Update: March 2012 – Yu Wo’s Birthday and Other Blurbs

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March 2012 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V6Extra: Life in Search of a Future
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C5: “The Mandatory Mentor for an Adventure - A Wise Man”
  3. ½ Prince V7C1: Supreme Battleship
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C6: “The Road Every Adventure Must Travel - An Underground Cavern”

Hello everyone!

First, a couple of quick things: We have officially decided to change Tian Xian’s name to Celestial (For those of you who don’t remember, he is Doll’s husband) and the mobile version of our site, which had a couple of issues, has been updated. We have also decided to simplify the way we handle translations into other languages that are hosted on our site. They can now all be found at http://international.princerevolution.org/. If anyone is interested in translating into other languages, the requirement is now that you complete one chapter and submit it to us! More info is over on our recruitment page under “Other Languages”.

We would also like to remind you all that we frequently post little things over in our Staff Blog. Posts range from pictures posted by our staff members, discussions about characters, to things translated off Yu Wo’s own blog. Head on over there to check it out!

And now to our more important piece of news! For those of you who aren’t aware, Yu Wo’s birthday is on April 29th. This year we’d like to send her a big e-card filled with messages from her English-speaking fans. Please post here with messages you’d like us to send her! (For example, “Happy birthday from Mary Sue!”) These messages can be as long or short as you’d like (pages long if you really want!). If you would like us to include a picture that you’ve drawn or colored or even a short story that you’ve written, anything at all, send it along and we’ll include it. The deadline for this is April 15th. Please help us wish her a happy birthday!

Happy reading!


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  1. Happy B-day from a spanish fan! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

    Your novels are incredibly well written and I think I’ve never laugh harder than with some of the chapters of The Sun Knight or Half Prince. I hope this e-card makes you smile and I hope you know we English-speaking fan cherish you and your work.

    I hope you receive tons of present and eat lots of tasty food. Enjoy your birthday!


  2. Umm, are all those April’s supposed to be March?

    Otherwise could you please send

    “Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much for your awesome stories!”

    • Shadow Rebirth

      No, it’s in April =] We’re doing this way ahead of time to make sure that everyone has a chance to reply.

  3. I think this birthday e-mail idea is an awesome idea. Kudos to the person who thought of it.

    “Happy birthday! ~ From a fan who dreams of the day they make Second Life into an actual game. I love your novels, not many stories can make me laugh like yours did. Have a great day today and many more great days in the future.”

  4. Mockingjay

    Happy birthday!!! It is because of your novel that I am still studying hard to learn Chinese. Thank you!

  5. Ah, so much chapters to read :) I just can’t wait until you release them.

    ” Happy Birthday!! – I love your novels and i just can’t stop laughing while reading them, while trying to figure out, what they’re blundering in next. “

  6. Yu wo~ Have a happy, happy birthday! I love your novels so much and am desperately hoping that one day I’ll be able to buy the official translations of your novels over here in America. Best wishes!

  7. Happy Birthday! I love the novels you published xD They always manage to make me laugh! Thank you!

  8. Flitfish

    Happy Birthday! I love your work, especially your characters. Watching them interact never fails to make me smile. Thanks for the good times!

  9. Hope you have a very happy birthday Yu Wo! 1/2 Prince and Legend of the Sun Knight are my favorite novels! They make me laugh like crazy and the characters (Especially Prince and Grisia) are awesome!! I am so grateful that you wrote them! I really want to read all your other works too if possible. Anyways, thank you for writing them and good work! ^_^

    Aside from that, I’m reminded to thank you guys too for translating it all xD Again, Thank you~

  10. dollyfishe

    happy b-dei :D
    thank you for making an excelent book for a good laugh. i really wish i can read chinese, so i can have ur official book.
    wish u have a great time on ur birthday

  11. Lizhong Zhang


  12. “Happy birthday to you Yu Wu and thank you for the wonderful stories! May all the sweets you receive go to Grisla instead~”

  13. Eric Liang

    “Happy birthday Yu Wu! thank you for all those stories that always manage to make me giggle out of control, I would like to thank you for the cheer your story bought to my day as well as encouraging me to start learning chinese so i can read more!”

