The “This is Not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament

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Welcome to the start of The “This is Not a Beauty Pagent” Tournament!

This tournament will be done in five main stages: Preliminaries Stage 1, Preliminaries Stage 2, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals. There are 28 characters participating; 14 from 1/2 Prince and 14 from The Legend of Sun Knight. Each month (except for the first two) we’ll reveal and vote on two new matches.

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Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to! The deadline for Prince VS Sun Knight is December 31st.



Round 1

So, who would win in a fight between Prince and Sun Knight?

Vote in the comments and give a solid explanation! And of course, have fun. Continued