The Legend of Sun Knight V5C5: “Stirring up all Sorts of Trouble and Keeping Everyone’s Hands Full with Trying to Fix it”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Fifth Misdeed of an Undying Lich: “Stirring up all Sorts of Trouble and Keeping Everyone’s Hands Full with Trying to Fix it”—translated by bleachpanda

Aldrizzt refused to say anything until I explained how I had lost my eyesight. Thus, I could only retell the events from beginning to end. When I reached the part where I prayed to the God of Light, that so long as Leaf could fully recover I was willing to pay any price, Aldrizzt suddenly shouted, “How could you make such a promise to a god? You could have died! No one knows what a god would want to take!”

He stopped for a moment, and then continued, “Look! Everyone is nodding their heads!”

Look at what? I can’t even see!

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Aldrizzt lectured.

“But I had to!” I shouted, “This is the only event where I would never even once change my decision even if it were to repeat itself a hundred times!”

Silence again. How frustrating. What is of most importance now should definitely be restoring my sensing ability; otherwise I won’t be able to do anything.

After a while, Aldrizzt wonderingly said, “But Neo and I haven’t heard anything about you becoming blind.”

“Because no one knows.” After my proud exclamation, a cold snort immediately followed. I instantly shut my mouth again.

“How could no one know?” Aldrizzt said in surprise, “You are the Sun Knight. News of you spread throughout the whole continent even when you were merely missing for a few days. Don’t even talk about losing your sight.”

This time, I could only explain the situation to him honestly. “I used my sensing ability to replace my eyesight. At present, probably only a few people know that I am blind.”

“Sensing ability?” Aldrizzt stayed silent for a while before asking with difficulty, “You can use your sensing ability to substitute your sense of vision?”

After I nodded, I heard him murmur to himself, “This is unbelievable. How strong must one’s sensing ability be in order to accomplish this?”

“Then why are you not using your sensing ability right now?”

I began explaining what had happened the day I went to wipe out the undead creatures. I even deliberately made the process sound more exhausting than it was, hoping that a certain person, who was as cold as ice, would defrost a little. Please don’t think about punishments such as imprisoning me for an entire year.

“When you try to use your sensing ability, your head hurts?” Aldrizzt said, furrowing his eyebrows. “It shouldn’t be like that. I have never heard of using magic beyond its limits to the point where it causes your body pain… You didn’t go past your limits with your sensing ability! You’ve been attacked!”

“Attacked?” I asked, stunned. “No one attacked me.”

“Someone did. An attack doesn’t always need to be physical,” Aldrizzt said. “Isn’t your sensing ability a form of power with no physical shape? Since you’re able to use your sensing ability, others are able to counterattack!”

When he says it like that, it sounds logical. In addition, I believe in Aldrizzt’s strength and knowledge of magic. Unlike me, he is a real mage and learned his magic step by step. He didn’t randomly learn all of his magic from others by looking at their gestures. Besides casting magic, I really don’t know anything about the concepts of magic.

“Give me the gem. This gem has a very strong purifying ability. Although I’m not an expert on water magic, with the gem it may be possible to restore Grisia’s sensing ability…”

Before Aldrizzt finished speaking, Judgment immediately interrupted coldly, “We can use anything, except for that gem.”

Aldrizzt desperately explained, “Eternal Tranquility really isn’t anything evil. It’s a great asset to Grisia. If something bad occurred because of it, it was because it was misused by evil people. Please believe me!”

“Aldrizzt wouldn’t harm me,” I spoke, helping him out. “Judgment, even if you don’t believe in him, you should believe in my teacher.”

Suddenly, Judgment agitatedly said, “If even you can abandon Blaze and Ice without a care, then who else is worth trusting?”

After he finished speaking, he murmured “ah” to himself. He softly said, “Sun, I didn’t mean it like that…”

Although I could not see, it was so quiet that it was possible to clearly hear everyone breathing. Even without eyes, you could feel how awkward the situation was at present.

I said plainly, “Adair, call the Pope over and tell him that I want him to come immediately.”

Adair replied instantly, “Yes.”

“Then you can go do your work. You don’t need to come back.”


