The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 7: “An Honest Style”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: An Honest Style

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“An Honest Style” – translated by Lucathia

Today’s sunshine is so strong!

With his eyes squinted, Georgo lifted his hand to block out the sunlight that was blinding him. Even though he was in one of the corridors of the Holy Temple, the corridor had many enormous windows. They usually provided excellent lighting for the corridor, but with today’s weather, with not a cloud in the sky, it was truly bright enough to hurt his eyes.

Once he lowered his hand, Georgo immediately discovered a slim figure ahead of him, with a head of brilliant blond hair bright enough to dazzle one’s eyes. Although he couldn’t really see anything from the back, the hand that he could see was as tender and fair as white lilies.

A superb blond-haired female beauty… no wait, from her build, it must be a young, female beauty! A superb, blond-haired, young female beauty!

Georgo dove straight ahead, and stammered as he yelled loudly, “T-The s-sister up ahead. You seem to have dropped your h-handkerchief…”

Simultaneously, he fished out a handkerchief from his possession. This kind of pure white handkerchief embroidered with the symbol of the Sanctuary of Light was systematically distributed to all of the knights and clerics in the Church. That meant that every female cleric carried such a handkerchief, so that was all the more reason for Georgo to always carry ten such handkerchiefs on his person!

They weren’t for his personal use, but rather so that he could conveniently “pick up” a female cleric’s handkerchief anytime and anywhere.

The blond-haired, young female beauty turned around and… transformed into a blond-haired, young male beauty.

It was the current young Sun Knight, Grisia, the future leader of the Twelve Holy Knights, and the spokesperson for the God of Light — but his figure from behind looked like that of a young female beauty’s.

Young… male beauty. Georgo’s face twisted a bit and he muttered under his breath, “Bleh, bleh, bleh! What bad luck!”

The person who was going to lead him in the future actually looked like a young female beauty! If it were actually a young female beauty, he wouldn’t have minded; working under a young female beauty was at least a feast for the eyes, but he just had to be someone who looked like a young female beauty from the back yet was actually a stupid man once he turned around. How could he not want to spit blood because of this?

“Ah!” Grisia launched a smile that was brilliant enough not to lose out to today’s sunlight. “The sunlight is bright today, and Brother Georgo’s affection for his friends also deserves one’s praise.”

As Grisia spoke, he reached his hand out to take the handkerchief, but instead Georgo withdrew the handkerchief into his possession.

He had had a very difficult time snatching these handkerchiefs from the other young knights. He had to use them sparingly or else one day, he might see a female cleric to his liking yet have no handkerchief to pick up and give to her, bringing about regret as wide as the sky!

Grisia stared blankly for a moment before he inquired, “Uh… my handkerchief?”

Georgo carelessly replied, “Eh, I made a mistake. It wasn’t yours, it was mine.”

Grisia furrowed his brows for a moment and checked his possessions. Indeed, he still had his handkerchief.

“If you don’t have any business with me, I’m leaving!” Georgo informed him and turned in an attempt to leave. He had no interest in wasting time on a man.

“Wait a moment. Brother Georgo, might you help Grisia with a tiny favor?”

Georgo flatly turned him down. “No, I don’t have time.”

Grisia stared briefly. This was the first time anyone had refused him so bluntly. Usually in response to his smile and his requests, no one was able to turn him down directly. Even if they were truly very busy, they would still agree to help with a reluctant expression on their face. He brought his ten fingers together and spoke in a gentle tone, “It’s only a small favor and won’t take much of your time, Brother Georgo.”

Not at all happy, Georgo said, “Then why don’t you do me a small favor and go and find Ceo to help you instead?”

Once again hitting a snag, Grisia’s face twitched for a moment, but he wasn’t going to give up like this. He revealed an awkward expression as he said, “But Brother Ceo is currently correcting documents and has no spare time.”

“Then go and find Ecilan!”

“He’s currently experimenting with making new desserts.”


“Who knows where he went off to play.”

“Uh… Demos?”

Grisia tilted his head to think for a moment before he asked in confusion, “Who’s Demos?”

“He’s the young Cloud Knight!” Georgo looked at Grisia with an incredulous expression. “You can’t even keep track of the five holy knights under your command?”

“Are you very close with the young Cloud Knight?” asked Grisia curiously. “I don’t think I’ve seen him much.”

“No, I can’t even remember his appearance,” Georgo answered frankly. “His name was very strange, so I remembered that. Go find him to help you! I’m really very busy and don’t have time to help you!”

Hearing this, Grisia glanced at Georgo several times, but the latter didn’t look like he had the tiniest bit of intention to help him, so he could only give up. He grumbled, “All right, looks like I have to find where Demos is. He’s truly very hard to find…”

After seeing Grisia walk off, Georgo finally relaxed a little. He knew from the start that Grisia was always seeking people to help him, so he wasn’t going to fall for that!