  14. Gohankuten

    Happy birthday Yu Wo! Love your works and can’t wait for the awesome translation groups here to translate more of your works so I can read them and fall in love with more of your works. Have a great birthday and thanks for allowing these translation groups like Prince Revolution to translate your works so those of us that can only read English can experience the joy of reading your works.
    Make a crossover of 1/2 Prince and Legend of the Sun Knight and have Prince and Grisa face off would be hilarious to see

  15. YukiSnow

    “Happy Birthday! I hope you don’t die from your workload like Storm Knight! Remember to eat your meals properly, and don’t overwork yourself! Stay healthy so that you can write more novels for us fans to read! :P -YukiSnow”

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love your novels especially 1/2 Prince! When I first found out the manga was based off of your novel, I instantly searched for it on google and am super glad I found it on this site! Thank you for having an imaginative and creative mind and the willpower to write your amazing light novels!! You also have the same birthday as one of the greatest writers in history, William Shakespear! His creative writing talent was passed to you through your birthday :P
    ( \_/ )
    (^_^) <Happy Birthday!)
    Birthday Bunny also wishes you the best of wishes!
    – RT13 a fan who moves a lot

  17. Happy Birthday from Sweden! (^_^)
    The English translations of your work is a monthly highlight for me. I love your novels and being able to read them is a blessing. The only thing missing is an official English version to beautify my bookcase with. Wish you a happy day with lots of cake and a long and healthy life.

  18. YellowMouse

    “Happy birthday Yu Wo. I really enjoy your stories. They are so interesting and entertaining; they stick with me better than other stories. Your characters really drive your writing and it makes it so much fun for the reader to have a character to connect to that is more than a cookie cutter type.
    In a round about way you helped inspire me to change what I do with my life to something that really interests me. I’m going to do neuroscience, which I got interested in after seeing how far away the technology in 1/2 prince is away. Maybe I’ll help it get here soon.
    Thank you for allowing these English translations. As a book lover I can’t get enough of good stories and I’m always anxious to read more of what you’ve written!”

  19. Truciderete

    Happy Birthday Yu Wo and thanks for the awesome stories I love them.

  20. CocoFlower

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your works and I really wish your characters were real- we all love you lots and lots! <3

  21. Happy Birthday Yu Wo and I hope you have many good years to come. I greatly enjoy your novels. Whenever I’m feeling down or life has me stressed, I can read Legend of Sun Knight or Eclipse Hunter and it brings me out of the gloom. You help me to see the brighter side in life when I need it. Thank you for what you do.

  22. If you could, I hope you can add on to the card you’re sending her, “Happy Birthday!! I love your novels! From Anh.”

  23. Happy Birthday Yu Wo! I hope that you will be very happy on this special day and that you will have good fortune and health for many years to come. You create very interesting characters that are so diverse, and I love them for that. Your stories are also amazing, and I reading them is a great pleasure of mine. Also, thank you very much for giving us your blessing for these English translations! (^_^) The staff here at Prince Revolution have earned you more fans with their great skills. You should know that everyone that reads them loves them. I only wish there was an official version of these books. Anyway, wishing you a wonderful birthday from a fan in Canada and again, many thanks for what you’ve done!

  24. May you have a beautiful birthday. And if it’s going sour, pull a Sun Knight and act like crazy :D THANK YOU FOR WRITING SOMETHING THIS AMAZING!!!!

  25. Happy Birthday! from Abby :)

  26. Elucidat

    Hello Yu Wo! I hope you have an amazing birthday! Thank you for 1/2 Prince and Legend of the Sun Knight. Your series are wonderful.

  27. caithdean

    This is a great idea!! Happy Birthday Yu Wo, your series are wonderful and always brighten my day!

  28. Happy Birthday Yu Wo your stories are funny and entertaining to read and they never lose their charm no matter how many times i reread them. I hope you keep writing these amazing books but don’t work too hard! We all support you and eagerly await your next work!

