The “This is not a Beauty Pageant” Tournament Round 5-6

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Round 5

Who would win in a fight between Fairsky and Moon Knight?

In-game name: Fairsky (晴天 qíng tiān)
Race: Human; Class: Thief
In short: She is initially a spoiled rich girl who used her money to get whatever she wanted. She later joins Infinite City and falls in love with Sunshine, a self-aware NPC. She is good at trickery and knows how to use knives and kunai daggers.
“Hmph!” Real name: ???
Age: 20+
Hair color: Indigo; Eye colour: Violet
Widely regarded as: A famous loner and narcissist.
The Moon Knight is one of the more tragic member of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. Since he need to keep his chin up permanently to create an haughty image, his neck muscles have stiffen to the point that he could not lower his head anymore. This can be a problem if he accidentally dropped some items or when he want to kiss his girlfriend. As a result, he could only woo girls who are at least 180cm tall and wear high heels. His primary weapon is a whip and he has very quick speed.

Round 6

Who would win in a fight between Sunshine and Leaf Knight?

Name: Lantis Illyushin (aka Sunshine)
Race: Humanoid NPC; Class: Mage
In short: Sunshine is Prince’s pet self-aware NPC. He is a powerful magician, capable of spells such as Arcane Missiles and Piercing Wind.
“Sun, are you really all right? Does it hurt? Do you need help? Are you sure?” Real name: ???
Age: 20+
Hair color: Green; Eye color: Gray-green
Widely regarded as: A truly nice guy.
Yet another member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction, the Leaf Knight is a genuinely good-hearted person. He turns into a genuinely scary person, however, when you put a bow in his hands. According to Sun, Leaf can fire five arrows in ten seconds, with all of them hitting the bull’s eye. He can also run, leap, sing a song, turn his head to look at a hot babe, and turn the enemy into a hedgehog with his arrows, all at the same time.He specializes in ranged attacks, and his weapon is the Divine Leaf Bow.
Tournament and Contest Rules

Tournament Rules:

  1. In a comment, state who you think would win and why. You must give a solid reason in order for your vote to be counted (not X is hotter than Y). Remember, this is a fighting tournament not a beauty pageant!
  2. One clear winner only. No ties.
  3. One vote per person.
  4. At the end of the month we’ll count up all votes and announce the winner at the start of the next match. Winners will proceed to the next round of the tournament.
  5. The tournament takes place much like the Adventurers’ Tournament, in a stadium filled with spectators, with no outside interference allowed. The match ends by concession or death.

Writing Competition:

We are having an additional writing competition on top of the tournament. This will be separate from the monthly competitions we have in the forum and the challenge will be the same every time:

In no more than 2000 words, write a scene for how this month’s match would go.

For example, write what would happen if Prince and Sun fought. What techniques would they use and how would they counter? This can be a pure fight scene, or it can include dialogue. How it proceeds is all up to you! Ties are allowed. A writing competition entry is seperate from the tournament and will have no effect on the the tournament’s outcome. You will have to vote in the tournament separately.

PR! Staff will vote on the winner based how which entry is the most realistic/has the most chance for coming true. The winner will receive a chapter preview for the series of their choice.

To enter, email your writing to [email protected]! The deadline for Rounds 3 and 4 is February 29th.

67 Responses

  1. Round 5: Poor Moon Knight, but simply due to being unable to lower his head I’d have to throw my vote to Fairsky. She could sneak in under his line of sight and get the one-up on him with those daggers.

    Round 6: For this round I definitely choose Leaf Knight. Magic usually takes a bit of time or concentration to cast, but with Leaf Knight’s speed and accuracy I don’t think Sunshine would have a very easy time with this fight. (Also, why make the two adorably nice guys fight? :< So not fair.)

    • angel

      While it is unquestionable that his neck is a disadvantage for moon, he is a knight on master level. Like sun has a battle aura for priest that acted like a shield, knight battle aura work even better. furthermore, moon is a trained knight who had to work with that neck for his entire life, he can make up for it. His whip skills will not let any sneaky thief able to get near him.
      fairsky on the other hand is not that great at battle skill as we never heard much of her achievement in battle. However, fairsky got money and she can bribe though i do not know if her pride will allow that or if she is that desperate for it (sunshine will not like cheating). but then, moon is not that motivated to win either. beating up a little girl is not his style at all. so we can expect him to underestimate fairsky and possibly trip up with a few dagger to his gut. but then, he is a holy knight who can heal. the question is will fairsky dmg be great enough to hurt him badly enough? and if moon pride will get in the way of his win.

  2. Ruu

    I have to say Fairsky. Awesome as Moon might be, he’s got issues with his neck. And the thief Fairsky’ll definitely take advantage of that and gut him before he can really do much. Besides, she’s short, isn’t she?

    Sunshine’s pretty much broken. He’s insanely powerful. Leaf, on the other hand, might have the insanely awesome eyesight, but he’s still an archer. And as such, tends to be a bit… squishy. Leaf’ll have the advantage as long as he can keep retreating and sniping. But in a closed arena? Sunshine’ll catch up pretty soon.