I continued, “Roland, you’re very busy, right? You can also go and do your work.”

After relaying my orders I was not sure how Roland had reacted, but after quite a few seconds he finally replied, “Okay.”

After I heard the two instances of the door opening and closing, I opened my mouth.

“His Holiness the Pope is also very knowledgeable in magic. With the addition of Aldrizzt, it may be possible for them to restore my sensing ability without the use of the gem.”

After I finished my explanation, I paused for a moment before I continued, “Judgment, hand over the gemstone to Aldrizzt. Aldrizzt, sorry to trouble you, but please return the gem to Teacher.”

Aldrizzt continued trying to explain, “But…”

“It’s decided!” I said, unyielding.

Although my tone was unyielding, I couldn’t see at all whether they were following my orders and could only assume that they were. After a while, I heard the sound of the door opening. Then, I heard the Pope’s soft exclamation, “A dark elf?”

He is indeed the Pope. Even though he was unprepared, he could still be so calm after suddenly seeing a dark elf… However, he should have known that my teacher was traveling with a dark elf.

“Dark elf, Judgment Knight, and Sun Knight?” The Pope mumbled, “The three of them together cannot equate to anything good, right? Nonetheless, it’s a good thing Neo isn’t here. If Neo were here as well, it would most likely be that he and the dark elf had caused a monstrous disaster, forcing them to have to come back here to ask for help.”

“Pope, my sensing ability is gone.” In order to stop the Pope from continuing his mumbling, I went straight to the point and simply said, “If you don’t help, the Holy Temple’s Sun Knight will become blind.”

“…Do you have to shock one of your elders like this?” the Pope complained. “Can’t you be more tactful?”

“Go complain to Judgment! If I were to be indirect about it, he would throw all of my lavender essential oils out.”

“Then you’re definitely in the wrong!” the Pope said, without a doubt.

“…” I decided to ignore him and went to ask the authentic mage, “Aldrizzt, sorry to trouble you, but could you discuss with the Pope as to what can be done?”

After the two of them exchanged simple greetings, Aldrizzt went straight to the point. The content of his speech was extremely deep and hard to understand; it was as hard to decipher as my long speeches filled with the God of Light nonsense. If I were to examine each word individually, I would be able understand them, but once all those words were strung together into sentences, it became a language that I was totally incapable of comprehending.

Since I can’t understand it, I might as well not bother listening. I said to Judgment, “Judgment, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll help fetch some food for you.” After speaking, he left the room.

Not long after, the Pope suddenly said to me, “Sun, from what we’ve been discussing, Eternal Tranquility really can help you. If the gem had not been sealed, as long as you were wearing it, you would definitely not have been vulnerable enough to be attacked, and wouldn’t have lost your sensing ability.”

I replied, annoyed, “The gem is with Judgment. If you want to agitate him, then go and get it from him!”

“Why did Judgment take away the gem? But still, his expression really is rather scary. Please don’t involve me in anything related to the retrieval of the gem.” Hearing this, I rolled my eyes as he embarrassedly said, “Anyway, let’s try to restore your sensing ability first.”

I really did not know how they had done it. Once a layer of water element surrounded my head, it felt like my surroundings were slowly breaking out from the complete darkness of my vision. First things became foggy, then shrouded by a haze of mist. Afterwards, it felt like the fog was being lifted layer by layer as the surrounding scenery became clearer and clearer…

The Pope faced toward me. He was still masking himself with a veil, but he knew that a veil could not block my sense of vision. Thus, he winked and said, “How is it, can you see?”

“If you pout and use your index finger to poke your cheek again, I’m going to use holy light to blow you out of here! An old man and you’re still trying to pretend to be cute!”

The Pope ceased pouting and shrugged his shoulders. “Seems like it’s been restored.”

However, Aldrizzt’s expression was still of total concern. “If you don’t wear Eternal Tranquility, the next time you are attacked, you will probably lose your sensing ability once more.”

“Teach me how to restore my sensing ability. I don’t understand magical concepts, so you only need to tell me how to do it. Then, next time, I can restore my sensing ability myself.”

Aldrizzt sighed. Feeling there was no choice, he said, “Alright!”