  29. Happy Birthday Yu Wo! I love your series!
    By a brazilian fan.

  30. Willowtm

    Happy Birthday Yu Wo!!! Hope your birthday is as amazing as your novels! You have a wonderful writing style that just draws your readers in and hooks them on your words. Not to mention that someone who can write characters like Prince and Sun has to extremely funny! I, as an aspiring writer, look up to you and hope that I can be even half as good as you someday. I wish you a long life filled with happiness and want to thank you for 1/2 Prince, Legend of Sun Knight, the places they have taken me, and the laughs they drew out of me. May you have many more birthdays!!!

  31. WhistleLeaf

    Dear Yu Wo, Happy Birthday!!! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy and laughter to my life. I have read almost all your novels and I think they are the most amazing stories, full of action, plot, and comedy. I have not seen many authors who can blend plot and comedy together so well like you. After reading your work, I has addicted enough to learn how to read traditional Chinese and annoy my parents to have my aunt in China buy the books and bring them over. So thank you so much for writing your awesome novels and I wish you a happy birthday from the USA.

  32. Yu Wo! Thanks for writing us awesome books! :)

  33. Yu Wo, Happy Birthday~~~ < 33
    The insane laughter your work has brought me is priceless and incomparable.
    I enjoyed every single moment reading. Thank you times a billion. < 33

  34. Happy birthday Yu Wo!! I’ve been much inspired to continue improving my Chinese because of your novels! Your novels always make me laugh and has thus motivated me into step out into this community and help out with the English translations. I’m really happy to be able to be a part of showing your work to a wider audience so that so many more people can at least smile whilst reading your novels. Thank you for all your hard work and please keep it going! And last but not least, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! – LilsxD

  35. Happy Birthday Yu Wo! <3
    I love reading 1/2 Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight! They're the most awesome novels I've ever read and I hope they'll come out in my country some day so I can buy them and show them to all my friends… and make them read them XD

    I really wish you a wonderful birthday and hope you'll keep writing those awesome, funny and exciting novels <3
    best wishes from Germany <33

  36. kittikiti

    Happy Birthday from your fan in USA!!<3
    1/2 Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight are amazing!!!!~ Your novels keep me wanting more and more! Hope you have the best birthday ever: you deserve it!!!!~<3 They are the best stories anyone has ever written!! Your novels just can't help but make someone become obsessed and in love with them! Have a wonderful birthday!!
    Your fan,

  37. Happy Birthday Yu Wo~!
    Just to show you how far you’re fans stretched, I am half American and half French, and you are one of my favorite authors! 1/2 Prince is my favorite book of all time, I have share laughs and tears with Prince and I know I’m going to cry when I finish the series :(.
    Have an amazing birthday full of delicious foods!!
    – Cel

  38. Happy Birthday Yu Wo. It’s not much but here is a cake.
    ““““ * ` ` * ` ` *
    ‘““““ 0 ` ` 0 ` ` 0
    ““““ ||___||___||
    ““ * ` {,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,} ` *
    ““ 0 ` {/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\} ` 0
    I have greatly enjoyed reading your stories and hope that you can continue to write them for a long time to come.

  39. Happy Birthday 御我
    I think everyone deserve to be special in their birhday
    and that everybody should hear at least from one person those words :)
    i really thank you and appreciate your wrtting style, the plots you create
    and how you develop the characters.
    It makes the story fresh and funny
    but overall and must important interesting
    so again congratulations for your work and birhday
    because you deserve them ;D

  40. Seraphim

    “Happy birthday from South Africa.
    Thanks for the awesome books and I look forward to getting to read more of your works.”

    Also thanks to everyone working to allow me to read these in english.

  41. KuranNita

    Happy birthday, Yu Wo-sama! Not with many words. Your novels just simply amazing! I am a big fan of you and always will so! Especially.. Everything! *Laugh*

    Hope you all the best!

