The Legend of Sun Knight V2C10: “Recruit Worshippers”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 2: The Daily Duties of a Knight

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Sun Knight’s Daily Duty #10: “Recruit Worshippers” – translated by dahlys

All of a sudden, Hell Knight launched a powerful kick at Elijah. The blow landed solidly, as evidently the latter did not expect to be attacked by his ally. He flew quite a distance, finally landing near the edge of the arena and nearly falling over.

That nearly gave me a heart attack! I really thought he would fall over the edge!

Since he had taken the full brunt of the kick, Elijah could not get up for some time. Nevertheless, he did his best to stand.

The Son of the God of War moved in to deal a finishing blow, but Hell Knight defended Elijah.

“Why are you protecting him?”

The Son of the God of War started to get suspicious, and he bellowed, “Are both of you conspiring against me?”

Oh no!

“Conspiring against you?”

Supreme Dragon Hell smiled thinly and calmly said, “Is it even possible to work together in such a situation? There is only one princess, and she can’t marry two people. It’s just that if I let you finish Elijah off, I won’t last much longer either.”

Upon hearing this, the Son of the God of War smiled arrogantly and said, “Even with his aid, you cannot defeat me.”

“That is true.” Supreme Dragon Hell nodded sincerely and added, “Your swordsmanship is very good, perhaps even better than mine. Also, physically, you are much stronger than I am.”

The Son of the God of War laughed loudly as he said, “You’re not bad either. You are extremely fast!”

Do both of you have to hit it off so well? I was unsure whether to laugh or cry. It would be a good thing if Supreme Dragon Hell got along well with the Son of the God of War though.

“Let us fight fairly!” Supreme Dragon Hell assumed a battle-ready stance.

The Son of the God of War replied in a voice like thunder, “Certainly!” He too assumed a battle-ready stance. Both Supreme Dragon Hell and the Son of the God of War seemed to be in high spirits.

At this juncture, Elijah finally managed to struggle to his feet. He looked rather disheartened, to the point that he was unable to join the battle. I was not surprised to see Elijah depressed. One of his opponents was the Son of the God of War, and the other was… Well anyway, the point was that these two were inhumanly strong! Losing to them was nothing to be ashamed of.

I believed that once Elijah’s compatriots understood how strong these two people were, they would not find Elijah’s loss ignominious. Basically, anyone who could fight on the same stage as these two for such a long time could already be considered one of the strongest warriors.

Moreover, Elijah was a knight. Knights are not known as being good duelers.

In other words, if Elijah, the Son of the God of War, and Supreme Dragon Hell each led a platoon in war, Elijah would be the victor. There was no way the Son of the God of War and Supreme Dragon Hell could triumph over him in such a situation.

This was the image I was trying to create. In a duel, Elijah could only last a bit more than ten minutes. But when it came to leading an army, Elijah was undoubtedly better than the other two.

None of those present here, especially the royal knights, would consider Elijah’s loss a real defeat.

Just as Elijah had taken a deep breath and had gathered up the courage to rejoin the battle, I suddenly hollered, “Elijah! The princess is in danger, protect her immediately!”

Elijah did a double take and then reflexively dashed toward the princess. Placing his body in front of the princess, he turned around and—

A black shadow punctured his chest. Elijah fell to the ground instantly, hands grasping his chest, face scrunched up in pain. Putrid black smoke oozed out from his whole body.

I ran to Elijah’s side and bent down to examine him. Shocked, I exclaimed, “This is…a Curse of Darkness!”

Unafraid of the cursed black smoke billowing out of Elijah’s body, the princess leapt on top of him and screamed, “Elijah!”

My face was grave as I scanned the audience stands for the culprit. Everybody’s gaze followed mine.

A cloaked person in the audience suddenly stood and ripped off her concealment… It was a rarely seen witch!


I resisted praising Pink’s impulsiveness with all my might.

The witch was a gothic beauty with outstanding facial features, a hot and sexy body, and pale white skin that had a tinge of forest green to it. Her clothes were ripped perfectly, exposing her slender legs, deep cleavage, and navel. Still, they were not ripped to the point where the view of her could be rated R. It was a beautiful, yet garish and frightening sight.

Although she did not look alive, she could not be considered dead. Strictly speaking, witches were cursed creatures. We say they “were cursed,” but more often than not they were women who cursed themselves. They wanted to become witches so that they would have the strength to do things like take revenge.

