 1/2 Prince much, but from the summary of the first volume, I understand the main character has good, real abilities, but was never acknowledge since she’s a girl. On the other hand, Sun is very good with sorcery. Hmm, a difficult choice if based on fact.

    I have decided: Sun wins.
    The reason: as stated above, there is a 50-50 chance, but I read Sun Knight much more, and understand Sun’s abilities much more, I’ll place my hope in him :D

  40. Cutekitty

    Such a tough battle between the main characters on the first round, LOL!
    I think the Sun Knight will definitely win. The main reason is because Sun knight is more dirtier (in terms of games) than Prince. I think Prince is too naive and therefore would fall under Sun Knight’s tricks. And also Prince is still a girl on the inside and will definitely get nose bleeds or lose focus on defeating Sun Knight. Sun knight would probably trick Prince as a very gentle and kind person so Prince could never guess what he could do in the tournament ^^

    Even if Sun knight totally sucks at sword fighting, he got his above average magic skills. He probably could think of a way to use it and hide it from people in some way (he could also get help from the necromancer). Also he definitely can’t afford to lose in front of huge audiences. That would lose his image as the leader of the twelve knights AND he definitely does not wanna die under his teacher’s hands. Under that pretext, he will have a strong drive to win and also don’t forget, he is known as a cockroach because it is hard for him to die. XD

  41. hopelsar

    Why do so many people overlook the fact that Prince is Inferior? It is in an enclosed space so Sun can use anything he likes, as no one is watching. It is a one on one, Prince isn’t even the best warrior around, relying on speed, In which the Dragon Saint Brigand is equal to, while at the same time he can Cast spells, something which prince is not really good at, assuming fully armed and equipped with pets. If the battle is done while both are unarmed(ie completely naked) Sun would still have the upper hand due to being able to cast spells. prince would have his?? fists?? and probably would be too embarassed to fight naked anyway

    Prince doesn’t really have a motivation to win, while Sun has a motivation to not lose (either win or prepare a nice pose to die in)

  42. Noita

    Sun will win. He wouldn’t enter/let himself be forced into this tournament if he wasn’t sure he would win. He’s not limited in this fight as he can use underhanded tricks/necromacy/magic and engulf Prince and Sun in holy light so the audience and Prince doesn’t know what hit him. Or, create a situation where he doesnt have to fight, and Prince disposed of by other means (people/undead), resulting in a default win for Sun before or during the tournament, and no evidence to suggest that the ever dazzling Sun is responsible.

  43. meow

    Well, I’m pretty sure Prince would win. Everyone is overlooking that fact that Sun would be limited in this fight. I mean, there is a huge crowd watching, so he has to keep up that Sun Knight image. And, if he does that, there isn’t a lot he can rely on. So, yeah, Prince would definitely win.

    Although, it seems that Sun is going to win…. Well, I vote for Prince.

    • Crimson Knight

      he can use holylight to blind the audience and the prince and he keep casting for 10 minutes as show on vol 2.

  44. Cerisabeth

    I think Sun win because Prince would first be distracted by his good looks, and giving Sun time to cast a spell or something. If he can use his necromancy and Dragon saint brigand then it would be even easier for him. If he can’t because of the audience, then it would be much harder to win but I still think he will win because as long as he keeps some distance between himself and Prince, he would have the advantage. And being the cockroach Sun is and having healing spells, he would survive some chops from Prince. However it the match would take a long time, but Sun would win ultimately because of his more scheming personality. ^_^

  45. Xia

    Sun wins.
    Prince wouldn’t be able to attack the perfect, gorgeous, handsome, sparklying bishie. Prince is a girl, after all, and, according to Sun’s words, not a single woman could resist his perfect smile. Plus, Prince loves beautiful things, so he/she wouldn’t dare to hurt Sun. And Sun has an incredible skill to survive, and awesome fighting skills if he is allowed to use his magic, so yeah, Sun wins.

    • Gohankuten

      Prince beats up Gui on a hourly basis, never had a problem beating up her brother, fights wicked without a second thought, and would fight herself given the chance. She has no inhibition to prevent her beating up a bishie. In fact she more than likely would love to beat a gorgeous bishie to a pulp.

    • Xia

      Then Sun uses his spells: uses Earth’s magic shield spell to cover himself while casting all sorts of attack spells. If the tournament is with audience, Sun could blind all the audience with “holy magic”.

      But I think this tournament is a bit unfair. Most of the people knows way more of 1/2 Prince than of Sun Knight, and because there are more chapters of 1/2 Prince, and the characters have evolved more, Sun Kinght seems really weak. I’m not going to continue because I don’t want to give spoilers, but Sun is, in the end, way better than Prince. SUN WINS.

    • illsooni

      you may not have noticed, but Prince thinks Gui is gay and is highly disappointed(?) in that and those beatings are her way of venting…

  46. Drake

    Sun wins.
    First Sun fight always with a scheme or two or three or… well you get the picture (even with people around he always has his ways). Most likely for his fight prince will never appear or until is too late. In case that he shows up he will not be able to fight properly or will have something bothering.
    Also Sun only week point is the sword, he excells at magic (in several ways) and also as an assasin so he should be able to fend for himself until one of his schemes finish prince.
    And don’t forget that prince loves bishies and Sun is the ultimate one. One distraction and he/she is out.
    Of course if there is no audience because something happens (lots of undead, trouble, earthquake, dragon attack or anything) he will be able to use also the Dragon Saint Brigand, necromancy and of course help from some other people (or several).

  47. rennasakura

    I believe sun knight would win! he always have some kind of schemes in his mind *evil* and used his *sweet, sincere, smiley* personalities to win Prince (coz she gonna totally fangirling and fainted, sun knight is very handsome after all) and I’m not talking about combat here, we all know who would win *poor sun*, the only case where sun could win is when he don’t have to maintained the fake personality everyone know about. Still, I vote for Sun Knight to win!

  48. theoserenity

    Sun Knight.

    I think Prince is not as crafty to plot something big and evil (lol) to make sure he wins. Yes, we know when it comes to Fighting 1 on 1, there is no way Sun could win. But judging to what Sun “CAN or COULD” do just for the sake of winning, nothing is impossible for The Sun Knight. No one can mess with the Sun Knight.

    “Child, even if you’ve unintentionally discovered the Sun Knight’s imperfection, you had better just admit that he’s perfect unless you want to experience his imperfection yourself.”
    – Quote taken from chapter “No Matter What Happens, the Sun Knight is Perfect”

  49. Drake

    Sorry for double post but i have to add this also.
    Even if sun died he sold his after life to Pink so he will become and undead.
    How can Prince without any holy spell kill and undead?
    Prince is known for his swordmanship, speed, fire based abilities, luck and of course meatbun.
    Sun has dirty tricks even when there is public (last two chapters).

  50. Nicole

    I vote for Sun…
    1) Prince will stop & stare at Sun’s smile & just forgot to fight him.
    2) Sun will not fight if he don’t have 200% confident that he will win.
    3) Prince will not be able to kill Sun because of Sun’s cockroach like super healing ability.
    4) Sun’s sword skill might be ‘not your normal type of terrible’ but other than this, his other skills are extremely good….

  51. Mwahaha

    Sun would win because being Sun, he would use underhanded tactics, and also probably do something like confusing Prince (whose intelligence is questionable) by speaking like he has to in public and making Prince too confused to do anything. also, Sun can regenerate, pretty much, and can use his holy aura to blindside Prince. His elemental spells (like oil i think it was) can make it impossible for Prince’s sword to hit him, even with all his luck.
    And don’t forget that Sun can use attacking magics too, like fire and such. Prince (sadly) doesn’t stand a chance.

  52. Kierah

    Sun will most likely win, because even if Prince has the upper-hand on sword-fighting and is definitively more powerful, Sun still has a high defense skill (if we’re talking in game terms) and much, much higher HP (How much blood did he lose when Roland “fought” him?). Prince is much more agile, however, and it’ll be very difficult to land hits on him if Sun isn’t wearing the Sacred Dragon’s Brigantine.If he is, then he has the upper-hand. And people need to remember that Prince isn’t the most powerful warrior in Second Life. He’s weaker than some of the Overlords, and Kenshin as well as quite a few others. That, and Sun can definitively distract him with his prettiness. However, if Sun has to maintain his image, he loses by a long shot. Not only will his fancy words make Feng Lan/Prince confused, it’d be enough to snap her (or him) out of it and attack him.And he won’t be able to use his wide variety of magical skills like Necromancy and only be able to use Holy Magic. If he can be Grisia however, then it’s a different story and Sun/Grisia will win.

  53. Mokona

    By via of a sabotage before the match and a longwinded monologue Prince would deafenetly end defeated.
    the good looks of Sun combined with perfect smiles (and poisoned food for extra drowsines)(the weackeness for food is no great seacret ad there are many sedatives that do not alter taste) would set a condition for Prince that would render him helpless.
    +Sun woul neaver get in a fight that he can`t win

  54. Paupu

    Everyone who talks about keeping up Sun’s image, I don’t think that’s a problem. Where is the only place that Prince can exist? In Second Life. If the tournament took place outside of the game, it would be Sun against Feng Lan. Though it doesn’t make since why the Twelve Holy Knights would be in a video game, they must be. If not, they are all in an alternate universe. Either way, they are away from the city so they don’t have to keep up their alter egos.

    • Donpon

      Thank you, for the bit about how he only exists in second life. I was wondering when someone would think of that ;_;

  55. AC

    First: You shouldn’t have had Sun and Prince fighting in the beginning, it will be a shame having one of them eliminated so soon in the tournament.

    Second: Prince wins.
    Forewarned is forearmed, and I take two assumptions: one, that they will know who their opponent is and have time to prepare, and two, that whatever theirs preparations are, they WON’T have ANY sort of outside help during the battle (it would be just like Sun having Roland to fight in his place…), that they WON’T be allowed ANY kind of magical armor or item (it would be just like Sun borrowing one of Pink’s apocalypse inducing items…), that they WON’T be able to lay traps in the battlefield (it would be just like… etc. You must have understood by now: Sun is capable of ANY treachery) and that ANY spell they intend to use upon themselves is to be cast DURING the fight, not beforehand.
    With this two extra-long considerations, Prince wins, because knowing Sun is a clever and highly magical devil, he’ll strike so fast and so hard Sun won’t have time to even start his plots or cast any spells, and since Sun can’t use a sword to save his life, he would collapse. Then Prince – having been warned about his opponent healing skills – would finish him of mercilessly.

    But if they met for the first time just before they fight, things would turn out differently. Sun would loose his initial advantage, since he wouldn’t have had time to plot. But he would regain this advantage through Prince’s unawareness. Prince would be expecting a honorable battle against a KNIGHT, not the treachery of Sun’s unique combination of knight, assassin and mage. In that case, Sun would cast a spell of paralysis on Prince and finish him with a magical blow (what about his sword, you ask? Have you ever seen Sun using it?).

    • Crimson Knight

      well you are forgeting that sun can cast holy light for 10 minutes strong enough to blind the audience and the prince which would allow sun use all arsenal of tricks and spells like blind and grease which take his moment to break prince’s leg.

    • AC

      @Crimson Knight
      If Sun did this, I still don’t think it would work. If Prince kept going, even blinded, he would hit Sun, because Sun CAN’T dodge fast enough. It’s a matter of trajectory: as long as Prince’s blow was in course to hit Sun, Prince wouldn’t back down and his blow would still hit Sun.

  56. Karencita

    Prince, because almost every spell that sun knight would use are for undead creature (and obviously prince isnt dead), besides Prince is super fast, skill and lucky. Besides Sun isnt a good sword user.

    I’m sorry my answer is short :P

    • Cary

      sun has other means then sword fighting and holy magic…. He has necromancy and ellemental magic and who in the god of lights name knows what else besides is *evil/ devious* mind… and he can use the holy light to completely blind the audience making it so that they dont see him acting unsunly… I’d be shocked if Princelasted for even 30 minutes tops in this fight sadly… Also don’t forget Sun really is a cochroach in more ways then 1 -_-
      Sorry Prince but you’re done for…

  57. LuxEterna

    Well in a straight out fight between sun and prince Prince will win cause for the sake of apearance sun cant use magic other than holy magic
    but if nobody is watching and sun can also use saint dragons brigantine and other magic i guess he would win
    though if that was possible prince could also use kenshin/sunshine and meatbun which would him enable to beat everyone
    finally my decision is that prince will win

    • Crimson Knight

      you know sun can blind prince and the audience with holy light, not even saying sun can cast other spell other than holy, he can’t cast necromancy and dark spells.

  58. Sumi-cha

    Prince would win, easy. Yes, Prince would be weak to Sun’s hotness. However, Sun’s incomprehensible speaking style would either simply piss Prince off or make him feel stupid and then piss him off. Ignoring that, Prince is very serious when it comes to this type of stuff. He would have no mercy, and we all know that Sun has no sword skills. Even if he had something evil plan, Prince is both too dumb and lucky for it to work. Even on the one chance in, say, a trillion, that Sun won, he would regret it, for as we all know, Prince is scarier in death. Odd Squad would have their retribution, thus making it near impossible for Sun to go on, anyway.

    • Crimson Knight

      how about Sun blinding prince for ten minutes. because he can do that as show on second book. not even saying you complete forgot he have buffs and many others spells.

