The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 8: “Owing a Favor”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: Owing a Favor

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“Owing a Favor” – translated by Lucathia

Ceo Storm could never figure it out.

Owing a favor. Being owed a favor.

In the end, who owed whom?

In short, who cares!

Between brothers, if you are angry, you pummel them. Since you keep owing me and I keep owing you, owing another favor makes no difference!

“Ceo, seeing as how today’s sunshine is magnificently warm, could you perhaps warmly help Sun with a small favor?” With a brilliant smile, hands clasped together, Grisia took up an imploring stance.

If this were a normal day, doing a small favor would be no problem, but… Helplessly, Ceo said, “But my teacher wants me to work on my assignments. I’m not allowed to do other things until I finish practicing.”

Grisia looked to the left. Ceo followed his gaze. Isn’t it just an empty corridor? Grisia looked to the right. Ceo followed his gaze again, but it was still only a deserted corridor… They were standing in the very middle of the corridor. No matter which direction they looked, what they saw was still just a corridor.

What exactly is Grisia looking at? Ceo stared at him in incomprehension.

Grisia looked back at Ceo with a helpless expression and asked, “What homework can you accomplish here? If it’s reading, even if you can read while standing, you don’t have a book in your hands. If it’s practicing your sword, even if you aren’t afraid you might cut someone while you practice, you don’t have a sword in your hands either. If you don’t want to help me, you know, shouldn’t you at least find a more reasonable excuse than that?”

Ceo stared blankly for a bit, about to explain that he wasn’t looking for an excuse, when his chance to practice suddenly arrived!

Hurriedly, he pushed Grisia off to the side, took a step forward, and then opened his eyes very wide…

“It’s the young Sun Knight and the young Storm Knight! Hehe, both of them are so cute!”

So, so…so many women, ahh! Why are there so many?! When he saw an entire file of more than ten female clerics headed his way, giggling nonstop, Ceo couldn’t persevere anymore. With a turn, he shrunk behind Grisia’s back.

“Huh?” Not understanding what this guy was doing, Grisia started to turn his head to glance at Ceo just as the female clerics in front of them called out to him.

“Young Sun Knight, how do you maintain your blond hair? It’s so smooth and neat and super shiny!”

Of course Grisia couldn’t actually reveal his hair oil formula, so he smiled brightly and said, “Under the witness of the God of Light, each of the sister clerics before Sun is even more resplendent than Sun’s hair!”

The female clerics started chuckling. They didn’t leave until the leader of the female clerics urged them to hurry up. Even as they walked away, they continued laughing.

Once Ceo heard the laughter fade as the clerics continued out of earshot, he hurriedly jumped out and started blinking his eyes nonstop towards the direction of the female clerics’ retreating backs.

“Are your eyes cramping?” No matter how Grisia looked at this situation, he couldn’t figure out what this guy was doing.

“Not at all!” Ceo immediately turned his head to retort. “I’m practicing how to wink!”

“…What’s there to practice with winking?”

“Of course I need to practice! Winking is really difficult, and all the girls smile so much, or they look at me with twinkling eyes, and they smell so sweet. I don’t dare to look at them…” Once he got to this point, Ceo dishearteningly said, “I originally thought only one or two female clerics would pass by the Holy Temple, so I waited here, but in the end an entire group came…”

Grisia scratched his head and said, “Probably only the likes of the Bishop of Radiance would come by themselves! Otherwise, female clerics usually come to help heal holy knights. One or two isn’t enough at all, so of course they’d come by groups!”

Hearing this, Ceo’s face completely crumpled. “I can’t complete my teacher’s assignment. Throwing winks at a hundred females is too hard. I can’t do it!” he moaned in despair.

As he spoke, his eyes became moist.

“D-Don’t cry! I’ll help you!” When he saw the other person’s eyes had already become red, Grisia hurriedly said, “Help me first, and then I’ll help you out too. How’s that?”