I had specially instructed Pink not to send an undead creature. Undead creatures were too easily discovered in a place full of holy knights.

Even so, I never expected Pink to find a witch. Witches are not common at all.

The witch leapt onto the stage and sauntered slowly as she headed toward the king.

Firstly, witches are still considered to be women. Secondly, they are women who have tragic pasts and have suffered a great injustice. Thirdly, this witch was a beauty. Therefore, no knight in the stadium was willing to block her path.

The witch giggled, “I want revenge, revenge, revenge!”

The king’s younger knight confidant yelled angrily, “Nonsense! How could there be any enmity between Her Highness the princess and an evil thing like you!”

“Hahaha! I am not referring to the princess, but His Majesty the king. He seduced me and then abandoned me. He even killed my unborn child. My dear child! Mama has let you down!” One moment the witch was laughing, the next she was crying. She seemed totally insane.

As he heard this, the king’s eyes widened. The queen, who had been maintaining an elegant smile all this time, suddenly looked unsettled. Everyone turned to look at the king in utter disbelief. Could the crown prince’s true face really be revealed so soon after his coronation?

The king had never looked more enraged than he did then. The corners of his lips twitched endlessly, and his words were squeezed through clenched teeth. “Rubbish! I’ve never met you before.”

“Not you, I meant your father!” the witch screeched.

Everybody heaved a sigh of relief. The virtuous and elegant smile returned to the queen’s face. The queen also conveniently lifted her high-heel from where it had been grinding into the king’s foot and hid it under her long skirt once more.

Many grumbles could be heard from the audience. “Why didn’t she say so earlier? I nearly died of shock.”

“For a moment there I thought that once the crown prince had become king, he went from henpecked to lecherous.”

I noticed that the king was putting all his effort into suppressing the pain in his foot. He wriggled his injured foot gently to make sure it was fine. Only then did he fly off the handle and roar at the witch, “Even so, mud-slinging and injuring innocents (my foot is very innocent) is wrong! Royal knights, take her down immediately.”

Upon receiving the king’s orders, the royal knights drew their weapons in concert. Without further delay, the practiced knights surrounded the wtich.

The holy knights all looked at their Knight-Captains, then turned to look at me. I frowned, saying, “She must be an accomplice of the undead creature from last time. What a vile witch! We cannot allow her to do as she pleases and hurt people. My brother holy knights, assist the royal knights at once.”

The holy knights shouted as one, “Yes, sir!”

They immediately joined the royal knights’ formation. As a result of being acquainted for so many years, the holy knights and royal knights had excellent coordination. The final siege formation was so perfect that never mind a witch, even a Death Lord could only look forward to a second death.

Surrounded, the witch attacked for all she was worth. Unfortunately for her, normal attacks were easily blocked by the knights’ shields. Their shields could not defend against her curses, but the holy knights’ holy light could nullify them. As such, the witch was rendered totally powerless.

The royal knights thrust their lances out from the gaps between the shields, moving steadily closer to the witch with every step. The desperate witch made a last-ditch attempt at escape, screaming like a wild beast.

She had previously done a good job ambushing Elijah, managing to curse him before the other knights could even react. However, she was unable to hold her own in actual battle. She could only watch helplessly as the lances slowly drew nearer and pierced her body. No matter how much she attacked, she could not lay a single scratch on the knights.

I turned away, unwilling to watch this scene. Although she was just a witch, possibly even a fake witch created by Pink, I was loathe to see an innocent thing die because of my scheme.

“Sun Knight!” the princess shrieked. “Elijah’s d-dying!”

How could he be dying already? I had asked Pink to choose a curse that looked gruesome but was relatively harmless.

But in case Pink deliberately played a bad joke, I ran to their side. I fished out the rose bracelet which was originally meant to be a betrothal gift and said, “Princess, please break the rose marbles to keep Elijah alive until His Holiness the Pope has finished chanting the Ultimate Heal spell.”

That damn old man sure took his own sweet time. Only after he heard my words did the Pope begin chanting the incantation.

Before I had even finished speaking, the Princess snatched the rose bracelet away as though it were made of worthless rocks picked up on the street. She crushed one rose marble after another rapidly. Just watching her destroy all my hard work was pure agony!

“Sister, sister, break them slower! Slow down! The healing won’t be more effective the faster you break the roses!” the king exclaimed.