  59. cattemari

    My vote is cast for Sun.
    Despite being limited in this fight, Sun’s overwhelming elemental ability allows him to be able to effectively nullify any elemental attacks, despite not being able to use them. What I mean by that is that he doesn’t need to use an elemental attack to be able to defend himself against one of Prince’s elemental (especially fire based) attacks, but rather, he can completely nullify the attack from the start. He doesn’t have great swordsmanship, but what he lacks in swordsmanship, he makes up in stamina and versatility. The Sun Knight’s absolute greatest asset is this stamina and incredible amount of healing light ability. This ability is so powerful that throughout history, applying to absolutely every single Sun Knight who has existed so far, none have ever died during their active term as Sun Knight. So long as they have that light energy within them (they haven’t passed it on to their successor), they’re invincible in the most accurate sense. He’s clever as well. Before and during the fight, Sun can play mind tricks on Prince, deliberately putting on a weaker, frailer, and more defenseless facade to delude Xiao Lan into completely underestimate his abilities. When his wrath is incurred, due to the fact that Prince has an extremely immense female fan base, he doesn’t necessarily need to fight using his swordsmanship. Using his holy light abilities, he could blind Prince, rendering him almost completely defenseless. Since Sun can see very accurately using his mage sight ability (to the point where he can distinguish a person’s facial features and expressions) he would extremely easily be able to eliminate Prince, despite his limited skill in swordsmanship. He doesn’t necessarily need necromancy or use of his extensive mastery of magic, though if he did use it, it would be an absolute win.

  60. King

    Sun would win hands down because all the different types of magic he can cast and he can buff himself and heal. Also whether or not there is an audience he can use the Dragon Saint Brigand before he comes to the fight so he can fight at full strength from the start.

  61. Ministreld

    Double Knockout (Tie). Sun will probably not use his Assassin suit, because he doesn’t want the people to know that he’s the Supreme Dragon. As a result, he’ll probably throw away the virtually useless sword and concentrate on his holy Holy Powers.(:D)
    Prince probably will try to use his agility to dodge and try to get a hold on Sun. He also can use MEATBUN!!!! So, yeah, it’ll end up with both Sun and Prince on the floor with their guts out!

  62. liffae

    Well, the premise of a ‘fight to the death’ doesn’t really suit Sun well, while practically all of 1/2 Prince consists of fights to the death :P My vote’s still in for Sun, however.

    Case One: In this case, we should first carefully examine what exactly a victory is. If it is just a statement of surrender by the other side, I am fairly certain that Sun would win quickly. Prince would no doubt be dazzled by his good looks for a while and Sun could quite easily talk the girl into giving up within a minute. Sun.

    Case Two: There are the aforementioned dirty tricks, of which prior sabotage would probably affect Prince quite a bit. And while Sun’s swords skills are terrible for a holy knight, I have no doubt that they are better than mine, per se, and that combined with his enormous repertoire of magic might give him a head start. Assuming that neither have helpers with them (meatbun, Adai, etc.) it would most likely be a long, drawn-out match that Prince would most likely win, due to factors of her video-game statistics and the sun outside, which might cause Sun Knight to forfeit gracefully in favor of saving money for his face mask. Prince.

    Case Three: If they do have outside help, Sun would win hands-down. While Prince can muster his (weak) fangirls and Infinite City and others like them, Sun can gather the Holy Knights, the Royal Knights, a Dark Lord, a Necromancer… the list goes on. The point being that Sun has just as many connections as Prince but his are of higher quality. Sun.

    Case Four: If it’s a death match of so-called warrior skills, Sun Knight would most probably lose even with my bias toward him. Due to his image, he can’t exactly kill an ‘innocent’. Prince.

    Case Five: If nobody is watching/nobody in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound is watching, Sun will most probably win. This is because he can employ all his dirty tricks and necromancy. Furthermore, even if he dies, Sun will come back as a corpse (seeing as he sold his afterlife to Pink) and, for fear of his teacher hearing of his loss, kill Prince, making him the last person standing. Sun.

    …I’ve been doing too much math. I’m treating this like a math problem. ._____________. Anyway, my real reason is that (to me) LSK is five times funnier than 1/2 Prince and Sun is amazing like that XP

  63. southrufus

    Sun would win because he would defeat Prince’s luck/stupidity with overwelling magic/necromancy/anything not related to swords. Such as summoning an undead horde and using them to force Prince into the path of a magic spell.

  64. Flitfish

    Sun would win because sun is a cockroach with unlimited hp. He can be dastardly and use magic to trip Prince up and win. If he gets injured he can heal himself as well. Prince may be strong but he doesn’t have Sun’s unlimited hp.

  65. Mez

    I think Sun would win
    1st : He has the strongest possible motivation : The previous Sun knight (cheering on him from the tribune AND most probably reminding him that he placed a bet on him so he has no choice but to win). Obviously it would be impossible for Grisia to take one of those ultimate Prince fighting moves GRACIOUSLY… It would at the very least ruin his hard working perfectly fair skin or his clothes… So, no way he can aford to loose… It’s going to be tough but I think Sun would give his all to win that one
    2nd : I’m pretty certain he could win without fighting with his way of speaking the holly word of the benevolence of the god of light. He could just puzzle Prince long enough for a sneaky attack…
    3rd : even if he can’t win with those 2 I still think he would find a way to have the judges reconsider the criteria for victory before hand so as to have a 200% chance for vicory (Abusing bribing them with Frost’s cookies or theatening them with Judgement without him even knowing about it)
    I can also imagine him ordering Cloud to follow Prince around the whole week before so that he could have some superior knowledge of his oponent’s weak points.
    So, um yeah, for his *unique way * to use the ressources at his disposition before even the match’s beginning and his strengh when it comes to avoid *not being gracious and getting his predecessor mad* and at dazzling people my vote goes to Grisia Sun.

  66. Gamachan32

    Prince. Regardless of what Sun plans, there is only so much he could prepare before a 1v1 fight vs Prince. Regardless of what he plans, it can’t compensate for his lack of skill, speed, strength, and pretty much every stat. Also, his spells would be useless as they take time to chant, during which Prince could slice him in half. Also, as the fight is 1v1, Sun can’t get someone else to fight for him or have Pink summon undead creatures to help him out. Sun’s strength lies in his ability to manipulate circumstances and get others to fight for him, and he has even gone as far as to manipulate whole armies to get his way. However, when the conditions of his match have already been determined, he can’t manipulate anyone or anything in such a way that he would not have to fight Prince. If he has one of his healing bracelets the fight may drag on, but there is no way that he could ever beat Prince.

    • hopelsar

      actually, sun doesn’t need to chant. He chants gibberish in order to make others think he is actually chanting, but he doesnt need to. Also, HE is knows necromancy, so he doesnt need Pink to summon anything for him. Manipulating people is one of Sun’s many strengths, but later books will show that he is no Pushover if allowed to go full out.

  67. Dyute

    I think Prince would win. Sun would probably somehow almost beat Prince, but then Prince would go blood-thirsty crazy and start trying to kill him. Sun would then probably go into don’t destroy my beautiful face mode, and that would just make Prince madder because of how much Sun is obsessed with his appearance. He would probably go into envy-crazy mode and then imagine Sun’s pale face and wonderfully blonde hair in his newest tofu creation.

    • Cary

      I think it would be very stupid of Sun not to make plans for Princes blood-thirsty crazy mode and the only way for Sun not to have a plan would be if he was dead to the point not even Pink could make him into a corpse (aka chopped into millions of little tiny peices and burried farther down than hell)

  68. Gralie

    Why is Sun knight and prince facing off in the preliminaries?? they should be on two side of this tournament!

    Sun would win. Sun is a real person in “the legend of the sun knight”, while prince is just data in “1/2 prince”. Sun would just plot to delete prince as an accident.

    • illsooni

      woah… since you pointed that out, he would!
      or just hire someone to do it (since he is prob tech-illiterate in a world of non-electro-tech

  69. JInxk

    Considering how lucky Prince is even if Sun makes any number of underhanded traps it feels like Prince will win.
    Sun Knight is clever smart and obviously devious when he wishes to be; however, Prince has a brain that amounts to food and bishes but seems to have the favor of any Gods. To be Honest even having this two main character clash in the first match seem just too unfair. None the less, the winner has to be declared and I believe it is Prince for his luck and above average swordsmanship.

    • Cary

      Sun also has unimaginable luck which would cancle out princes luck and also he’s gonna be turned into a corpse after he dies so he has douple the changes of making prince suffer

  70. chicaalterego

    I think Sun would win. He is like a 3 person team (a mage, a priest and a necromancer) he would put up a barrier while spamming little attacks and he already knows how strong Prince is using his mage sight. Plus, Grisia has this paranoid about dying with grace, and if he fails his teacher will brin ghim back over and over until he learns the art of dying with grace… Plus, If Grisia dies he is as good as dead, meaning that for him he will be seriously dead, while prince can be reborn. Plus Prince is a good person deep down, he wouldn’t kill for real (like if Grisia was a NPC)

    I think that Grisia would be the most motivated one, plus he would get pissed for Prince making all those fangirls scream and thrown thmselves as his feet while he can never get a girl since they would mix his way of talking for asking money… and in the meantime Prince will be drooling over the top quality bishie in front of him/her ^_^

  71. Anders

    Sun would never put himself in a situation where he is not at least 100 % (ideally 200 %) sure of winning, so the premise of a battle of any kind must include his unavoidable victory.

  72. Truciderete

    I thought long and hard about this and everything came up Prince and then it dawned on me Sun Knight would win. With his devious ways and his most beautiful smile, Sun Knight would destroy Prince while Prince was admiring the beauitful Bishie that is in front of his eyes. Then their is also Sun Knight’s motto “If I can’t be 200% confident, then I should at least be 100% sure of success before I “dare” to do anything.” So Sun Knight would be the clear winner.

    My Vote Sun Knight

  73. Mitsou

    Sun win!
    why? easy:
    -Sun is too cunning/despicable/smart for his own good (he’s like a demon lord lol)
    -The 37th sun knight would never allow sun to lose, unless sun want to meet god of light soon or lose his jobs. He have strong motivated here.
    -Sun will never enter a battle knowing that he would lose. (200% chance of winning before enter this contest)
    -Prince is very naive, he would use his sword skill but we all know how sun really is, beside, he have a very strong healing ability
    -Prince still is a girl inside, sun is very handsome, that would make prince….. dazzled… or fainted. after all, she have a weak spot for hot guy right?
    -Prince attract a lot of girl, sun doesn’t like that, since he’s unhappy that he can’t touch any girl being sun knight. Sun could just put all his revenge/stress/jealousy out on prince.
    -Even if I compare the number of support prince and sun have, sun still have a better league of people (since Prince have the support of citizen from infinity city, but they are a lot of weak one, quiet a few strong but not much, while on the other hand, Sun have his sun league, and the other 11 holy knights, all of them are well trained and every single captain is strong, not to mention that he have the entire royal knight to back up, so sun would win)<– that part is just a thinking, since this is a 1 on 1.
    -Given all that reason, Sun win! (don't forget that he know necromancer/dark spell too)

    • Kyner

      Although I agree Sun would win some of your arguements don’t work.
      -Sun wouldn’t fight if he wasn’t 200%, so he would forfeit if he felt he could not.
      -Prince may pause at first at Sun’s beauty but he has shown that he is not afraid to kick the #$# out of them

      Still go Sun!

  74. Me

    Prince would win. Sun is bound to use his sword for the first 20+ minutes. His predecessor beat that into him. Blade to blade Prince would slaughter Sun in no time flat… This assumes Prince stops drooling…

  75. Ryne

    Well I think that Sun would win.He can cast spells without chanting right? Besides Prince WOULD PROBABLY just be drooling over Sun’s look.

  76. Esprit

    Right now I am basing my answers on how Prince and Sun fight as of the most recently translated parts of their series (Book 6 Ch2 and Book 2 Ch 10 respectively).
    Although Sun would be able to learn about Prince’s speed and swordsmanship, the fight is 1-on-1, so Sun won’t be able to use most of his strategies, which involve other people helping him. If he somehow plans a strategy, Prince’s luck and ability to react quickly will counter it. Healing magic will only prolong the battle because Sun gets tired while Prince will get pissed by the constant healing, confusing talk, and/or taunts from annoying bishie, which makes her more determined and violent. Light attack magic is only mostly useful against the undead. Dark magic would be a problem for Prince, but only if Sun is able to complete a spell in time while still defending against Prince, who usually charges in quickly and decisively. If Sun wears St. Dragons Brigandine he would be protected, but he would be an assassin and Prince deals with assassins rather well. There’s probably a whole lot of scenarios I haven’t thought of, but Prince’s luck and sword skills (and fighting experience-though not many 1-on-1s either) will beat Sun’s magic and plotting in a 1-on-1.

  77. Baka Weiss

    Sun will win. No matter how fast Prince is, he won’t be able to penetrate Sun’s (conveniently stolen from Earth) Earth Shield and then it’s just a matter of beating him up with magic. Besides, even if he can’t use it to smite him, Sun can just fill the arena with Holy Light and completely shut down Prince’s sight.

    Oh and beauty pageant-wise, Sun wins again.

  78. WhistleLeaf

    Sun might struggle in the process but he will win in the end.

    It might seem like Sun was in trouble in the beginning since Prince is a much better fighter and has crazy good luck, but since Prince has a thing for pretty guys(Sun is very very pretty) and doesn’t think all that much…let’s just say luck can only get you so far. I think Sun will always have backup plans and such since he said he will not enter any battle without at least 100% chance of winning, so he only enter fights he can win. Since it’s a tournament Sun knew about it earlier and probably “prepared” for it. Plus Sun has all these unexpected magic (with the ability to learn any magic with one look and without an incantation), and you have to realize that the previous Sun Knight was anything but a normal teacher…

    since i had read the series (in chinese) i learned much more regarding all of Sun’s abilities…if i add that in…i’m positive that Sun will win completely and easily….

  79. anonymous

    Actually it depends on the reason for this tournament.

    As long as Sun wants to win or it’s important for him to win, he will win. He would use every dirty trick in the book. Be it bribing(with healing spells), summoning undead, letting him being replaced for the fight or making the opponent unwilling to fight. It’s impossible to defeat Sun if he really wants to win. He would probably even consider Prince’s godly luck. Prince can only rely on his luck and his skills, but Sun can rely on anyones luck and skills.

    On the other hand, if there’s no reason for Sun to fight, he will probably lose on purpose, since it’s too much of a hassle then. He would just let himself be beaten up and go to a priest to get some free healing. (I wonder, would Sun actually go to the tournament naked, in order not to get his clothes ripped and dirty?)

    Still, since I think Sun would never take part in a fighting tournament without a good reason, I think he’ll win.