  3. BriarRose

    I would have to say that the Leaf Knight would defeat Sunshine, but barely. Leaf Knight is very good with his bow and has amazing eyesight, but Sunshine has a magic carpet and is a mage. Leaf Knight should be able to down Sunshine before his can charge his magic.
    Fairsky and the Moon Knight would also be close because the Moon Knight can only look up so since Fairsky is shorter than him and prone to trickery. She should be able to get close to him under his gaze where he can’t track her and attack.

  4. caithdean

    Fairsky would definately defeat moon knight, poor thing. His neck is a HUGE disadvantage. I also think that Sunshine would win. He is a boss, he has shield magic and well as offensive magic, i don’t think leaf would be able to touch him.

  5. Blueberry

    In my opinion Leaf Knight will beat Sunshine because he’s an archer. He’s able dodge really quickly and at he same time shoot, while Sunshine is more of the supportive type and therefore needs a lot of time to cast his attackers. Plus Sunshine isn’t really the physical type either.
    In the fight between Fairsky and Moon Knight, Fairsky would definitively win because Fairsky is able to use her daggers sneakily due to Moon Knight’s disadvantage of always having to put his neck up(, though I would have preferred if Moon Knight had won.)

  6. DischordantVibes

    round 5:
    Fairsky would fall in love with his Bishie awesomness the moment she laid eyes on him, disallowing her to injure any part of his hotness. So the moon knight would then be able to attack with a whip where he has a greater attack range and can deflect all of fairskys kunai and knives. I also do not believe the moon knight is also above trickery considering his neck, he would have found ways to counteract this such as a really flexible mid section to allow him to see everything his neck won’t let him.
    round 6:
    Leaf Knight, at 5 arrows per second and Sunshines most powerful long range attack taking a long time to power up, he’ll be a pin cushion with min. 50 arrows in him. that means dead, even for a boss NPC

  7. Gohankuten

    I really can’t say who would win. Between Leaf and Sunshine it would be hard to guess. Most likely it would lean in Leaf’s favor but I can’t really say.

    Between Fairsky and Moon I would have to say Fairsky due to the neck. But then again I do not know Moons fighting style and since he has had this neck for awhile he should have adapted a fighting style that would allow him to exploit those that try to exploit the weakness of his neck. If I knew more about Moons fighting style I might vote his way but as it stands I would have to vote Fairsky since not being able to look down against an opponent that is both shorter than you and has a fighting style that deals with trickery is a major disadvantage.

    So my votes would be Fairsky and unknown. I can’t give a vote between Leaf and Sunshine due to how close I think it would be.

  8. Esprit

    Round 5: Moon Knight. Fairsky isn’t a particularly good straight-out fighter or thief if I remember, though I suppose I just don’t think she’s sneaky because Lolidragon is so much better at sneaky tricks and thievery than Fairsky. I don’t know much about Moon, but he does use a whip, which is a very versatile weapon for attack and defense, and probably fights in ways that compensate for his stiff neck. Also, would his haughty image be affected if he lost to or beat up a girl?

    Round 6: Argh, this is would be a close battle. Does Sunshine’s carpet count as a weapon/equipment or as a “pet”? If equipment, Sunshine can easily dodge Leaf’s arrows in time to charge a powerful spell. Otherwise, Sunshine can still dodge arrows, but he’ll definitely be wounded and the battle will be a lot closer, if not outright turned to Leaf’s favor. But assuming Moon Knight wins, Sunshine will want to avenge Fairsky, so I vote for Sunshine.

  9. pryun

    Round 5: Don’t know Moon Knight’s fighting style, so can’t vote, probably fairsky due to neck problems
    Round 6: Leaf will find it easy to riddle Sunshine, who is an unarmored(read: squishy) mage, with speed to his advantage.

  10. Chicaalterego

    I think that the moon knight would win. After all Fairsky is not all that powerfull, and the Moon Knight can use a whip and a sword (since he is a knight) and is strong.

    Leaf would win. Sunshine only has long ranged atacks with spells with super long casting time (like the arcane misiles) that are, quoting Prince “Useful for protecting a castle, but no much else”

  11. Jasae Bushae

    Wooo hoo~ yay for new battles! and I cannot entirly say im surprised about the turn out XD

