Update: November 2011 – Merchandise, Tournament, and Plurking

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November 2011 Chapters

  1. ½ Prince V6C2: Shock! The True Identity of Yu Lian-dàsăo
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C10: “Recruit Worshippers”
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V2Extra: “Respect the Privacy of the Twelve Holy Knights”
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

First and foremost, a quick reminder that we’re still selling LSK doujin and calendars to all countries outside of North America. For those of you in NA, we’ve unfortunately had a delay with the US shipment, so it might be another month or so before we’re (finally) able to open ordering.

In related news, we were looking into some Yu Wo merchandise and managed to find merchants for the two following products: the ½ Prince Art Book and LSK Card Packs! We know that most fans who don’t speak Chinese are unable to gain access to such merchandise, so we’re going to start offering them through our store; we’ll basically act as a middleman. Below are the descriptions:

1/2 Prince Art Book


  • ARTIST: Xiao Qiang (小强)
  • DESCRIPTION: 25+ full color pages.
  • PRICE: $15.00 USD
  • SHIPPING: To be decided (due to the weight and size of the books, it may be as much as $10)
LSK Card Pack


  • ARTIST: Yuán Qì Chuàng Jiè (元气创界)
  • DESCRIPTION: 12 full color plastic cards, 9cm by 5.2cm
  • PRICE: $6.00 USD
  • SHIPPING: To be decided (shouldn’t be more than $3-4).

We are currently opening pre-ordering for both of these. The first five orders will get 10% off. Pre-ordering will only be open for November, at which point we’ll start accepting payments and shipping everything. We will not order another batch as this is just something we are doing in celebration of the winter holidays, so if you want one or both we recommend that you order now. Ordering will be done through our store. Because we don’t have the products yet, we can’t give a solid estimate on what shipping will be; it depends mainly on the size and weight of the packages. We will give an exact number closer to the end of the month—be warned, however, that shipping for the art book could be as much as $10 thanks to its size. Also, we might not be able to fulfill all the orders as we haven’t contact the merchants yet, hence we aren’t sure of the amount of merchandises that we could get in. People who orders earlier will have precedence. Alright…I think I have sufficiently warns all of you =p.

Again, orders will not be shipped until December.

Next up, we’re excited about all the feedback we’ve been getting for the tournament! We got a bunch of votes on the name, and the final winner is The “This is Not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament! Within the next few days a separate post will kick off the start of the tournament, including a full explanation on how things will go down.

And finally, a few things to note: The first volume of LSK will be up as a PDF later this month and we should have the bare-bones version of the next few HP volumes up soon as well. Over at the Staff Blog, Lucathia, one of our translators, has started to translate and post a few of Yu Wo’s plurks; basically a collection of her thoughts on random things while writing. It’s an interesting insight into who she is, so I definitely recommend that you check it out! You can find it either through the Staff Blog link in the menu bar or here.

Happy reading!


39 Responses

  1. Demoninmysoul

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post the comment, but the LSK class poll should have mage/archer and others like this – well archer could be included as a kind of knight, but I’m not sure about that.
    It’s more like a mix of “what class” and “what religion you’d belong to” polls…. I guess it’d be better to separate them, or include all the possibilities…. ah, sorry that I’m blabbing so much, but I’d definitly be a class that damages than runs, and I’d go for the Light God’s religion….
    Thanks for the update, and the goods, and everything!

    • Shadow Rebirth

      “Class” has now been changed to “occupation” to better reflect this =]

    • a new fan

      I agree that mage and archer should have been included. I wanna choose mage. I guess I’ll just vote for “Others”.

  2. Gohankuten

    I am sad my suggestion for the tournament name didn’t win but at least it came in second lol. And I gotta admit naming it The “This is not a beauty pageant” tournament is pretty good lol.

  3. potatoleaf

    The payment of the merchandise is by PayPal right? May I ask what is that and can we pay by credit card?
    Can I still pre-order the LSK calendar?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Paypal is a payment system that most online retailers use. The process is easy and doesn’t require you to have an account with paypal, and does accept all credit and debit cards.

      And yes, we’re still selling doujin and calendars =]

  4. Ah, you’ve broken the updating scheme, now our conspiracy theories all got trashed xD ;)

    Well, 1 chapter each and the 2 extras for LSK are still something to look forward to. :)
    I’m eagerly awaiting the tournament rules *gg* and the name is cool.