    My favorite ending would be that Prince gets accidentally killed by Sun and Pink revives him as Death Knight with a grudge against Sun.~

  80. Kuran Nita

    I vote on Sun.. Why?

    Well, just considering the situation first if this actually happen…:
    1. Since this is a tournament, the place is MOST LIKELY a place with many audience.. Is there such a tournament that didn’t have audience? I don’t think so.. And all of them (moreover Prince and Sun) are all VERY famous and all important figure in both of the story.. It’ll be stupid if the tournament didn’t made public.. moreover with Yu-Lian dasao and pope who has MONEY mind, I doubt they will let this chance for GATHERING money be. Thus, Grisia can’t use most of his ability OPENLY.
    2. Just as long as I know about tournament, pets, items like potion, or healing marble will not allowed and OF COURSE it’s one-on-one…

    Ok, this is what I think would most likely happen::

    First, they would be definitely gathering information,

    Prince side:
    Prince was rather uninterested by the tournament that he didn’t do anything at all. She/he indeed love fighting but still gathering information never ever his forte. But the people around him was filled with axienty that they went around asking thing about Sun. They even managed to bribe and seduce… Ahem.. I mean, managed to get Earth knight for more accurated information by Lolidragon. Then, when they said that Sun is a bishie that was terrible in swordmanship and a very irritating bastard, cunning but very strong at holy spells and a talented mage from earth and the people, unfortunately, the words that actually entered Prince’s ears were actually just, “Sun knight is a bishie… Bzzzzzzzzzttt”. he couldn’t hold his blood from splurting from his nose when he saw the photo. Fortunately, it’s just Lolidragon that was with him as she know what would happen.

    Grisia Sun side:
    He would actually did nothing but ASKed Storm toSun’s e HELP him to gather information. Then, he actually discussed it with Judgment in the toilet where they have their daily exchanges. Prince is a bishie that was very strong and maybe as strong as the Son of War or maybe more. Sun, that heard about Prince agility become anxious as he definitely didn’t want to die before he got the most graceful way of death, he DEFINITELY have to win! Judge has tried to convice him to not to go to the battle when Grisia shoved the photo of Prince. Judge that knew Sun too much that Sun ever said that he is a worm living in his (Sun’s) stomach able to read: “A bishie that has many fans and actually able to go out with them as many as he can BUT rumored as a HOMO should DIE in a PAINFUL death!!” flare from his eyes. (I don’t think that Storm would know that Prince is Xiao Lan)

    By the tournament (It’s a big tournament, so I am sure that it would give them many time for the event):

    Prince was stunned when he saw the dazzling Sun entered the tournament with dazzling smile that was as bright as the Sun itself. He lost himself as he wiped his droll off without take his face out from Sun. Sun then looked up to him and smiled brilliantly that Prince almost faint and actually took some steps back. Sun, on the other hand, was filled with irritation and dark thought inside as he saw prince and his action.

    The battle began. Getting into the Bloody Elf mode, he actually come charged to Sun with no mercy. It’s good that Sun already know about Prince’s habit and speed that he used Light Shield immediately without any incitation right after the battle started. And it was a good choice considering that actually 3 seconds after the announcement Prince would actually slashed him horizontally without that. Seeing his opponent actually able to defend himself, Prince continued on attacking Sun when Sun actually clashing his sword with Prince a few times with both of his hands within the sword’s hilt. (Since without that, Sun would definitely lost his sword immediately) Prince was slashing the barrier a few times too (When Sun didn’t able to clashing his sword with his dao, that actually happened so many times) in attempt to break it off. But it didn’t even cracked a little. As Prince began to pants, he stopped and yell at Sun to fight and attack not just defend himself.

    Sun said that as a knight he would definitely lose from Prince, the warrior, as an excuse. Prince was annoyed that he used Inferno slash which actually caught Sun offguard and broke the Light Shield. Sun grunted in pain as he, gracefully, fell on the ground. “This is the time…” Sun thought as he began to threw himself some intermediate level spells while gathering many of his holy powers. Prince didn’t wish to let Sun heal himself any further that he charged again. But as Sun saw that Prince disappeared, he released the mere force of holy power around his body that actually managed to force Prince back a little and BLINDING the spectators and prince. He quickly found that Prince was stood by his left around 4 meters away scrubbing his eyes and ran to Prince as he clanging his sword with ice spear he made with magic that it actually sounded like swords clanging against each other then melted it with fire spell when he reached Prince. He slashed one of Prince’s leg and arms deep enough to reduce his speed and strength greatly. Prince scremed a little as he pained and swung his sword to Sun. Sun actually didn’t dodge that.

    Outside, the spectator was scrubbing their eyes too as many of them mostly holy knights began to regain their sight again, they saw Sun wondering what happened there when the light began to perish. By the time it completely gone, they saw Sun being slashed once more and shouted in panic. But they then saw with their own eyes that prince actually bleeding so much and fell on the ground. “Did the Sun Knight’s swordmanship actually got better?!!” All the spectators from Sun’s side thought with wide eyes.

    Sun threw himself a intermediate spell of healing spell for shortening the time again. Then he used light shield again but it was strengthened with him infusing half of his holy power. Prince on the other hand, having a hard time even just to knell down. His hands actually began to lost its strength. Sun, gracefully again, kicked the Dao from Prince’s hand and his victory is certain. Everybody realized it already. but then, Sun said, “By the benevolence of the God of Light, I do not wish to hurt or moreover kill a brother under the same sky….” He spouted some nonsense about God of Light and such before he said firmly, “Please surrender…” Prince surprised but stubbornly refused as he grew weaker. Sun showed him pained look and said once more, “The God of Light will be grieving for seeing someone died and so I am. Please…” Tears came out from his eyes. His speech and tears were more than enough to move the [Way too naive] Prince. He actually moved and said softly, “I surrender…”

    All the spectators were dumb-founded that Sun was actually able to defeat Prince so fast. Judge sighed and muttered, “I should’ve not worried about him…”

    Sun smiled brightly again when the Judge announced his win. He healed Prince immediately thus prince was moved once more and said that he’ll become Sun’s sworn brother. Sun just smiling as he said, “I am happy to. But please don’t tell the process of the fight…”

    By the end of the fight:

    Prince side:

    “Prince, what’s actually happen inside the light? You’ve lost too fast!” Lolidragon shouted angrily but Prince, that has promised to Sun that he won’t spill anything, said nothing.

    Sun side:

    “Congratulation,” Lesus Judgment said when there’s no one by the rest room.
    Sun grinned, “I’ve done my job as the Church of Light billboard and win. With this, I am sure many of them would join our belivers!”
    “You really are…” Judge shook his head as he grinning widely.
    “As I said before, I will never do anything if my percentage of winning isn’t at least 100%! And with the data and my plan my percentage has gone to my ideal 200%.”
    “Yes, you after all, Grisia Sun…”

    It’s pretty simple for me.. Well, if it’s actually the real Sun Knight made from Yu Wo, I am sure he would become MORE cunning. XD

    Sorry for the long, very long, comment… ^^

  81. dominikanka

    Sun – for sure. He would do anything to win. Evil plotting and such while Prince would fight fair and square. And that would not be enough to beat Sun. He is way to inteligent and cunning. Also the fact he is bishie is another advantage for Sun.

  82. Karya

    I’m sure Prince would win, since a tournament is a public event, so sun wouldn’t be able to use his magic, and would have to defend himself with his fighting skills… And it is so OBVIOUS that Prince’s sword skills are far better than Sun’s…

  83. MoonlightFlower

    Sun will win, regardless of how Prince perform.
    The reason is: Prince had all the strength he needs, however his strength only show in team combat, not 1 vs 1 duel. We all know that prince is always seen with teammate regardless of where he went. We never see him actually travel alone light Sun, so it’s very unlikely that he can do well in PVP

    On the other hands, Sun Knight, having no others to watch him fight, means that he can throw all kind of magic at his opponent. After all, he is so adept he could even cast basic spell without incantation and gather so much elements at once that even elementary spell become intermediate spell. Thus, even if he is not able to cast some high level devastating spell, he could at least use his special assassin armor to increase his strength/speed, then just use some random branch of tree as a wand like he once mentioned in volume 1

    P/S: don’t forget that prince’s dao is Fire elemental at the moment, and prince is also an agi-elf-warrior character, so he can’t possibly break free of prince’s intermediate freezing spell that he use in book 3 (just wait and see) ~~~~

  84. LilyWinx

    It depends on what kind of match it was. If it was a match between swords…. then let’s just hope that Prince doesn’t accidentally kill Sun.
    But if it was like a free-for-all, with all kinds of ‘underhanded techniques’, then it would be kinda hard. Prince has a very grotesque imagination, being all that sadistic and all, but Sun is very creative as well. And I doubt that Prince is able to fight Sun without looking at him, and if he looks at Sun then Prince will get a nosebleed. Because Prince is a perverted girl. X3
    Plus, Prince is a warrior, so as long Sun is far away from Prince, he can summon all kinds of far-ranged magic attacks, but I doubt he’ll win if Prince gets close to Sun and Prince destroys all of Sun’s defenses.
    So….. Prince will die of blood loss. The end. Sun wins. And Sun can become Supreme Dragon if he has to.

  85. kittikiti

    lmfao love the comments ^-^ lots of people playing very different scenes that could happen. I think Prince would win, but sadly Sun has a better chance of winning, with or without an audience to lessen his schemes/plans/evil thinking. Sun could win because: 1: healing spells 2: confusion ability(God of Light talk) 3: bishie-ness 4: Saint Brenade thing 5: dirty tricks 6: multiple others attack spells 7: effect spells(poison, ice, etc). Prince could win because: 1: attack power 2: speed 3: Infinite Sword 4: Meatbun-bun 5: luck 6: if Sun forfiets 7: Sun’s bad sword use. So Sun has way better advantages than Prince. ‘^-^ Plus I think Sun and Prince should NOT be in the same round. . . YET because getting out the two main heroines well make lots of people sad.

  86. Celestite

    I think sun will win, because he is so smart and evil. Maybe sun will win with some evil tricks before got beaten up by prince.
    And Sun mastered heal magic and necromancy.

  87. Jen

    Honestly, s much as it hurts me, i think sun will win, just by a smidge. And that is a pretty small smidge. All of my reasons why have been previously stated so i won’t waste time by typing that all out. BUT i feel bad for Sun, because if he has to face a friend of Prince next (a relatively strong friend), well you know what happens.

  88. CocoFlower

    My vote is for Sun. Prince is more of the person who’d jump blindly in a fight, wave his sword around to let off his steam and come out lucky because of his strength and, well, luck. On the other hand, Sun may not be a good fighter- but that’s only appliable to his sword skills. He’s far more cunning, better at stratergy and manipulating. His magical powers are great enough to replace and maybe exceed using a sword and his cockroach-I’ll-bleed-to-death-yet-still-recover-quickly healing powers will give him a definate advantage, expecially if healing potions aren’t allowed for noth parties. So- GO SUN! KICK HIS ASS! XD

  89. EmeraldWind

    So far 122 votes for Sun and 25 votes for prince…..
    (147 votes so far)

    As for my vote, I believe Sun would win.
    When I first saw the tournament match up I was stunned! These two should either be the last in the preliminaries matched up or not matched up until the finals! But since they’re already fighting, I decided to think about it seriously.

    First I thought about the tournament. If sun is fighting, then he must be at LEAST 100% sure that he would win. Moreover, he would have a very good reason to fight. If these conditions are not met, then sun would find either a substitute or a way to get out of the fight.

    Moreover, sun won’t fight without a reason to. And if he has a reason, then he would never loose.

    As for prince. He’s strong, and an expert at hand to hand combat. Moreover, he’s very lucky. However, with the sun knights schemes and luck. The luck can’t be a deciding factor. So the only thing prince has going for him is hand to hand combat strength.

    Of course since this is a one on one competition meat bun might be a later contestant, and hence I do not believe that prince would be getting any help from meat bun.

    Back to hand to hand combat. Of course Sun lacks any real fighting ability. However, he has amazing recovery skills and it is very difficult to kill him (as he is like a cockroach). Moreover, since this is an all out competition. Sun would FIND a way to use his actual skills and keep prince at a distance.

    For instance, he could plan interruptions as he did in the three person death match, he could blind the audience and prince as he did during the episode with the fat pig of a king while he carries out his deceit, or he could do something completely different and cause prince to loose footing in any way.

    As long as the sun knight does this he can doge prince’s attacks elegantly, use his holy magic to heal himself, all while he uses his necromancy skills (without anyone noticing) to slowly dwindle prince’s health away.

    Eventually (after a seemingly long time of nothing happening) the last one standing would be Sun. However this is just ONE way in which he would win. :) There are multiple other scenarios. But all in all Sun would come out victor each time.

  90. ce

    I hate to say it but i think

    sun would win

    since a tournament is planable he will just make like 30 rosemarbles and heal himself till prince is out of stamina and hp since he could practicly take 30 hits for one he gives his opponent.

  91. Tian

    I think Prince would win this one because although Sun is smarter, because this is a tournament people are watching so I’m going to say that Sun won’t use his necro powers and show his evil and devious side in front of the peers. Prince would be drooling at first but s/he loves fighting and would quickly get over it fast. Sure Sun can heal himself, but Prince would do way more damage before even letting Sun move to heal himself. So yea, my vote goes to Prince.

  92. NanoLaughing

    Voting for Sun knight! No way Prince can beat Sun at a Beauty– i mean fighting tournament!
    Knowing Prince AKA a FEMALE would get an over kill nose bleed, and Sun is an invincible Cockroach! He can’t be killed! and he has those Rose-healing beads too, and he can always turn into ‘Supreme Dragon’ or con cock some epic/evil plan to succeed! One more thing “The benevolent God of light watches over Sun!” (Judge Knight and Roland)

  93. Amy

    Prince would definitely win because he’s awesomer ;D
    And because while Sun has to act “proper” and “gentlemanly”, Prince can just hack his way through.