I never would have guessed that His Majesty the king would be in greater agony than I when watching his sister break the roses. Now that I think about it, he probably already considered the rose bracelet his.

I had originally planned on offering this bracelet to the king as a formal apology. This was to prevent him from giving me trouble later… Eh? If so, why am I upset over this? The bracelet isn’t mine anyway.

The deathmatch had stopped long ago. The Son of the God of War, who had been ignoring the events so far, said coldly, “The Sun Knight knows how to use Resurrection, so what does it matter if he dies?”

Everyone gathered around me. Even the princess raised her head and asked hopefully, “Really? Is that true?”

I nodded cautiously and admitted, “Sun does indeed know how to use Resurrection.”

Everybody burst into an uproar.

“But unless there is no other choice, and those concerned approve, Sun will never use this kind of holy magic!” I suddenly said sternly.

“W-why?” the princess cried out in alarm. After all, the one at death’s door was her sweetheart.

“Because there are too many restrictions. Resurrection can only be used within eight hours of death. If used on a body that has been dead for over eight hours, the corpse will become an undead creature! Also, Resurrection has no effect on those who have died of old age, illness, or even poison.” I paused for a moment, then added, “It is dangerous to use Resurrection on a cursed person like Elijah. Even if revived, the curse on him will not be dispelled. He could die again almost immediately from the effects of the curse. In addition, Resurrection has many possible side effects. The known side effects include sprouting horns, becoming covered in fur, growing an extra arm, going insane, and becoming disabled for life.”

I mentioned all of Resurrection’s weaknesses in one breath. Now that the whole world knows about its faults, albeit with a little exaggeration, I would be spared from the trouble of people coming to me to revive somebody.

The hearts of all those watching sank upon hearing my words. The princess was particularly badly affected. Her voice was choked with sobs.

Only the Son of the God of War was ecstatic. This was because he had finally grasped the fact that Resurrection was an almost useless spell. The Church of the God of Light could not expand by borrowing the power of such a spell.

“The price of revival is always greater than that of death,” I finished with great emphasis.

At this point, the unhurried Pope finally finished chanting the incantation. He softly recited, “Ultimate Heal.”

The gentle yellow light of healing descended on Elijah. In just a short while, before the light had even dissipated, Elijah groaned. He opened his eyes, beamed, and said, “Your Highness…”

“Elijah! Oh, Elijah!” The princess hugged her lover tightly.

At this sight, the Son of the God of War made a nasty face like a cuckolded husband. He drew himself up to his full height and walked toward the two lovebirds. The warriors behind him followed suit. The holy knights all looked at me for instructions. Without prompting, they would not move a muscle. The royal knights quickly and neatly stepped forward to protect Elijah and the princess. In a flash, they formed an invincible wall of shields.

The Son of the God of War sneered. The warriors of the Monastery of the God of War drew their weapons simultaneously. The royal knights also thrust out their lances from behind their shields. The tension in the air was unnerving.

At first, the holy knights were delighted to sit back and observe from a distance. All of a sudden, a random holy knight exclaimed, “Ah! Isn’t our Sun Knight hoping to marry the princess too?”

The holy knights awoke with a start. They looked at their respective captains, waiting for orders. The Twelve Holy Knights all looked at me… I nearly forgot that I was one of the people fighting for the princess’ hand in marriage.

Deeply touched, I praised, “Ah! A knight sacrificing himself to save a princess, and the princess shedding her lovely tears in gratitude. What a moving story! Not even the benevolence of the God of Light will forgive Sun if I break up this loving couple!”

The Twelve Holy Knights turned away from me and continued watching the show.

Noticing this, the holy knights also continued sitting back to observe the fight. Since the holy knights and royal knights were colleagues who lived in the same city, and because Elijah was rather popular, most of the holy knights chose to root for Elijah and the royal knights.

Seeing how enthusiastic the holy knights were in their cheering, coupled with the fact that young people tended to be hot-blooded, I believed that if a fight truly were to break out between the royal knights and the Monastery of the God of War, the holy knights would be unable to avoid joining the fight.

The royal knights and the warriors of the Monastery of the God of War held their ground. They glared daggers at each other, ready for the final confrontation of their two armies. A deathly calm settled over the stadium, heralding the start of a war… If not for a bunch of holy knights cheering and waving flags around, lending the arena an ambiance of competition, the atmosphere would be quite tense.

