June 2011 Contest: Singoff and Prize Giveaways

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If you read the monthly update post from earlier this month, you should be aware of June’s singing competition.

Again, the categories are

  • It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
  • Swallowtail Butterfly – Mayday
  • Free Response (Pick any song you like)

The three winners will receive TWO chapters (can be one of each or two of one series). The three runner-ups will receive one chapter of their choice. Judging will be done by the staff and the deadline will be June 30. Send in your mp3s to amgine@princerevolution.org !

Some readers have been asking various questions, so here’s the answers to some FAQs:

Q: Am I allowed to submit entries to more than one category?
A: Sure. We’ll just accept the one we like best, so there’s no harm in two or more songs.

Q: How do I record my voice?
A: First, you should acquire an instrumental version of the song, if available. Next, you need to get a recording software. Audacity is a good, free option. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to record and mix a song using Audacity — just search on Youtube. Optionally, make sure you either have a good microphone, or apply some sort of noise-cancelling effect to reduce the level of static in your recording. (Google is your friend, but here’s a good place to start.)

Q: Where can I find the lyrics to Swallowtail Butterfly?
A: Here, you can find the Chinese lyrics with pinyin and English translation to Swallowtail Butterfly.
If you’re still having trouble figuring out the pronunciations of the pinyin, try listening to the recording done by the band.

Q: Am I allowed to get creative with my entries?
A: Sure. Remixes, mashups, English transliterations are all welcome if that’s how you roll.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to post them here.

Lastly, I’d like to remind readers who like prizes to check the Staff Blog more often. I will occasionally post some giveaways or mini-riddles to spice things up over there. There’s a random giveaway going on right now!

New Schedule and Second Life Project Update

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After some discussion, we’ve decided to change our normal release schedule a bit to spread things out more. From this month on, we’ll be using the following schedule:

Week 1: Monthly Update post
Week 2: First Chapter
Week 3: Second Chapter
Week 4: Monthly Contest post

When we post 3+ chapters, we’ll spread the posting out evenly over those two middle weeks. So, by this schedule, the next HP chapter will be up around the 15th!

Some of you may remember the 1/2 Prince video game project, Second Life Project, that we mentioned a while ago. If you’re new to it, you can check it out here: http://s7.zetaboards.com/SecondLifeProject/index/. We also have a number of new screenshots up, which can be found in this thread. At the moment, we are recruiting more RPGmaker VX designers, artists, composers, writers, and one new position, explained in detail below.

Currently were are looking for one person to fill an intern-like position. This position requires no background skills, but we do need someone with a lot of free time on their hands and good attention to detail. If you’re interested, please email secondlifeprjct@gmail.com with a brief description of who you are, why you’d like to help out, and how much time you have to help. No more assistant applications are being accepted. Thanks to those who applied!


Update: May 2011 – Anniversary, More Contests, Fan Creations, and Doujin Update

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May 2011 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C1: “Eat Breakfast!”
  2. ½ Prince V5C2: Conflict

This month we have a couple of important announcements. First of all, this month is PR!’s two year anniversary! The first chapter of ½ Prince was posted by Erialis, our founder, on April 25th, 2009. So here’s to another great two years of translating! =]

We hope those of you who participated in the Easter Egg Hunt had fun! If you missed it, you can check it out here http://easter.princerevolution.org/egghunt/ (though obviously you can’t win). The blog post with the answers and statistics can be found here: http://www.princerevolution.org/easter-egghunt-analysis-and-walkthrough/. Would you guys be interested in doing something like this again?

The theme for this month’s monthly contest is as follows:

  • Fanfiction: “Outrageous” – Write a short original story involving Half Prince and/or Legend of Sun Knight characters in an outrageous scenario.
  • Fanart: “Outrageous” – Draw the craziest, most unusual Half Prince or Legend of Sun Knight fanart conceivable. Nothing inappropriate, please.

The theme for next month’s contest will a little different…again!

For June’s contest, we will be holding a singing competition. We will have potentially six winners, two from each of the following songs:

Easter Egghunt Contest Open to Public!

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Update: The egghunt has ended; I hope everyone who participated had a good time. A blog post with all the answers, explanations, and statistics is up. Click on the “PR! Lounge: Staff Blog” Quicklink on the top right sidepanel to take a look!

As promised, the Easter Egghunt is ready! If you want to test your intelligence, valiance, and luck in order to win sneak previews to upcoming chapters, (both series for the first five winners, and one series of your choosing to anyone after that), then get your noodles cooking and head off to http://easter.princerevolution.org!

Remember, if you get stuck, feel free to send a tweet to @princerevolutio, a PM to amgine on the forums, or an email to amgine@princerevolution.org. The deadline is the end of the month Easter Sunday (April 24th). Good luck!

  • Please do not to share your answers or ideas with anyone else! (We have a system in place which alerts us on possible “cheating”)
  • Please compose your emails with a proper title, greeting, message body, and signature. Due to the sudden influx of emails, Gmail’s spam filter has been acting particularly aggressively on the no-so-well-composed emails.
  • Please write a thought-out explanation along with your answers. Due to the volume of quality responses, we cannot accept “random guesses” that just happen to be correct.
  • If at all possible, please do NOT use Internet Explorer!

Update: April 2011 – Real Chapters, Twitter, and Monthly Contest

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April 2011 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V2Prologue: The Sun Knight
  2. ½ Prince V5C1: The Title of Undefeatable King

Hello again everyone! First of all, our sincere apologies for the missing promised updates last month. About 98% of our staff members are students (and at least 50% university students), so we occasionally get inundated with work, especially around midterm season. We will, however, be striving hard to prevent such a lapse in the future. Additionally, we’ve decided to create a Twitter account so that the lapse in communication won’t happen again! We’ll be sure to post any little updates that occur and you can ask our staff any questions you like, e.g. “when will the next chapter coming out?”, “are you guys even alive?”, “may I have your autograph?”. (Well, maybe not that last one.) The account is princerevolutio (thanks to the 15 character limit and princerev already being taken).

We hope you guys enjoyed the April Fools chapter ;) The real ones up now and the joke ones have been moved to the blog section. And for those of you who didn’t quite get the jokes, check out these links: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rickroll and http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rebecca-black-friday. If you read the April Fool’s LSK chapter, you can skip ahead to the last line. If you read the April Fool’s Half Prince chapter, we highly recommend you reread from the beginning. Continued