    Round Five

    hmm…we dont know a whole lot about their fighting styles ^^; fairsky is a standard thief player whose real specialty is that she can afford freakishly uber duper powerful strongest equipment that money can buy. beyond that she was one of the people who went to the north continent which means she must have been involved in arena training…

    while moon knight we know alot less about beyond him being a skilled knight and the input that he is kinda fast and fights with a whip which were taking on assumption…
    Hes a member of the cold hearted faction as i recall which means that his holy magic is pretty weak and he is incapable of bending his neck which means he either fights with a very goofy stance or he uses a whip BECAUSE he cannot see…mostly conjecture but it makes some sense to me…(plus i have trouble believing he is able to specially sense his surroundings given sun was watching him for half an hour without moon either finding the mirror he dropped or realizing sun was there…)

    the only thing these two have in common is their both love birds who are fiercly lovey dovey with their boy/girlfriend and would quite possibly turn murderous towards anyone who tried to keep them apart for too long ^^;
    however since this is a tournament with spectators i dont think that could really factor at all since moony could be freely admiring his girlfriend from a higher seat in the coliseum and sunshine could simply cheer her on

    the final factor is the fact that fairsky and sunshine are both in the tournament and doubtless thats motive to win (however if they ever faced off i could never imagine it being anything other than a draw) and while moon might put on a good show for his girl he isnt necesarily as invested…add that to the fact that he has that trippy neck thing and i don’t see how he can fight ^^; (especially when he is fighting someone who is doubtless at least two or three feet shorter than him with powerful weapons)

    if it was any other knight i think fairsky would have lost especially with how little we know about her ability but against moon knight i think she would have the advantage….
    also theres the factor that also being a lovey dovey person and being known for bribery she might simply get moon to throw the match in exchange for a fancy expensive present to give to his girlfriend who sun proclaimed ‘He cares about more than anything!’

    so my vote is for fairsky
    Round Six

    This is a very very very very very difficult match to judge ^^; though in this case because we know to much about either competitor XD
    To carefully examine it, on sunshines side we have a powerful mage who is also the most powerful pet one can aquire in the game. He has loads of magic most well known is a target everyone spell that takes time to charge, a magic flying carpet and was described as having a number of other abilities such as a faster use spell whose name escapes me and given the annoying difficulty of his quest its safe to assume they made him very very cheap

    while leaf knight putting aside his appreciation for voodoo, is a very very fast person who has enough muscle to walk a whole day carrying sun, is one of the best swordsmen in the church, is able to quick fire numerous arrows with a fire rate of one every two seconds with freakishly scary precision. add to that the fact that he is of the good warm hearted faction meaning lotsa holy magic meaning he can heal himself and you have a nightmare who is possibly the strongest knight out of anyone

    either character has a weakness for close range and specialize in long range so this will doubtless become a factor of what one can do at a distance.
    its fair to assume that sunshine will immediently go for his flying carpet which on top of giving him a permanent distance will obscure the target he poses for leaf (plus that thing still worked after being set half on fire so the arrows can only pose a risk to sunshine himself) turning this more or less into a game of battleship ^^;
    leafs pretty fast so might be able to dodge some of sunshines magical abilities plus he can heal any injury he takes in the short term (he isnt sun who can heal after bleeding a street of blood afterall with no consequences ^^; )

    on sunshines side of things he unlike ming huang actually could charge up his freakishly powerful super spell which as i recall only had time factors based on how many targets he had. a spell which apparently acted like guided missiles to chase people around…however taking the time to reearch sunshines missile ability he needs to look his target in the eye to use it ^^;
    he also has that faster acting move which im assuming is called piercing winds though i cant find the chapter where it occurs so i cant really factor it

    Hmm….It basically all comes down to whether leaf could score a lucky shot on sunshine if the mage was flying overhead or if sunshine could successfully defeat leaf while attacking blindly…
    Factoring in that at least one of sunshines spells require seeing his opponent and leafs freakishly good eyesight allows him to hit a target from half a mile away with perfect accuracy while running and doing three other actions and that we dont know if sunshine has any defensive spells (im assuming not given that they were kinda crispy after trying the north continent) im gonna have to put my vote towards Leaf Knight. Which is a right shame because I was really hoping to see another mage make it to the next round. XD

    My vote is for Leaf Knight

  12. Baka Weiss

    As we don’t know what Moon’s abilities are, I’m undecided here.

    I DO know that Leaf will turn Sunshine into a hedgehog while cooking a meal and carrying Sun cuz the cockroach is tired. And if he decides not to use a bow, he can always use a sword – Leaf is a knight, after all and his swordsmanship is actually quite good (IIRC Adair-level swordsmanship – which is excellent). And Sunshine is simply a high-level mage with a flying carpet. I bet Leaf can fire off more arrows than Sunshine’s multi-target spell creates within the time it takes to chant it.

    • TK

      @Baka Weiss
      Did you actually call Grisia Sun, Leader of the Holy Knights’ Temple, amazing STRATEGIST and the MOST DEVIOUS PERSON IN ALL THE LAND a COCKAROACH!!!!!!!!!!! You sir are very disrespectful. Btw i think Leaf will win because of his amazing marksmanship and ability to scare Sun when he is fighting. And i hate to say it but i think Fairsky will be at an advantage when compared to Moon who searches for a bookmark for a few hours. Still Moon is a powerful Knight-Captain and may have some tricks too so i have to say it may even be a tie!

    • Katiewoo

      Well, doesn’t Sun refer to himself as a cockroach? Not saying that he is or isn’t, but still….

      Anywho, my votes for the match are Leaf and Fairsky (geh! Did I really just say that? I’m sorry Moon Knight!) My reasoning? Simple. Leaf will kick Sunshine’s fanny with his arrows, which are in my opinion faster than spells. Fairsky will win because poor Moon can’t lower his head to look at her properly while fighting.