Judging by their sheer enthusiasm, it feels more like my own holy knights are itching to fight rather than just encouraging their friends.

“Those guys from the Monastery of the God of War actually beat up our folks from the Church of the God of Light!”

“They even dared to attack the Sun Knight Platoon. They must be sick of living!”

“Royal knights, charge! Kill those bastards from the Monastery of the God of War, they nearly murdered Adair!”

I shot a questioning look at Storm Knight. Storm shrugged and explained, “Your Vice-Captain Adair is as popular amongst the holy knights as Elijah is amongst the royal knights. The reputation of your Sun Knight Platoon is also on par with the bunch of elite young knights led by Elijah. In conclusion, your Sun Knight Platoon is well liked by everyone, regardless of whether they are commoners, members of the Church of the God of Light, knights of the Holy Temple, or even royal knights. Even I often go to them for help.”

“Oh!” I chuckled. So that was it. Looks like I seriously underestimated Adair and my Sun Knight Platoon. Next time I can give them more assignments.

“Sun, don’t laugh like that! It makes me feel like I harmed them…” It seemed that Storm was both talking to me and mumbling to himself at the same time.

“How could you say that, Brother Storm? I swear to the God of Light, the help Brother Storm has given Sun shines as radiantly as the Church of the God of Light!”

“Then I’ve really harmed them.” Storm sighed and murmured, “Looks like I have to treat them to a drink later.”

“Truthfully speaking, are you planning to let the holy knights fight or not?” Storm asked, puzzled. He added, “Won’t you tell us first, so that we can be mentally prepared?”

“I believe that the benevolent God of Light only wishes for a budding romance to flower, and does not desire to see pointless violence and bloodshed.”


The Twelve Holy Knights took their hands away from their weapons. Blaze even looked disappointed. He grumbled, “And here I was thinking I could go all out for once…”

When the situation was on the verge of spiraling out of control, the king slowly stood up. He snarled, “Stop this at once!”

“Your Majesty,” the Son of the God of War roared furiously, “have you forgotten our agreement?!”

The king fell silent. Although the Son of the God of War knew that he had made a slip of the tongue, he scowled. He did not seem to have any intention of eating his words.

I said sincerely, “Son of the God of War, it is said that love will always find a way. Is there any harm in letting two lovers be together?”

“Even Sun has agreed to back out. Does the Son of the God of War wish to continue making things difficult for this couple?”

“Hmph!” The Son of the God of War sneered.

I returned his sneer with a dazzling smile. I knew his interest was not in the princess. “Why don’t we let the king compensate for the princess’ failure to return your love by building a branch of the Monastery of the God of War in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound? How does that sound to you?”

Both the king and the Son of the God of War stared at me in utter astonishment. Even my own Twelve Holy Knights frowned. I continued smiling brilliantly.

“I could accept such a sincere apology…” The Son of the God of War spoke slowly while throwing glances at the king. Seeing that the king had no intention of disagreeing, the Son of the God of War gave him a curt nod and exclaimed, “It’s decided!” He sighed, and said “Actually, I also don’t want to separate a pair of lovebirds.”

I nodded profusely as I praised, “I knew it! I heard that the God of War is a romantic. He will definitely not do anything to break a heart.”

“You are correct! Our God of War is truly a romantic. I am surprised that you, the Sun Knight, understand our God of War so well.” The Son of the God of War nodded in agreement. The hostility in his eyes suddenly faded.

I said civilly, “I’m flattered. This is only natural because we are, after all, neighbors!”

“Do both of you have to be of the same mind?” Storm muttered to himself.

With things as they were, there was no longer a need for a deathmatch.

After greeting Supreme Dragon Hell and arranging their next sparring date, the Son of the God of War and his warriors departed without so much as a glance at the princess.

The royal knights, who could not make head or tail of the situation, looked at Elijah and me with suspicious eyes.

I ignored them, gathered all the holy knights, and walked toward the stadium exit.

As I was about to leave the stadium, I abruptly turned around to face Elijah. Smiling, I said, “Oh! I nearly forgot. Knight Elijah, thank you for having saved my Vice-Captain, Adair.”

Taken aback, Elijah paused for a moment. He beamed as he said, “You’re welcome. In any case, we can call it even now, Knight-Captain Sun.”

A few days later, Elijah came looking for me in secret with a message.