With his vision blurred by tears, Ceo asked, “Can you really help me? Even my teacher couldn’t manage to teach me this!”

“Don’t worry! I’m your Sun Knight!”

“Not yet…”

“Hey! I will be soon! Quick, quick, you help me first. My business is more urgent!”

Grisia pulled on Ceo’s hand and led him away, leaving him no time to refuse or reconsider.


“What’s this?” Ceo looked at the mountain of paper that Grisia had thrown on the table. His eyes widened in puzzlement.

“Work documents,” Grisia replied simply as he placed ink and pens on the table in preparation for correcting the documents.

“Work documents?” Ceo tilted his head and asked in confusion, “Why do you have to correct documents? We’re still in training. We don’t have to take care of paperwork yet.”

“You should tell what you just said to my teacher,” Grisia replied very helplessly. “But first, let me say this: no one in the entire Church of the God of Light is brave enough to tell him that.”

“What about Knight-Captain Judgment?” Even though the reputation of the strongest Sun Knight was truly intimidating, Ceo believed that Knight-Captain Judgment was definitely not a pushover either.

“Teacher gracefully warned me that if I were to let Knight-Captain Judgment find out about this matter, he would force me to spend all the time I would have spent correcting documents taking lessons in how to act graceful instead.”

“Lessons on gracefulness?” Puzzled, Ceo asked, “What’s wrong with taking lessons like that?”

“They’d probably be around the same as your lessons on winking…”

“Ah! I would rather correct paperwork!”

“Exactly, so hurry up and correct them!” Grisia sat down and stuffed a pen into Ceo’s hand. Urgently, he said, “These documents have to be turned in tomorrow!”

Pen in hand, Ceo was at a loss. When he saw that Grisia had already started fervently correcting paperwork, he felt a little too embarrassed to stay motionless, so he began reading paperwork for the first time in his life…


At pretty much the same time, the door was busted open and an echoing bellow reached them. “Grisia, where’s your teacher?”

In his nervousness, Ceo almost sent the mountain of paperwork flying—they weren’t supposed to be correcting documents, yet they’d been discovered! What were they going to do?!

Grisia raised his head from the midst of paperwork. “Probably in the wine cellar… Ahem! I mean, may I ask what business Knight-Captain Blaze has with him?”

Wait, we’ve been discovered, right? Why is he still so calm…?

Knight-Captain Blaze sighed softly before saying in a rough voice, “Can’t believe he’s in the wine cellar at such a time…geez! Go and find Neo quickly and bring him to the great hall!”

“Okay.” Grisia stood up and said, “Ceo, I’ll return soon. Don’t forget to correct the paperwork!”

Ceo’s mind was currently in a state of blankness, so he reflexively let out an “okay.” It wasn’t until Grisia and Knight-Captain Blaze had walked out that he woke up with a start and realized…

There was a mountain of paperwork on the table in front of him!

“You actually finished correcting everything! You’re so impressive!” Grisia said in admiration.

Hearing this, Ceo’s eyes, which were already glassy, became even more laden with the look of death. He weakly said, “Didn’t you say they had to be turned in today? That’s why I corrected them the entire night without sleeping…”

“That’s right! They have to be turned in today!” Once Grisia finished speaking, he quietly murmured, “But I often turn them in late, since everyone knows Teacher Neo always delays turning in his paperwork.”

“What was that?” Ceo didn’t quite hear Grisia’s additional muttering.

“Nothing!” With one hand, Grisia took the paperwork. With his other hand, he grabbed Ceo and said, “Let’s go! You helped me complete the paperwork, now it’s my turn to help you complete your homework of tossing winks!”

“You still remember that?” Ceo was a little astonished. The previous night, he’d thought more than once that Grisia had tricked him into helping him correct paperwork, and that Grisia had no intention of helping him complete his homework.

“Of course!”

After he turned in the paperwork, Grisia dragged Ceo to an area and stopped. He turned his head and asked, “How do you feel right now?”

