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September 2011 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C7: “Admonish the Misconduct of a Fellow Holy Knight”
  2. ½ Prince V5C7: A Cougar’s Unimaginable Love
  3. ½ Prince V5Extra: The Classified Files of the Five Continents’ Overlords

Hello everyone, sorry for the disaster last month. Hopefully this month will be much smoother when we get all the new proof-readers in >_< There’s nothing much to update here, except that there will be three chapter releases this month: 2 HP and 1 LSK.

From what I have gathered in the comments, most people aren’t annoyed at the speed of the releases, they are more annoyed at the lack of update that the release are going to be slow. I apologize for this, we will post something on the site to alert you all if we are going to be slow again >_< And thank you all for the supportive comments!

Lastly, we have over 20 applications for the proof readers now….can we have some applications for translators too? *puppy eyes* We have a few chapters stored away for steady releases…but with the speed we are releasing now, they aren’t going to be enough. So… Translators! Come on! Apply! =D


As Eili said, thanks so much for all the applications! Due to the sheer amount and quality of the ones we’ve gotten so far, we’ve decided to close the position to applications tomorrow, instead of in a week and a half. So if you’d still like to apply, do so within the next 24 hours!


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  1. Yay!! I can’t wait for the chapters to come out!! I hope you get those translators that you need!!

  2. :) We love you guys~! If I knew how to translate, I would. Unfortunately, I know no, Chinese ;______;. And it’s great you have so many potential editors! Good luck and keep up the good work~!!! :)

  3. Ahh you guys make me wish I went to Chinese school like my parents wanted ;__; Thanks for the announcement!

  4. You make my heart bleed :( Only one LSK chapter ;(
    Hope you find some good people and make them work really hard *gg*

    PS: Hooray for better updates :D

    • XD we probably will get 2 LSK chapters out next month. Stay tune! =p

    • Daywalker

      *tackles eili with a bear hug and squashes her when they hit the floor*
      Sry, got to excited :D
      But i sort of do prefer LSK, because Grisa is just way cooler then Prince xD *just states that and runs away in fear of all the Prince fans*

      So you are planning an alternating schedule with 1 Prince 2 LSK and then the next month 2 Prince and 1 LSK and so on? Or is that just how it turned out?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      This is just how it turned out =] Which chapters we post each month depends entirely on how quickly we get them done.

  5. i only wishing me have the talent to proof-read and the time to do it T_T
    my work keep me so busy that i had to pin this site for everyday visiting so that i dun miss any updates ~>.<~
    real live is soooooo hard, but u guys manage to do this out of whatever u had to face, and keep on going on with all this. love u for ur consistency, and surely i like your faith in keeping the small thing done ^^ someday u all will got a real bless with something big, and still i hope u will keep continue this update on :D
    thanx for the promise on updating chapters ^^ me cant wait to read

  6. This is a question for Eilinel:
    Translators? But the position is closed…do you mean C/E editors? If so, I could possibly try…

    -Chaos Zephynel

    • Nope, I mean translators ^ ^ If you checked the recruitment page you will see that translator position is open now while C/E is closed.

  7. Uhm, I dunno if I should mention this here or not…
    I found that the test material posted in a blog. It’s from third volume, right? So… How do you know which one is really good in proof-reading and which one is copying that?
    Or… changing the words a bit from that?

    Thanks for your hard work, as usual though. 8D

    • Err proof-reading means they have to edit our text, meaning we want them to correct as many mistakes in our text as possible, including tenses, sentence structure, typo, possible better alternative translation etc.. The only reason I see them copying is the sentence from the blog is so flawless that they can’t help but to use it, but then again, I’m sure such a flawless sentence will be noticed easily when we read and compare >_>

  8. For the proof-readers, when will we find out who has been awarded a position and who has not, or will there be another practice one emailed to us to weed out the weaker editors?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      All applicants will be emalied once we get all second round entries =]

  9. darkgloomie

    heh. I’d love to help, but unfortunatly I know nothing of…. korean, was it?

    So, yeah, keep up the good work and if you can’t meet the deadline, at least let us know! We’ll be understanding and not chase you to Earth’s end to make you slave for the chapters and cheer you up ^^

  10. I just wanted to know. Um, HP does have more volumes right? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it does.

  11. Azakurahime

    Many happy releases all around the internet today. Thank you so much :D

  12. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY ONE LSK CHAPTER!!!!! But its all good keep up the amazing work!

  13. Great job as always! The Second Life Project looks fascinating. Also, I loved all those “Not to be a leecher, but” posts.

  14. how many more 1/2 Prince chapters are left before the end? and how long does The Legend of The Sun Knight last too?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      1/2 Prince has eight volumes, so there should still be ~30 chapters. LSK has seven volumes currently released and a couple more to come.

  15. ~{great work :D}~

  16. Are there any LSK volumes out in english that are available for sale?

    • Nope. If you see any, please let us know immediately, it’s illegal =(.

  17. Ok sure thing, but i can’t wait for next months LSK!! I actually started with 1/2 prince but now LSK is my favorite.

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