    • 15B

      Actually, it’s Blaze who calls Sun a cockroach. An invincible cockroach who won’t mid bleeding one or two buckets of blood even when he’s already about ready to faint.

      Round 5
      I refuse to vote. It would make me feel bad if I voted while having lack of information…
      Round 6
      I have to say… I would vote for Leaf. Although he missed a few times while shooting at Roland, his accuracy is still uncanny, excellent eyesight, ATK Speed is very high, can multitask while shooting, back-up sword, the opposition needing to take time to cast, holy magic (enough for a moderate heal, wasn’t it?), incredible stamina, a love for seasoning (Er… Maybe we’ll just skip that… I guess pepper can’t be used to make Sunshine sneeze after all… But there’s always the salt!) and the mere fact that Judgement isn’t even sure if he could beat Leaf. As long as Leaf takes down Sunshine before Sunshine finishes casting, Leaf should be able to win… And as long as Sunshine isn’t permitted to use HP pots…

  13. Nanolaughing

    To Round 5 #1:The first pairing is to Fairsky. She will win because, sadly, Moon Knight cannot drop his head low. Even in defeat he who is prideful will not lower one’s head! And she is much tougher than she appears! Her class is a thief, thus retorting her to use dirty tricks to win. And Moon Knight will be defeated by his area of vision because he cannot see Fairsky sneaking up on him,low on the ground without a sound, for the fatal blow.
    To Round 5 #2: And the second pairing, goes to Leaf Knight! He is truly a nice guy, a voodoo guy, and a lethal sniper with his bow. Even though Sunshine have very good magic attacks, they may take far to long to cast. While Leaf, will shoot multiple, accurate, and VERY deadly arrows straight at Sunshine. THUS, Sunshine will be knock out befor he can even mumble his magic skills!

    • angel

      I am kinda sad that people underestimate moon too much. despite his neck, moon is still a full fledged knight and skilled with a whip. fairsky was never known for her battle skill. On a whole, we dont really know much about moon either, but if you read further into the raw, u see more of his qualities. sadly that is not the case yet. But when it come to whip, u can be sure that his neck is no problem as his whip make up for it. What do make fairsky scary is that she can certainly bribe moon and the guys is not that hype to defeat a little girl either. He is simply too prideful to do it.

    • AC

      It’s not that people underestimate Moon, it’s just most of us aren’t well acquainted with his abilities… I don’t even remember reading his weapon was a whip before this tournament, let alone the extent of his battle skills.
      I DO know that the Knights, in general, are overpowered, but if their victory was THAT obvious, then this tournament wouldn’t be any fun.

    • NanoLaughing

      Haha i re-did it And yes i know moon has worked out his kinks, but Fairsky won’t loose because of her fast agility. and she WILL hurt him, cause she has Sunshine some other guys won’t make her falter.

  14. AC

    Round 5 is for Fairsky, for the very same reasons everyone already pointed out: she’s shorter than Moon and he can’t look down. And since she’s a thief, she must be good in sneak attacks, so it nullifies the possibility of Moon sensing her approach and defend with his whip.

    Round 6… well.
    First, I think this is a “one hit one kill” battle. Every arrow/spell they launch against each other will be deadly if ever succesful.
    For me, it seems like the outcome of the battle depends upon how good a flying carpet rider Sunshine is. Since the carpet is large enough to allow Prince, Kenshin, Sunshine, Jing and Yun to sit comfortably, from bellow Leaf wouldn’t be able to know where in the carpet Sunshine is standing, but Sunshine from above wouldn’t be able to aim properly. So Sunshine would have to perform the craziest air maneuvers he could muster, trying to hit Leaf without being hit. But I’m afraid Sunshine is not daring enough, so they would be locked in a attack-dodge-attack pattern, until someone had the brilliant idea of charging head on – and this someone will not be Sunshine.
    Then, what happens next is that, while Sunshine flies his carpet just above Leaf, trying to go for one more evasive maneuver, Leaf leaps and grabs the carpet, and finishes Sunshine using a dagger, sword or a point blank shot with his Divine Leaf Bow or whatever it’s named.
    Of course, if Sunshine made the carpet wrap around Leaf to immobilize him… then Sunshine would win. But that’s not going to happen, because Sunshine isn’t that sort of tricky fellow.

    So Leaf Wins.

  15. Mitsou

    Round 5: I’m not sure who would win, in skill, I think Moon would win but because of his neck, Fairsky probably have a very good chance to win (she is shorter than him isn’t it?), well, for the most part, as long as Moon doesn’t let Fairsky get too close to him to the point that he couldn’t see, I would said, this round Moon knight will win.
    Round 6: Leaf will win :D, he’s an archer with great skill and we all know that Magic take a longer time to cast~ so yea, my favor goes to Leaf

  16. WhistleLeaf

    Round 5-Moon Knight
    I think the moon knight will win, since fairsky is strong, but not that strong…and the moon knight is one of the twelve knights, which definitely means he’s not normal. Even though a stiff neck is a disadvantage, he must have a way to compensate for it, since beside the sun knight, the 11 other knights are functional knights that have skills at combat. The moon knight also uses a whip and is very fast, a whip a good mid range weapon and a good defense, compared to fairsky a thief, she won’t even be able to even get close to the moon knight.