  42. chally298

    Happy Birthday Yu Wo! Thank-you so much for allowing english-speaking fans to enjoy these wonderful novels. They’re some of the best books I’ve ever read.

    and may your it be filled with a *blizzard* of blessings…..ehhh you get the point
    I love your novels ( totally obsessed fan speaking here) and I hope to read many of your works in the years to come.
    In other words your books are awesome! They always leave me laughing really hard (my family think im crazy for that)
    So have fun on your special day and remember that you have many fans supporting you from everywhere
    PS: to tell you the truth my favorite one is Sun knight although No Hero is a close second :)

    Your novels are amazing and are prompting me to brush up on my Chinese. Please keep writing~

  45. Dragoonwolf

    Happy Birthday from Germany!
    Thank you for writing so wonderful Storys!

  46. Happy Birthday from the Philippines!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us your work. I wish you happiness, good health and success on your birthday. May you have more birthdays to come (and more updates/stories for us ^_~)


  47. ende of the world

    Happy Birthday Yu Wo, from England ^^

    Thank you for having such a brilliant mind for coming up with such wonderful books that make me smile at every reading. They’ve really helped with fending off depression! x) And of course, have a very happy Birthday!

    Ende of the world~

  48. blueshadows

    Happy B-day Yu Wo! Hope you have a good one! Thanks for all the work you do! I wish I could read Chinese, but all I can do is count to ten… otherwise I would’ve totally bought you books and read them! I LOVE them! I wish i had a book to bring around with me. They’re great reads and make me smile/laugh at least once per chapter-which makes them even more awesome!
    Best wishes from America,

  49. Greetings from the UK! Dear Yo Wo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^ You’ve made the best novels I know, and I’d really like to express my thanks here~ After a sleepless night reading Eclipse Hunter, I’d say you’re one of the best authors out there! Every single book of yours I’ve read hasn’t failed to be superbly interesting or make me laugh Thanks so much!.

  50. Dustcloud

    To the Magnificent Yu Wo,
    It’s been years since I’ve been energized by a story. 1/2 Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight have and continue to revive my tired life. Although, ironically, I stayed up into the early morning reading these works when I first discovered them. But honestly, what I lost in sleep I gained in high spirits. Thank you for allowing Prince Revolution to translate and share your amazing stories!
    I wish you a wonderful birthday!
    – Your warrior fan

  51. Dear Yu Wo,
    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for writing such amazing novels and allowing us to read them. Your books are funny and touching, simple yet complicated. One day my Chinese will be good enough so I can buy all of your books and read them, but until then, I am constantly rereading 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight!
    I hope you have countless birthdays to come!

  52. Purianee

    Yu Wo, thank you so much for writing the stories that make me laugh the hardest. You’re a comedic genius, and my inspiration to learn Chinese :) I hope you live a happy, happy life.

  53. Happy Birthday 御我!
    祝你永保青春,幸福和喜悅! 也祝你總是有想像力和創意!
    May you have eternal youth and happiness! Also wishing you to always have the imagination and creativity!
    Best wishes from a fan Down Under!

  54. 祝你生日快乐,谢谢你。
    Hello, Happy Birthday! Thank you for writing all these light novels – No Kill, Eclispe Hunter, Legend of the Sun knight, 1/2 Prince and many other. Thank you so much, reading these brighten up my life, so funny and so witty, I really love your novels. I hope you’ll have a fanmeeting or a gathering this summer in Taiwan.
    谢谢你, 玉琴 – 你的美国, 迈阿密的 Fan.

  55. To 御我,
    祝您生日快樂! 也祝您年年有今日!
    I really love your work 吾命騎士, I am currently waiting for a chance to buy all volumes of the novel and possibly all the manhwa for it. I am obsessed with the story and the concept of you had for it ^^
    It was a story that made me laugh, and cry. It also gave me heartaches at times. Therefore allow me to say: 謝謝你, for your wonderful story.
    Best Wishes from Canada!
    您的香港出生的 Fan,

  56. 祝您生日快乐和谢谢您!

