Update: October 2011 – New Members and a Tournament

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October 2011 Chapters

  1. ½ Prince V6C1: The Conference of the Five Overlords
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C8: “Build Good Relationships with Neighbors”
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C9: “Spread the True Teachings of the God of Light”

Just the way a T-Rex chomps down on a steak, we—ok, this analogy isna working out the way I had planned to, and it’s probably giving you the wrong image of PR Staff… So let’s scrap that eh? This is Nabs here, one of the proofreaders that you don’t know exists, even though you’ve probably read the one other update I made (Yes, I know my output isna miraculous), so Hi Hi~~ *waves* So, this time I have news. Now this news can be classified into two categories (and as your Maitre d’ tonight, I suggest that you go for the latter): Good or Great.  Wait for it……………………………………………………………………………….WE HAVE NEW MEMBERS ZOMG!

As the result of opening up our recruitment again (Who are we kidding, translator slots are almost always open ^u^), we have new proofreaders and translators. Our proofreaders in the limelight tonight are Null, Icarus, Arcedemius, Xan, and Satoshi, and to join them are our new translators: Hyotai, Asmodea, Nausicaa, Azakura, and Bleachpanda! *clap* Give them a big hand everyone, even though theyv’e been here such a (comparatively) short time, they’ve already grown on me like cute chibi barnacles ^u^ Please be good to them, they’ll be a large factor in you reading your Yu Wo goodies… Oh, and don’t forget to feed them some brownies once in a while and scratch them behind the ears… They seem to like that as well ^u^

Now onto a different topic: Some really smart, observant (bored maybe?) readers of ours noticed that somehow our releases have been following a pattern of 1 HP chappie, 2 LSK chappies; 2 HP chappies, 1 LSK chappie. Now, I am here to reveal to you a biiiiiiiiiiiigggg secret: it was pure coincidence folks~~ As much as I would like to believe that the PR Staff bosses (Boss and Eili-Chan) are trying to hide some Illuminati symbolism or something along those lines, there’s no such luck (Alas, us young geniuses… actually, I shouldna include myself in there… I’m a proofreader and I never noticed the pattern -____-;;) So erm yeah… where was I? Oh yeah, guys, there’s no pattern, so be on the lookout for whatever wild chappies we release (gotta catch ‘em all~). And now I’ll hand you over to much more capable typing fingers (Oops, almost typed gingers there) for a real treat for you guys. Laters chya~~ (*^u^*)/~


Hello guys! We’ve got a special new treat for our readers: We’re going to be hosting a 1/2 Prince vs Legend of the Sun Knight character tournament! Not sure what such a thing is? Basically, it’ll be our version of Second Life’s Adventurers’ Tournament. Each month we’ll pair two characters together, one from HP and one from LSK, and ask, “In a fight between these two, who would win and why?” You, our lovely readers, will get to vote on who would win and at the end of the month we’ll tally up all the votes and announce the winner. We’ll be doing this in tournament style, so winners will proceed to the next round for further battles.

Next month we’ll release the tournament brackets and begin the first fight. In the mean time, we present the following question: What should be the offical title of the tournament? In two weeks we’ll put everything you guys come up with a poll so you can vote on the name!

Happy reading!


112 Responses

  1. Gohankuten

    If it was only the male characters we could call it the Ultimate Bishie Tourny. As it is we can still call it and pretend we don’t notice that there are a couple girls in the tourny.

    • @Gohankuten
      One vote for Ultimate Bishie Tourny!!!!

    • @Gohankuten
      Lan/Prince counts as a boy! However they could be counted as two seperate people, since it would be interesting to have her fight with her alter ego… I wanna see Prince get his as pwned by Xio Lan’s kitchen skills, or her “Let-Me-Win-Or-I-Won’t-Feed-You-Attaaaaaaack!”. In retaliation, all he’d have to do was smile and she’d die of excessive-bleeding-from-the-nose, ha.

    • @Gohankuten
      i s0 agree with you there! hehehe :D when i read the post i was thinking the same thing s0, count me in f0r the ULTIMATE BISHIE TOURNY!!