    • E

      Good Gracious! Why are our two precious seeds put together right in the first preliminary round? What kind of blasphemy is this?! D: To be honest, I was hoping that we would have a round-robin first to pick out the best 10 or something before doing the knockout.

      This is tough, seriously! I was really hoping I wouldn’t need to make such a decision so soon. D:
      But… my vote is for Prince. Sun is more of a mage-type to me, and while his powers are super-effective against the Undead, Prince ain’t one. While he’s busy casting spells and barriers, Prince might have already got behind him and uh… I’m quite worried about Prince’s weakness for hotties, though. Plus, Sun isn’t someone one can expect to fight fair and square against. Still, has Prince ever been fair and square, especially when (s)he did scare the craps out of everyone on the arena with his/her vulgar verbal attacks and horrid ways of tormenting? XD
      Besides, Prince is a girl. =3=

    • Crimson Knight

      The biggest weakness of mages are the lack of armor and hp which sun got both even healing factor.

  94. Yorokobi-chan

    Prince. While I am certain Sun would cheat before, during, and probably even after the match, Prince is the Blood-stained Elf. Prince has a tendency to go stomping through all impediments, and he has got all his allies to help him come up with a good strategy before hand (though he may not follow the plan if he gets too excited…). I can see Prince cutting up Sun, smiling as he is sprayed with Sun’s blood, and Sun pulling out all his dirty tricks, one by one, getting a (magic, all his necromancy spells, Dragon’s Saint Brigandine) hit here and a (cheating, calling in favors from Roland and Judgement to fight with him) hit there. But Prince is enjoying the feeling of Sun’s blood too much to pay much attention; and since Sun is able to spout large quantities of blood without noticing, Prince continues to enjoy his blood soaked revelry for a long time. Eventually, just as Sun is about to reveal his true devious character by cursing out Prince in frustration, the lack of blood becomes severe enough that Sun passes out. Prince victorious!

  95. Ana

    sun would be the winner, since not even prince’s mix of raw power and sheer luck can match up to sun’s scheming ability, and his fear of being killed by his teacher should he lose. Furthermore it’s my belief that sun would only have to flash a smile at prince to make him faint due to blood loss

  96. denzeljuliet

    Sun Knight. Prince does have his combat skills and power-ups or whatever, but Sun Knight IS a cockroach (dear lord, when he sees all these comments about him being a cockroach he’d faint), and has his healing spells and all. Though I doubt Prince would give up that easily, but winners have to lose sometime, right??? Prince also relies a bit on his companions in battle, while Sun is much more efficient fighting as an individual. Prince also needs an extremely strong motivation in order to go fully all-out in a battle, so perhaps Sun Knight would have attacked before Prince puts up a proper guard. Sun has his rose beads, and should be able to attack Prince by quite a bit, albeit being injured in the process, but can heal himself, then Prince would tire himself(herself?) out by trying to get to Sun Knight. And Sun Knight would have an advantage at first cause’ Prince would be drooling over him and his bishie-ness. So he has the element of surprise!

  97. Multipartite

    My thoughts likely coincide with many others, but I confess I suspect Sun would win.

    In practical terms, it’s notable that Prince has died on occasion in the past, whereas Sun has somehow survived thus far. Also, whereas Prince might stand a greater chance if backed up by Meatbun and buffers and the like, in a one-on-one Sun’s versatility exceeds Prince’s. Sun would never win against Prince in a swordsmanship duel, but if he were free to use his full range of power (offensive Holy magic and defensive Necromancy, say), it seems he should be able to keep Prince at bay and wear him/her down unto death.

    *reads a few other comments* In the above, I’m treating the ‘tournament’ context as neutral, as though aliens (us) plucked these characters out of their respective worlds and pitted them against each other with all the powers of each, no allies(/pets), and without the assumption of an important audience to prompt reputation-related concerns.

    …if Prince /did/ take Meatbun, due to being a ‘pet’ rather than an ‘ally’… the main concern is Meatbun’s giant falling attack… as long as Sun were able to make a bone cage or similar to protect himself from that, he could probably handle anything else thrown at him on those lines, so sticking with Sun there.

    My confidence may grow (or shrink) if later books show Sun in more combat situations in which he’s neither hampered by reputation concerns nor deftly resolves things without combat–though honestly his deft resolutions give me so much glee to read that I actually probably don’t care even if he never fights again.

    In conclusion: Sun Knight, through the reasoning above. I’m also impressed by the choice of having these two decided between in the first bracket!

  98. azak

    Sun Knight is special. He captivates the audience in his unusual way of having a dark personality yet being so eloquent in whatever he does :) and not to mention his hilarious way of speech. I don’t really think Prince’s character has a lot of depth compared to Sun’s, plus Prince’s story is quite mundane to me :/ I always prefer a little fantasy

  99. Kati


    Considering what we have seen of sun up to this point, he stated that he would challenge someone unless he was 200% certain of victory. Also, this is a tournament, therefore he’d have probably come up with a foolproof plan to beat not only prince, but also every other opponent he might encounter. At his disposal he has his excellent skill in magic and necromancy (although he would not use the latter openly in a tournament, as he IS the sun knight.) furthermore there is his preparation and scheming and underhanded nature that would work for him. his largest weak point however is that he is in truth very bad at actual melee combat.
    Prince on the other hand has not only the most ridiculous luck ever going for him, but also his advanced skill in one on one combat and fighting in general would work for him. We know that he managed to hold off every one of those high-level assassins that the main antagonist (i forgot his name lord of life, was it?) sent after him. Towards the end, he even used them as a tool for entertainment, fought with them on par and dispatched them at will. I believe those assassins would not have gone to attacking him, if they had not thoroughly prepared themselves for their encounter with prince. so we must assume that prince’s battle instinct is sufficiently well developed to face all sorts of unforeseen circumstances if his life is at risk, as well as a great deal of focus on the task at hand, as well as reacting in various unforeseen and unusual ways. his major weakness, is obviously his love for bishies, and his absurd gullibility, but as i’ve said before, he has faced very dangerous situations in the past, and has been in tournaments, and was able to use tactics to come pout on top.
    overall i think in a tournament battle prince’s tactics would triumph over sun’s strategy, because of his unpredictability and natural talent to slaughter people.

  100. Teron

    I vote Sun,

    Mainly since I could see him using his dragon armor as a disguise, then challenge prince to a drinking contest. Since I doubt prince and drink a death lord under the table, it means he may not show up to the contest.

    • Kyner

      Prince was shown to hold his alcohol extremely well. (When recruiting men for Infinite City just prior to drunk-boarding a boat)

    • KuwaNeko

      you are wrong there, Prince can’t hold his alcohol at all, he was drunk after the first gulp, but his drunk state doesn’t seem like it (he most likely can’t remember fighting against Zui and Konkon(sp?), just like how he can’t remember how he ended up in the ship)

  101. Baka Weiss

    Continuing my post.

    Just like an above poster, I am assuming it’s a true 1 vs. 1 duel with no allies/pets and no rep issues to consider.

    So let’s see:

    Round 1: Feng Lan is overawed by Sun’s bishieness and loses a turn. This allows Sun to use the bloodsucking black shirt to boost his stats.
    Round 2: Sun’s transformation into another type of super bishie causes yet another turn loss for Feng Lan. Sun casts his buffs on himself, namely the speed and defense buff, as well as Earth Shield.
    Round 3: The now invincible Sun(due to Earth Shield) starts throwing around basic level spells. Unfortunately they deal little damage to the tankish warrior Prince and instead snap her out of her reverie. Prince starts charging Sun to attack.
    Round 4: Sun sees that basic spells don’t deal enough damage so he starts focusing for an intermediate spell. Meanwhile Prince finds out that his regular slashes can’t get through Earth Shield.

    And here I don’t know. I am not sure if ANY attack can even break through ES, which either means Prince can’t deal any damage or means that he will have to bring out his flashy finishers. Still, I believe it’ll be enough time for Sun to use the advanced ice spell he used on Ann in Vol 3 for example. Considering that it was enough to immobilize one of the Church of the War God’s strongest warriors, it should be enough for Prince. After that Sun can just use Hell’s Darkness Flame or some other advanced spell to beat Prince up.

    • Dustcloud

      @Baka Weiss
      But… Sun can’t cast Earth Shield o_o Unless this happens in a later untranslated chapter. (Ack! Spoilers!)
      He does have a Light Shield, but this can wear away if he’s tired.

    • Baka Weiss

      Yeah, he uses it in Vol 3. Sorry about the spoiler. But really, Earth Shield is basically holy magic that is (usually) unique to the Earth Knight (more like passed from teacher to student as part of the brainwashing training) and as we know Sun is a genius mage. Thus him learning ES is obvious in hindsight.

  102. thanat02

    I think Sun, being more versatile in his attacks would win. Prince, to me at least, seems to be more of a power based fighter, and Grisa is just…uh Grisa. If Sun could ignore his whole “must act like Sun Knight forever and ever” act, then I feel like his various techniques could defend against anything Prince throws at him.

  103. munch

    I vote for Prince.
    Everyone assumes that Prince is going to be disadvantaged by Sun’s hotness. I think it might be the other way round! Yes, I think Prince would stop and drool when she first sees Sun but I can imagine when Sun gets the first hit, the ‘sneakiness’ (at least, Prince would be ‘how dare you use your looks to distract me while you attacked!’) of the attack would send Prince on a rampage. The match would be really close but I think that Prince would just come out on top due to speed and unpredictableness after losing her temper. Plus I also think that Sun might be a little too focused on ‘falling gracefully’ during the match to fully focused on the fight.

  104. Eithne

    I think Prince would win, due to his/her superior sword skills. Fen Lan gets irritated by Sun’s holy nonsense talk during the fight, bringing out the worst in her and making her go all out against Sun. Sun can’t use his necromancy or Saint Dragon’s Brigadine, because he has to keep his Sun Knight image at all times. He will go down gracefully, claiming the benevolent God of Light has taught him to show mercy to all weaker knights trying to meet him in battle during the tournament, as the full force of the Sun knight would be too overwhelming for any normal knight to survive.

  105. Dustcloud

    I vote Prince.
    Although an idiot at times, Prince is no idiot when it comes to fighting after all the experience she’s gained fighting in Second Life. Lolidragon immediately notes Prince as a pro player when they are training with wolves in the beginning, and Prince is able to hold her own against players one might consider even more skilled with a sword, such as Wicked. Even if not against a swordsman, Prince has been trained against assassins (which Sun notes he is naturally good at being) and happens to love fighting. Even without Meatbun, Prince has a great offense and high stamina as a warrior, which would hold her through the battle (along with health potions possibly). Sun may have exceptional skills in everything but swordsmanship, but these skills are mostly for defense or support. I’ve been researching Sun’s moves for my attempt at a fic, and this is what I found: Moderate Heal, Ultimate Heal, Spell of Paralysis, Spell of Grease, Spell of Smokescreen, Light Shield, Wings of God, Bone Prison, Holy Light, and Resurrection. Where is the offense (against living beings)? I noted Sun is pretty proficient in kicking (but so is Prince) and Sun’s slightly better off using Dragon’s Saint Brigandine, but other than that he depends on fighting weak foes or else schemes a way to have them face a stronger opponent (which isn’t him). Since DSB is assassin equipment, this would not one up Prince in offense (especially since DSB costs Sun for length of use). Spell of Paralysis might affect Prince, but given time to prepare she could wear or modify armor for magic resistance and cancel the affects of most spells thrown at her. And despite what many have been saying, Sun does need some time to chant incantations for heal spells and the elementary spells he uses. I think Sun can only cast spells without incantations when there is ample energy for the spell type already in the air. So aside from spells requiring holy light (which he can easily supply during his tournament battle), the others likely need incantations. (Note: heal spells still require incantations because Sun has to convert the holy light to healing magic.) That said, many of Sun’s moves leave him vulnerable to attacks by Prince. Sun may have extremely good stamina, but given Prince’s relentless and unpredictable way of fighting, Sun is as good as gone once Prince destroys the Light Shield.

    The scenario I envision:
    Prince would wear lightweight and magic resistance armor after finding out Sun is a terrible swordsman but gifted cleric. Sun would arrive in his Holy Knight armor with a cheap sword and DSB stowed away. (They get information from the people that hate their opponent, of course.) I agree with many that Prince will be stunned by Sun’s good looks for sometime, but will snap out of it and start seriously battling. Sun could continuously emit high amounts of holy light to blind Prince and block the audience’s view of any non-Sun Knight moves, but if Prince can fight when she’s drunk, combined with her super luck and reflex training from fighting assassins, Prince would still be able to ward off Sun even with her eyes closed. In such a situation, Prince could choose not to move from her spot (avoiding Spell of Grease), forcing Sun to come at her if he’s going to do any serious damage. Prince can then use multiple strike or continuous attack moves for offense and defense. With Sun’s Light Shield up, the battle seems to have reached an impasse. However, Sun has been spending the most energy this entire time. It is one thing to inject Holy Light into a song for nearly an hour and another thing to continue releasing Holy Light while swinging around a weapon and keeping up Light Shield and Wings of God for who knows how long. Besides, Prince could also blind Sun with the white flames of her dao. After Sun’s endurance runs low, Prince could take the chance to go on the offense and take out Sun.

    If Prince acquires sunglasses (the item’s presence was once mentioned in a 1/2 Prince chapter), she would be less handicapped by Holy Light and could shift into offense easily, defeating Sun eventually.

    • Dustcloud

      Forgot to include assumptions:
      They are in a neutral realm for the tournament that has its own city and battle arena. Contestants were given around a week to prepare for their prelim match.

    • Dustcloud

      Hmm.. I also realized I forgot to mention that I’m basing this off all the translated released chapters for Sun Knight and a combination of the translated manga and novel chapters for 1/2 Prince.

  106. grauscherra

    I vote for Sun.

    Prince may have luck on his side, but I believe that Sun has luck of his own as well.

    Sun is versatile and an opportunist, managing to turn situations against him into his advantages. He is also cunning and has no qualms using underhanded techniques to achieve his goals. Even Judgement Knight has deemed him more dangerous than a DeathLord.

