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LSK 2011 & 2012 Calendar


  • ARTIST: YukiSora
  • DESCRIPTION: 14 full color pages for 2011 and 2012
  • PRICE: $5.00 USD
  • SHIPPING (Asia): $3.00 USD, $2.00 for each additional item, +$2.00 for registered post
  • SHIPPING (North and South America, Europe): $4.00 USD, $2.00 for each additional item, +$2.00 for registered post
LSK Card Pack

Pre-ordering only


  • ARTIST: Yuán Qì Chuàng Jiè (元气创界)
  • DESCRIPTION: 12 full color plastic cards, 9cm by 5.2cm
  • PRICE: $6.00 USD
  • SHIPPING: To be decided (shouldn’t be more than $3-4).
Order Form:

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15 Responses

  1. Hi. I wanted to ask if you got my emails. Also I wanted to place an order for 1 calendar. Please let me know soon, thank you, and sorry for messaging so many times. Take care.

  2. i tried ordering the calendar and the cards is there eany news?
    when will the calendar at least be shiped?
    and the cards?
    eany info will be apriciated

  3. i live in australia, south australia, adelaide to be exact. am i able to order the calendar as well? it only mentions shipping to europe, asia and america. if you could please let me know i would appreciate it.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      We’re counting Australia as Asia in terms of shipping =]

  4. are there eany news?

  5. Aisha Nanda

    is LSK card is not shipping for Asian?

  6. cheerypaw

    so wants some cards…..guess ill need to save up for it and hope it ships to there i live

  7. Cookiestars

    Excuse me but when will the cards be ready to order [if i don’t want pre-order]

  8. Shoetsu Otaku

    I was wondering if there is the possibility of Meatbun-bun plushies? the facebook page was advertizing those, at leas the question of if we want it.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hello, the store here on PR! is currently closed. Raisha runs the Facebook page and has her own store going on there. Please ask over there about any merchandise you see there!

  9. Hi where can i find the store? xD any links?

  10. Is this all I can buy from the store??

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