  2. Aww, only one HP this month. If I give those new members brownies and a scratch behind the ear, will there be two HP chapters next month?

    • @meow
      Maybe if you do that and wish reeeallyyy hard, since it may work just like rubbing Aladin’s lamp. :)

    • @Lozzaloo
      well, if you scratch just behind the ears, and offer brownies, i promise to work even harder (unless RL interferes) to get stuff done and out to you, though i’m just a proofer, not a translator.
      Cookies would help, too…

  3. yay! with this larger translation staff it could mean even more chapters per month 8D

  4. Daywalker

    Oy, i did not see any illuminatie conspiracy, i just asked if there was a pattern in your there is no pattern, cause we do not conspire to have a pattern :) (could you follow that? i didn’t follow myself xD)
    But i have to admit i had to much time that moment, when i posted….

    i would just call the tournament: “The half legendary Tournament”
    Because then you have incorporated a part of HP and LSK and at the same time you’re a bit ironic about the quality of the tournament ;)
    or just call it “Princes(sses) vs Knights” (but then you’re not allowed to use the Princess or the necromancer from LSK)

    My first recommendation for a battle would be the Necromancer Duel ;) Who can raise more dead and whose are stronger :D

    • @Daywalker
      I actually sorta followed that.. which surprises me… really? You dinna hope for a conspiracy?? Uwwaahhhh~~ Then I was the only one?? Now I feel le embarrassed TT_TT;;

      Also: Oohh those are really good suggestions~~ Speak slower, I’m so bad at taking notes >.<;;

    • @Daywalker
      Necromancer duel? Doll VS. Pink? Doll loves the colour pink (so she should get along with a pink corpse pretty well) but she lives for love and justice, don’t you think she would just spend the whole tournament lecturing Pink as to why it’s wrong to torture people to death… until she does it herself. Doll is rather wise while Pink’s really irresponsible (she keeps apocalyptically dangerous objects in her house and gives them as gifts), they’d get along like a house on fire; or set lots of houses on fire.

    • Miyake Masumi

      The Half Legendary Tournament… I like it! It’s just so… Ya!

  5. MoonlightFlower

    needless to say if this tournament ever gonna open, the History Strongest Sun Knight (in magic) dominate all of the vote =.=

    • eilinel

      Aww it won’t be fun then. Let see if Prince’s supporters can work together to gather more votes or not =p.

    • Gohankuten

      Sun would lose against just about any 1/2 prince character he goes against. I can only see him beating Doll. Sun’s image would be against him in most of the fights limiting him. He would have to control himself and watch what spells he used or his image would be ruined. Also don’t forget how abysmal his swordsmanship is. Any of the warriors from 1/2 prince would trounce him in an instant.

    • @Gohankuten
      My bet is that Sun never reaches the tournament because he gets kidnapped by Lolidragon, on-first-sight. His image would be ruined as soon as she gets her hands on him.

    • chicaalterego

      *PFTTT* You actually believe that lolidragon is more sneaky than Sun? how funny, if there are no witness he would use all of his epicness… In fact I bet that that the only chance of him losing would be if -after he kills price- rages all the people in all squad, they kill him, and then all the holy knghts get mad at the weakened team and skewer them with their awesome number, and habilities ^_^… In the end will look at the pile of bodies and get the strongest undead army… So the winner is… PINK! hahahahaha! and what a price she got XD

    • Gohankuten

      Prince would defeat Sun easily just due to Prince having godly luck and then the fact that Sun can’t wield a sword to save his life literally.

    • Miyake Masumi

      Sun would totally make it to the tournament. He could easily evade Lolidragon. Defeating Prince on the other hand would be an impossible mission. Even if he did have a chance, I feel like it’s much more likely that they would become friends and go out drinking. I wonder, who would win in a drinking contest between those two?

    • @Miyake Masumi
      Whoever dies of liver failure first. However if it’s who would get drunk first it would be Prince.

