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July 2012 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 7: “An Honest Style”
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V4C3: “Raise Funds for the Journey”
  3. ½ Prince V8C1: Greetings to Long Dian
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 8: “Owing a Favor”
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V4C4: “Recruit Powerful Assistants”

Guess what everyone? We are now on the last volume of 1/2 Prince! Can you believe it? It has been an amazing journey to reach this point, and you bet we will see this to the end and also bring you the short side story sequel that follows the main story. Volume 8 opens with an amazing chapter containing the very moment that many of us have been waiting for since the beginning of the story. We’ll leave the details up to your imagination. ;)

Two more LSK side stories will be gracing your eyes this month as well! Any guesses on who these two side stories will be about? We are steadily making our way through the side stories, and soon we will be current with what is available at the moment! In addition to these adorable stories about the young holy knights, Grisia’s adventures in volume 4 continue. You don’t want to miss out!

Keep on eye on this space. Who knows, you might see more chapters popping up before the month ends than what is listed…or you might not. (Your groans about there being only one HP chapter, we hear you! We are working very hard on the next chapter, but it’s just not quite ready yet at the moment.) No promises except what is currently listed! We can tell you that we’re all working very hard on the next chapters though!

If you visit PR! International, you’ll notice that there is now also a Vietnamese section! Ruby has started a Vietnamese translation. If you would like to help out with Vietnamese translations, please feel free to leave a comment over there. The place is still being set up, so there is no official recruitment page just yet.

Remember, if anyone wishes to start an international translation based on our translations, feel free to contact us, and we can provide you a place to do that! You work entirely at your own pace. ;)

53 Responses

  1. KuranNita

    Yaaaay, finally the list of the release this month! I’ve been waiting for days.. TT^TT I am so moved…

    *Waiting for LSK side story 7 and half prince* I wonder when Gui realized that prince is a girl.. What chapter, when, and how. Really waiting for that. XD

  2. momiji

    yay~ another update ^^
    thank you very much =>
    looking forward to it (*^-^)ノ

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Wow! this promises to be quite fun ^^
    Now lets see….an honest style could either be blaze, leaf or sun…..
    hmm… and owing a favor…probably storm

    poor cloud needs a chapter ^^;
    welp, seven chapters until the end of 1/2 prince and presumably the next translation project will begin a little after that?
    and the title of this upcoming sun knight chapter makes me wonder whether or not he intends to sell off the unicorn XD

    • AC

      @Jasae Bushae
      Really? I tought ‘honest style’ was more like Earth… Just imagine how many hour he didn’t spend practicing an ‘honest style’ to become the Earth knight that everyone knows is sincere and can’t talk to women.

    • Faa

      @Jasae Bushae
      I think it’s Earth’s story. Since he is the most “honest” of the 12 holy knights.
      But no matter whose story it’s going to be, it will be a lot of FUN :D

    • FireFly

      @Jasae Bushae
      I agree. “An Honest Style” is definately Earth’s Story.
      “Owing A Favour” could be Storm’s except that most people owe him a favour.
      I don’t think he’ll sell it. He’s the type who’d find someone else who buy it for much more and blackmail them into paying even more. I hope he get’s his memories back though.

    • Jasae Bushae

      @Jasae Bushae
      aaaah, you all make a good point XD
      to tell the truth ive seen so much of Earths true side that I sorta forgot that he is supposed to be honest and reliable XD
      though i still think owing a favor is storm because hes been asked to do loads of favors so far XD

  4. Little Writer

    Yay! Half Prince is finally finishing up!
    …Wait a minute, shouldn’t that be NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Half Prince is finishing up… :'( Well, PR!, thank you so much for translating all those chapters. We <3 you!
    Besides I can aways go back and re read every last chapter, thank goodness. YAY I'M SO HAPPY/SAD IMMA DIE

  5. Anna

    4 for LSK and 1 for 1/2 prince..
    thank you so much for the hardwork ^.^
    can’t wait for the fun

  6. Ronnie

    Only one more 1/2 prince? :< What will I do with my life when it is done?

    • Skye

      I KNOW!!! I shall be sitting at my desk after its done and crying over my keyboard!!! WHY MUST IT END!!?? (even though i soooo want to read the end)

  7. Ish


    Is there a possibility that PR would be translating Sunken Moon after 1/2 Prince is done?

    • lucathia

      As you can see, there are already two groups working on Sunken Moon, so it is not likely that PR will pick it up.

    • Jasae Bushae

      Also, Giraffe Corps is apparently also translating Gong Hua which is a nice plus ^^
      Personally im waiting for someone to pick up ‘Eye of the Soul’ just because Doll quoted it XD

    • Jasae Bushae

      Not one of Yu Wo’s but it was written by the same publisher that handled 1/2 prince.
      Back during Doll’s appearance she revealed that she chose to be a necromancer despite her fear of undead because she loved ‘Eye of the soul’ or by its untranslated title: “亡灵之眼” (prn. wáng líng zhī yăn)

      to better point out the scene

      The cowering Doll suddenly raised her head and lifted her chin. “Necromancers are not evil. Their real job is to discover the true meaning of death and unveil death’s mystery. Besides, a necromancer’s real forte is medicine; no one is more familiar with the body than a necromancer!”

      “Little girl, it seems like you’ve memorized The Eye of the Soul4 quite well!” Lolidragon said coldly.

      Ah, no wonder those words sounded familiar; they came from the novel The Eye of the Soul.

      Im taking Yu Wo’s shout out to the series as a recommendation and thus want to check it out.

  8. Painted Scales

    1/2 Prince is on it’s final volume? ;A;

    And only one chapter for 1/2 Prince this month?


