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36 Responses

  1. Have tried ordering twice now, but I’m not getting any reply. Did the doujins run out really quickly or is it not working? =(

    • eilinel

      Hi! To my knowledge, they haven’t run out yet. But we are currently tied up with real life and editing the chapters, hence the late reply. I’m really sorry!

    • @eilinel
      Ooh, thank you for your reply, good to know. Don’t worry, take your time. And once you get to it, I’ll only be needing one of those orders xD.

  2. Just wondering. I wanted to buy both to save on shipping and the LSK characters are sooooo cute! Chibis! Since I’m in the Pacific U.S., how much of a discount would the shipping be? I wanted to order today, why can’t you accept U.S. orders now? Don’t tell you ran out :P And how big is B5 compare to a normal piece of notebook paper??

  3. Quick question: I’m currently using an address that isn’t land-based. Do you ship to FPO addresses or will I have to wait until I get back?

    • @Sanchay
      We are not familiar with the procedures for shipping to FPO addresses, so unfortunately you will need to wait until you return.

  4. Hi. I remember reservering a copy of the doujinshi and since it’s for sale now does that mean the reservation is still good, even though I live in USA?

    • eilinel

      Yes it is still good. The only reason we are not opening USA sales is because we haven’t received the shipment of doujin from Taiwan yet. If you don’t mind paying the extra shipping fees from Malaysia to USA, we can process your reservation now.

  5. …So you guys won’t be able to ship to Australia? *tears up a little on the inside*

    • eilinel

      We do ship to Australia. You can place your order now for orders outside USA.

  6. By volume one DJ it means that the DJ is a yaoi verison of the first manga volume right? But 24pgs seem a little small so volume one DJ is basically like chapter 1 of the DJ? And USA verison be ready before September? Can you give me an exact date cause I want to get it as soon as it’s avaliable.

    • eilinel

      It’s not yaoi!!! This is basically a manhwa adaptation of the novel, with a different artist than the official manhwa. And yes, it only covers chapter 1 so far.

  7. Hi! Can i know what’s the payment method?

  8. oops. sorry! i just noticed it’s by paypal. sorry!

  9. Hi! I know I’m really late in this, but are you still taking orders for 1/2 Prince Artbook? :) I’m still considering it though

    • @ray485
      If you’re ready to commit, then please fill out the order form. If we have it in stock, we’ll ship it. If not, we’ll place you on a waiting list and let you know when it will be available again.

  10. What I want are the 1/2 PRINCE and THE LEGEND OF THE SUN KNIGHT books/manga in English. I don’t see any listing on where to go/click and who to talk/contact to order/buy those. They ‘re not even for sale in the store of this site that is devoted to them. So please, tell me how to get the 1/2 PRINCE & THE LEGEND OF THE SUN KNIGHT books/manga.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Unfortunately 1/2 Prince and LSK are not available for purchase in print in English. You can print out the volume PDFs yourself if you like, but official books do not exist.

  11. Umm, hey. I was wondering about how the ordering works, exactly. I mean, I get the basics, but I’m sorta new to paypal and I want to order it, but I’m not entirely sure how the “pre-ordering” for the 1/2 prince artbook works… By any chance, (if you can understand what I’m trying to say) can you help me out here?

    • eilinel

      Hmm I hope you don’t mind me giving you the history rundown while I explains to you XD. The artbook was meant to be a Christmas project, and you can “pre-order” them in last year November so we could send it off in December. However, we ran into a problem while trying to figure out the postage of the artbook from Taiwan to USA, and then to any other country as needed due to the artbook weight and size. So now, the ordering for artbook is on hold. We don’t want to overcharge or undercharge anyone for the postage, which is why we are trying to get the exact figure before asking you (or any other people who are ordering) to pay. You still can put in an order for artbook if you want to, and we will guide you through the paying process on paypal when we are ready to send out the artbook to you. (Be forewarned, it might be a long wait >_<)

  12. starwarrior

    I was wondering if 1/2 Prince or LSK merchandise are on sale in China itself.

    • eilinel

      Which merchandise are you wondering about? Some of them are available in China indeed, but some of them are Taiwan exclusive only. Doujin artists in Taiwan are usually happy to ship the merchandises out to China though.

    • starwarrior

      I’m curious if they sell Yu Wo’s novels in actual book stores over there and other products.

    • eilinel

      Well if it’s the novels, I think they will have it in their book stores. Other products…don’t think so, unless they are made by the publishers. Most of the merchandises were meant to be sold at convention only…and I’m not sure whether they will have it in China or not, but I’m guessing no. Please let me know if you did found some though >_< will be good to have more places to source the merchandises from.

  13. From where in Taiwan can I go buy the novels?

    • lucathia

      What novels do you mean? If you mean the official novels of 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight, you can find them in any major bookstore in Taiwan. You can possibly find them in smaller bookstores, but you should call ahead of time to make sure. I know that Kingstone (金石堂) definitely carries the series since I had people buy from their physical stores for me before.

    • kuroki

      Thank you :3

  14. Asriel27

    Hi! Will you be including the original novels in this line up in the future? (Finding the real thing in YesAsia is getting hard and confusing for me… OTL)

  15. Lucki13ear

    On Wo’s blog, I see that she is posting pictures with the latest merchandise of LSK and 1/2 Prince. Something seems to be happening between october 26 – November 11. I was wondering if you know anything about it? I would like to support or work but it is hard to find a proxy or a website that sells her goods.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Online stores are selling what you see pictured in the blog post. (Kingstone, are two of the stores) However, they only ship within Taiwan, so you would need to be able to ship the merchandise to someone in Taiwan, or go through a proxy to order the merchandise for you.

    • Lucki13ear

      Thanks for the quick reply!! Can you recommend me a proxy I can go to?

    • [PR]lucathia

      I haven’t used any proxy services that deal with Taiwan before, but you can try googling proxy shopping or deputy service to Taiwan. I’ve only ever used Shopping Mall Japan that helps order things from Japan. They’ve recently expanded to include Taiwan as well, but I don’t know how reliable their Taiwan service is. (They are also pricy, you can probably find other options out there!)

      Eilinel once recommended me this person who charges 10% of the total price as the agent fee (not too bad), though I think this site is only in Chinese.

  16. Hi~!
    Do you know when the 1/2 prince artbook might be out? And when do we pay?

    • [PR]eilinel

      Sorry we weren’t able to order the 1/2 prince artbook from Taiwan. As such, we aren’t selling it anymore =(.

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