  6. To people who are going to feed me brownies: I prefer ice cream. Really. XD

    • @eilinel
      *puts chocolate chip vanilla ice-cream under eilinel’s doorstep* ouo

      And yay for new staff members. XD *scatters cookies everywhere and runs off*

      No good name pops up in my mind right now, so I’ll come back later if I can find some funny names. I suck at it, though. D:<

    • eilinel

      Thanks!!! Love the ice cream!

    • @eilinel
      Are you the sort of person who has a cone and then stacks it to the sky? I am. My prefered method of teeth-rotting is to have strawberry sauce and sprinkles galore (if available) with a flake or two, of course. I slate soggy cones though.

    • eilinel

      Hmm I usually eat the cone? @@. I prefer chocolate sauce XD, don’t like sprinkle…unless it’s chocolate chips!

    • @eilinel
      *throws cookies at house*
      Here have the cookies anyway. *gives ice cream*

    • @eilinel
      what about …<__> *looks around, then leans in all secret-squirrel-like*
      …apple pie with icecream? or choc centered icecream? or icecream topped with honey?
      or ….
      ….cheesecake goodness? here, i’ll share the one i found, that has a brownie base, and blueberry cheesecake on top!! 0v0
      epic sweet tooth munchie satisfaction right there!!

    • Omg…you made me hungry XD.

  7. Demoninmysoul

    I can’t wait to see how the tournament goes!!! But is there anybody, who can kill Sun??? I mean he instantly learns the magic others use on him, and regenerates so fast, he practically can’t die…. And we know well, that his teacher, and Doll are stronger than him….. so isn’t it a lost case? No that I don’t love Prince’s side, I just don’t know if there’s someone there who can match them… :D

    For the greenies: We’ll cheer for you, so gambatte!

    • @Demoninmysoul
      Gui-Gui’s supergross cuddle attack! Guaranteed to turn any unaware straight man into a pillar of stone, especially Grisia Sun, who is always fantasizing about women. If a gay suddenly hugged him 10/10 he’d drop down dead from the
      shock and disgust.

    • ministreld

      I second that!! :)

    • @ministreld
      i third that xDDDD that’d be the best way to kill Sun… or leave him nearly dead, anyhow D: however, it’d be better if they will him on the spot once he is frozen, because if he’s left alive, he’ll make adair, ed, and the rest of his gang (xD) beat the hell out of gui-gui!! DDD: and me can’t think of gui-gui beaten by any other than prince!!! … not that prince wouldn’t get jealous xD

      And for the name… mmm it’s hard to think of a title.
      but i’m going for Epic Bishies Tournament, since hey, all these bishies are seeeeriously Epic … in their own unique way xD another name could be Legendary Bishies Tournament. Legend is what unites both novels, since grisia is a legend, and because prince will also become a legend, i guess :3.

      and, isn’t the word bishie used for both male and female characters? i was under the impression it was that way, since bishie is the short form in english of “bishounen” (pretty young guy) and “bishoujo” (pretty girl). of course, it’s more used for males, but it’s original use if for both genders. (and that was today’s geek memo for you. Come back tomorrow to see more geek-ness!!)

      and cookies and icecream for the new members of princerev!! ^-^


    • @okura
      Masochist Gui-Gui would secretly enjoy that beating *i just got chills*, and I really like the points you’ve made about the title. So it should be “THE BATTLE TO DECIDE THE LEGENDARY BISHIE” or something along those lines… I think everyone else has already decided that it should have bishie in the title.

    • chicaalterego

      YOU ARE GENIUS! why didn’t I thing of that? but I guess that in the end it will make him be skewered alive by certain jealous elf… You only realize what you have when you lost it (;_;)

    • @chicaalterego
      Why thankyou. *big grin*
      Anyways, if Gui went to hug a man other than Prince, it’s probably because Odd Squad would have deemed it as the most effective attack to immobilise Sun and forced him to do it, not because he had a change of heart.

    • @Lozzaloo
      I just might have laughed at that comment more than I have reading a whole chapter of 1/2 Prince. <.<"

  8. hmm…new translators….