    Thank you for all the hard work, translating these must be hard. I wish I could help, but I suck at Chinese…

  9. aimiera

    So, the volume, huh. A little sad because that’s mean ‘our’ journey with Prince in ‘Second Life’ will be end.

  10. Aerebes

    Yay!!! I can’t wait for these new ones!
    My guess from the chap names is that An Honest Style is Earth, and Owing a Favor is maybe Moon?

  11. FireFly

    Prince is going to be over soon *crys*, but I’ve been wondering what you guys will do next. OSS are already doing Eclipse Hunter/Hunting of The Shaded Guardian, and two sites have Sunken Moon.
    Aslo, I heard about these bookmarks that come with the Sun Knights Taiwanese Version. Do you, by any chance have them?
    Thanks for the chapters!!! I’ve been waiting for ages.

    • lucathia

      I’m unsure by what you mean by bookmarks. I’ve bought all of LSK, but they don’t come with bookmarks. Unless perhaps they were part of a special event. Store version doesn’t have bookmarks.

    • FireFly

      If you give me an email adress, maybe I could send them to you. Or you coukd just do a Google image search for them.

  12. zenmiragi

    sigh that’s right 1/2 prince is about to…. TT-TT wahhhhh i feel like crying i dont want to end the story of 1/2 prince

  13. 15B

    “Your groans about there being only one HP chapter, we hear you!”
    o.o Um… Were we that obvious….? I’m sorry!

    My guess is that there will be a surprising lack of melodrama at the reveal of Prince’s true gender. (As opposed to our wonderful rosy-colored fantasies…~ <3 Joking, Joking.) Or a good deal of shock, then something interrupts them and the matter doesn't seem to important anymore. Or maybe everyone will be 100% unsurprised that Prince is a girl, as they had suspicions all along.

  14. noodlecharm

    Wah!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the new list of chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (out of breath) Wohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m about to explode… BOOM!!!!!!! Whew!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!! I support you all the way!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks to Yu Wo for her novels!!!! I really wish i can read the originals… I wanted to buy those ^^… Thank you again!!!!! (Whew… tired from being excited… XD)

  15. NanoLaughing

    First, “An Honest Style” Sounds like Either Sun or Earth…..but it’s probably Earth.

  16. Kakei

    Is there a reason why the link to HP v8c1 isn’t working? It doesn’t even give me an option of clicking on it…

    • lucathia

      It hasn’t been published yet! This is just the chapter list for the month. When the chapter is published, the link will appear.

    • Nekolvr11

      That would be because the chapter has not been posted yet. When it is the link will be available. It’s just on there to show what chapter at going to be postedthis month.

  17. Marinas

    I predict that no one will be surprised over Prince’s big gender reveal except Gui, who will probably start frothing at the mouth. Everyone else will either have had a suspicion or will have been so jaded by the shocks in the previous chapter that it won’t come as much of a surprise to them. Besides, this is Prince, someone who is famous for being unorthodox. They’re most likely expecting someone out of the ordinary to begin with.

  18. Yukiru

    Noooo! It shouldn’t end so soon. I mean…..you know that feeling when your just done with something and then you have no reason to live afterwards.? I DONT WANNA EXPERIENCE THAT AGAIN! XD

  19. lucathia

    Everyone who guessed Earth for “An Honest Style” is correct. ;) LSK SS07 is now up~

  20. Anonymous

    The ‘seen from behind’ part is wonderful; the tactics used by the Earth Knight are amusing/interesting; the intimacy of the description makes me in fact feel really sorry for Earth when he’s interrupted (though he does deserve it (for locking horns with Sun)–ah, Sun’s slim figure comment tactic was also interesting!); seeing how the different knights are being gone through, I wonder if Cloud Knight is going to have a chapter (which might reveal greater depth of character/backstory/training)? *curiosity*

    As always, thank you very very much for these translations!

  21. Katiefrog217

    thnx! Keep working we all appreciate your effort and will wait paciently (somewaht) for the chapters!

  22. Zsim

    When volume 7 of 1/2 Prince will be available to download in mobi? And thank you for yours hard work.

  23. Seraphim

    After rereading the chapters of Volume 4 that have been translated so far I think that if Pink is the God of Shadow then Scarlet is probably the God of War and if so then the God of Light also probably exists or existed and that Grisia is either the son of the God of Light, a descendant of the God of Light or the God of Light who has had his memories stolen/sealed.

    Also the explosion in prologue was probably caused by Grisia attempting to use both holy element magic and dark element magic to defeat…. something? Maybe a dragon or even multiple dragons.

  24. pen-chan

    Is it possible to pick up Legendary Moonlight Sculptor next it seems like OSS just left it in limbo since march and the author pretty much gave permission for it to be translated up to vol 5 til 2013.

  25. zenmiragi

    what the! Why prince is so weak when she is in the real world!? And gui is so coward! He didnt hug her! (hahaha actually that isnt cowardice)

  26. Mitsou

    Wow, the international translation is popping up in so many languages! I might even join this new Vietnamese one :D

  27. zenmiragi

    thats right i want to know and how to speak korean and japanese lnaguage too. I want too work here too but im to young

    • dahlys

      Age isn’t a big factor as long as your language skills (English and Chinese for PR) are up to scratch. The youngest member ever to join PR was 13, though I think the average age now is about 20.

  28. Lunati

    I was wondering after you finish Half Prince, will you concentrate on finishing Legend of the Sun Knight or also translate something new as well?

    • MNeilG

      will you also translate spin offs of LSK?.. like those about the first generation holy knights or the 39th generation?

    • [PR]dahlys

      Yes, we will. The 1st gen after HP is complete and 39th gen after Yu Wo is done with them and LSK is proceeding at a good pace.

  29. zenmiragi

    TT-TT wah i dont know any language just english only! Its hard to learn other language

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