    Defensive-wise, Sun has the Earth Knight’s signature shield, his inhuman endurance, quick regen and other supporting/healing spells to assist him in battle. Sun has been shown capable of holding up the Earth Shield effortlessly while spamming multitude of offensive spells at the same time.

    Offensive-wise, Sun may be lacking in the physical department, but he is capable of spamming spells, as well as learning any new ones that his opponents might throw at him. And who knows what necromancy skills Sun has picked up, accidentally or not, from Pink. Pink did gave him a book of necromancy after the incident with Roland.

    Alternatively, Sun could dazzle Prince with his looks and confuse him with his speech, before striking Prince with magic. Since Sun need not chant the spell’s incantation like most other mages, the chances of catching Prince offguard should be rather high. Then again, Sun could also combine water and electric magic to electrocute everyone in the vicinity without warning like he did once in a bar. His mage sight is also helpful if he chooses to blind the entire arena and people with Holy Light. There is also his little bag of cheap trick spells like grease and immobilization…

    Supposed that his ‘not-so-good’ swordsmanship managed to lower Prince’s guard and Sun managed to get some ‘harmless’ nicks and little cuts in with his nifty dagger provided by his assassin outfit, it may not turn out so ‘harmless’ in the end. (In novel vol 6, Sun makes pulls this with great success. An assasination outfit wouldn’t be complete without poison, would it?)

    Of course, all these excludes what Sun is capable of in the final volume of the novels.

  107. Damien

    I’m going to be unbiased and choose Prince. Assuming spells take time to cast, he can simply dash up to Sun and kill him. Assuming this tournament follows the rules of second lifes tournament Suns healing beads would constitute as health potions and therefore not be allowed. Having a pet is voided as Sun does not have one. A tournament is fair so Sun would not be able to use any of his dastardly schemes to mess with Prince during the match. While Sun may certainly try to sabotage Prince before the tournament i feel that Prince would nevertheless prevail unless Sun breaks his leg or something. Plus everyone knows that warriors > mages in a 1v1. If spells were cast in an instant or very fast i would vote for Sun.

    • cattemari

      Thing is, (and I can’t remember if this chapter has been released or not, pardon me if it is a spoiler) Sun never learned incantations for his spells. He saw some mages using magic and ‘instantaneously learned it’. He learns all his magic just by observing it happening, and quite frankly, he only says incantations to appear like he learned magic somewhat normally.

    • Dustcloud

      This sounds possible, but at least for the chapters released/translated thus far, I have read no mention of this whenever “incantation” is used in the translation. The only thing he seems to use no incantation for is gathering holy light, but then during his fight with Roland as Supreme Dragon (V1C7), Sun talks about reciting incantations to release large amounts of holy light.

    • Kuran Nita

      Sun isn’t a mage so he never learn about incantation whatsoever. His teacher said that no matter how talented he is, he can’t chant any spell above elementary level spells without knowing the incantation… It’s on the next volume.. Sorry spoiler… *Bow*

  108. Erebus

    If this is a tournament in which tons of people from both worlds are watching, then Prince would probably win. Though many people said he could use a combination of the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine, Necromancy, and his other skills, that would not be possible for sun because he is too concerned with his image. First off, Dragon is in fact considered a criminal, and everyone knows that it is sun and prince fighting. If they see prince, and a random guy in a weird assasin suit, they would automatically guess that it is sun. Also, since everyone is watching, he can’t reveal that he, the leader of the Church of the God of Light, has the ability to use high level necromancy and he will take that into account while planning/fighting. Finally, Prince’s luck is so good, that she would probably somehow accidentally slash sun to pieces while slipping on his oil slick spell.

    • Crimson Knight

      but that don’t means he can’t use his holy light to blind everyone include the prince.

  109. Mist

    HI I think sun will win but only if he has enough motivation to participate, like money or because the pope tells him to, as he has to recrute worshippers. If he participates he will definitly win without even fighting. Maybe he finds out how to blackmail prince, he gets someone to assasinate prince beforehand or he gets him to be disqualified. But there is although the possibilitiy that he forfeits and then support either Lesus or Roland to win for him.

  110. sanachan

    I think Prince would win because he’s super lucky, so that any complex plans like Sun tends to set up would just fall to pieces around him. Also, I think Sun would WANT to lose because he knows that if he wins he’ll have to keep fighting, and the chances that he’d do something ungraceful in public to make his old knight master kill him would go up every round. He’d find some way to lose very gracefully, and that would be it (though Prince might accidentally ruin that plan too).

    • Dustcloud

      This sounds very plausible. After all, I’m sure many of the Twelve Holy Knights are entered into this tournament. If Sun was made to enter by the Pope for the tournament prize money that would go the Church of the God of Light, it would not really matter if he didn’t make it to the finals because there are the other Holy Knights who could win the tournament. The others would probably forgive him for “losing” because of their preconceptions of warriors vs. knights and the fact that Sun is meant to fight the undead, not the living.

    • Baka Weiss

      Though Sun would still want to win and somehow pocket the prize money for his retirement fund. And without letting the alien find it out this time.

    • chicaalterego

      @Baka Weiss
      Pfft, as if, no way Sun could ever scape for the alien watchful eye… I have a theory, if Grisia asked judge to dispose of his body so his body could never be brought back till he masters dying with grace, then I bet he also made him promise to burry the money with him, so the pope couldn’t lay a hand over it XD

  111. Demoninmysoul

    Sun knight would win. His sword technique is bad, but he is crafty, and he know some tricky magic. Also, Prince is a sucker for good looking guys (sorry to bring it up), so he has the advantage. While Prince is agile and good with the sword, if he can not get close, he can not hurt Sun.

  112. Demoninmysoul

    Sorry, just addig a fact. Sun doesn`t have to chant, to make his magic work, and it seems like he doesn`t need time for it either, or not much anyway.

  113. Wolfcub

    Sun knight would win – solely because of their classes. Prince is a warrior (mixed with the dexterity of a rogue) but the main point is that Prince is in the melee class while Sun is in the magic class (even though he’s supposed to be melee). Personally, I play melee class – but one thing that I don’t do (when I can avoid it) is PVP magic class users because generally magic users have an advantage over melee due to their ability to cast spells from far away.
    Yes in some cases warriors can win because magic users need casting time – but Sun doesn’t need that casting time, he’s able to cast spells in an instant. Thus Sun has a clear advantage.
    And lastly, some people have mentioned that Prince might win because of his incredible luck – but I feel like prince’s luck isn’t really luck – I think that based on the way the story is going his luck is merely rigged by the dictator of life or whoever the hell it is. If my theory on this is correct, then his luck is geared towards things that will make him a stronger player specifically on the game Second Life and so it would have no relevance in a tournament against Sun Knight.

    • Dustcloud

      If a warrior can quickly reach the mage, wouldn’t the distance advantage be taken away? I don’t know the entire set of moves for both Sun and Prince, but so far Sun hasn’t shown much attack magic in the translated chapters.
      As for Prince’s Luck, I don’t think the Dictator of Life manipulated Prince’s best friends to push her off the cliff to trigger Sunshine’s hidden quest. Even if it was a “blessing in disguise,” there is an element of luck. They could have pushed Prince off a different cliff that would not trigger the quest, but they had to pick that cliff.

  114. Seink

    Sun Knight.
    Remember your master’s words!
    The Sun Knight is ALWAYS PERFECT!
    No way he is can lose!

  115. sinister banana

    Prince would win by default because Grisia would find a way to respectfully withdraw mid-way through battle so that he continues to uphold his image as a righteous Sun Knight that only adheres to the benevolent God of Light’s teachings. He’ll probably do this through some conniving way, like figuring out that Prince is really a girl, announcing it to all the spectators when things start looking sour for him, and withdrawing because the Sun Knight could never do something so cruel as to defeat an innocent maiden! Prince would be so busy dealing with the uproar in the stadium and trying to convince everyone he’s really a man that he wouldn’t have time to chase after Grisia who makes a hasty retreat.

  116. Shinythings

    I think sun will win. He is a smart and clever (cunning, evil, despicable, dirty, rotten, sly) person. Sun can use he’s mage skills to attack prince in a long distance. He can also use his dragon armor(dragon brigade? or smh) to increase his speed(and power?) to keep up with prince(remember the battle between roland and sun when he uses the dragon armor?). And if he want to become lower than he is, he can cast a vero strong holy light to blind everyone(including prince) then use his necromancy skills to summon an undead and do the job for him .

  117. KuwaNeko

    this is soooo unfair, my jaw dropped, how can you guys put these two so soon.
    oh dear god of light; for some reason… even though most people are saying Sun wins, it sound more like they’r badmouthing him…

    It’s far too unfair to put this fight so early in the LSK translations too, since we don’t really get to see Sun in combat before vol 3 (his true self while not pretending to be the perfect (and Knight) Sun Knight)

    my fist thought was also that Prince would win (because of his speed, and the public image of the Sun Knight), but thinking it twice, I really think Sun would be the victor. He is too cunning, he’d find a way to blind the public, (actually he can see past his own holy magic, without using his magesight, after all, it’s never mentioned if the pope has magesight, and yet he could see past Sun’s light), and then he’d be able to attack with his crazy all kinds magic (elemental and necromancy, since holy is mostly for support (though of course he would use the holy one on himself) or dealing with undead) (and he does have tons of offensive magic, just not to spoiler so much, he did learn ice magic from Ice, for example). I’m also taking out the outer support form the equation, and really neither actually needs it (sun would, if it were a straight out sword tournament)

  118. matt

    prince would win

    sun’s probably more powerful and certainly smarter but prince definitely has better sword skills and lets face it all suns techniques are geared towards healing, and fighting undead creatures…..or raising the undead come to think of it xD seeing as prince is not an undead creature by any defonition of the word his sword skills and ruthless nature would definitely eradicate sun, especially once prince realized that his “eye candy sun” dedicated himself to the god of light and talks with lots of big words and complicated sentences. sun is the kind of opponent that would make prince shrug his shoulders and do a one hit K.O. game set match prince. sorry people but sun sucks in an actual realistic fight were as the battlefield is prince’s playground.

  119. Vapore

    I honestly think Sun has the advantage in this fight because:

    1) Sun is supposed to be extremely attractive and Prince is indeed weak to the pretty boys. Sun would automatically gain at least the upper hand in the very beginning of the battle if it is the first time Prince has laid eyes on him.

    2) Sun’s magic is supposedly unsurpassed even if his swordsmanship stinks. If he’s able to hit Prince, who according to gaming stats is a warrior and therefore has inferior magic defense, it could cause some serious damage. Plus, think of all the status inflicting magics he could use to weaken Prince that way.

    3) Prince is constantly shown as being scatterbrained and can’t understand complex speech. If Sun were to take on his persona and talk about the blessings of the God of Light (and if this is a public tournament with people around, he would have to), wouldn’t Prince get confused? Think of how the other Holy Knights act when Sun speaks; Prince would probably be immobile from the confusion of trying to figure out what Sun is saying.

    4) Sun can heal himself whereas Prince cannot without using either potions or an outside healer like Wolf.

    Yeah, Prince is strong and if he were able to go against Sun on a one on one fight physically, he’d have the advantage. However, if you include magic and other factors, the fight would go to Sun hands down. The Sun Knight would own this fight.

  120. Baka Weiss

    As a sidenote and somewhat spoilerish, but I totally want to see a Solerwaith vs Wicked fight.

    • chicaalterego

      @Baka Weiss
      you should know that solarwaith is not the litteral translation, so if you wanted to request thi syou should have pointed them to check the alternative english transalation in case they didn’t get who you meant… (I wonder if he is in the fight… after all some of the comming knights must be at the last months of this…. But what I whish to see is a Grisias teacher vs Pink ^_^

    • Baka Weiss

      I somehow doubt Neo can beat Pink in the long run. Perhaps destroying her real body, but altogether… I DO think that Grisia will find a way to do that permanently, but somehow doubt he will go with it.

    • chicaalterego

      @Baka Weiss
      You know…it’s not exactly my idea to murder Pink.

      I mean, for a tournament you just need to defeat someone, and to go back in ‘life’ for pink, it would mean doing so somewhere else, and loosing for obvious reasons… But if she can bring her undead (just like doll will be summoning hers) plus the black magic + her tricks…. I wonder who would win… Neo is so very strong, but the capabilities of both of them are still a mystery

  121. arc

    well…for me, i’d cast my vote that Prince would win.
    i mean, sure if they both had to fight all-out for real, and had time to prepare for it, then it would be a match to beggar yourself for, but if it’s just a normal tournament, and there’s no real incentive for Sun to go all out (plus he’d be under the eye of the general public he’s trying to deceive into thinking he’s a morally righteous guy *cough cough*) then Prince would definitely win because Sun would have no reason to attack or defend with magic, and with his swordsmanship so lacking he’d lose in a second.
    just my take.
    unless there was a way to disguise himself, and a pressing reason for him to reveal his true nature (underhandedness maximus) then the fight would go to Prince, hands down.

  122. Topocct

    I think Sun would win because of Saint Dragon Brigade (what ever his blood sucking armor is called) because Prince would spill tons of Sun’s blood but the armor would use it to boost Sun’s abilities and Sun can also withstand much blood loss and can heal. Prince also is better being martyred. Sun will die at the hands of the rest of the team.

  123. Bloodesin

    Grisia Sun would DEFINITELY win~
    It’s because Sun has an attractive face, a gorgeous smile that can lighten up your day, and his skills [except for his swordsmanship] are really good. Also, I think Prince wouldn’t be able to beat Sun when it comes to socializing and magic. Even though Sun has a complex speech, a lot of people still loves him for the way he is. Another reason, Sun’s evilness is a good asset too. A lot of people are attracted to him because he’s cunning, undeniably gorgeous and evil. His personality and complex relationship with his holy knights.