  57. Happy Birthday from Poland! Wszystkiego najlepszego!
    May your life be filled with joy, love and inspiration. Thank you for all your work!


  58. 生日快乐!
    From 加拿大

  59. “Happy birthday from Latvia! Hope You will have wonderful life and great inspiration and achieve most of your dreams (because it is impossible to achieve all of them)!
    Dartya :)”

  60. Dear Yu Wo
    May the God of Light bless with the benevolent radiance he spreads upon the world indiscriminately and in his infinite graciousness rein down from the heavens this great day in witch is celebrated the anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest writers in the generation. May he in his benevolence that knows no bound send flights of angels sing you to your rest. There is no greatest hope than to open the hart to the merciful God of Light so as to send inspiration so as to never come less to the great gift bestowed on to you. If in the greatest fear the prayer may not be listened let us all sit upon the carpet and tell sad stories fore there will be no joy.
    and Happy Birthday

  61. 御我. 你好!
    謝謝! 我們愛你!
    Pink 好可愛!!! ~草莓糖果!

    Yu Wo. Hiya!
    A happy birthday to you!
    I really like your books!
    Thank you! We love you!
    Pink is very cute!!! ~Strawberry candy!

    ~An American fan (equipped with a shamefully horrible Mandarin vocabulary)

  62. sinister banana

    生日快樂! I bought your novels when I visited Taiwan (even though I can’t read Chinese) just because I love reading the translations so much. I hope that someday I can purchase your works in English too. Thank you for creating so many stories with such lovable characters. ~Your fan, KT

  63. Yu Wo!
    Hello! I love 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight so so so much!!
    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for writing all of your novels and giving me hours and hours of laughter. Reading the translations really makes me want to learn more chinese. I can only read the first page of 1/2 prince right now…
    Anyhow, have a most amazing happy birthday!!!!!

  64. Happy Birthday Yu Wo! Thank-you for all of your amazing novels and wonderful characters! ^^ I hope you continue to write even more amazing stories and have as much fun as possible. Have a great birthday!
    ~ an adoring fan from Canada! >.<

  65. squee~! the next chapter will be released any day now! X3

  66. chicaalterego

    Happy birthday. I am one of the many fans you have online. YOu are soooooo awesome! I love your novels, specially LSK. I would like to thank you for writing so much superb stuff. And well, you are SO my favorite author, ever! I had never bothered looking for other stories of authors I have liked in the past. I love you more than I love ¨One Piece” the manga and I´m an avind fan of that one, and have been so for the last 12 years. When I tell my friends that I found a story that I love more than “One Piece” they get struck speechless. I hope you keep writing a lot of stuff, and one day I swear I will learn to speak chinese and buy a copy of the book to adore and treasure for the rest of my life… Ok, maybe I exagerated with the adoring part, but I really REALLY love your work. Once again happy birhtday and thanks for been born and taking the path of a writer.

    One of your biggest fans from Venezuela. Chicaalterego.

  67. Happy birthday. I love your sense of humor in your novels, it always make me laugh. Good luck on all next projects and saludos from Argentina ^^

  68. Happy Birthday Yu Wo~~!!
    I love all your novels, they just make me squeal like a fan-girl (which i dont normally do but thats how awesome your novels are) My favourite character is 1/2 Prince’s Meatbun. (._.) its just soo cute!! And i love Sun’s Personality ^^
    You are one of the things that motivate me to learn chinese. My chinese isn’t that good now but (hopefully) someday it will be good enough and i can read your novels in chinese.
    Keep up the good work~~ from the Aussies

  69. Happy Birthday from the US! I really love your all your novels and I can’t say how much I’m addicted to it! LOL. XD And if anyone were to ask me “Who’s your favorite author and novel?” I would reply without a thought “all of Yu Wo’s novels of course! Who else!?” Your novels always makes me laugh, if not, then definitely smile, I don’t remember a time I read it when I don’t do either!!! happy Birthday again!!!

