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Monthly contests are currently put on hold due to lack of reader participation. The PR! team is thinking of other ways to encourage reader involvement. Stay tuned for any new information in the monthly update threads!

Contest Rules
  • Contests are held every two months with the deadline being the last day of the second month (e.g. October, December, February, etc.)
  • Any content (including but not limited to fanart, fanfiction, creative writing, cosplay photos, vocal samples) related to a project from PR! is acceptable.
  • All submissions must be original and be made specifically for the contest. You must create the work yourself, cannot use previous work, and cannot share or post the work to other sites until after the contest for that month ends.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed for every contest. If more than one entry is submitted, only the latest one will be considered.
  • There will be two winners per contest type, chosen by the staff. The winners will be announced when we release the chapters for the next month and they will be given a special preview of an upcoming chapter. They may not share this preview with anyone else. If winners start to leak the previews, we will remove this reward.
  • PR! reserves the right to use any submissions for publishing or promotion. Credit will be given as appropriate.

Submission Directions
  1. Register at our forums if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Read the current contest themes of the month (below) and create your work.
  3. Make sure you’re logged in to the forums, then go to http://forums.princerevolution.org/post/?type=1&mode=1&f=3172101 to submit your entry.
  4. Please use the following format as the title of the post:
    [year]-[month]: [submission type] – [theme] e.g. “2010-12: Fanart – Winter Holiday”
  5. Include your submission in the body of the post.
    • For written entries, please copy and paste the entire text directly into the body.
    • For image-based entries, please use the PNG (24 or 32 bit) format (because it doesn’t compress your image or add artifacts). Make the resolution reasonably high, though the filesize should generally be less than 1.5MB. If the image is over 200kb, please host your image on a good image hoster and link to the image using the [image] option. Some hosting services may be dodgy and may delete your image without warning, so use a reputable one like imgur or imageshack.
  6. When ready, click “Post Topic”. Note that you will NOT be able to go back and revise your entry. Once posted, it should say: “Notice Topic Created” and also give an error message: “You do not have permission to access this topic. Error Code: …” This is normal! Your post has not been lost. If you go back to the main submission board, you should see that your submission is listed as the most recent topic. If you need to make revisions to your submission, please PM amgine or any admin for assistance.

Themes of the Month
2011 October onwards

Contest themes will no longer be provided. Feel free to choose an appropriate seasonal theme or not follow a predetermined theme at all!

2011 June:
  • Singing Competition: “Hymn of Light” – Six potential winners, two for each of the following songs/categories:
    It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
    Swallowtail Butterfly by Mayday
    Free Choice
    The three winners will receive TWO chapters (can be one of each or two of one series). The three runner-ups will receive one chapter of their choice.
    Judging will be done by the staff and the deadline will be June 30, which should be plenty of time for you to warm up your vocal cords.
2011 May:
  • Fanfiction: “Outrageous” – Write a short original story involving Half Prince and/or Legend of Sun Knight characters in an outrageous scenario.
  • Fanart: “Outrageous” – Draw the craziest, most unusual Half Prince or Legend of Sun Knight fanart conceivable. Nothing inappropriate, please.
2011 April:
  • Easter Egghunt: Trying out something different for this month. A puzzle/egghunt minigame. Details to be announced on front page later this month.
2011 March:
  • Fanfiction: “Crossover” – Write a short original story which combines elements from Half Prince and Legend of Sun Knight. (e.g. a battle between Prince and Sun Knight)
  • Fanart: “Crossover” – Draw a crossover fanart which combines elements from Half Prince and Legend of Sun Knight. (e.g. Prince wearing Dragon’s Saint Brigantine)
2011 February:
  • Fanfiction: “Love” – Write a short story, poem, or letter of love related to Half Prince or Legend of Sun Knight. Be creative!
  • Fanart: “Love” – Draw a romantic scene with your favorite Half Prince or Legend of Sun Knight pairings.
2011 January:
  • Fanfiction: “Combat” – Write a short original story involving Half Prince and/or LSK characters with an action-packed fight scene.
  • Fanart: “Combat” – Draw a fight scene that occurred in any of the Half Prince and/or LSK chapters that we had released.
2010 December:
  • Fanfiction: “Winter Holiday” – Write a short original story involving Half Prince and/or LSK characters with a winter holiday theme.
  • Fanart: “Winter Holiday” – Draw any winter holiday themed fanart from Half Prince and/or LSK.
2010 November:
  • Fanfiction: “Tragedy” – Write a short original story involving Half Prince and/or LSK characters with the goal of making even the most hardhearted man cry tears of sorrow.
  • Fanart: “Comedy” – Draw any scene from Half Prince and/or LSK that would make even the most coldhearted man laugh like a fool.
2010 October:
  • Fanart: “Halloween” – Draw any halloween themed fanart from Half Prince and/or LSK.

View Submissions

You may view and comment on the submissions from the most recent month on this page of the forums.

You may view and comment on the submissions from previous months on this page of the forums.

28 Responses

  1. Is there going to be a February theme? I’ve been meaning to force one of my friends to enter, lol.

    • @Sanachan
      February themes added. Usually I’d update them at the end of the previous month after looking through the previous submissions, but we didn’t get any in January so I never updated them.
      Hopefully your friend will have enough time to finish. Probably could have guessed the theme, haha.

  2. nooo… I want to draw something too.. but I have still a couple of exams… ant the last one is on the 28th T_T
    why don’t you postpone the deadline, as you updated the theme late?

  3. rigel126

    Ack, missed the February deadline. So what’s the topic for March?

    • amgine

      March themes added. Since the February themes were updated late, I’ll leave them open until the end of March, so you can submit entries for both February and March by March 31.

    • rigel126

      Yayness! <3

  4. AnemoneXDominic

    Is there a limit on how long the short story can be? Like pages or word count? Anything?

  5. I can’t figure out how to submit my entry… i don’t know what to do after I click on the link in the submission directions

  6. Yes. when i click on the link, it displays the no permission error message. I log in there, but then i don’t know where to go to submit my entry

    • amgine

      strange. it’s working fine for me as long as i’m logged in. it should only display the error message if you’re not logged in.
      can you try logging in first, then click the link again?

      if it’s still not working, then just send a PM to me (amgine) on the forums with your submission and i’ll take care of it for you.

  7. Can we do something based on an event in the manhua that hasn’t occured yet in the novel translation?

    • amgine

      I’d rather you not, but there’s no explicit rule against it. Just tag it with [spoiler] and it’ll be fine.

  8. daystar


  9. daystar

    what does “song of light” mean? what type of music would you enjoy the most?

  10. RurouniAlchemist

    Are there going to be more of these contests? Personally, I would love to enter one(especially a singing contest! I love to sing!), but that may just be me. I understand if you’re to busy to continue hosting contests, I just want to know if there’ll be any more.
    Thanks for the hard work you do!

  11. What’s the fanfiction theme for October?

  12. Will you guys be doing an Easter Egg hunt again next year?

    • Probably not an Easter Egghunt per se, but I’m willing to consider some sort of holiday special event. Hopefully one that doesn’t require me to answer hundreds of emails.

  13. CocoFlower

    No themes? How interesting…maybe I could try entering a fanfic then :D

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