At this moment, Judgment opened the door and walked in. In his hands was a bowl of hot and fragrant fish congee that looked nice and warm from its steam. In addition, there was a whole heap of cilantro sprawled on top.

“Thankfully, you never forget to sprinkle cilantro on it.” After I finished speaking, he froze. I said, smiling, “That’s right, I can see you now. Want to test it out?”

Judgment walked toward me with one hand holding the bowl and the other holding a spoon. I accurately received the two with no mistake and began gobbling down the congee. I didn’t forget to secretly monitor Judgment’s expression as I ate. He looked much more relaxed.

At this point, the Pope and Aldrizzt began discussing magical concepts. This surely was a difficult task for Aldrizzt as he had to discuss magic theory with the Pope while secretly sneaking worried looks at Judgment and me.

“Pope, if you are to discuss magic theory, go to your study and discuss it. Stop speaking about all these things I can’t understand in here; you’re ruining my appetite!”

The Pope shrugged his shoulders and really did grab Aldrizzt to leave the room. I quickly shouted, “Put on your cloak.” Aldrizzt hurriedly threw his cloak on and, literally a second later, was dragged out by the Pope.

It seems like the Pope is extremely interested in Aldrizzt’s knowledge of magic. He even forgot that the other party was a dark elf. Fortunately I still remembered. Otherwise if rumors of the Pope secretly interacting with a dark elf were to spread, I really wouldn’t know how to fix it. Or I should say, besides absolutely refusing to admit it, there’s really nothing that could be done.

While I continued eating congee, Judgment seemed to have no intention of leaving. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and said, “I didn’t say that on purpose.”

I swallowed a mouthful of congee and pretended not to mind as I said, “I know, don’t worry. I just don’t understand how the Eternal Tranquility could change me into another person or why it would. As for you…”

“Leave this for me to investigate!” Judgment interrupted my speech and said, determined, “Rest well and if possible, I hope you won’t continue interfering with this case. For now, if you want to leave the Holy Temple, remember to at least bring Earth and Cloud along.”

After he had finished, he sharply turned around and left. Although he had calmly left through the door, he had also left very swiftly. It seemed like he did not want to leave any chance for me to open my mouth to say something.

But as fast as he had been, I still could have opened my mouth to stop him. However, his actions had already made it clear that he had no intention of answering any of my questions.

“…As for you, do you know something that you haven’t told me?”

I looked at the closed door and softly asked the words I did not have the chance to say. Naturally, no one answered.

Although I really wanted to thoroughly investigate what exactly Judgment was hiding from me, in the following days I had no time for leisure. Within town, undead creatures spawned endlessly, as if they were having a carnival. Even those that were rarely seen, uncommonly seen, or could not even normally be seen in one’s lifetime all emerged one after another.

This situation caused even His Majesty the King to be in a thunderous rage. Apart from having to lead the Sun Knight Platoon to root out undead creatures, I also had to enter the palace and be forcefully questioned by the king as to the reason why there were so many undead creatures everywhere, and when this problem could be solved.

Since I did not know the reason for their appearance, I was not any closer to knowing how to solve the problem. Thus, I could only stall the king for time. However, the pretend pig king right now was not at all the real pig king in the past, who could be easily stalled with a few words. The king basically didn’t even bother listening to my long and continuous blathering about the God of Light. He only threw one line at me: “Solve this within a week. Otherwise, don’t even think about receiving one cent from me next year.”

Although the public’s offerings were the main income of the Church, I remembered the Pope saying that the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound’s offerings to the palace were fixed and stable. Therefore, those offerings were used for the Church’s necessary expenses, such as food.

If I were to give the king an excuse to withhold money for a year, the Pope might just ask the holy knights to hunt and feed themselves… That dratted king’s probably really happy that undead creatures have appeared; it gives him a good excuse not to give us money!

In the chaos created by the undead creatures, the best fortune within this misfortune was the fact that the citizens of Leaf Bud City were not in a panic.

I walked within the city and patrolled, occasionally shooting down a few undead creatures hiding in dark and dimly lit corners with my holy light. However, I did not dare to use my sensing ability across a large area anymore. It would be bad if I were to be attacked and lose my sensing ability again.