Tiredly, Ceo said, “Very exhausted. I didn’t sleep at all, and I looked at so many documents. My sight is still full of text, what with asking for instructions, additional staff, and there were also applications for next year’s funds for each holy knight’s living allowance…”

“Wink in that direction.”


“Just wink first!”

Confused, Ceo winked an eye.

“So cute!”

“Quite handsome!”

Stunned, Ceo heard the quiet shrieks of girls from the direction where he tossed his wink. Are there…girls in that direction?

He opened his eyes wide, attempting to focus his eyes to clearly see his surroundings, but Grisia went as far as covering his eyes. He then abruptly took his hands away and said, “Wink ahead to the right.”

Ceo followed his instructions. Once he did so, his eyes were covered again.

When his eyes were uncovered once more, the command came again. “Wink ahead to the left.”

“Wink ahead to the right again…”

After winking several times in a row, Grisia finally stopped covering Ceo’s eyes. He clapped his hands once. “The assignment of winking at a hundred girls has been completed!”

Huh? Ceo blinked his eyes and was finally able to clearly see his surroundings. This is…the Sanctuary of Light! The Sanctuary of Light that’s full of female clerics! Immediately, he hid behind Grisia’s back.

Seeing this, Grisia simply pulled Ceo away. Once they were outside, he crossed his arms in front of his chest. As though it were only natural, he said, “I said I would help you! Remember, you owe me a favor now!”


During Class

“You finally learned how to wink at beautiful women without blushing!” The Storm Knight couldn’t be more touched than he was now. He patted his student’s shoulder and said, “I knew you could do it! Your teacher is so moved!”

Because he had spent the entire night correcting paperwork, all he could see was text running across his vision, so he hadn’t even been able to tell if the people before him were male or female…

It seems like I really do owe Grisia a favor…?

Ceo didn’t really understand what was going on. Why was it that he had helped Grisia correct paperwork, yet he still owed him a favor? But no matter what, Grisia had helped him finally learn how to wink, so when it all came down to it, he probably did owe Grisia a favor…right?

“Well! Here’s today’s paperwork!” With a single movement, Grisia shoved a huge pile of documents into his hands. “After you finish this, your vision will be full of text, so you won’t have to worry about being afraid of winking. That means you owe me another favor!”

Why did he owe Grisia another favor? Obviously, he was the one helping Grisia out with correcting paperwork. Helping correct paperwork yet still owing a favor… What kind of deal is this?

“I helped you correct documents!” Ceo was a little angry now.

Grisia tilted his head to the side and sighed. “What to do with you? Okay! Let’s just say that you don’t owe me an additional favor then. But you still owe me the favor from before!”

…Why did he feel like he hadn’t gained anything from this?

But then, for the sake of winking without blushing, it looked like he had no choice but to correct paperwork?

How had things turned out like this?

While he corrected paperwork in his room, Ceo couldn’t figure out the answer no matter how hard he contemplated the question. However, during the time he pondered, he finished correcting another ten documents.

“Ceo, what are you doing? Recently, everyone says that they haven’t seen you much. You seem to be very busy.”

“Teacher.” Ceo had corrected paperwork to the point of becoming dizzy and lightheaded. When he heard a noise, he merely blankly raised his head. When he realized it was his teacher who had called out, he still continued to stare blankly at the person before him, unable to react at all.

“…What are you looking at?”

The Storm Knight picked one of the documents off the table to take a look.

Oh no! I’m not allowed to correct paperwork! Right up until the present, Ceo hadn’t been able to react.

“You…” The Storm Knight’s expression stiffened. “…Are actually helping Neo correct paperwork?”

Everything is over! What am I supposed to do? Grisia…

“You don’t even help me correct paperwork, yet you’re helping Neo correct his? Am I your teacher, or is he, huh?”

…Eh? Timidly, Ceo said, “This was given to me by Grisia. I was helping Grisia, not Knight-Captain Sun.”