    Here’s some ice cream, cookies, brownies, lollies, candy bars, milkshakes and much much more! All in exchange for some great releases of HP an LSK!!

    I have tournament names:

    Game on Gods
    Yu Wo’s bishie tournament!
    Golden Opportunites
    Gamers vs Religion
    Judgement on Warriors
    Blood Elf gang vs Supreme Dragon Gang

    Can’t think of any more.

  9. Animangel

    Waaaa! Looking forward to the Whichever-name-you-will-choose Tournament begin!!! You’re guys REALLY cool!!!!!!!

  10. can’t wait for chapters and the _____________ (fill in the blank) tournament but i cant help but wonder….. what ever happened to the monthly contests?

    • @Topocct
      If you head over to the Monthly Contest place you’ll see after October, the post says that its anything goes, basically, so whether you want to do fanart/singing/stories/etc, whether you want to do christmas (’cause i’m thinking this will go through to december) or halloween themes, or anything else, yeah, everything goes.

      XD so have some fun and be creative!! can’t wait to see what people come up with, and i’ll try to get something done, too!!

  11. After announcing the winner of the poll/battle you could say how the battle went and how they won, or we could just come up with our own method and post them as funny or serious comments. Further adding to that, we could just turn it into a short story about a battle royale/adventurers tourny with mixed teams (or just pairs) from HP and LSK.
    As for the tournament name, since all the people/characters are veeery unique we could use a name like the one Prince chose for Odd Squad. Anything with words such as these in the title should be ok: extraordinary, super gorgeous, the kind of people/monsters that won’t die even if you kill them tournament, etc, etc.

  12. Excelent news about the new people.
    About the tournament’s name well thast a tough one.
    Maybe you can go with something like “Revolution Tournament” Where stories fight or something.

  13. Fight or Flight Tournament
    (Fight as in Fight or Flight as in die and be sent to rebirth point)

    • @Kyo
      When they die, LSK characters would be sent to the God they worship, i.e. God of Light, God of War, etc. Not like in HP where they turn into a pillar of light and fly back to the rebirth point. Sun keeps expressing his fear that he’ll get sent by is teacher to meet the God of Light.

  14. The tournament sounds fun. I’m not good with words so no good titles come to mind. It’s too bad Odd Squad Scanlations translates Eclipse Hunter. It would be cool to see those characters in the tournament too.

    • @Paupu
      Just because you mentioned another novel, I went and read the whole thing in a day. Now I’m just waiting for Half Prince, Sun Knight, and Eclipse Hunter to be updated. P.S. My definition of “Waiting” is to read manga ON MASS and start Moonlight Sculptor, of which I’m nearly finished. Thanx.

    • Daywalker

      lol, i did the same, they’re both great to read too and i’m glad you mentioned them!

    • @Daywalker
      Thing is, if I finish a manga series and have to wait for updates, then I’ll move onto another and come back to it later. But with these I’ve read: 1/2Prince, The Legend of Sun Knight, Eclipse Hunter and Moonlight Sculptor, not to mention the start of another novel/manga called Shiki by Ono Fuyumi, and then I have an agonizing wait to see the next chapter get released.

  15. dark.chii

    one question: where / how will you host these matches? it would make sense to do that in polls, but if you do just that, we can’t really debate who would win and how/why they win.

    btw, i would really love to see sun’s and prince’s reaction if they saw each other. prince will probably stare at sun and sun will probably comment that prince belongs to the type of man every man wants to kill or something like that LOL

    • Shadow Rebirth

      We’ll release more information next month =]

    • @dark.chii
      I really want to see their reactions on meeting each other. :-)
      Sun would have finally met someone who rivals his good looks. But while Sun can’t act as he wants to and he can never get a woman, Prince has hundreds of female and male fans, with quite a few in line to try and date him. While Prince also has to put on a fake personality, it has sort of stuck, and is a lot cooler than the bend-over-backwards-super-forgiving-Sun-Knight image. Prince has more freedom and less responsibilities than Sun so I think Sun will assassinate him due to jealousy.