At times, there would be citizens passing by giving me encouragement. Whenever they saw me kill an undead creature, they would even clap and scream for an encore… Hey, hey! What encore? Are you hoping for more undead creatures to appear?

Among the cheers, I suddenly sensed an undead creature crawling out of the sewers. In addition, it was advancing toward a little boy around five years old. Right as I was about to use my holy light the little boy, without any hesitation, actually grabbed his toy horse and hit it over the undead creature’s head… Has the Holy Temple trained the citizens of Leaf Bud City to have a little too much courage?

The undead creature, struck by the toy horse, fell against the floor. Afterwards, with a casual flick of my holy light, I turned the creature into dust.

“How brave!” I knelt down and rubbed the little boy’s head, though I really wanted to shout at him for his recklessness. Luckily the undead creature was really weak. Otherwise, what could be hit to death by a toy horse?

However, I still had to wear a smile and say, “The God of Light is proud of you.”

While I was rubbing the little boy’s head, Earth and Cloud returned. They had gone to chase after a speedy undead creature only moments ago. They had left so quickly that I did not even have enough time to agree on a rendezvous point with them. Thus, I could only stand at my original position with citizens surrounding me as I waited for them to return.

I smiled at the people while I complained through the corners of my mouth, “Why were you so slow!”

“We su-suddenly saw another group of undead creatures trying to at-attack some girls,” Earth said indignantly, “T-to attack young girls! Th-that’s unforgivable!”

So attacking the elderly isn’t unforgivable? I rolled my eyes at him.

“Sun senses undead creatures rampaging not far away from here!” I furrowed my eyebrows as I ordered Earth and Cloud in a low growl. “Brother Earth, brother Cloud, come with me!”

They nodded and followed me. Probably because I actually had a stern look for once, the surrounding public obediently opened up a path for the three of us to successfully leave without any trouble.

After walking for a while with no citizens to the front, left, right and back of us, Earth asked suspiciously, “Are there really any undead creatures at all? Don’t tell me that you wanted to run away, so you purposely lied to those people?”

“God is looking at us from above; how could I possibly lie?” I seriously replied, “After all, we’re bound to see an undead creature sooner or later!”


After I finished speaking, it only took a few steps for an undead creature to appear. Fortunately, as usual, it was rather weak.

“What exactly is happening? Where are all these undead creatures coming from?” Earth mumbled, “Even if there is a necromancer in the city, what is the point in calling forth these useless things?”

This was the part I was also most uncertain about. It was already an extremely dangerous act for a necromancer to secretly enter Leaf Bud City. After all, this was the headquarters of the Church of the God of Light. Not only was this necromancer not laying low, the necromancer was also going as far as to summon groups of undead creatures who were just strutting around out in the open.

Even this was fine, since this necromancer may have wanted to challenge the Church. But the thing was, the necromancer was calling forth weak undead creatures that could be smashed even by a five-year old. A necromancer that can call forth this many undead creatures should not be limited to only summoning such low level ones…

Earth cried out, “Sun, there are two undead creatures running in two different directions!”

“Two? Perfect.” I lazily said, “The two of you can each chase one. I’ll be here waiting for you to return.”

“Why don’t you be even lazier!” Earth angrily glared at me. However, he still accepted his fate and started chasing after one. As he chased, he shouted toward me, “You better obediently stay here and not move! Otherwise, I’ll tell Judgment that you shook us off. Then, you can prepare to be locked up for another few months…”

I did not hear the rest of his speech because Earth had already gone too far off into the distance.

I leaned against a wall, leisurely waiting for them to return. I took out the little pouch Ice had given me and carefully picked out a piece of blueberry chocolate. In the meantime, I checked how many were left, and this nearly made me cry. There were only ten or so pieces of chocolate left. How can I survive for a month like this?

Even if I am able to steal Judgment’s sweets to eat, his sweets are specially catered to his taste and aren’t sweet at all. Compared to my sweets’ extremely sweet flavor, there’s a very big difference!

I threw the chocolate into my mouth and as I was about to put away the pouch, something leapt upwards. My pouch vanished all of a sudden!