“The king wishes me to inform you to replace the eight rose beads the princess used on me as soon as possible.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. This statement meant that the king was willing to accept my apology gift. I could not be certain whether he would bear a grudge, but at least I was confident he would not give me trouble in broad daylight.

“Also, Her Highness the princess said that you have been promoted from the embodiment of despicability to a despicable good guy…”

My only answer to that was to smile bitterly. Though Elijah had finished passing on the messages, he still made as if to speak. Seeing this, I decided not to leave yet.

After a long while, Elijah finally said with a little embarrassment, “Walking into the darkness despite having my back in the light… Y-you definitely would not understand how much these words mean to me.”

I smiled dazzlingly at him. Of course I understood how important those words were. Ever since I said these words to Judgment Knight when he was depressed, he has never refused any of my nonsensical requests.

Elijah said with all sincerity, “Please don’t worry. Even though the Monastery of the God of War has been allowed to build a branch temple in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound, I, the royal knights, and the princess are loyal to the Church of the God of Light.”

I smiled brilliantly as I said, “As the representative of the God of Light, I express my utmost gratitude to you, Knight Elijah.”

“As the royal knight Elijah, I also thank you deeply, Knight-Captain Sun. But…” Elijah visibly hesitated, then asked, “What’s up with that fake Hell Knight?”

“Hmm? Why do you say Knight-Captain Hell is fake?” I made a confused expression to fit the occasion perfectly and replied, “Sun does not comprehend your meaning.”

Elijah was dumbfounded. He thought about it for a while, then smiled wryly and said, “No, you must have heard me wrong. What I meant was that Knight-Captain Hell has excellent swordsmanship. If possible, I would like to spar with him.”

“Thank you for your compliment. I will convey this message to Knight-Captain Hell.”

Elijah was overjoyed. He said, “I really hope I can get to know him better.”

“Of course you can,” I said with a smile.

Elijah nodded and said, “Then I shall take my leave. Sun Knight, if there is ever anything you need help with, feel free to ask me. I hope you understand that I will not refuse any of your requests, so long as they do not involve betraying the palace.”

I took a long, hard look at him. Finally, I said, “All right. If Sun has some difficulties, he will ask for your help as a ‘friend.’”

Elijah nodded cautiously and said, “I understand. From today onwards, the Hell Knight stays in the Holy Temple, and Elijah stays in the palace. I have no connection to the Hell Knight besides being friends with him.”

I nodded in satisfaction. After saying his goodbyes, Elijah strode out.

At this point, another person, Judgment Knight, stepped out from the shadows. He looked in the direction Elijah had gone, and then turned to look at me.

As usual, I automatically began explaining, “Even without the Son of the God of War marrying the princess of our country, many youths have already entered the embrace of the Monastery of the God of War. A religion is not like a country, as it is impossible to define geographical borders. We cannot say that the people of one country must believe in the God of Light, and that the people of another country must believe in the God of War.”

Judgment nodded. “You had no intention of entirely barring the God of War from the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound.”

“Because it is impossible to do so,” I said bluntly. “Just as the Kingdom of Moon Orchid has followers of the Light, the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound has followers of the God of War, and even followers of the God of Chaos.”

“No matter what, I cannot allow the Son of the God of War to marry the princess. That is indeed dangerous, as many young men yearn for the princess. Even worse, the king has no male heir. The child of the Son of the God of War and the princess could very likely become successor to the throne. If the son of the Son of the God of War became the king of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound, it would result in an unprecedented crisis for the Church of the God of Light.

Judgment nodded again to express his understanding.

I carried on, saying, “Even if we don’t talk about such a distant affair as the next king, we still could not allow the Son of the War God to become a member of the royal family. This would have affected the beliefs of the royal knights. And because many youths in this country aim to become royal knights, their beliefs would follow those of the royal knights as well. On the other hand, if the royal knights and the Monastery of the God of War have a falling-out, it will also greatly affect the beliefs of the young.”

Judgment nodded again and took up my explanation. “Elijah is the leader of the younger individuals among the royal knights. Youths are the most crucial to religions, as older folks are unlikely to change their faiths. Winning Elijah over is equal to winning all the royal knights over. Now that Elijah is engaged to the princess and the king still does not have an heir, their child may possibly become the next king. Thus, even if the Monastery of the God of War has a branch in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound, it will not shake the foundations of the Church of the God of Light.”