No one wanted to be like Ceo, correcting never-ending paperwork every single day! Rumor had it that not only did he have to do his own teacher’s leftover work from slacking off, he also had to help Grisia do his teacher Neo’s leftover work from slacking off.

Poor Ceo! Georgo observed a single second of silence for his comrade before he happily celebrated that his own teacher was a person who earnestly did his work and who would not slack off and throw his work at his student. So, other than doing the homework his teacher assigned, Georgo didn’t really have anything else to do. His days were quite full of leisure.

Georgo really liked these leisurely days, so he would never, ever promise to help Grisia… No one who promised to help him ever had a good ending. Just look at how Ceo had ended up and you’d know how wretched it’d turn out.

Before he was to actually become one of the Twelve Holy Knights, he definitely wanted to continue this kind of leisurely lifestyle… no! Even when he succeeded the Twelve Holy Knights, he definitely wanted to have these kinds of leisurely days!

With twelve people supporting the Holy Temple together, there was no reason for him to work himself to death, was there?

However, Ceo would probably be unable to escape from the four words, “work himself to death.” He was most likely destined to take care of the majority of the Holy Temple’s paperwork. It was Ceo’s fault for handling paperwork so quickly and efficiently, making it so that everyone got used to him being the one to correct the documents.

At this time, Georgo’s eyes captured the beautiful image of a woman. To the left ahead of him was a slim figure wearing a female cleric’s robes, and she had a head of supple, brown, curly hair. Immediately, he once again fished out a handkerchief from his possession and loudly shouted, “T-The sister up ahead, y-you d-dropped your handkerchief…”

When the brown-haired female cleric turned around, Georgo was actually a little nervous, afraid that this female cleric would once again turn into a male cleric!

His fears were unfounded and the female cleric was still a female cleric, and she was even a super beautiful female cleric with an oval face, cherry lips, and a pair of large, shimmering eyes. Most important was that super ample chest!


Georgo’s two eyes lit up. He was even close to salivating, but good thing he had already undergone several years of education on how to pretend to be honest. He automatically revealed a dopey, smiling expression.

“Oh? Thank you so much!” The female cleric didn’t suspect him at all and promptly took the handkerchief. “Thank you.”

“N-No problem.” Georgo touched the lower part of the back of his head and quickly continued to say, “Do y-you want to go to my room?”

“Huh?” The female cleric was greatly surprised.

Georgo honestly smiled as he said, “B-Because someone gave me a, a lot of sweets! I r-really can’t finish them all, so I-I want to give you some. That is, if you want any?”

Hearing this, the female cleric relaxed and even berated herself a bit for thinking badly of him. How could the young Earth Knight resemble a little pervert? She was about to answer, “Okay,” but the moment she raised her head, she saw an incomparably brilliant smile, and was immediately stunned as she gazed at the owner of that smiling expression.

As Georgo was celebrating that his prey had taken the bait, hearts suddenly appeared in his prey’s eyes. She was staring blankly… not at him, but instead at “something” behind him!

Georgo abruptly turned his head, finally discovering that Grisia had actually returned after he left, and his face still sported that damned brilliant smile, radiant enough to make people want to beat him to death!

Grisia smiled as he said, “Brother Georgo, this sister cleric has a slim figure. Evidently, she must have a small appetite and cannot eat a lot of food. If any is left over, that would be such a waste of food, so why don’t you let me have the desserts? That is, if Sister Cleric would be willing to permit me to share these desserts?”

The female cleric quickly nodded her head, secretly elated over the words “slim figure,” so she didn’t dare say she wanted to eat anything.

Grisia smiled as he thanked her. “I am truly very thankful, Sister Cleric. Even the God of Light is touched by your friendly affection and camaraderie.”

After he finished speaking, the female cleric left unwillingly, looking back three times with every step. In the end, she finally reached the corner of the corridor and turned to look back for several more glances before she made her way around the corner.

When he was no longer able to see the female cleric, Grisia let his brilliant smile relax a bit. He had smiled so much that his cheeks felt a little stiff. He turned toward Georgo and said, “Should we go to your room to get the desserts? They’re desserts made by Ice, right?”

Moodily, Georgo answered, “I ate them all!”

Grisia blinked and asked in suspicion, “But you just said you were going to give some to the cleric?”

“I suddenly remembered I already ate them all, all right?” Georgo stubbornly replied.

Hearing this, Grisia didn’t say anything in response. He merely tilted his head to look at Georgo.

Once he saw Grisia’s expression, Georgo suddenly felt a cold draft from behind!

In actuality, Grisia was only looking at him with large eyes, but for some reason, he felt an ominous wind blowing behind his back, like something was terribly wrong… Maybe he should sacrifice Ice’s desserts? He should still have some cookies in his room… no! He wasn’t going to do that!