I immediately started gathering large amounts of holy light with my hands. However, in the next second, I froze.

The thing was actually a dark elemental horse. The pouch was dangling from its mouth and half of it was already in its mouth!

I flew into a rage and shouted in a low voice, “Whitey, give me back my chocolates! It’s my month’s worth of energy snacks! If you dare swallow it, I will… I will shoot this holy light at you and detonate you into a pile of waste!”

Whitey placed the pouch onto the ground and even whined with grievance.

Seeing this, I relaxed. Whitey was the same as when I had first met it. It was a glutton and a coward but also quite obedient. I dispersed the holy light and instead gathered some dark element to lure it.

“Come here, Whitey! Come here and eat! It’s your favorite dark element! You can eat as much as you want!”

Whitey seemed to be a bit tempted as it stamped its hooves and slowly came over. The closer it moved, the more I could feel his overflowing dark element. It was a darkness with no impurities. It was beautiful, almost as beautiful as the Eternal Tranquility. If I could obtain the two of them, then…

Looking at Whitey lowering its head to lick the dark element, my mouth curved into a smile.


Hearing the sounds of shouting, I froze in place. I immediately found Adair running toward me. I hurriedly tried to drive Whitey away but when I sensed for it, there was no sign of Whitey remaining. Whitey had disappeared without a trace.

This was not the first time Whitey had suddenly disappeared. I stood up as if nothing had happened and faced Adair, saying, “Adair, why do you look all flustered and panicked? You don’t have the demeanor of a holy knight at…”

Before I could even finish speaking, Adair interrupted hastily, “The Holy Temple has sent urgent news. Knight-Captain Judgment has suffered grave injuries. They need you to return immediately, sir!”

Judgment… has suffered grave injuries?

How can this be possible?

I hurriedly rushed back to the Holy Temple, and my heart jumped in fright the moment I stepped onto the stairs. The stairs were covered in pools of liquid comprised of the water and metal elements. It extended the entire way into the Holy Temple… It’s blood!

I walked past the two holy knights guarding the doors of the Holy Temple. The two of them looked flustered and extremely startled. Even if undead creatures were to invade the Holy Temple, such expressions of fear probably wouldn’t even appear on their faces.

However, Knight-Captain Judgment suffering grave injuries was actually much more unbelievable than undead creatures invading the Holy Temple.

When I entered the hall, a large puddle of water element in the hall frightened me to a halt.

This much blood? Is this all Judgment’s blood? How severe are his injuries…

In the hysteria, I caught sight of a familiar figure… That’s Judgement’s vice captain! I bellowed, “Radar! Come here!”

“It’s Vidar.” Vidar came over with an expression of helplessness. After politely saluting, he asked, “Knight-Captain Sun… May I please ask…”

I grabbed his collar. After pulling him closer to me, I snapped, “Where is Knight-Captain Judgment?”

With a bit of difficulty in breathing, Vidar replied, “Kn-Knight-Captain Judgment returned to his room to rest. His injuries were extremely severe…”

His injuries were extremely severe? I threw Vidar aside and immediately went off toward Judgment’s room.

Vidar chased after me and desperately said, “Please wait a moment. Captain Judgment is already resting. Please don’t disturb him. His injuries were very severe and although his outer wounds have been healed, he has lost a lot of blood and so needs a lot of rest…”

I stopped in my footsteps and turned around. I coldly asked, “Are you positive that he is really resting?”

Vidar stood bewildered for a second before following with an extremely worried expression. With a tone as if he were begging, he said, “You are right, sir. Please convince Captain Judgment to rest and not push himself so much.”

Seeing his worried expression, I really pitied Vidar… So, having a superior that is too serious will also make the subordinates very distressed. Fortunately, I’m not serious. Therefore, Adair doesn’t need to worry about me overworking myself at all. He sure is lucky.

I nodded at Vidar, and he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He continued commanding the others to clean up the mess in the hall.

I charged straight to the outside of Judgment’s room without hesitating, and without even opening the door I could sense that the person behind the door was fine. In addition, he was sitting at his desk doing his paperwork… However, it is exactly this that makes me so angry! After bleeding out a pool of blood and suffering grave injuries, he is still correcting his documents. Is this guy a workaholic or does he just not value his own life?