“I don’t care!” The mighty Storm Knight began to throw a tantrum. “If you’re helping Neo correct his paperwork, then you have to help me correct mine too!”

Suddenly, Ceo felt as though Grisia had opened his eyes to the many hidden truths of the Holy Temple. He nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll help Teacher correct paperwork, but I don’t want to take any more lessons on winking!”

“…You’ve been corrupted by Grisia, but it’s a deal! Since you’ve already learned how to wink, it’s no big deal if we stop the lessons.”

With such a result, it really does seem like I owe Grisia a huge favor, but then I had definitely helped Grisia correct an awfully huge amount of paperwork too, right? Ceo felt a little bewildered.

“Deatheo!1 You owe me a favor, so help me out!”

“Deatheo! Since you owe me a favor, help me out quickly!”

If you keep calling me Deatheo, you’ll be the dead one!

“…Storm! Quick, help me! You owe me a favor!”

Even after he turned twenty and became the official Storm Knight, Ceo Storm still didn’t understand why he owed Grisia a favor, and why he could never finish returning this “one favor.”

Once, when he corrected paperwork for three days straight without sleep, and Grisia tossed another mountain of paperwork in front of him, Ceo Storm finally exploded and bellowed, “Grisia Sun!”

With one leg he kicked out and sent the guy in front of him flying, the guy who never stopped bringing him paperwork. Then he ran after him and continued kicking.

“Aaaah!” Grisia screeched and ducked, but he wasn’t as nimble or as agile as Ceo. He got kicked again as he ducked and then again as he tried to speak. “Why are you suddenly so angry? I don’t understand! I haven’t done anything recently, have I…? I mean, nothing particularly bad, right? Ouch! Don’t kick my face!”

That’s right, not recently. You’ve just been doing it continuously for eight years!

During a high kick, Ceo brought his right foot to a halt by the side of Grisia’s face, causing a gust of wind that actually moved the other’s blond hair. Then he slowly stated, “Let me kick you right now to my heart’s content to vent my anger, or else I won’t ever help you correct paperwork in the future. What’s your decision?”

“…Kick me! Please use your full strength to kick me! Don’t hold back. My holy light is very strong. I’m the Sun Knight with the best recovery ability, so there’s no problem! Come!”

At this time, the door was pushed open. Leaf stuck his head in and worriedly asked, “Has something happened? I heard shouting… Don’t fight!”

With a footprint on his face, Sun revealed a brilliant smile and said, “Brother Leaf, as they say, fighting is a sign of affection and arguing is a sign of love. Brother Storm and I were merely exchanging our affection and love, and were not coming to blows with each other. Please do not be concerned.”

“…Sorry to disrupt your communication with each other.”

Leaf pulled back. The door immediately closed.

Expressionlessly, Ceo looked at Grisia who was actually smiling as he said, “Deatheo, as my subordinate, you actually dared to hit me. This is a crime! You were even caught by Leaf, but look at how brilliantly I helped you explain your actions. You owe me another huge favor!”


I’m returning your favor right now!



1 “Deatheo”: This is Grisia’s nickname for Ceo. In the Chinese version, the nickname, Sĭwō (死喔), is pronounced very similarly to Ceo’s name, but the first character means “die” or “dead.”

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  1. Gohankuten

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  2. Miko

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    “…Sorry to disrupt your communication with each other.” ”

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    I love the ‘Suddenly, Ceo felt as though Grisia had opened his eyes to the many hidden truths of the Holy Temple.’ paragraphs, the ‘Please use your full strength to kick me!’ paragraphs, and that Ceo got to take out his frustration on Grisea instead of only bearing it forever. It’s also interesting that in a sense, Storm’s document-handling way of life (which is so amusingly in contrast with his official personality) got started as a way to handle winking.

    A very pleasant chapter! *chuckles at the enjoyable mental image of Ceo standing over Grisia, taking out (all?) his frustration*

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