    • AC

      I don’t thing sociability counts, but even if it did, Prince is also a beloved and charismatic leader, capable of inspiring discourses, and he has all those crazy fan girls who could stand between he and Sun. So, if “charisma” is a critter, they are even. Also, you can’t say people are attracted to Sun because he is evil. People don’t usually know about his dark side! Unless by “people” you mean us readers? Because I don’t think we count, we can’t exactly go there and intervene.

  124. AC

    I don’t understand why people insist on Sun being able to blind everyone with holy light. There’s only two possible outcomes for this battle (in my point of view):
    -Or Prince wins IMMEDIATELY in one blow, and ABSOLUTELY NO TRICK of Sun would be effective,
    -Or Prince would be utterly defeated, because any fight lasting more than 40 seconds would be advantage for Sun.
    I keep my vote for Prince, because I believe (for the reasons given the other day) that he will win this fight in 39 Seconds.
    Just wanted to these things out.

  125. Siluna

    Assuming that a) Grisia Sun did NOT have to worry about his public image and b) they were allowed to use whatever weapons they brought into the fight, I would have to go with Sun. Due to being extreme opposites, both are fairly even. However, a perfectly timed Spell of Paralysis (followed by a barrage of attack spells) would be Prince’s downfall, and Sun would be the perfect person to carry it off (assuming he doesn’t allow himself to get distracted). The fact Sun is a genius magician/sorcerer makes it even more difficult to know what spells he will use (especially if he already knows every spell that the Holy Knights use).

  126. nandrew

    I’m going with Prince. Yes, Sun is very cunning and would try to use underhanded tricks. However, Prince is very good at adapting to the situation and making things up as she goes. Sun isn’t all that great at fighting, so Prince would beat him that way too. I don’t think talking about the God of Light would work either, because Prince has amazing selective hearing.

  127. jess

    Sun wins. Sun would never be Sun if Sun loses a fight from a dashing guy who had kissed several women.

    He will poison prince before the fight to restrict movement, he has a fast-healing body, could cast spells which he has seen and quickly too, use earth shield to defend against physical attacks, use necromancy to summon bone prison, has mage sight to detect the enemy’s position and use large amount of holy light to fill an area blinding Prince. Prince might have great swordsmanship but he won’t be able to break an earth shield, has no defense against spells such as bone prison & ice spells, no healing ability, cannot see the opponent if blinded by holy light.

    Sun using earth shield to defend himself would blind Prince with holy light and finish Prince off by creating large icicles and throws them at prince, piercing Prince’s beautiful body.

  128. FW

    I cant picture them facing each other. Sun will probally thought a way out of this battle but…if he didnt
    Prince would probably win.
    This is just my opinion, but he has the upper hand. I can back this up by quotes from both stories but…Im too lazy, so all this is all according to my memory.
    Knights are are at a disadvantage on 1 verse 1 battles. Knights are for war. Warriors are for battles. Knights attack on horseback and are not suitable attacking alone.
    With this in mind, Prince has an advantage.
    Not to mention Sun is not the best at using a sword.
    Even if Sun casts healing spells over and over, this wont effect Prince at all.
    And for the “Supreme Dragon’ issue, I dont think Sun would use such an outfit if its as powerful as “80% of Judgment’s power”

    (…I actually wanted Sun to win, but I cant see that happening)

    • chicaalterego

      OOOOOH! so the Sun Knight is a knight? I never noticed! I think you are the first comment I read working with that theory… but I can be wrong (too forgetful) Never looked at it form than angle XD

    • Lillith

      though sun is a knight he is bad at both horse riding and swordmanship, so his abilities are mostly magic and standing-ground fighting (since he could fall of the horse and then his master will come to make him meet the god of light). though he is more a defensive type, if he were to be in a one-on-one fighting he will have the upper hand, because he can defend, heal, long reach attack, protect his front with barriers and grease spells, his back covered by his 360° magic vision and the only way to attack him would be by attacking from the air, something he will have somehow covered since he knows really well all his bad points, he attacks based on his capabilities and knowing his and his enemies weak points, not really following the knights code or the normal-knights way of fighting, also he can just ask cloud to teach him the wind steps (or wind walk or whatever it is) so that he can drift away from the enemy because other than fighting, riding and the related, he has a great learning ability =)

  129. Cristina

    Sun Knight!
    he has way too many tricks up his sleeve. he is a bishie, which means prince would have a hard time trying to focus on the match. he can use spells without incantations (defensive spells included), so he can actually surpass prince in terms of speed. not to mention he has his assassin outfit, his recovery abilities and his necromancy.

  130. Luxdei

    sun knight
    because of the following
    1. he is a master mind tactician, strategist and can deal with any scenario (even if surrounded by millions of spectators, he always manages to find a way to get and do whatever he wants) I mean he can blind everyone, or erase thier memories (by requesting pink) or maybe make everyone absent i don’t know how but he will certainly make the arena come to his advantage not the other way.
    2. he is proficient in ANY tipe of magic and without chanting, even buffing spells
    3. he can manipulate people into doing anything he wants, be it concious or not
    4. has amazing recovering abilities and also can heal himself
    5. i will let the bishie thing out (since i don’t think it would be much of an advantage), but sun certainly knows how to keep and mantain his ‘appearance’ so if intel is researched from him, it would be to his advantage, since his enemies will seriously understimate him knowing only he is a great goody too shoes, bad at swordmanship (and talking) and whose only strong point is holy magic (even if earth is the one giving the intel, he will only add, medlesome cunning bastard to the description, though it won’t really change much of it)
    6. he has that especial magic vision with which he can see the elements comoposing anything, so he can use it prior to the battle, learn of prince abilities and think how to win over them
    7. and……… for not spoiling everyone i won’t say it (since it would be rude), but sun has some amazing abilities, some of which just by using 2 of them can absolutely give him the victory, though those are stated later on from book 4

    1. strong points: cursing, insane unpredictable swordmanship, not minding using low tactics, capable of punishing/beating sense into anything
    2. apart from those, she doesn’t has other assests (her sides are covered by her friends, who won’t take part in this 1 on 1)
    3. she is naive and doesn’t really know about strategy and the brains that involve a battle
    4. all her intel (except he being a she) can be easily known since everybody knows the bloody elf and his groteque gore-full ways of fighting and almost all of his abilities (since she is so popular)
    5. though prince loves bishies (and i think sun will be in her top 10 list), i don’t think that will take much of her attention, so she will fight seriously, since it is a tournament, but she will certainly understimate and misjudge sun
    6. she is fast but it is not something one can’t counter, and also, moving faster than teleporting is not something i think she knows and is something sun has already seen so he will be prepared

    Then, i doubt meat bun or dragons thing are permitted, since they are both assest which i will group with the healing potions and other things. also the only way for winning against sun is by being more clever than him or knowing him really well, something only i think judge and adair can pull off, but even so they don’t dare because it is very uncertain.

    finally sun doesn’t fight if he is not 200% percent sure he is going to win, and even if forced to do it he will change the tables to his favor, in order to be at least a 150% of winning, cause losing is not an option not in a so ungraceful way, not in the presence of so many expectators (meaning his master could be there) and not if it means he will lose his job.

    though in the other hand if the fighting thing was unpredictable and it is not treatening any of the above, and not harming him or his knights (be it his platoon or the other holy knights), i think he will just graciously abdicate from the fighting since it will only mean being under the harsh sun (where he will tan), schemig how to win while keeping his sun knight image and fighting an insanely strong guy (though it will serve to let out his frustrations….so much effort….doesn’t deserve it). but if he did accept the battle it would be because it is worth it (maybe financially) or because he has a vendetta against prince (something that can’t be done with just being able to get as many women as one wants…it needs to be something really big and bad), in that case prince should take care, because, even if she also has a serious vendetta against sun, she can’t really begin to grasp how powerful and cunning sun is in so more many ways.

    ps. sorry for the long tiring explanation xD

  131. Darkantos

    Prince would win. Sun is a good opponent, but without the ability to set things up or to use other people it turns (almost) into a straight fight. Sun cannot wield a sword with any real skill, so it falls down to his spells. Meat Bun-kun would distract him from the spell at a delecate point and while he tried to gather his thoughts Prince would start to attack. With Sun off balance, he has no real chance to retaliate. He attempts some lower level spells (to him anyway) but with little effect. He tries blinding Prince, but by the time that occurs his opponent is too close. Roaring the name of his special, Prince brings his sword down ending the fight quickly and also getting rid of the distraction of such a beautiful man.

  132. duh

    Sun would win. He doesn’t even need to use any underhanded tricks. Prince only has his sword and he is an above avarage warrior. But Sun is a downright godly every single other class ever. This tournament is not fair since many people haven’t read Sun go even remotely all out in a fight before. It’s mind blowing awesome.

  133. SUNEESA

    Sun will definitely win. His healing ability is far better than a priest if Prince use his Blazing Inferno Slash on Sun. Even if his swordsmanship is the worst, he can cover it up with his holy magic, necromancy and other magic which he learn by just looking at it. Furthermore, he mind is full of tricky dirty scheme(which probably nobody know about it except Judgement) for Prince to deal with while Sun is maintaining his “Perfect Sun Knight Image”. So who needs strength or sword skill if your head is full of powerful cunning tactics. Moreover, ‘Sun is more dangerous than a death lord’ quoted from Judgment himself. Although Prince has her “Blood Elf”, she only can go in that mode when she is furious. Who would mad at Sun with his dazzling smile and his talks about the God of Light(well I have to admit that I need to pry my head to understand what is Sun talking about if there are no monologue). Prince will fall for Sun radiant smile since she is a girl after all. To be true, Prince haste is far better Sun(if Sun didn’t wear his Dragon’s Saint Brigandine) but only if they battle in Second Life. So probably Prince haste and strength is the same in her human form. After all Prince is just a MMO player and in Second Life the pain is lesser than in the real world. On the other hand, Sun is a Knight and he had been filled the street with his blood and survived while falling over a flight of many stairs ‘gracefully’. The conclusion is the Sun Knight win!! Hurray for the invinsible cockroach in the Holy Temple!!!

  134. BoP

    Sun Knight

    -holy knight
    -a platoon at his beck and call
    -clerks at his beck and call
    -assassin suit
    -hard to kill
    -can dispose kings
    -has myriads of worshipers to rely upon
    -12 knights of various skills to aid him in fields that he lacks
    -is smart than princes

    • Elaru

      A few counter points:
      -necromancer (If people view the fight, that won’t matter as Sun won’t be able to use the for fear or being killed by his teacher)
      -holy knight (And an exceptionally crummy one at that! Or so says Sun’s teacher, Prince is way better at fighting.)
      -a platoon at his beck and call, clerks at his beck and call, has myriads of worshipers to rely upon, 12 knights of various skills to aid him in fields that he lacks (I smashed all of these into one point. Prince has THREE MAJOR CITIES and an ENTIRE CONTINENT at his beck and call! That aside, it is a one-on-one fight.)
      -assassin suit (Again, if people are going to be watching Sun won’t be able to transform into Supreme Dragon or anything ‘un-Sun Knightish’ besides that, even if Sun becomes faster and stronger, his fighting skills are still crap so it’s not going to help him much.)
      -hard to kill (Remember what Prince said he was going to do to those Bloody Hell Murderers in the Tournament? No matter how hard Sun Knight is to kill, after Prince cuts his head off and spills out his organs… he’s gonna be dead.)
      -scheming, can dispose kings, is smarter than Prince (I don’t really know the details of the fight, but I kinda imagine it as Sun Knight and Prince are just walking in their separate worlds when they get sucked into a vortex and find themselves in a Colosseum where they have to fight each other to the death to get back home. If so, Sun Knights smarts aren’t going to help him. Also, Prince is to stupid and impulsive to be tricked ;P)

      Thanks for the nice debate! It was fun. :D

  135. Chronos

    I believe that Sun Knight would win. Overall hes pretty evil with his planning and also hes a total bishie. Which means that prince would be totally all over that and head over heels in love. Sun knight might do something to get prince to forfiet the match to him probably by acting all dainty like and such. But yea, Sun knight = evil mastermind. Hands down sun knights win.

  136. ~Ren the Witch~

    Sun Knight would win with outstanding strategies. I like Prince and he has a huge amount of luck and fighting ability, but lets face it… Sun got the most effective strategies I’ve ever seen so far, incredible magic to overcome any trouble, defensive magical spells (like Earth Shield) allow him to defend against melee fights while executing spells he learns just by one glance WITHOUT using ANY casting at ALL!… Plus all his wickedness i think he is even more handsome than Prince, got more elegance and… even if Prince got his super incredible swords techs… brains overcome brute force and speed >_>. Sun’s arsenal won’t be beaten that easily… heck, i’m even sure Sun could win even without fighting head on… after the horrible training with Teacher Neo the strongest sun knight that ever existed, our young Sun wins xd

  137. Kimmy

    I think Prince will win because of the following points:
    1) Grisia Sun, the Sun Knight who is perfect, won’t fight unless he is 200% sure of winning. He will probably forfeit in a graceful way before getting humiliated in a fight now or against another character. He won’t dare being humiliated because his teacher will kill him.
    2) Grisia has to keep his perfect image. He can’t use his necromancer’s spells, the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine or any other unsunly spells. He also can’t call another person to fight for him.
    3) He is soooo bad with a sword wich is his only weapon as the Sun Knight. Prince is so awesome with a sword!
    4) If Grisia tries to harm Prince before the fight, he may win but he won’t be able to always harm/kill/bribe/etc all his opponents. He is so smart he will think of that before doing anything. Thus, he will have to lose against a worthy one or forfeit gracefully :). ” The God Of Light won’t blablabla…”

    Yup, those are my main ideas.

  138. Koral

    Man, this is a tough one. I would say that Prince would win because Sun would get disqualified for bringing Judgement or Roland into the fight. Of course Gui and Wicked would deem it unfair and try to intervene and a huge brawl would start, but Sun would have already been disqualified unless he talked his way out of it because he’s that good at twisting people around his fingers convincing others with his eloquence.

  139. Kai

    I think Prince will win because this is a one on one battle, right? Then, sun knight will lose for his swordmanship sucks like crazy. Sun knight would also only fight a battle when he has 200% chance of winning. He would not use his necromancer’s skills or anything dark like that he got from the the dead necromancer since he is the SUN KNIGHT. Therefore, Prince will win.