    • theresay

      You’re quite spot on with Sun’s personality. He more than once expressed his desire to send Roland to assassinate a “certain someone”…( I can’t say anymore in fear of revealing too much XD)

    • eilinel

      LOL!!! I was thinking that too! Well Volume 3 will be out soon ^^

    • @eilinel
      Can’t wait to read it! :D

  16. chicaalterego

    How about
    “This is not a beauty paegent’ Tournament”
    “The..” KYAAAAAAAAA. damn all those screaming fangirls are sabotaging my attempt to come up with more names… *glances at them briefly* I better join them, they looke like they are having fun anyway.

    Kyaaaaaa bishes XD
    And about the cookies… I’m on diet, so I dare not get near them… Sorry for that, I think that I would eat more than half of them before giving them to you, and if I don’t I would end up drooling over them (They don’t sound too good right)…_however I promise you a virtual 17 floor-rainbow-colored- cake-with candy-bishies-on-top, after I get out of my diet. ^_^

    • @chicaalterego
      Further up in a previous post, Okura said that bishie can refer to both men and women, and someone else said that both novels revolve around creating legends, so what about “SEARCH FOR THE LEGENDARY UBER BISHIE” (because this is a contest of strength and wit). I LOVE the idea “CLASH OF THE UBER BISHIES” it’s ingenious.

    • la tabu canon

      let’s pretend that there are no girls…as gohankuten mentioned.
      as for the winner, I’ll bet Sun would win. He is a great mastermind after all. Sure his swordsmanship sucks but he’s very good at targeting his enemies’ weaknesses. he might get an embarrassing photo of his enemy to blackmail him and other stuff. well if prince and sun fight, sun might offer prince an apple injected with laxatives before the tournament since prince loves food hehehe.

  17. Lil'Person

    why would you do thisssss?? T.T asking me to choose SK or HP is like telling me to choose between my mom or dad! i can’t decideeee T.T love Hp’s humor and love but Sk is smart and there are so many creative ways to solve Sun’s problems plus the fact Sun has a inner devil T^T nuuuu I can’t choose!!!!

  18. Fools, if Sun dies that just allows him to use all of his abilities… and he would likely become the equivalent of a Lich under Pink. The man is a master of magic, after all.

  19. chicaalterego

    I know this is no place to write this, but I JUST had to say it…. Yu Wo put the preview of her 8th book in her blog! it was like a week ago, that she did so. And is like…. I want to read it soooooooooooo super much! I was wondering if you guys in PR! knew about it. This is indeed great news!!!!

    • theresay

      Yeah, and the little sections she’s been posting on her Plurk doesn’t help either… She only just finished writing it a few days ago, so it’ll be at least a month before it’s published… T_T And I wish there’s some way for me to get manhua 3… I so want the poster!

  20. kittikiti

    can’t decide so good on who would win Sun or Prince o.o Prince could win cuz of his/her’s sword skill and Meatbun-bun Sun could win cuz of his tricks and skill with magic too

  21. I vote for “CLASH OF THE UBER BISHIES” or “SEARCH FOR THE LEGENDARY UBER BISHIE” or “THE ULTIMATE/LEGENDARY BISHIE TOURY” etc. Other than “BISHIE” you can mash the other words as you like to give the most dramatic effect. It’s got to have bishie in it!

  22. im eager to see wolf-dage vs judgment knight XD

    • @Jasae
      The two ‘dads’ of the groups?

      wow, now that would be epic…

      what about the ‘moms’ of the groups?

  23. I would bet on Sun; he would kill all the others during there sleep the day before the fight.
    Who neads to fight fearly when you have a seacret asassin alterego?

  24. Sunshine would probably worship Sun (since he spent so long wanting to see the sunlight that he named himself after it, and Sun is like the embodiment of that light), or hold him in very high esteem. Anyway, I don’t think he’ll be able to fight all out against him, if at all. It’s a little pitiful really, since Sun will probably use it to get his own way and recruit him for the church. Wait a sec, isn’t Prince like this aswell, in how he forces Fan’s army to join his cause/infinite city? And he used his good looks to get followers to come to his concert.