Anyway, Grisia was the just and honorable Sun Knight… Ah, the future Sun Knight, so it wasn’t like he could do anything to Georgo!

“I’m really busy, so I’m leaving first!” After Georgo said this, he turned to leave right away. He immediately saw his next target… Although she wasn’t as ideal as the last one, she was still a youthful, lively, and beautiful cleric!

He immediately chased after her, the expression on Grisia’s face that had given him the chills forgotten.

Georgo was in his own room, but he wasn’t alone. There was also a youthful, lively, and beautiful cleric with him.

This wasn’t the first time he had successfully maneuvered a female cleric to his room, but in the past, they always merely chatted. This time, he was definitely going to advance another step! At the very least, they were going to kiss!

Like he always did, Georgo employed his conventional tricks. “I, I’ll make tea for you to d-drink along with eating the cookies. Do you want b-black tea or green tea?”

Even though it was a simple question, asking the question took profound skill. If he were to ask if she wanted any tea, a female cleric who came alone to a man’s room would always feel a little embarrassed. She would definitely find it too embarrassing to stay for tea, but if he directly asked if she wanted black tea or green tea, female clerics usually answered with one of the choices, and would naturally stay to drink tea and eat dessert!

Georgo had at least ten different methods of making sure women stayed in his room!

“I’ll have black tea then.” As he had expected, the female cleric chose one of the teas.

“T-Then take a seat on the bed for now!” As he made the tea, he asked if it was too hot, and if he needed to open the window, after which he served the desserts to her. Towards women, being gentle and considerate was a skill one could not do without!

Once he had both the desserts and the black tea ready, Georgo sat a meter’s distance away from the female cleric. The two of them ate dessert while they talked.

Although he stuttered whenever he talked, female clerics would lower their vigilance because of this and consider him honest and gullible. Sometimes, they even teased him on purpose to see him stutter, and then they would smile quite happily.

Before the female cleric knew it, Georgo was already sitting right next to her. The distance between them was only a fist’s breadth apart!

As they talked, Georgo’s face came closer and closer, nearly close enough to kiss her. Even though the female cleric was a tiny bit shy, she didn’t move her face away…


“Brother Georgo… Ah!” When Grisia rushed inside and saw the situation at hand, he cried out in alarm and adopted an expression full of regret. “I am truly very sorry. Did I disturb you?”

“N-No!” The female cleric jumped up, her face completely red. She lowered her head as she said, “I-I was just about to leave!”

After she said this, the female cleric threw open the bedroom door at lightning speed and rushed out of the room, leaving without even saying farewell.

It wasn’t until the female cleric ran away that Georgo finally regained his senses. Angrily, he yelled at his future boss, “What’d you come here for?”

Grisia smiled happily as he said, “To see if you have finished with your business yet. Can you help me now?”

“I told you I’m really busy!”

“Really busy?” Grisia looked at the bedroom door that had just been thrown open.

Stubbornly, Georgo said, “I’m busy trying to get a girlfriend, all right?”

“You’re the honest and sincere Earth Knight,” Grisia said with his brows furrowed. “How can you act like the promiscuous Storm Knight?”

Even so, Georgo answered boldly and confidently, “I’m very honestly and sincerely showing that I’m a very promiscuous person, all right?”

This was completely twisting words and forcing logic! But Grisia tilted his head a bit and said, “It’s… not like you can’t do that, but could you at least help me out?”

“I’m not helping you!”

Grisia thought for a bit again and then tried negotiating. “Help me, and I won’t bother you in the future.”

… By these words, did he mean that if he didn’t help him, Grisia planned on frequently coming to disturb him?

Georgo didn’t have much, but he did have a very stubborn disposition, so he stubbornly said, “I’m not helping!”

“Help me! If you don’t, I’m going to reveal your true personality!”

Georgo immediately bellowed, “Go ahead and reveal it, who’s scared of you? You should look after your own true personality! I said I’m not helping, so I’m not helping!”

“… You sure are suited to be Stone!”

“You’re the one who’s suited to be Stone! You already have a bunch of people helping you out. Why do you have to have me help you too?”

The two people who were very suited to be Stone stared at each other, their stubborn temperament bearing extreme likeness.

“If you don’t agree to help, I’ll really come to bother you again and again!” Grisia said with a threatening tone.

Unexpectedly, Georgo used an even more stubborn tone to say, “Even if you come to bother me again and again and again, I won’t ever agree to help you! I absolutely won’t agree to help in my entire lifetime!”

Grisia became enraged as well and threatened in a low voice, “Okay! Then let’s compete to see who’s more stubborn! I will definitely come to bother you again and again and again!”

“Then come bother me again and again and again and again!”

“Okay! I will for sure come again and again and again and again and again…”

Storm broke out in tears. If you have the time to bother each other again and again, why don’t you come and help me correct documents? Come bother me! I beg you! Sob …

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