  70. Yu Wo,

    Thank you for all your efforts placed in your novels. I once lost faith in the reading (text) world, however when I read your novels it was a whole different world, and made me start reading (somethings) again. Although I know many, many languages including Chinese, unfortunately I am not proficient in any of them. I hope you have a Happy Birthday, no I hope you feel happy everyday and not just on your Birthday.

  71. Have a great and happy birthday from one of your fans from the U.S. It is always great and refreshing to read fun novels that are not soley based on vampires and sex. All I have to say is that I always look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work and have some yummy treats on your birthday! :)

  72. Dear Yu Wo,
    Thank you so much. I rarely get to leave the house, because of certain health issues and don’t get to play outside very much. Which means I mostly get to explore through books and for me the best part about reading is getting to visit new worlds, and the worlds you create- I just love them. I love the funny way you set things up, and how ridiculous everything gets. I love your characters, and how they’re well developed and complex. (I especially love Sun.) I personally hope you have a happy birthday and many more to come.
    May your life be filled with happiness and joy!
    A Reader

  73. SnowStorm

    Um, Happy Birthday. I hope you live a long happy life and write many, many more books.
    I think you are the most awesome writer ever and I love your sense of humour.
    Thank You, so much.

  74. Hi!!! =D
    Happy Birthday!!! =D
    Thank you for all your hard work, and have (or is it had?) a wonderful birthday!!! =D

  75. Happy Birthday Yu Wo!
    Thank you for all the great novels you wrote. When I read them, they brighten my day. I have yet to find another author, who writes as funny stories as yours. My personal favorite of your novels is The Legend Of The Sun Knight. It always makes me laugh really hard and I can not wait to see what happens next. I really wish your novels would be published in my country.
    I wish you all the best for your birthday and your whole life.
    From a fan in Germany

  76. Analakagome

    I just want to say ‘Have the greatest Happy Birthday ever Yu Wo!’
    Thank you so much for creating 1/2 Prince and The Legend of the Sun Knight worlds. No matter what my mood is, reading your works always put a smile on my face =] I would love to have your works published in English so I can send it to all my friends to read it.
    From a fan who everyone on public transportations look at strangely because she would be reading LSK and smiling/laughing like a mental case xD

  77. Dragonclaw

    Happy birthday Yu Wo!!!

    I love the stories you write and each chapter makes me want to read more! Ever since I first started reading your works so have you became one of my favorite authors and I hope that you continues to write for a long time to come. =3
    If your books ever get published in English so I will definitely buy them!!
    If not so will I simply have to learn Chinese so that I can buy them! X3

    I hope all is well, and again, Happy Birthday!! ^w^

    From a Swedish reader >w<

  78. hello thank you so much from the last drop of my life that you made 1/2prince i laughed i cried a good cry and i sang a happy song REALLY ! you are a wonderful person and i hope to here and read you’re stuff for the rest of my life i hope you live a long happy life and that you stay a comedic genius !!!!!!!!!!!!! (^_^) please stay in good health and have a good birth day full of amazing encounters . coming from a fan from the millions that you have in the fan base i know you will leave a lasting impression on this world . good luck to you on you special day of remembrance and euphoria’s i can’t say i know you but i can say that i wish to . have an amazing bliss filled day on April 29th !

  79. Mega Pratiwi

    Happy Birthday Yu Wo, from your loyal fan in Indonesia (^_^)
    I am really happy I can read your novels, especially 1/2 Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight. You really inspired me to create my own story. whenever I read your story, it always makes me laugh out loud, and want to read more. all of your character looks simple at first, but as time goes on they become more complex, and unique ( or should I say ‘weird’ to the point that I can’t easily forget it). they are very interesting, and leave a deep impression in me. I like the way you twisted the story into something I never expected it to be.
    I wish all of your novels will be translated/published into English, so I can share it to my friends. I also wish that “Female Warrior” will become one of princerevolution project that you approve of, I am really curious to read the first generation twelve holy knight’s story. I’m really sure that many fans of yours wish the same thing too.
    You see, I’m also a literature student, but my major is English. In my university, there is a lecturer that resemble Gui in appearance. However, when you talk to him you will find that he resemble Sun more. It’s very funny, how I find that your character living in the people beside me. Unfortunately, This ‘Gui’ or ‘Sun’ had married. So, I didn’t have a chance like Feng Lan does. Your characters have a deep roots, so I always remember it when I find the things that your character do in my daily life.
    You’re one of my favorite author, and I wish you will continue your great work in the future ^^