  25. In a Sun x Prince fight, Prince can only win if he finish Grisia in one slash, not giving him time to recite half a spell. That’s because Prince is strong, but he also relies in his looks and Blood-Elf image to win, and both thing would be unnefctive against Sun. Grisia doesn’t get impressed by beutiful men, and after his training to become the Sun Knight, nothing scares him… Plus, there’s the fact that Lan loves bishies, and she would stop dazzled before the Sun Knight…
    But if Odd Squad could fight as a team against, say… the “warm good-hearted” faction… then victory is totally Odd Squad!
    For the name of the tournament… anything with “bishie” would be apropriate, but that “half legendary” thing also sounds great.

    • dark.chii

      does grisia even recite spells? he learns magic > by sight <, so i don't think he knows any incantations. idk who would win, i mean we're talking about the typical mage vs warrior here.

    • Gohankuten

      Well considering how fast and strong Prince is and his godly luck I think he would win against Sun. Especially since Sun can’t wield a sword to save his life so he wouldn’t have much defense against Prince.

    • Cappuchino

      *nodds* he would get killed in no time. i think it should be a special skill of his…

    • @Cappuchino
      actually Grisia has average skill with a sword just it looks bad because he is usually compared to the other Holy Knights

  26. Didnt feel like reading all the comments. But if your to put kenshin or arctic fox in the tourny as fighters then its game over for everyone else. unless of course your to include other boss characters. Since i have only read the manga version of sun knight the only one in there who sounds like he has a chance would be the dark knight. (srry for random name dont remember it and dont feel like looking it up)

    • Gohankuten

      Yeah Judgement(the one I am guessing you are referring to) is the only one that would probably stand a chance in pure swordsmanship. Dunno who all will participate but I feel sorry for the knights since I don’t think any of them can beat Prince when you factor in his hax luck and his high skill.

    • @Gohankuten
      Maybe he was talking about Roland? He is also a sword fighting nutter.

    • Gohankuten

      The guy here mentioned he only reads the manga version and we have only seen Roland once in the manga version and that’s it. Though I guess it is possible he could be talking bout Roland. Also he did mention he had a name and Roland hasn’t been given a name in the manga yet.

    • dark.chii


      what about sun’s teacher and the son of war? as a high ranking person in his religion, he can’t be weak.

    • Gohankuten

      We have yet to actually see Sun’s teacher so he is unlikely to be in the tournament. As for the son of war we all know he is going to be beaten by Sun within these next few chapters. The son of war may be a good swordsman but he has made an enemy of Sun and since Sun has access to fighting dirty without being seen Sun will destroy him.

    • @Gohankuten
      Fan vs the Son of the god of war then :D

    • dark.chii

      right, we don’t know anything about his skills and such. but then again, there are only a handful characters in LSK whose skills we’ve more or less seen, and you’ve translated far more chapters of HP than LSK.

    • theresay

      But remember he was dubbed as the “Strongest Sun Knight in history”……

    • Cappuchino

      I would like to point out that this is Sun’s teacher we’re talking about. his TEACHER. the one who made Sun so… Sun-like and fearless(?) and yeah…

    • @Cappuchino
      ya plus he has connections and was way better with a sword

  27. Owow, comparing Illuminati symbolism to the pattern of updating is not something I would’ve thought of xD
    Thank you very much for your updates once more. ^u^

  28. “Pillars of Light”
    The “1/2 Knight” or “Sun Prince” Tournament
    Or even the “1/2 Knight” or “Sun Prince” Revolution! That works the website name into it as well :)

  29. *waves at the new crew members* Hello! I hope you have a blast translating, editing, etc, and don’t let Nabs (or Eili, or SR) bully you!

    I figured I would leave a comment for PR! because Eili asked me if I’d forgotten you lads and lasses already, and the answer is NO, because it’s impossible! Just to remind you all, in case you’ve forgotten how awesome you are, you guys are badass. Scanlators have nothing on you (sorry, scanlators).