    Round 6-Leaf Knight
    the leaf knight is a very nice, but he is supposedly a terrifying guy once he’s equipped with his bow. though sunshine has a flying magic carpet, and super strong spells, he seem to be the type that take a very long time to cast a spell, on the other hand, leaf has super human shooting speed and accuracy. which kinda is a bad match for super slow casting time, but super strong spells

  17. blargin7

    Fairsky would win against Moon knight. Being a knight means nothing if you can barely see your enemy because you can’t look down. Combined with the fact that Fairsky is a theif, which is a more speed based class, and that Moon’s weapon is mainly a mid to long-range weapon, it’s not looking good for Moon knight.

    Leaf Knight would win against Sunshine just by the speed and ammount of arrows that he can fire. Prince himself said it during the fight for Infinite city, Sunshine’s spells are powerful and always hit what they are aimed at, but they take a long time to cast, which makes him perfect for fighting a seige, but not so great in a one-on-one battle.

  18. Sen

    My vote goes to Fairsky since she is probably much shorter than Moon, and cause of that, the Moon knight will barely be able to see her (especially with his neck :P) , letting her hit him easier. Not to mention the amount of trickery Fairsky might use while she is out of his sight.
    I also vote for Sunshine since… well, he is a nearly unbeatable boss. Besides, it doesn’t say that Sunshine only knows magic that takes a long time to cast otherwise he would be easy to defeat during the casting period. It doesn’t say much about what spells he knows so chances are he could use spells that stop leaf from moving, being unable to shoot and all.

  19. DevilMania

    Fairsky and Leaf!!

    Well, I guess this is very sad for moon since he’s tall, and most importantly, can’t look down, whereas Fairsky is a thief, small girl, and tough one at that.

    I’d say Sunshine is great mage, a boss level at that. But like all other weakness of mages, they need time for strong attacks. Even if he use minor spells to Leaf, Leaf could just heal them with holy magic. And then, leaf is great with bow and arrows. Even if he ran out of arrows to fire where Sunshine won’t be able to dodge all, Leaf is also good with sword, afterall, only Sun is bad at it.

  20. DarkDragon

    I vote Fairsky in round 5, because, well, Moon just can’t lower his head. Even though he’s quick, Fairsky, as a thief is also quick, and he will have a hard time following her movements. She is also cunning and clever, and will notice his disadvantage and use it right away, possibly using a strike-and-run technique.
    As for round 6, may vote goes to Leaf. Even though Sunshine is a really powerful Mage, his spells take time. If he has the time to cast them, they will probably kill his opponent with one spell, but since Leaf is an expert at ranged fighting and at multi-tasking, he would have no problem with distracting Sunshine and stopping him from casting his destructive magic. Even if Sunshine isn’t distracted, he might die before having time to cast the spell.

  21. Kyner

    Round 5 – I am going to go with Moon knight. Although he has neck issues, he has had to deal with it for quite a while and should be able to cope with the issue. Being one of the holy knights he should be quite strong, while Fairsky does not come across as being all that strong. She buys her way to great armor and weapons to gain the advantage but being a holy knight, Moon Knight already has top of the line gear.

    Round 6 – A tough battle between the best mage character in 1/2 prince, and leaf knight who has almost superhuman archery skills and can hold himself in a battle with a sword. My opinion is that one hit from sunshine will kill leaf but leaf would need a perfect shot to OHKO sunshine. In the end, Leaf knight is sunshine’s worst opponent as not even his flying carpet can escape Leaf’s attack. Leaf wins in a quick draw volley of arrows.

    • angel

      ahem, i would like to correct you that moon knight armors are actually not top of the line. Rather, they are pretty much for decoration and everyday normal use (but not that tough) since the pope is being a stingy old man and all. It goes without saying that the knights are all strong fellows who can survive all that even with such flimsy armor. I definitely vote for moon knight because his skills are the real deal. If you read the part where sunknight was arguing with the pope about who he can take with him to the wedding, moonknight was one of the top ranking that he would choose to accompany him.

  22. Sydia

    Fairsky would not win even though she has top gear (because she’s rich), she’s not likely to know how to use it well or has much skill.
    Moon Knight has been training with his gear for the majority of his life and can match her speed as a thief.


    Leaf would win versus Sunshine because Sunshine’s spells take time to effect while Leaf can simply draw his arrows and shoot.
    Even the flying carpet wouldn’t help him there!


  23. dys

    R5: Moon Knight would win. If his neck was really such a big advantage holy church wouldn’t have let that tradition preserve. It’s no good to let your knights die one after another. because of such a stupid thing. Next to Moon, Fairsky is a joke.