    • chicaalterego

      I totally get your point, I was so looking forward the conspiration, and I was having so much fun with it (;_;) but, oh well, happy to have new chapters I guess…. But…. still wanting the conspiracy

  5. Awww….. only one HP this month…..

  6. Oh, I would highly recommend the 1/2 Prince art book. I have it and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  7. omg! i love You guYs for 3 chapters of LSK :] thanks for all Your work. Soon will know Sun knight plan, I predict scared Son of the God of War of our smileY, alwaYs good and freiendly – ha, ha ,ha – Grisia

  8. Why isn’t ‘swordsmage’ an option in the pool? Just because the job was only mentioned once, when Grisia was mistook for one? It looked like an awesome job… Whatever, I guess I’ll just go for Cleric/Priest…

  9. guy smiley

    # The Legend of Sun Knight V2Extra: “Respect the Privacy of the Twelve Holy Knights”
    # The Legend of Sun Knight V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

    Should these titles not be the other way around? It’d make more sense to me that way anyway.

  10. CocoFlower

    “The True Identity of Yu Lian”…could it be…OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!! XD

    • Gohankuten

      Yu Lian is actually Grisa disguised as a woman!!!!! Would be weird as hell if that was true. Luckily I know it’s not true but would still be funny as hell to see Wolf’s face.

    • chicaalterego

      How did you know about that! It was supposed to be a secret! But… It might not be as surprising as the fact that the judge uses boxers with pictures of blueberry pies -courtesy of the bakery where he always gets Grisia’s pies- and that he got the mark on his forehead in the same tatoo-shop that sailor moon and seshoumaru did XP

  11. Aerin Outlander

    The cards aren’t available in North America!? *cries* but, I’m happy for the updates this month!

    • Shadow Rebirth

      No, the cards are available in North America. It’s the doujin that haven’t arrived yet =]

  12. I want more chapters 1/2 Prince

  13. just wanted to tell you that on LSK’s chapter list, vol. 3 ch. 2 (requirement #2) is missing.

  14. If I get down and beg, will there be more HP next month? Maybe some cookies and milk will help? *holds out cookies*

  15. all the items are availebal in europ right?
    in particular U.K. and eventualy italy?
    will the scipping for the cards be high?
    how long will it take?
    will there be a Sun Knight art book?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Yes, all items are available in Europe. Shipping for cards should only be about $3 USD, and takes 1-2 weeks (sometimes less, it varies). If someone creates a Sun Knight artbook we’d be happy to share it, but there isn’t one at this time.

    • theresay

      @Shadow Rebirth
      There is one (Sun Knight art book) in Hong Kong, the mahwua version, that is. I don’t know if it’s still available, though.

  16. will more merciandise be availebal in the future?

    • theresay

      This, I believe, the author had said that the complete set has already sold-out. She only have some characters left and in a very limited quantities.

    • @theresay
      no; i meant if theare will be eany future items on sale
      P.S. what does t mean that a comment awates modeation?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Yes, we do hope to get more merchandise in time.

      All of the comments on our site have to be approved to filter out spam; that it’s awaiting moderation just means that someone hasn’t gotten to it yet =]

    • @Shadow Rebirth
      ok thenx
      i orderd an item and will be away during xmas new year period will it be possible to pay before the 17/12/11 or during second week of gianuary?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Yes to both, though it depends on when we get the merchandise in.

  17. Mwahahahaha~ in 1-8 days we shall be able to witneess the stunning and amazing climax of the second book of the legend of Grisla sun knight!
    curse you time and your stubbornness about time travel~

  18. chicaalterego

    Yay! my suggestion on the tittle won! I’m so happy!!! (though I do feel slightly remorseful about impeding a name wit the word bishie appear on it)

    I can barely wait for the tournament, so exiting ^_^

  19. When will you finish translating it :D
    Or another question- How far are you in translating V2C10 of LSK

    • @LilyWinx
      Considering this is the last chapter for the second book im guessing their going out of their way to make sure its polished ^^;
      well either that or its simply freakishly huge compared to other chapters given this will be a crazy climax XD

      sooooo hopefully they will finish it this weekened X3
      but at the same time it would not be to surprising if we did not get to see it until the end of the month ^^;

  20. How big is the actual artbook? And I apologize for sounding OCD here, but there’s a number of small grammar mistakes o.o

  21. randomperson

    Don’t you all think “Stone Knight” in the cards look a litttle like Lollidragon (see manga) ?

  22. Chibis~! They all look so girlish… are the holy knight captains supposed to look so feminine?

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