Judgment paused for a moment, and then added gravely, “Although you knew that as long as the king and the Son of the God of War came to a private agreement to replace the princess’ hand in marriage with building a branch temple in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound, everything would be solved, you still started a deathmatch. You took advantage of the deathmatch to provoke the royal knights and the warriors of the Monastery of the God of War, sowing hate between these two previously friendly factions. But this was not enough for you.”

“At the end of the deathmatch, you purposely thanked Elijah for rescuing Adair. This made them think the only reason you agreed to the building of a branch of the Monastery of the God of War in exchange for the princess, was because Elijah saved Adair. As a result, the royal knights’ opinion of you has risen even further.” Judgment let out a sigh. “You really are—”

I interrupted him with a growl. “Judgment, you know me well indeed. But don’t overreach yourself. I am truly grateful to Elijah for rescuing Adair. Do you really doubt my determination to protect my brother holy knights? But you were right on one point; I did thank Elijah in front of everybody for a reason—but that reason was not to make the royal knights like me. It was to dispel any notion of collaboration between Elijah and the Holy Temple!”

“I’m sorry.” Having heard my explanation, Judgment immediately apologized. He gave his reasons for his theory, “I am really sorry for misunderstanding you. I judged you negatively only because the methods you have employed recently made me feel a little disappointed.”

“I only used these methods to accomplish what the Sun Knight should rightfully do. Not only that, I have never let any innocents get hurt! On the last two occasions, except for that fat pig of a king who deserved what he got, has anybody been hurt by my schemes?” I was so mad my voice trembled as I said, “I did my best to ensure nobody got hurt as I completed my tasks. Even better, I made sure that there was always a happy ending. And you, Lesus Judgment, the person who knows me best, says that he is disappointed in me?”

Judgment bowed his head in contemplation for a while. He then looked me straight in the eye and said, “Knight-Captain Sun, you have indeed done your duty. Not only that, you have not hurt anyone you should not have hurt. Believe me, I am really very sorry!”

“Lesus, it’s not that I don’t want to forgive you. But I think you went a bit too far.” I refused to accept his apology and said stubbornly, “Gathering followers is my main duty, and I have never forgotten what a Sun Knight should and should not do. I admit that my methods are sinister, but if I want to stick to my approach of refusing to let anyone be harmed, I have no other choice!”

“I am sorry. In the name of Lesus Judgment, I swear to the God of Light that I will never repeat this kind of mistake again.”

I thought carefully before nodding and accepting his apology. I took the opportunity to ask, “How about this, I will forgive you if you promise to agree to ten of my demands unconditionally.”

“…Do you need me to make a promise with you? Since when have I refused your demands?”

“You could not refuse me because those demands were official business. But sometimes I want your help with private matters!”

Judgment asked dubiously, “Is climbing over the wall to buy blueberry pies also considered official business?”

“That was just a request, not a demand,” I denied instantly.

“Now I get it. You have private matters that are even more absurd. Just ‘requesting’ is not enough, so you need to ‘demand.’ Am I right?”

“Heh heh,” I laughed. “I don’t have anything for you now, but I can’t be sure I won’t have something in the future. For insurance, I should seize this chance when you made a mistake to make you agree to my demands.”

“…Three demands.”

“It’s a deal!” I agreed immediately. Since I was fishing in troubled waters, I would take what I could get.

Judgment sighed at my act of exploitation. He asked, “What are you going to do about Supreme Dragon Hell?”

“Oh!” I smiled dazzlingly, “Aren’t you glad that Knight-Captain Hell has returned?”

Judgment darted a look at me and asked strangely, “What do you mean?”

I smiled as I explained, “Since you were thirteen, no one in the Holy Temple has dared to spar with you. Ten years down the road, you finally have someone in the Holy Temple with whom you can practice swordplay. Shouldn’t you be happy? Do you think that you have enough spare time off work to run to the Monastery of the God of War in a neighboring country to challenge the Son of the God of War?”

Judgment Knight mulled over it and struggled with himself as he whispered, “But he is a Death Lord. He is extremely dangerous!”

“A Death Lord in the Church of the God of Light, in this stronghold against undead creatures? Are we the ones in danger, or is he the one in peril?”

Judgment pondered this for a while. He finally nodded and said helplessly, “Do whatever you want. Besides, I finally realized… He’s nowhere near as dangerous as you are.”

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