The Legend of Sun Knight V4C4: “Recruit Powerful Assistants”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fourth Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Recruit Powerful Assistants” – translated by ErodingPersona

Earlier, when the unicorn and Ice Knight had both simultaneously used their magic, I had had a faint feeling… that I would be able to perform those magic spells too. Regardless of whether it was Ice Wall or Lightning, I felt I could cast all of them as well. If so, of course I should take the opportunity, while Ice Knight was still walking in slow motion, to quickly and stealthily gather the elements and blast him so that he would be unable to react!

I burst through the small door and yelled to the three people in front of me, “Don’t use that road, and don’t follow me!”

Hearing this, the three of them stopped dead in their tracks and swiveled their heads around to look at me.

I didn’t let the unicorn stop, only roaring again while passing by them, “Hurry up and run!”

“You didn’t even stop!” Sybil grumbled loudly, “To think that I had actually felt momentarily touched when I heard that you wanted to go off alone!”


½ Prince V8C1: Greetings to Long Dian

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½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: Greetings to Long Dian – translated by Evangeline

The people who had been sitting obediently in the car all came crowding over to the window closest to me. Even though general traffic safety rules did say that sticking one’s head or hands out of a car is prohibited, that rule was clearly only taught to children, and wasn’t shown to the insolent adults and youngsters in this car. All of them were just short of sticking their legs out the car.

“Hi, everyone!” Since this was our first meeting, I was curious to guess who was who. Eh? That super classy, cute girl looks a lot like Doll. Hmm? Could that woman being embraced by my school’s doctor Wolf-dàgē be Yu Lian-dàsăo? Wolf-dàgē is so lucky. She looks like she will be a great wife and mother… Strange, who’s the boy with the baby face?

“Ah, we’re going to crash!” Yang Ming suddenly jerked the steering wheel around with both hands, narrowly missing a car by an inch. After the vehicle recovered its balance, he screamed in a voice that shook with fear, “Bastard! Can’t you keep your eyes on the road?”

I couldn’t help but turn around and ask my brother, who was in the seat behind me, “Yang Ming, who is that baby-faced boy?”

“How should I know!” Yang Ming answered without daring to take his eyes off of the oncoming traffic.


The Legend of Sun Knight V4C3: “Raise Funds for the Journey”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: Slaying a dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Third Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Raise Funds for the Journey” – translated by bleachpanda

When I went back to the weapons shop, Igor was long gone. He probably got impatient and just couldn’t wait anymore, right? I hurriedly rushed back to the inn. As I thought, everyone was already there the moment I opened the door, including Igor, who had stood me up.

“Where did you run off to?” Igor asked disinterestedly the moment he saw me.

I ignored him. When I thought about it, I felt that women should be more perceptive and better at deducing age than men. I turned toward Sybil and asked, “Sybil, how old do I look?”

Sybil, who had been cleaning up her rope net, lasso, and other things, froze for a bit. Even the others stopped what they had been doing and raised their heads to look at me.

I looked at Sybil in complete seriousness for a while. Then, she also started to stare at my face seriously, closely examining it. Finally, with a look of confidence, she guessed, “Around twenty-three, or twenty-four. At most, twenty-five, you can’t be any older than that.”

No way… I continued inquiring further, “Is it possible for me to actually be eighteen?”


The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 7: “An Honest Style”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: An Honest Style

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“An Honest Style” – translated by Lucathia

Today’s sunshine is so strong!

With his eyes squinted, Georgo lifted his hand to block out the sunlight that was blinding him. Even though he was in one of the corridors of the Holy Temple, the corridor had many enormous windows. They usually provided excellent lighting for the corridor, but with today’s weather, with not a cloud in the sky, it was truly bright enough to hurt his eyes.

Once he lowered his hand, Georgo immediately discovered a slim figure ahead of him, with a head of brilliant blond hair bright enough to dazzle one’s eyes. Although he couldn’t really see anything from the back, the hand that he could see was as tender and fair as white lilies.

A superb blond-haired female beauty… no wait, from her build, it must be a young, female beauty! A superb, blond-haired, young female beauty!