Update on Monthly Contests, Past and Future

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I know this post is super-late, but I want to give a status update on the monthly contests.

The previous singing contest winners are as follows:

Free Choice / Winner
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
Phantom of the Opera
Download mp3
It’s My Life / Winner
It’s My Life
Bon Jovi
Download mp3
It’s My Life / Runner-Up
It’s My Life
Bon Jovi
Download mp3
Free Choice / Staff Entry
I Believe in a Thing Called Love (Chipmunk version)
The Darkness
Download mp3

Congrats to the winners, you can expect to receive links to your chapter previews when this month’s chapters are released.

Regarding future monthly contests, there will be a change in the rules. See the monthly contest page for the full details.

  • Contests are held every TWO months, with the deadlines being the end of the second month (e.g. October 31, December 31, February 29, etc.)
  • ANY content (including but not limited to fanart, fanfiction, creative writing, cosplay photos, voice acting) related to any project from PR! is acceptable
  • Specific contest themes will NOT be provided. Use your own logic and/or creativity! Feel free to choose something seasonal (Halloween, Christmas) if you wish
  • Two winners will be chosen by the staff and will receive a chapter preview of their choice

Again, I apologize for the delays. October entries will be accepted if anyone can still make the deadline. If not, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your entries for December!

13 Responses

  1. It wouldnt leave me but why are all the pictures about LoL….

  2. LoL much? XD

  3. Congrats to the Winners!!!
    wah~everyone has awesome singing :D
    the chipmunk version is adorable :3

  4. Lolx, thx guys!! i don’t really get the pictures either, but whatever. i didn’t think that i would be runner-up!!!
    I’m soooooo excited right now! i thought i would be like last or something!!!

  5. CocoFlower

    wow…I wish I could sing that good! >-< Congratulations the all the winners! XD

  6. >///<
    only entered to give the judges something to giggle at…didn't expect it to be put up online.

    congrats to all the winners, though!! i just listened to them, and you're all fantastic!
    i think the pictures suited the songs, to be honest? maybe i'm just weird….

    • illsooni

      OMG!! I LOVED your song!! i kinda did it for the if-i-put-it-in-it-has-a-chance thing. i justed wanted my chapters.

  7. BabyMonkey28

    Holy cow, I actually won? Lol, I thought my entry was absolutely horrible…. Congrats to the other peeps, you guys sound really good!

  8. Well done. Well Done!

  9. classicpoet

    Wow, I’m surprised someone actually entered with a song from Phantom of the Opera.

    Anyway, cool job you guys. :) Look forward to seeing if anyone else will send in song submissions haha. :P

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