    Unfortunately, I am buried under school work and club activities, so the most I can do is lurk here and, on rare occasions, write random nonsense here (as opposed to those days of being a ronin when I could be on MSN every waking moment). But feel free to send me a message on FB or an email anytime!

    – Eri

    • Daywalker

      *Waves at eri* You Lurker!! Hope you find the time to do some stuff in the future again (or at least pester the other guys a little more ;) )

      By the way it’s the middle of the month and i’m getting impatient*g*. Sry, just can’t contain my excitement. Are you still on schedule or did you ran completely of track? Just so that i can either keep up with impatient visits and expect something, or can slow down a little :)

      Back to the Torunament name. Why do you think there has to be a bishie in the torunament name? the Purpose is not a Beauty Pageant!!! (is that the correct word?) It’s a fighting tournament for the baddest of the badasses. Or in some respect who screws up less than his opponent xD For me a bishie tournament is, when they prance around like models on the runway (damn, why did even not have to look that up…) and when that happens our little Prince will totally start drooling over the whole Holy Knights and gets skewered by Grisia, when he is distracted. Even Grisia can hit an immobile target :D But in my oppinion, Leaf will rock the whole tournament, cause he will make pincushions out of his opponents before they can even move and there is no archer like that in 1/2 Prince.

  30. I vote “Half Legendary Tournament”, or maybe “Super Strange Bishies: Brawl!”

    But between Prince and Sun, Sun would win through sheer survivability and magical strength.

  31. Double Life Tournament, since Prince actualy has about 5 different sides… and since Grisa Sun/all the other knights have double lifes that are the complete opposite of what you’d expect

  32. Hmm, I can’t find my first suggestion “The half legendary Tournament” on the vote poll, or are there not all options listed, because at the bottom seems to be an error…
    Who included the Option for This is not a beauty paegent? :D I don’t think it’s a bad name, but wtf, i didn’t really suggest it as a name, just as a comment in regard to all the bishie names. Buti’m still proud, that you made a tournament name of it :D

    I think in my drunken stupor i have a revelation at the moment of the Tournament name god *rofl* it should be “Bloody Sun Tournament”
    It has both of them in the name, it sounds like a fighting tournament (well it’s bloody and stuff) and it’s better than those way to long names. Names of stuff have to be short, memorable and catchy.

    • chicaalterego

      Sorry,,,, I suggested that one XD… but I also got slightly surprised that they actually put it there. And it seems to be fairly popular hahaha, talk about unpredictable things ^_^

    • Daywalker

      Hm, i just read on another site, that there is a cross-over between 1/2 Princer and another series of Yu Wo called “Do Not Kill”. Is that just part of the other series, completely independent or do we get to read it here as part of 1/2 Prince too?

      @chicaalterego: Didn’t see, that you posted it, i searched for it, but i didn’t find it and there it was, after i complained about it :D thought somebody of the stuff came up with the idea after reading it. But it seems i’m not the first to think, that there has been to much attention of it beeing a comparision between bishies. Or did you mean it as an ironic idea? Cause i would see it quite literally, that there should be no bishie’ness in the tournament, except when one contestant distracts his enemy a bit before he skewers them :D

      Do you think Grisia is able to hit a pretty woman or even stand up to one, who tries to seduce him? I think he would completely fall prey to one, because he has no immunity to them ;)

    • The crossover is a completely independent short chapter written by Yu Wo as an extra, and there’s another crossover of Half Prince with a series called GOD. We could translate it…but without the background story, it won’t make much sense ^ ^;.

    • chicaalterego

      now that you mention it…. knights dont hit women, so I’m begguining to fear for the fact that, if you let out pink, doll and lolodragon or julian have a good chance of winning this… still, I keep feeling that this is going to be a rock-paper-scisor tournament… btw, where did you find the crossovers? I wanna read them (;_;)

    • Daywalker

      I didn’t find them, just read about them on oddsquad scanlations, while i read another of Yu Wo’s books and read the comments.