I did not even bother knocking and opened the door brazenly. I walked into the room, took a deep breath, and shouted, “Are you crazy? You’re still doing paperwork at this time? Hurry up, lie down on your bed and sleep for three days and three nights!”

Judgment turned around and laughed, “Everyone is being too anxious. My injuries weren’t even that severe, and His Holiness the Pope has already healed me.”

If it required the Pope to take action, how could it not be severe? I asked in suspicion, “Then tell me. What level of healing did the Pope use? Don’t try to conceal it from me, as I can easily find out the answer through others.”

Judgment was silent for a moment before saying, “One Ultimate Heal and one Advanced Heal,”

I gasped. For healing magic, the Pope’s powers were on par with mine. In addition, previously when Ice and Blaze had been hurt in the dragon cave, I had only needed to use an Ultimate Heal on the two of them, and they had been healed. Judgment had actually needed an Advanced Heal as well… His injuries were not light at all!

“Who wounded you? Who has the strength to deal so much damage to you?” I was extremely infuriated and in disbelief. There is actually someone who can inflict such severe injuries on the Judgment Knight?! There is actually someone in Leaf Bud City who dared to exchange blows with the Judgment Knight?!

Judgment avoided the important details and evasively said, “I was investigating a few things. I was careless.”

I immediately shouted, “Careless about what? Who in the Holy Temple doesn’t know that Knight-Captain Judgment is the most vigilant and careful? Don’t try to brush me off!”

“I’m fine! Absolutely fine!” Judgment glared at me. He questioned, “You’re not the only one with the right to return to the Holy Temple with injuries, right?”


Judgment eased his expression and said, “I’m really fine. We are holy knights. Suffering a few injuries is a small thing. You’re being too anxious.”

Too anxious? I gritted my teeth, fuming in rage as I thought, Why don’t you say that to Vidar and those holy knights guarding the door?

Judgment asked, “Has the outbreak of undead creatures been solved yet?”

“No!” Even though I knew that Judgment was trying to change the subject, I did not know whether to continue interrogating him. Thus, I could only angrily shake my head, “There has to be a necromancer within the city. However, it’s impossible for me to use my sensing ability to find the person. Whenever I use my sensing ability, it feels like someone is interfering with me and…”

I hesitated. I did not know whether to tell Judgment about Whitey repeatedly appearing before me or not.


I looked at Judgment. He had calmly asked me. Initially, I hadn’t been planning to hide it from him, but after thinking about how he was hiding something from me, I felt too angry to tell him.

I lightly said, “And necromancers are my responsibility; I don’t need to report to you, right?”

“Indeed not.” Judgment’s face turned cold as he formally said, “I hope that the evil creatures walking within Leaf Bud City will soon taste the God of Light’s severity. For this, you really must work hard, Knight-Captain Sun.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his head and continued his work, without a care at all about how others were telling him to rest. This is so infuriating! I-I’m going to tell Vidar. No, I need to tell the entirety of the Judgment Knight Platoon and let them collectively take care of their captain!

I turned around to leave the room, but before I had even walked two steps, the room resounded with Judgment’s shout, “While you’re at it, tell Vidar that I’m letting him help Adair correct documents. Tell him that he doesn’t need to come here. Or, you can do your own paperwork.”

Horrible tapeworm! I couldn’t stop myself from punching the wall outside his room… Crap! That hurts.

I held my fist as I rolled on the ground and repented to the God of Light for my stupid actions.

“Are you an idiot?”

Above me, I heard Earth’s cold voice, “Why are you picking a fight with a wall out of nowhere? Do you think you have Judgment’s battle aura or Hell’s immortal fists?”

“I have unlimited holy light.” I glared at him and at the same time cast healing magic on my fist. It instantly stopped hurting.

Earth clicked his tongue and nonchalantly said, “What are you doing worrying about Judgment? He’s strong to the extreme and under him, there’s that guy Hell. In addition, it’s not like Ice is an easy guy to deal with either. Who could Judgment fear?”

Now that he says that, that’s true. There isn’t anyone weak under Judgment. I grievingly said, “Why do all of the people under Judgment possess astonishing strength while I’m stuck with people like you?”