    R6: Leaf would win. He’s the worst match with sunshine out of all holy knights. With anyone else Sunshine could’ve get out of range with his carpet and rain down magic nukes. But that’s no good against Leaf, who is not only a deadly archer but also good on melee sword fighting. Sunshine’s spells also take a long time to cast and I don’t think his class has much HP. Leaf would finish him before he got a chance to cast his first spell.

    Also I don’t know what the heck happened in R3. Thieves are obviously not meant for straight out 1on1 fights and while Lolidragon may be faster than wind, Storm can downright teleport. Actually this whole SK vs. HP thing is weird. One one side we have gamers who probably can’t even do a back flip with their own abilities, on another side we have people who earn their bread that way. In a fight, they don’t have luxury to get distracted by sexy, let their necks get in the way, bullshit around being quirky/nice/broody. Only people who stood a change were NPCs and maybe top players. Most of those won’t make it into the tournament since they were introduced so late but Prince and Sunshine already met the worst possible opponent they could. There’s also us having so little information about SK characters. If anyone actually saw Storm in action once, just ONCE, Lolidragon would’ve been mercifully grounded into dust. Now she has to die a horrible, horrible death at the hands of Sun for daring to hurt Storm. It will be so gory we won’t be able to have a fanfiction contest about it. If Volume 3 gets finished by then. that is.

    • angel

      oh dear.

      but back to storm knight, i agree with you. storm battle ability is unquestionable. if it was not because he has to stuck with the paperwork and all that , sotrm would had shine more in battle. But then again, since storm is always being burried with paper work, there is no chance for us to see his abilities until much much later.

  24. Shmi

    Round 5: I´d say that Fairsky wins. being a thief she´d have to be at least somewhat good at sneaking up on ppl. and with Moon being unable to lower his head, Fairsky would eventually wear him down. sneak attack. run away.. sneak attack.. run away. eventually he´d be defeated.

    Round 6: tough one… hm, my vote goes to Leaf though. both are best at attacking long range, but Sunshine would have to spend time casting spells, and from what I remember most of them take a looong time to cast. while he do that Leaf will have loads of time attacking and taking him down.

  25. Elaru

    Round 5: Fairsky wins. Poor Moon wont even be able to look at her as she slices his stomach open. Super speed and a whip isn’t gonna help him against an opponent as fast as him, who he can’t even LOOK at.

    Round 6: Gotta say Leaf. If he can turn someone into a hedgehog while checkin’ out girls I don’t think Sunshine will stand a chance with his lengthy spell casting. Unless Sunshine is so bishounen he gets mistaken for a girl… THAT would be interesting.

    • TK

      At the same time Leaf is one more for Voodoo dolls than actual girls, you are thinking of either Sun, Earth, or Storm.

    • angel

      regard the voodoo, leaf is not like that… but if i cant explain it because it will be spoiler XD
      i can only tell you that leaf is a normal healthy guy. His habit of voodoo is another matter entirely :P

    • mokona

      the straw dols used by Leaf are not voodoo
      they are a example of the shintoist concept nazoraëru the potencial can not be eaven remoatly similar as vodoo comes from the mix of shamanistic religions and a distorted and strongly simplified cristianism.

    • AC

      Does the technical difference really matter? His putting Sun’s hair in some kind of doll and pinning the doll to relieve his stress. As long as it looks like he wanted to pin Sun, I think it doesn’t matter the actual origin of the practice.

    • Baka Weiss

      Those words didn’t mean that Elmairy is a womanizer. It merely meant that he can multi-task and one of those tasks is shooting someone full of arrows without even looking. The ‘looking at a babe’ part is simply part of Creus’s Covert Pervert tendencies.

    • AngelSnow

      in regard to leaf tendencies to use voodoo dolls, the fault lies with sun. Who tell sun to make the poor leaf so stressed out that he had to resort to ‘admire’ so much of sun’s hair :/ but then, i suppose leaf would have other concerns beside sun to stress him out, too. To leaf, voodoo dolls is not a hobby/obsession, though it may sounded like one, and probably will evolved into one someday.
      And yeah, leaf will have a girl friend soon. Though you wont be able to guess who just yet and I am dying to read the translation. wait for it! ^^

    • Elaru

      @Baka Weiss
      I know, I just wanted to use Sun’s direct words. Leaf seems like a sweetie, in my opinion he’s probably the most normal of the Holy Knights, black magic hobby aside :P

  26. Alexa

    Round 5- Fairsky wins hands down as the Moon knight has a disadvantage of fighting a pretty girl. I don’t think Moon is THAT cruel. (Even if I want Moon to win *tears*)
    Round 6- Leaf would win because magic take some incantiation to cast. Sunshine would be chanting some spell while in the few seconds he is doing so leaf would have turned him a porqupine and would be half way to his room ready to mess with his voodoo doll

  27. Kazen

    Round 5: Fairsky would win because Moon Knight’s neck problem is a disadvantages since he could not see Fairsky as she creeps closer and closer below his line of sight.