    • @Daywalker
      omg, “Bloody Sun Tournament” sounds so good!
      that’s perfect!
      its short and mentions everything!
      …but no button to vote for it…? T^T awww

  33. If there’s time, can we do two rounds of voting? Like, after this poll is over, you delete the half of the options that had the least votes and we vote again? That way, people could get their second-favourite name if their favourite one doesn’t make it.

  34. Prince vs. Sun ~ Winner: Sun because Sun is sneaky, dirty, cunning, sly and has crazy healing ability!
    Lolidragon vs. Supreme Dragon ~ Winner: Supreme Dragon because he is a better assasin.
    Wolf Vs. Storm ~ Winner: Wolf because Storm is too overworked all the time.
    Doll vs. Pink ~ Winner: Pink because she’ll do anything for strawberry lollipops.
    Gui vs. Leaf ~ Winner: Leaf because of his unbelievable marksmanship.

    U guys match up the rest of the group and use their best skills like Cloud can sneak up on anyone. Also pair up similar characters to start to give a fair chance. ( Though Sun vs. Prince was definitely not fair….)

  35. chicaalterego

    Can I suggest a couple for the match? Julian VS Storm Knight…. That would be a close one ^_^… and since I get the feeling that this is going to be some kind of rock-paper-scissor tournament, it would be nice to at least have that pair… Ok, I stalked the place enought for one month, see you when the epicness begin

  36. Demoninmysoul

    Okay, now that we already started voting on the name, I just wanted to share my idea for the tournament.
    We could do it 1v1 – but that will leave out the participants’ comarades’ reactions – and outside the vooting for winner, we could write down how they’d attack the other – just for fun, or they could be “valid/invalid” as in “doing dmg/being banned, not working, or just being useless” and add that factor to the match. – Of course mental damage would count too – it wouldn’t be fun without it!:D
    And we could make it, so the other characters could watch, and boost/damage the participants – like Gui’s kiss attack (no entering the ring) would damage/distract Prince, or the presence of any beautyful girl would boost Creus’ strength/determination… Also Storm doing too much winking will damage him/make him blind for a set period (not affecting the next round, if he wins that time), so the ladies outside the ring would drain him of energy/health….
    But I think (and it’s only my opinion) that Gui’s love attack wouldn’t do anything to anybody other than Prince, so it’d be 0 dmg -invalid attack – and I think he would only use it on Prince anyway…

    oh, and will there be landscape – trees, or boulders to use in battle – and/or for example corpses to use? or will the things stay that were summoned in the previous battle… (like if Doll summoned sceletons, will they stay for Sun/Pink to use, if they go after her?)

    Ah, sorry, I got carried away…. I always get lost in the details, but it’s just too fascinating….. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the whole tournament, and how it’ll be held!!!

    Kissies and hugs, and lots of patting to the new members – so that they’ll get love in other forms too!

  37. you say its not a conspiracy lies i say lies. bc ur doing it again, the next releases fit the patter. beware the staff here is up to something readers take precautions who know what subliminal messaging they’re using. jk lol.

    • Daywalker

      They should have conspired the other way around, so that they released LSK first ;D
      But the first step to obscure any ideas of a conspiracy is to deny them and then let some people ramble about them so it seems ludicrous and nobody believes in a conspiracy anymore and then they strike with the next step of their complot.

      Now that they released something i nearly hourly look, if there is the next update. Can’t wait to read it :)

  38. Umm…question. Whats to stop someone from just voting hundreds of times for their favorite character when this tournament comes about?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Voting will be done in the comments, not in a poll, and we’ll have specific rules. We’ll announce everything next month =]

    • Daywalker

      @Shadow Rebirth
      that sounds interesting, i wonder what kind of rules you guys come up with. Do we get a say in creating the rules?

      By the way, do we have to expect some delay with LSK or is it probably going to come out this month? Just so, that i can either stop visiting every couple hours, or continue to do so ;) Will it be a double release, or one after the other? *Can’t frigging wait*

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