  140. Sun Knight would win in a battle for sure. While Prince is an excellent fighter, the Sun Knight is far more devious, resourceful, and manipulative. Not to mention the fact that Sun is a mage prodigy and could probably just freeze Prince into place. Among other things. XD; (Also, Prince is nicer than Sun, and as the saying goes ‘nice guys finish last’.)

  141. Luijo

    Sun wins-
    reason being he can get info on prince via the sun knight platoon and Storm knight giving him the upper hand. He would also have a little talk with pink and have a few underhanded tricks planned. and then there’s prince weakness to bishies and Sun cant instigate princes anger completely since he may be more popular then prince and woman like him he cant do anything so it would be a honorable fight instead of prince going berserk. on top of that this is a tournament so its not to the death so Sun can outlast him with his healing spells. theres also the fact that this match is before the preliminaries(correct me if im wrong) so there shoudnt be a audience until the next round. giving him the ability to use all his magic and since prince is very guillable i mean trusting Sun can get him to agree to not say how he won to others. also prince may be strong but not the brightest.

  142. Anonymous

    I think Sun should win because…well have you ever seen Sun lose? The Sun Knight should win because he is just that manipulative and….you know what? ‘Nuff said ;) …

    • Elaru

      “‘Nuff said” You hardly said anything, and definitely not enough to actually say any reasons why Sun would win. “Have you ever seen sun lose?” No, because he always flees before his opponents have a chance to kill him, remember when he went to rescue that old man at the cemetery and got a sword thrown through his shoulder? Or when he got his stomach slashed open in the first book?

      “The Sun Knight should win because he is just that manipulative” This is indeed his greatest power, but on a head on fight like this one, Sun Knight wouldn’t even be ABLE to do anything.

    • Mitsuo

      @Mitsuo oops, excuse me, I just got some laggie. I hate that this site doesn’t allow us reader who know what happen to said stuff out loud(well, I guess spoiler wouldn’t be fun anymore) but my point is; you probably haven’t read much or be an addictive fan to go so far and try to get the raw version to read (google translate, that kind of thing) so you wouldn’t know how far sun ability can go (The first 2 volume of the book didn’t show much of his action so I suppose you will have to wait for a few more month to realize how strong sun can really be). Sure this tournament said it’s 1 on 1, they never said anything about forbid the use or magic or necromancer spell, sun do have the chance to win Prince.
      The fleeing thing is just based on his coward personality, why don’t you think that he want to keep his image? and will not accept to lose (but then again, can’t really spoil anything…He doesn’t care about his image much as of the last volume info given)
      Head on fight CAN do a lot, duh! think about how would you plan to fight the opponent, even Prince think sometime before strike. There is no such thing as “Head on fight is useless”.

      I’m sorry for the long respond (as well as some grammar mistake, English is not my first language).

  143. Chloesong

    Sun Knight wins!!

    With Grisa’s magic, insane healing abilities, and cunning, there’s no way he would lose to the naive and implusive Prince. Also Sun has more to lose in terms of his image and has greater motivation to win (what would happen to all the retirement funds he saved until now??). There’s no way his teacher would approve if the Sun Knight was massacred by a “Bloodthirsty Overlord”.

  144. Sanchay

    How cruel, pitting the main characters against each other so soon! XD But I guess it makes for a more interesting fight later on…

    I’m voting for Sun, pretty much for the reasons people have already mentioned.

    1) Dazzling beauty in front of a guy with the mind of a girl who happens to go for the dazzling beauties. Sure, it’s only a temporary distraction, but definitely enough of an advantage for the first strike to be dealt.

    2) Super health. Despite the damage Prince will (undoubtedly) do to him, he has both holy healing spells (along with an impressive reserve of magic for the task), and he can spill an entire street of blood and survive. Granted, Prince is a warrior class and therefore has high hit points as well, but he’d have to stock up on a TON of healing potions to even get close to Sun’s natural ability in that field.

    3) Dirty fighting. It’s gonna happen. He’ll already have some sort of trap laid in advance (reason number 1 can also come into play here) with the help of his various connections with people. Summons and charms supplied by Pink, not to mention the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine for starters, and his fellow Holy Knights will also have some aid to give him as well. He’d have probably planned this whole thing out since he found out about it, and would have plotted out in detail every little thing that could go wrong and compensate for it. Prince doesn’t think things over, and usually relies on his sword skills to end things. Yes it’ll hurt, but it’s easily countered.

    4) He has more at stake if he loses. No doubt he will be financially screwed for the investments he put into ensuring his victory, as well as the fear of death by various teachers (both Senior Sun Knight and Pink, for starters. The Pope might also be on this list).

    5) More experience. He’s been training as a Sun Knight for over ten years, and knows his abilities and their limits, and can work accordingly. Prince, on the other hand, has very little knowledge in comparison, as Feng Lan has usually played as a mage character in the past. Granted, in comparison, Sun is a terrible swordsman, and Prince will probably recognize a lot of the spells due to the aforementioned fact of Feng Lan’s former MMO player personas, but Sun’s also been able to compensate for his losses.

    Oh, also, how long is the writing part going on for? I wanted to try it out, but I don’t have full internet access until a little over a week from now…

    • Dustcloud

      I’d like to make some counters:
      1) Sun’s first strike would be? Well, no matter what it is, it will just serve to snap Prince out of her reverie and put her in Blood Elf or fighting mode.
      2) Sun may have super health, but using energy to heal himself and fight would lower his endurance faster over time. When he spilled a street’s worth of blood, he was not fighting fiercely but merely backing up the fighters/defenders. You have no doubt that they will exchange blows, and since you brought up experience (which I will counter below later), Sun has not had much experience lasting against skilled swordsmen. If Sun wants to heal himself so he can continue to be dealt blows…
      3) Sun can plan all the tricks he wants, but if none of them work whether by Prince’s luck or someone looking out for her, Sun’s back at square one. And because Prince does not think things over, Prince does not fight as expected by other players. Prince has played dirty as well (think of Hell’s Murderers, V2C3), has used regular kicks and punches on friends and foes, and tried preventing conflicts by scaring opponents away (Fairsky’s conflict, V1C3; misunderstood Ming Huang, V1C5), so I wouldn’t say Prince usually relies on sword skills to “end things.” If this unpredictable nature is “easily countered,” please enlighten me.
      4) Neither Sun nor Prince has more at stake than the other unless we add unspecified details such as Sun is expected to win some prize money for the Temple (if he loses, he should think of a graceful way to die). When Sun plots, he likely keeps costs as low as possible to prevent a suicide-inducing regret. Thus, this point isn’t even an issue. Both Prince and Sun are just being pitted against each other without any say.
      5) You partly defeat yourself in this point by bringing up Prince’s past experience as a mage. Sure, Sun knows what he can and cannot do, but Prince will also partly know this too (or else figure it out in battle). Prince does not hold herself back by thinking of what she can and cannot do, only that she will do what she has decided to do without regrets — not that Sun holds himself back (except with money and image). You also say that Sun can compensate for losses, yet some of his plans could easily have backfired since he prepared no backup (aka compensate-for-setback) plan. A clear example would be the king resignation/reveal plan, V1C10, because Sun admits the possibility of backfiring here. Since the other plans went so smoothly, there is no reason for him to mention “backfiring” or if he did/didn’t make a plan B, but if anything had gone wrong it is possible he might not be able to “compensate” in time.

    • Sanchay

      Yes, my thought processes do tend to contradict themselves almost unavoidably… In all fairness it was a really tough decision in the first place, as they both hold equal ground in my heart and I can’t really choose between the two of them. But also for the fact that I can’t read raws and Prince’s story is nearing its completion, while Sun’s is just starting, as far as translated chapters are concerned. If it’s anything like HP in style, Sun’s powers will magnify as the story gets put out, and they seem [pretty fairly] evenly matched with the current information already. In my opinion, Sun’s like a bug that refuses to die no matter how much you squish it, in terms of his persistence alone.

    • Kyner

      I’d like to counter counter (maybe some agreements along the way)
      1) Your right good looks mean squat once the fight starts
      2) I agree as well ( not much of a counter but it will get there) Sun’s healing takes some time to cast if its a serious wound, and time is hard to spare in a fight. To Sanchay point about prince high hp is that prince did not spec high hp, although it will be high due to warrior status he focused on DPS where Sun is damn near impossible to kill (Sun wins on HP front)
      3) Prince’s luck is good and might be able to avoid some nasty surprises. And because prince does not think things over, he is easy to deceive, manipulate, and if you have studied him predict. Also, Prince is not a dirty fighter (has a dirty mind) but has always when in a serious fight fought straight forward and honestly (no deception). The Hells Murderers fight was him giving a speech regarding something terrifying. Although it killed the other teams morale that was not the intention and cannot be considered “dirty”. Although Prince’s attack pattern is unique, if you understand that he will attack with sword, fist, leg then you know that he is a close range fighter. He won’t pull out a brilliant long range attack. You can predict that he will come at you and try to get in close. A “grease” to make him slip, a bit of holy aura to make him temporary blind, or even a paralysis spell to stop him would create an opening.
      4) What is at stake is valid argument. Prince is playing a game, he dies and he gets reborn slightly weaker. Sun dies and he gets Reborn…as pink’s apprentice. Prince is a leader of a city, but has lost before and no one thinks he’s invincible (rumor has it, he is more terrifying dead than alive) . Sun is the face of a religion and is considered to be perfect. He loses then he loses face, followers, and potentially his life at the hands of his teacher particularly if he loses in the first round.
      5) The argument of knowing what the other is capable of is in Sun’s favor (even more so since it is the first fight). Prince’s fighting style is well known and can be easily found out by Sun. Close range, sword fighter who is agile, will use fist and leg attacks, and some fire sword attacks. Sun is not someone who can be analyzed like this. He is known to be a Knight, he dresses like a knight, and carries a large sword. He is known for being bad a swordsmanship and to have a strong holy attribute. Prince would assume him to be like Wolf, with strong heals defensive buffs, and some physical attacks. Prince would have no way of knowing he could use magic spells like grease, paralysis, and a large variety of other skills. He would have no way of knowing that he could use basic necromancy skills. Being a mage in a previous life does not give you any clue as to what Sun will hit you with. Best bet is to assume he will hit you with anything but his sword (but Prince wouldn’t find out until the fight is over). Prince would be stunned at what Sun is throwing at him and would hesitate.

  145. Elaru

    Prince would win because:
    A) Prince has excellent swordsmanship, (he is probably equal or better than Judgement Knight) which would look even better in comparison to Sun Knight.
    B) As this is a straight up fight, Sun Knight wouldn’t have time to prepare all the things that WOULD have been able to make him win, I.E. A substitute, manipulating Prince into not fighting Ect.
    C) Sun Knight may be a master of holy magic, but that’s not going to do much against Prince, even his dark magic wouldn’t help if they were in a public fight.
    D) Even if he is a Knight, Sun Knight doesn’t seem to do in morning training or exercises, where as Prince is always running about hacking monsters to bits. Endurance wise, Prince would win.

    The fight would go pretty like this: Sun Knight runs around casting heal and bone wall, and Prince would just keep hacking them down until Sun got exhausted.

    • Kyner

      Well, A is an argument that is hard to deny or accept so we’ll assume okay.
      B – Its a tournament, so Sun would have ample warning of opponent and time of the fight so he can prepare.
      C – Holy magic can heal himself, buff himself and blind prince all are valuable in a fight. Public fight is a harsh constraint on Sun as his talent is in quick powerful diverse magic.
      D – Endurance is tricky as both of them have specialized endurance (physical or magical). If Sun is allowed to utilize his barrier skills then he would have the advantage as he would just have to cast a barrier spell and not move around while Prince would have to hack at the barrier and dodge incoming magic attacks. Sun would win a fight of magic endurance vs. physical endurance. Without the barrier skills, Sun would have to dodge and would get tired out quickly.

      Since you said he could use necromancy that would mean all magic is open. Therefore, sun would cast a barrier and onslaught Prince with attack magics forcing prince to run around and ultimately lose.

  146. shinikage

    to be blunt sun would win since with enough time he would even be able to figure prince is really a girl and would blackmail to make her lose, in a straight battle sun would also win since he has the regeneration of an undead the vast array of every kind of magic he has come unto holy, arcane, dark and good knows what else he may know

  147. Laika

    Sun would win, because cheaters always win.
    He would use every dirty trick in the book to beat Prince + the fact that prince is very popular with women and has many swooning at him. Sun’s willpower to win increases 10 fold. Plus, the he’d probably find some way to not fight if he wasn’t 200% sure. And Sun can come back from the dead, however messed up and deformed his body is. And he is a great healer who happens to be a necromancer and knows many magic tricks…if he was played later in the game, he might have had a chance to learn everyone’s spells.
    Prince is way to nice and trusting and will get tricked, and he just knows perseverance.

  148. kitpao

    this match should be on the finals… damn

    we have prince +(warrior): good luck, battle lover, if she has to protect someone she’ll give 200%, if she learns about Sun’s personality she’ll get pissed off and not allow him to be, she has the advises of wolf-dage and lolidragon, hates people not giving their all on a battle, learns along the way, unpredictable, ability with swords, likes to get soacked on blood
    – naive, bishie lover

    and sun knight +(mostly mage): will do everything to win, almost no-ending source of power (magic to heal), gets stronger with hate ( and we know he would hate prince), have many tricks up his sleeve, cunning, likes to vent his anger
    – lazy, dislikes things that he doesn’t know(like how would prince react), prince isn’t an undead, isn’t a good fighter

    its will power and ability vs tactics and low moves
    and it would depend on yu-wo’s mood, since luck is decided by her

    personal favorite is prince, she may not know about tactics but she DOES think good ways of defeating others and has more reasons/motives to win than sun

    sun would take advantage of how naive is prince but wolf and lolidragon would tell her to be careful about that, do no subestimate the opponent (she should have learned something from her battle with spirit-spirit team) who gets overcnfident will loose.

    vote for PRINCE

    • Kyner

      Finals? Prince would never make it to the finals since it is a fact that Prince is not the strongest fighter in 1/2 Prince. I am not sure who exactly is in the tournament but you can say that Prince is weaker than Kenshin/Sunshine (npc’s may not count), and at least Artic Fox. At one point in the story prince was told he was too weak and was forced into training. Although he trained himself, I doubt he was able to become the strongest particularly if Kenshin or Sunshine are included.