    Round 6: The winner would be Leaf Knight because while Sunshine busy chanting spell, Leaf should probably release a few rounds of arrows towards his opponent.

  28. DeZwoelf

    Round 5 – Winner: Fairsky
    While the Moon Knight’s fighting ability is unknown, I do believe Fairsky would take advantage of his neck’s weakness, striking from below. Additionally, as Moon is a member of the “Cruel, Cold-Hearted Faction”, I do not believe he would be able to use enough magic to heal himself and/or counter Fairsky. Loss by dagger to the back, or surrender.

    Round 6 – Winner: Leaf Knight
    Leaf Knight will likely run around the stadium, leap away from any incoming spells, sing a six verse battle hymn, turn his head to look at the hot babes in the audience, and turn the Sunshine into a hedgehog with his arrows, all at the same time.

  29. Hobbit

    Although Sunshine is a powerful mage, we never see him in close combat. In fact, he stands with the other mages behind the warrior meatshield in the Battle for Infinite City. I’m not saying he’s not strong enough, only that his attacks take far longer than the ten seconds necessary for Leaf to turn him into a pin-cushion. Leaf therefore, will win.

    As for the fight between Fairsky and Moon, I’m unsure how this fight will go, but I believe Fairsky may prevail. Theives of Second Life are known for their inhuman speed, and I doubt Moon can keep up with that, despite his whip and training.

  30. glassesgirl

    Round 5 – Fairsky
    Moon Knight cannot look down and that would make it difficult to fight. Also, Fairsky is a thief so she will be sneaky and will have a high agility.
    Round 6 – Leaf Knight
    Sunshine’s Guided Arcane Missiles cannot miss and Leaf Knight’s arrows are dodgeable, so it would seem as if Sunshine could win. But Sunshine is a mage and would not have a high enough agility to dodge all of the arrows and by the time he finished he casting a spell he would be hit by so many arrows that he would die.

  31. mokona

    in round 6 Leaf will win he can fire arrows fast and sunshine neads time to cast spells
    in round 5 Moon he can esily distract Fairsky with his atitude ad kill her.

  32. KuwaNeko

    dunno if it counts…
    round 5: Moon, even though his neck is quite certainly a disadvantage (and FairSky being short), having a whip for weapon pretty much fixes that disadvantage, forcing the opponent to stay at a rather long distance
    round 6: Leaf. don’t know much of archer vs mage, but Leaf is a pretty terrifying adversary, deadly precise and fast, plus, if I recall correctly, he is a pretty descent swordsman (about the same as Adair, and Adair is amongst the 10 best in the church of light)

  33. wolfy134

    round 5: I thunk Moon would win, Because he is awesome with a whip and all the knights are really really strong.
    round 6: I definatly think Leaf would win. Sunshine wouldn’t have enough time to cast his magic and Leaf is scary with a bow. ^^

  34. NanoLaughing

    Round 5 : Fairsky will win, for Moon Knight is unable to lower his chin will have a narrow vision to see his attacker, Fairsky, simply lowers herself on the ground in a striking position as I can imagine, her knifing Moon Knight viciously, thus the match will end shortly as Fairsky as the winner. Standing in triumph Fairsky will loot (as of a game)
    Round 6 : Leaf Knight will win no doubt, Sunshine’s magic takes farrrrrrrrr too long to say, thus making vulnerable to attack, with Leaf’s precise and accurate marksmanship this battle will end. And even if Sunshine is near Leaf, making him unable to shoot, His swordsmanship is just a great as his Archery. Still to able to bring down Sunshine, Because Leaf is ‘truly a nice guy’ he will make is clean, fast, and as painless as possible. (even though he’s just as heartless as a stingy old (current) Sun Knight!)

  35. Truciderete

    Round 5: Moon Knight would win over Fairsky. His neck is a disadvantage, but that only comes into play if she can get close and low enough for his eye sitght not to see her which he wouldn’t let her. Moon is a fully trained Knight which means he has a battle Aura which makes him faster and stronger and his main weapon is a whip which are very fast and meant to keep opponents from getting close. So unless Fairsky can use the ablity dig, like Lolidragon, she wouldnt be able to get close enough to take advantage of his eyesight problem. Therefore unable to take advantage of Moon Knight’s disadvantage it would come down to skill and Moon Knight’s skill outshines Fairsky.

    Round 6: Leaf Knight would win over Sunshine. Leaf is an archer and a very skilled one at that where he can make pincushion out of his enemies, and Sunshine spells are used to fight multiple opponents in giant group fights where he has time to cast his spells. Sunshine’s magic isnt built for one on one while Leaf’s archery can be used in a one on one match. So Leaf would win.

  36. kittikiti

    Round 6: Sunshine beats Leaf because Leaf realizes that Sunshine is wayyyy too innocent and he would feel absolutely guilty if he beat Sunshine. Sunshine acts all happy and cheerful, Leaf tries to shot him with his arrows but Sunshine keeps moving around, Leaf gets tired of this and forfeits. Or Sunshine keeping asking millions and millions of questions and Leaf loses because of forfeit; he decides that he cannot keep staying in the match without wanting to seriously hurt Sunshine in any way to shut him up, he doesn’t want to hurt Sunshine so he forfeits.