  80. happy birthday
    i really like to read and 1/2 prince really the kind of things i read (i actually read a lot )
    as other people have said, i really laughed when i read some of the pun…(ok, maybe all of it)
    i really enjoy every time i read it eventhough i cant read chinese….but i will probably buy it if there’s an english version
    (if i ever find them) so have a great birthday and hope you live a happy life.

  81. first off, i wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    thank you for being here, sharing your talent and wonderful imaginative world to the rest of the world, creating few of the most wonderful fantasy novels i have ever read. (I swear!)

    i really, really love your works, A LOT. there were some of your novels (or rather, a part of that novel i.e. Eclipse Hunter) were it made me wanna cry. but the most important of all, whenever i’m feeling down and want to read a good book, (or in this case ebook/online novel) your works (as far as i have read) had never failed to make me smile and laugh away all of my worries. so, thank you. thank you very much.

    I hope to read some more of your works, be in good health and wish you more success!
    again, happy birthday! :D

  82. TryingPatience

    Thank you for your hard work! Your stories always brighten my day. I can’t speak or read Chinese, so I am very grateful for your agreement for the free release of your books into other languages. I learn new things about food, culture, and sarcasm every time a new chapter is uploaded. I love reading the updates and watching your characters grow, both as adventurers and as people. I look forward to what the future brings, and so should you as you get another year older! Happy Birthday!

  83. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YU WO!!!!! You have given me the best reads of life. I never read a novel as great as yours. The first one I read from you was 1/2 Prince and it had all the elements I loved. Action, comedy, game, romance (not too much) and much more! All the characters are so weird and interesting. Truthfully, I was a weird kid in my school too because I had different personalities , race (they’re really racists, how sad) and also my love for anime and manga. Actually, I like Rurouni Kenshin. I watched it when I was 7. But I say, no author could match up your standard. The only reason why your novels are not selling as well is because not everyone can understand Chinese so why don’t you make English translations to sell? I know, this is a trick to make it come true but don’t you see some truth in it? So! May Allah, Buddha and God bless you on this special day!!!!!! Keep up the AWESOME WORK!!

  84. Happy Birthday Yu Wo! <)

  85. Dear Yu Wo,
    I’d like to congratulate you on your birthday in the way we say it in swedish.
    ‘Grattis på födelsedagen!’ and I hope you will have many more happy birthdays in the years to come.

    Thank you for being there and giving us fans a chance to read your works and I hope you will be able to write about the things you like for a long time. It’s always a pleasure to read your works and I hope I will be able to have a chance to read more of them after I finish enough Chinese classes to understand them.

    With the best birthday wishes,
    Melinda from Sweden

  86. Chloesong

    Happy Birthday Yu Woo!!!

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Reading “The Legend of the Sun Knight” has given me so much laughs. I love reading about the adventures of Creus. Your stories brighten my day. Have a happy birthday!

  87. Happy Birthday, Yu Wo! <3

    Give me enough time, and I swear I can write a 5-paragraph essay about my love and appreciation for your works.
    If 1/2 Prince gives me strength to continue moving forward in life (and some throbbing moments of anticipation for romance), then the Legend of Sun Knight really helps me keep my temper in check and makes me smile. Every week I anxiously wait for new chapters, but stubbornly refuse to read a single line, until I find enough time to sit down and savor the chapter.
    But enough about that. Without you, Sun, Prince and many other characters would not have had any chance to exist. So thank you. <3

  88. Oddmoonlight

    Happy Birthday Yu Woo.

    I love the characters you create, they seem so alive to me and their stories always make me laugh and brighten even the darkess of my days. May your life be just a bright from now on. XD

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