      Sun Knight is more of a debate as (at this point revealed on this site) it is said that Judgement, Son of God of War would crush Sun in a fight. However if allowed to go all out it is fair game.

  149. Clarbart

    I personally believe the fight is circumstantial
    If its a group fight Prince has Sun beaten hands down
    But if its a solo fight with no one watching…..I’m gonna have to give it to Sun
    Prince is almost always fairly focused on his opponent and only his opponent
    Cue Sun and his pain in the ass on the fly magics(Glue, slip, heal, etc.)
    All of a sudden Prince is in a constantly changing battle ground against an incredibly strong magic user
    It only takes one sword strike through the heart to kill a person

  150. illsooni

    sun would have to win.
    sun has the looks, words (speeches), elemental spells, necromancy, holy light, brains, saint dragon brigade, healing, and probably more unmentioned skills. not to mention, his teacher would probably invent multiple different ways of punishment/death if sun loses or make a mistake.
    prince has his swordskills, rages (rampages), and his luck. that’s about it. and as someone had mentioned previously, sun would prob just delete prince from the game and win by default.
    not to mention that prince is kinda stupid ish and will rush in head first.
    and sun prob borrowed books on tactics or something from cloud eventually, trained with roland/judgement before hand, learned extensively from pink for necromancy, watched someone do some magic and memorize it instantly, force someone to teach him, and would only fight under 200% victory chances.
    Yeah, he’s just that good.

    • illsooni

      and i forgot!!
      not only all the above mentioned, you have to consider the fact that sun can sense people with their element composition. meaning, he can track prince and prac. anyone else who he fights. and he seems to be much stronger than you think. in vol. 1 or 2, sun shows an aptitude for using magic to create icicles that somehow mysteriously are controlled by him and can be used to whack at prince. nvm that, since prince has inferno slash, but then consider that sun also knows fire and wind magic, as well as self heal.

  151. Ashley

    Prince would win because Sun Knight would use Hell Knight aka Roland as his substitute. As the fight progresses and Prince and Roland move so fast you can barely see the blades moving, Roland would at one point get the upper hand and go for the final blow, but Gui would come to the rescue and take the hit for prince, thus prince will lose it, and in his anger get Roland and cut out his intestines. Before Prince really kills Roland, Knight Captain Sun forfeits in order to get Prince to stop attacking Roland long enough to heal Roland before he dies again. Prince of course only agrees to the forfeit after Sun agrees to healing up Gui as well. Once Everybody is healed up, Sun decides to con prince into taking him out to drink were Sun ends up winning at a drinking contest with prince and gets Prince to pay him more money than what he would’ve won in the contest. Later on tells Judgement that it was his plan to lose in the first place since now he has a hefty sum saved up for retirement.
    Winner in the Dual -Prince
    Winner overall -Sun

  152. wolfy134

    I think sun would win! Because sun always goes into battle with a plan and never goes into battle unless he’s 100% sure he’s going to win! Plus all of his awesome healing, spellcasting, and necromancer abilities.

  153. narcy999

    Sun would win
    Prince would take one look at Suns smile and bleed to death through the nose

    • blueshadows

      *ting* Bishi overload has killed Prince! Sun wins!
      everyone watching:”WTH?”
      Sun: ‘So he is gay…’
      Prince: “I DIDN’T BRING A CAMERA WITH ME!” *hopes that lolidragon took enough pictures*

  154. Yukimi

    I think Prince would win because Sun would forfeit before risking death. Just my 2 cents.

  155. blueshadows

    My idea of the way the battle goes (1=prince, 2=sun view point) btw, Prince doesn’t know that Sun is not an avi, and Sun does not know that Prince is a girl or an avi, so point of veiw also changes how Prince is called (him/her, he/she)
    1. Prince enters the arena, already in blood elf mood as usual, stepping into the blinding sun to the cheers and squeals of the girls and the angry or worshipful mutterings of the males in general. He looks towards the opposing section. A blindingly beautiful man steps out, resplendent with pure white skin, flowing golden hair, an irresistible smile, elegance so great one would not be able to see a single fault in this man, and a speech flowing from his lips. the words are confusing and leaves prince confused, but the words soon turn into background music to the image of a bishi walking towards her.
    Prince is left speechless and her face changes from BE to a slobbering image, causing the girls to squeal (and possibly mob her at the end).
    2. Sun elegantly stepped up to the arena, smiling brilliantly and babbling some nonsense about how the God of Light had blessed this day with beautiful weather and how the brilliant sunlight is surely a sign of his wonderful favor, all the while seething about how he had to fight in front of spectators. But then Sun looked up. The person in front of him was male, and such a handsome person that he surpassed Silent Eagle. Even worse, the girls were cheering for him. Sun smiled even more brilliantly at his oppose. What was his name? oh, right. Prince. He started to plan for ways to make him feel his wrath…
    1. Prince was still dazed and slobbering until the referee shouted “START!”, shocking her out of her stupor, and making her realize how stupid she had looked a few seconds ago (and that her fans will mob her afterwards…). She charges at Sun, yelling “INFERANO SLASH!!” as her dao burst into flames. She slips. How did she slip?? Her fall made her lose her momentum and her mana was wasted on that first strike. Then came the brilliant flash of light. Blinded, Prince couldn’t do a thing as he was sliced again and again some sort of mysterious blades, making hier bleed. Just as her sight was coming back and she had lunged forward to stab him, another blinding flash of light decided to visit her again.
    2. Sun used Holy Light once more as it seemed that Prince was starting to see again. He heard a yell of “Using dirty tricks, you bast***!! Give me back my sight!!” and watched with a slightly sadistic-wait, the SK was being sadistic? My eyes must be-anyways, smile as Prince whacked the air randomly in an attempt to hit Sun.
    1. ‘*ting* Prince has learned “furious strikes” level 2!’ “wth? That’s a skill?” Prince thought aloud. But then she shrugged. More epic moves for her, she supposed. But blind as she was, it was hopeless.
    2.Sun put on his Saint Dragon Brigade and paid for a weapon-throwing knives. Throwing them at Prince, he then cast more wind blades to guide the knives to their target. Why bother with the work when you don’t have to? Yeah, Sun didn’t get that either.
    1. Prince felt the knives cut her. Each time a knife created another bleeding slit on her skin, a breath of wind came with it. Buffeted by the wind, Prince narrowed her eyes to try to see again. Her eyesight was returning again. Barely, but there. A dark figure stood to her side that continuously threw something in her direction. Wait, dark? That doesn’t sound like the SK at all… but she disregarded that. Barely making out his figure, she used her bio and cooking experience to aim for his heart. Her black dao raised itself to be level to the general area of his heart. She ran forward.
    2. Sun saw Prince move and prepared to avoid her attack and send out another beam of Holy Light. But he moved too slow. He had barely moved when the dao was buried into his chest. He felt extreme pain and made a pained expression, seeing as how the crowd couldn’t see him, them sent out another burst of HL. The dao pulled out, and his blood splattered onto the floor. He was likely to be unable to see because of the burst of holy light. So he couldn’t tell, most likely, that is, that he had missed the heart and had stabbed Sun between his lungs and heart.
    Sun rose slowly once more and healed himself. He watched prince as he jumped back. It was a blur, but he could track him. He summoned a skeleton to keep Prince busy and then threw w poisoned dagger at him at almost the same time.
    1. ‘How was this fair?’ Prince thought. ‘Why am I fighting blind? That isn’t fair. I thought knights were supposed to play fair! And that dark figure… is that really that bishi from before?’ Prince began to doubt her eyes. It wasn’t quite right. Something was obviously wrong. But she couldn’t do anything about it. When her dao was out of the black figure’s chest, another blinding light filled the room and then something boney was attacking her and some other sharp thing was flying at her. When the sharp thing-a knife of some sort-grazed Prince’s arm, her HP started to drop immediately. Poison. ‘What sort of knight uses poison…?’ she only had one more health potion left, and she was in trouble.
    2. Sun’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he removed his Saint Dragon Brigade. A lot more hell fires, holy lights, and wind blades later, Prince had used up his last health potion. He was tired out and obviously losing. His holy light blindingness had worn off enough so that the spectators could see him again. A brilliant and elegant golden/white/blue man whose smile was as bright as the sun. He was in perfect condition. But Prince, on the other hand, was severely hurt. Sun smiled brightly at him.
    1. When Prince saw Sun smile at her, she felt something was up. By now, she had realized that that beautiful and trustful smile was probably not all that trustable. Then he spoke. “By the benevolence and mercy of the God of Light, Sun is willing to heal Prince. Since we are both brothers Sun did not want to see such harm befall upon Prince because the sun’s light reaches even these halls. Indeed, the God of Light has even deemed it worthy to shine light in Sun’s rooms. By the grace and will of the God of Light, Sun is will heal Prince if Prince will, being guided by the light, surrender.” Prince didn’t understand what he had said. ‘Who puts so many words in between the main points?’ “Could you say that so that I understand?” Prince asked, his voice hard and all BE-y.
    2. Sun sighed. ‘It’s not like I signed up to talk like this! It’s not my fault! Who asked the first Sun Knight to be so… superfluous?’ he thought bitterly before saying, “if you surrender, then I will heal you, as the God of Light always forgives no matter what you do or did. Sun does not want his brothers to die.” with another elegant smile. Prince looked up and considered.
    1. ‘It’s probably better to do like he says, or else I feel like I will feel the pain.’ Prince looked up, thinking. (Note: Woah! Prince can like, think?) “Fine, I give in. I don’t want to die here and lose a level, and I don’t think you want to bother retraining your avatar either.” And then she was bathed in HL and healed. She stared at her wounds and then up at Sun again, who was smiling even more beautifully then before. ‘Wow, now that’s bishi enough to rival my brother! But what did he mean by die?…’
    2. Sun healed Prince and then left (once again the symbol of elegance, grace, and forgivness), all the while wondering, ‘Level? What does he mean, avatar? And i would rather die then retrain!!…’

  156. Randomanonymouskid

    Comparing the two’s skills:Sun- magic, necromancy, holy magic to cure all wounds, and incredible plotting skills. Prince- speed, endurance, strength, skill with a sword, meatbun, mercilessness, BS luck. Now I can’t help but mention the fact that for the first part of the battle prince MIGHT (AKA definitely would) be distracted by Sun’s beauty, but even with sun fighting dirty and plotting up a storm of hellfire, I think Prince’s undeniable combat skills and BS luck would win out in the end. And DAMN would sun loose gracefully.

  157. TanteiKid

    Personally, I think Prince would win. He’s a lot better with a sword than the Sun Knight and, in my head, he’s pretty close to Judgment in strength, which means he would win against Sun pretty quickly. He also has an insane amount of luck on his side and is rather fast, especially with the recent training because of the assassination attempts.

    Speaking of the assassination attempts, that’s another point in Prince’s favor. When he is attacked, he isn’t expecting it and he still wins against opponents that are strong, fast and (I’ll assume on this one) use magic, anything that Sun could throw at him wouldn’t be unexpected. He is already acclimated to people who are strong in most areas trying their best to kill him.

    While the Sun Knight does have excellent planning skills, I don’t really think that Sun would be able to prepared much against Prince simply because of a lack of familiarity. If he did try to get familiar with Prince before the fight, I think Gui would probably chase him away. Sun also has Holy Magic on his side, but Prince isn’t an undead creature, so Sun wouldn’t be allowed to go all out and retain his elegant persona.

    I think that Sun being a bishie would distract Prince for a bit, but Prince would probably feel more competitive after that and so would want to beat Sun more. Even if Prince doesn’t feel like that, the second Sun attacks, Prince will fight. Unless Sun defeats Prince with one-hit (which he is not allowed to do, thanks to his public persona), then Prince would be a tad bit angry and ready to destroy Sun.

    Sun also wouldn’t really want to win as much as Prince simply because that would mean that he has to fight more people and draw out those fights to an appropriate length. Also, he might face someone like Judgment later and that would negatively impact the way the public views him if he were to get beaten within a few minutes, at most.

    This is, of course, if Sun doesn’t appear as Supreme Dragon (which he probably wouldn’t, due to the fact that the Hell Knight might be in the tournament as well), but even in that case, I think Prince would win on the merits of luck, strength and speed, plus the fact that he is used to one-on-one fights.

    Some of the logistics depend on exactly where the fight is played out and who can see it, but I believe that Prince would triumph in the end, leaving the Sun Knight who is relieved that he doesn’t have to fight anyone for a while the loser. Sun would try to draw out the battle a bit, but would be defeated in the end.

  158. Pietoss

    I am reading this after the battle has been concluded but, why hasn’t anyone mentioned Prince’s intelligence. One sentence from Sun would be enough to win the battle; Prince would be too preoccupied with figuring out what Sun said.

  159. dollyfishe

    oh my …. just read and laugh myself out ^_^
    these two are amusing. although i’m a bit curious how come sun is the winner, but reading all these debate makes me wanna read more LSK :D
    i still think that prince will win since sun cant attack prince with holy magic. u can say sun can blind prince, but prince with his fighting intuition wont find trouble with that. sun is dead for if he come close to prince with intention to kill hehhee
    anyway … me waiting for the fight between sun and lollidragon :D

  160. Drkanglwngz

    Prince would win. though Sun is powerful, Prince is agile and strong. he would probably slice Sun before he even thought of the right spell. even if Prince didnt get the first blow in, his unbelievable luck would probably protect him from Sun’s spells for a while. Anless, of course, Sun was wearing the Dragonmail armor. then it would be pretty evenly matched. In most situations though, Prince would be the victor.

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