I suddenly realized that there really were not any exceptionally strong Knight-Captains under me. At most, they possessed special abilities. Storm’s speed was astounding, Cloud’s ability to conceal himself was beyond belief, Earth’s ability to protect was remarkable, Leaf’s archery skills were fearful and Blaze’s ability to eliminate spirits was first class … But there was no one who had astonishing strength.

“Haven’t you heard of the saying ‘if the room beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked’?”1 Earth coldly retorted. “The one at the top can’t even hold a sword properly; you should be rejoicing about the God of Light’s blessing that the ones under you can even use a sword.”

… Why is it that recently I have always been bitten back? In addition, I’m always being rendered speechless.

Earth mumbled, “Also, at least there’s still Adair. His strength is amazing, yet he actually obeys a captain that can’t even hold a sword properly. That is already a miracle.”

I definitely would not tell Earth that in the beginning, in order to show the platoon members some severity to put them in their place, I had ordered the platoon leader Adair that as long as he heard my orders, regardless of what they were, he had to immediately answer “Yes.” Otherwise, I would throw him off a cliff. As a result, within five days, I had used magic to throw Adair off a cliff one hundred times, wounded him a hundred times, and healed him a hundred times. This was how he had become so obedient and well-behaved.

However, I must repeat, I really had a good eye for people at that time!

Among the twenty and more people, I had chosen Adair, who had been the most stubborn out of them all. Although he had been so stubborn that I had had to throw him off a cliff one hundred times, when he acknowledged someone, he would stubbornly obey them completely. No matter how absurd my orders were, he would still carry them out.

Therefore, Adair had actually undergone training in order to become this obedient. The one that had been naturally obedient from the start was actually Cloud. He didn’t need any teaching; as long as there was a book saying “obediently listen to the Sun Knight’s words,” he would obediently follow my words.

Thinking of Cloud, I suddenly had an idea. I shouted loudly, “Cloud! Where are you?”


I jumped. However, I immediately saw that, like me, Earth had jumped in fright as well. This made me feel a lot better. It really wasn’t because I was timid, but rather because Cloud’s hiding abilities were too advanced.

In order to prevent Judgment from hearing this, I walked a bit further. Then, I curved my index finger indicating for Cloud to come over and sternly ordered, “From tomorrow onwards, I want you to follow Knight-Captain Judgment.”

Cloud looked at me blankly as if he did not understand what I was saying.

Earth, who had followed along, forcefully interrupted, “If you want to borrow someone’s sword to kill him,2 you don’t have to borrow Judgment’s sword. That’s so cruel and merciless of you. What has Cloud done that would make you kill him through this type of torture?”

“If I were to torture someone to death, I would torture you!” I shot him a glare. Then, I seriously requested, “Cloud, only you can accomplish this. Go follow Judgment and then tell me where he went and who he saw. And if you could also find out who wounded him so severely, that would be great.”

In the end, Cloud nodded and promised to follow Judgment from tomorrow morning onwards… Although, he had agreed with tears in his eyes.

Cloud would follow and find out what Judgment was doing and in the meantime ensure his safety. As for me, I steeled my resolve to go find Pink. This time, even if Whitey is only three steps from me, I won’t pay it any attention.

At the time, the plan seemed flawless. I was wrong however, because I had forgotten that Judgment was a guy who would never put things off for tomorrow if he could do them today.

Even though night had fallen, today definitely had not ended just yet.


1 “If the room beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked”: This is a Chinese proverb means that subordinates imitate their superiors’ vices. When those above behave unworthily, those below will do the same.

2 “to borrow someone’s sword to kill him”: This is the same idiom that was translated figuratively in V4C5 as “to get someone else to do his dirty work.” However, it is left as the literal one here as Sun is doing a play on words with it.

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      I turned to the page about summoning a death knight. Many essential items needed for the ritual were recorded on the page: an intact corpse that had a deep obsession, a gemstone of the dark element that could be used to replace the death knight’s heart, a location permeated with the dark element so that large amounts of the dark element might be easily gathered to replace the blood of the… (V5C3)

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