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September 2012 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V4C7: “Choose Your Companions for Slaying a Dragon”
  2. Unbeatable Part 3: Sun Knight – Neo Sun
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V4C8: “Take the Wrong Fork in the Road”
  4. Unbeatable Part 4: We are Unbeatable
  5. ½ Prince V8C4: Cold Fox's Terrifying Special Training

This month brings us the last two, story-related parts of Unbeatable while the author notes for the side story will be published next month. We’re also inching ever closer to the end of 1/2 Prince! But never fear, there is still the one volume sequel after 1/2 Prince to look forward to before we part with Prince for good. The sequel is more a collection of four related side stories that will feature a few POVs we haven’t seen yet. It’s still 1st person, but not from Lan’s POV! Aside from Unbeatable and 1/2 Prince, we have yet another two chapters of LSK this month. Just what will end up happening with Grisia, hm?

Two months ago, PR! invited a reader backstage to meet the staff and tour around PR! KitsuneWannaBe was our specially chosen reader. She has now posted about her experience in our staff blog, and she has also started to lead in depth discussions about our currently released chapters! We thought that it would be a great addition to be able to discuss these stories in greater depth, perhaps chapter by chapter, or also by topic. Two chapter discussion posts are currently up. We’d love to see your analyses and thoughts! Please discuss away! Long live discussion! \o\ If you have any ideas for topics, let us know that too! If this goes well, we’ll try to continue with discussion posts in the future.

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  1. Tinnis

    This month sound so amazing. I can’t wait for the next legend of the sun knight.
    And we are getting to of them

  2. nes

    I’m honestly alittle disappointed that 1/2 prince wont be comming out till the end of the month waaaaaaaaaaaaaa but I can understand if your trying to draw it out so we don’t finish too fast and for that half of me says thankyou very much ( or else id plow rite through it) while the other half is crying over there in the corner………..anyways the sane half says thanks for all the translations \(°^°)/ <~~~(definantly sane…)

  3. NanoLaughing

    Aww, I feel really bad not going on the base as much as I used too. one of the reasons was we actually lost the internet for almost a week, and ontop of that I have so much home work, and have to baby sit. But I hope to be WAY more active on the site!

  4. Aurelia

    I just have to say, I LOVE YOU GUYS. <3
    I've only read 1/2 Prince's sequel/novella/side-story (arghh I can't express this term in English) but it was a little weirdly arranged since I could only find it online… I can't find it anywhere in my country so…
    I'll wait for you. /sits down patiently to wait for the sequel, sipping tea
    As always,
    virtual cookies for all the hard work! Thank you so much for the translations, really(:

  5. zenmiragi

    YAY!!!!!! ^____^ new updates! thank you princerevolution! wahhhhh i miss this its been a while! (FOR ME! ^_^)

  6. nuro

    i just want one thing in my life……. just give the update……. i life with it you know

  7. aviash

    Hey guys the prince stories u mentioned were they by any chance from wicked and guis pov

  8. Jasae Bushae

    hmm…so all thats left is
    four chapters of 1/2 prince
    two chapters of legend of sun knight – to slay a dragon (plus shared rule and author note)
    the afterward and blog post of Unbeatable
    and three legend of sun knight side stories
    i wonder which ones we will see this month…

    Im going to guess one chapter of 1/2 prince (because the translators seem to be taking their time on it. i presume so they have time to nail down names and terms used in whichever series their picking up next ahead of time to avoid corrections and errors)
    the remainder of unbeatable (its very nearly done and i doubt the epilogue and blog post could be much harder than current chapters.) on a side note, does anybody have a good picture of aldrizzt and neo that would be a good cover for the eventual Unbeatable pdf?
    chapters 9 and 10 of to slay a dragon (and if were lucky the shared rule as well though im doubtful)
    with no chance of one of the remaining sun knight side stories cropping up (between a nearly complete 1/2 prince, a nearly complete volume of legend of sun knight and the remainder of unbeatable i doubt the three side stories will take any sort of priority)
    which if my guess is correct will mean a total of five chapters this month ^^ though this is just an estimate and im only going by the estimated number of available staff members, past chapterness and the difficulty of translations
    and while im making random guesses ill go one step further and make the prediction that we will see a chapter released before the 17th!

    • Jasae Bushae

      umm..i did count the epilogue
      1/2 prince: chapters 5, 6, 7 and epiloque = four chapters
      and yah ^^; i was just trying to predict what would be translated for the month of october and didnt count additional novels since everythings done in order

    • Vi

      @Jasae Bushae
      If October = 5 chapters
      31 days / 5 chapters = one chapter every 6.2 days
      31 days – todays date (12th – at least where I am) = 19 days left in month
      19 days / 5 chapters = one chapter every 3.8 days
      … humans aren’t maths, so this is just me really looking forward to the next release (c’mon 12.4 days).
      31 – 17 = 14 / 5 = one chapter every 2.8 days

  9. Diacus

    Did you notice they created a new page for the series “Female Warrior”? Apparently, it’s the prequel series of LSK! :D
    I haven’t been able to find it on the main site yet, but on the mobile version, just scroll down to the bottom and there it is. No updates yet, though.
    Can’t wait to try it! :3

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