  37. claire

    round 5: moon knight
    so yes, moon knight’s neck may be a bit of a problem, but he’s like the 38th moon knight, so there were 37 moon knights before him who found some way around it and still managed to keep the image while not disgracing oneself. so he should have that problem solved and a nasty surprise to fairsky if she tried to sneak up on him. moon should know the rogue type very well, because they’re fairly common, while a knight with a whip is a bit more rare (sunitzu) also, he does have the pride of a man, and as a man, he would not be able to face his girlfriend if he lost. so moonwould be totally motivated
    fairsky, she’s not the type that strikes me as sly (that’s lollidragon we’re talking about). in the books, she mainly relies on her money to get what she wants (she didnt even fight in the newbie village when prince and lollidragon first meet wolf dage (yeh that fight)) so she’s not very aggressive. also, she fell inlove with prince at first sight. she may very well get love stricken with the bishie. not to say shes way out of his league. also, if she won this, she might have to fight sunshine!

    round 6: leaf knight
    this is seriously hard, cuz this battle is all about speed. leaf knight can hit 10 bulls eyes in 10 sec or something ridiculous like that, while sunshine may have some on demand spell, he is still a mage and mages need meatsheilds. Sunshine’s quick spells may be speedy, but i doubt they would be able to pack a good punch and do serious damage to leaf. a few well placed arrows fired by the kingdom of sound’s best bow should make a seriously injury or maiming, if not a kill. so leaf doesnt not only have a very good set of eyes and asrms, he also is very quick (he can keep up with mike)
    sunshine may have the carpet, but he has to call it out, and that wastes precious seconds and lets leaf get in some extra shots and pone. sunshine also wouldnt be that motivated, because that’s not much in his character (kenshin is the one thats the battle demon). he also might just be a bit fearful of the scary person wanting to make him a hedgehog. he may have good dodging skills, and sheild spells, but leaf is not just as good, if not better, at running and dodging and leaf’s a holy knight-should have some tricks up his sleeve.and just forget about arcane missiles or any other breath of hot air-thats an insult to leaf.

    • claire

      to build up on my previous, now that leaf has super eyesight, how can he not beat sunshine? even if sunshine’s a boss, leaf is now even more pro

    • AC

      his eyesight has improved, alright, but does it make him more coordinate to shoot? Leaf’s new supervision won’t change the fact that Sunshine will be dodging.

  38. zinniac

    round 5: moon knight
    I agree with Claire in that moon knight’s neck won’t spell his defeat. He’s trained around it and is recognized as a holy knight. This isn’t a measly position. Besides, Fairsky’s ability as a thief is definitely sub par. She relies on her wealth and the equipment it can buy over actually dedicating herself to real training. In battle, she doesn’t stand a chance against a trained holy knight. Then again, I’m not too sure on moon knight’s resolve toward women. Beating Fairsky would either damage his image or help it. As his being one of the cold-hearted faction, I’m not too sure. If he lost, his girlfriend…

  39. Chaosty

    Round 5>
    Fairsky \ moon Moon is powerfull, but I think he will underestimate her. Shel get in close and with god daggers and the element of suprise I think Fairsky could do it. That is if she moves quickly and don’t get squimish.. If she hesitates I think she’s done for. So all in all i’m not quite sure how that confrontation would turn out.

    Leaf knigh \ Sunshine Sunshine is definitly the most powerfull one, so if the fight drags out my bet would be on him. The thing is just that Leaf is the posterchild for quickness, whereas sunshine’s spells usually takes very long to cast. Leaf could fire lots of arrows at sunshine before sunshine even has time to cast a spell and Leaf never misses..

  40. 15B

    I was about to try writing fanfic for the Leaf vs. Sunshine match. Then I saw the deadline had passed about a month and a half ago.

    Has the contest been abandoned?

  41. Exile Wrath

    Round 5-
    Fairsky vs. Moon Knight
    Even though he has a debilitating “issue” with his neck, Moon is still a holy knight, albeit one with rather…limited reserves of holy light.
    Fairsky, on the other hand, is a thief that happens to be incredibly good at money managing and manipulation.
    Winner: Fairsky.
    Loser: Moon Knight, casualty by dagger in the throat.

    Round 6-
    I’m unable to vote for this one, really. I mean…they’re my favorite characters! I can’ stand to thnk of Sunshine as a hedgehog or Leaf as a burnt crisp TT_TT

  42. Lcevrai*

    round 6: Sunshine will win, why? Simply due to the fact that he is an npc(boss at that!). Do i need say more? ^^

    . . . Well if you are looking for MORE proof, fine , sunshine has a flying carpet, the perfect shield and stall for time to cast a spell!

  43. kioko

    round 6 sunshine would win because of his flying carpet. He would be able to dogde any attacks from the sky and well yeah. plus he’s a really high level

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