The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 12: “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part One”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

“When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part One” – translated by dahlys

Chasel heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming toward him. He looked up slightly as he finished fixing his appearance and decided to dress himself first.

Is there a need to be so excited this early in the morning?

He had just slipped on his shirt when the door was slammed open. Chasel started to wonder whether his projected image was a failure or not. Even though he was the Judgment Knight, this wasn’t the first time his door had been kicked open. His comrades did not seem to regard him as they should the imposing Judgment Knight.

However, they had only recently been promoted, and there would be plenty of time in the future for his comrades to get to know him better.

No hurry.

Fahr1 rushed into his room anxiously. He said only two words, “It’s Neo!”

Chasel raised his gaze slightly and glanced at Fahr, then looked back down and continued putting on his boots. He asked, “What happened?”

“He’s been heavily injured!”

Chasel made an “oh” sound and proceeded to buckle his belt.

Fahr was flabbergasted. He shouted, “You… How can you still continue dressing yourself so calmly?”

Chasel unhurriedly said, “If I were the Sun Knight, perhaps I would rush over immediately. But I am the Judgment Knight. What difference would it make even if I rushed there?”

That might have been true, but Fahr was not at all satisfied with Chasel taking his sweet time when his comrade had been heavily injured… When he looked closely, however, he noticed that Chasel had not been delaying at all. In fact, his movements were quick and efficient.

Seeing this, Fahr did not say anything further.

“Lead the way, and explain the situation while we walk,” Chasel took his black robes from the clothes rack, threw it on, and left the room before Fahr.

Neo has been heavily injured? No matter how much he thought about it, he felt that this was a little too unbelievable. Just who could possibly injure Neo Sun?

Fahr pointed in one direction and walked forward with hurried steps. Chasel caught up with him by increasing the length of his strides.

“Wen said that the guards at the main entrance were so shocked that they rushed here like crazy, and he just happened to be nearby…”

“Wen actually woke up before I did?” Chasel felt that something didn’t quite make sense. Although Wen wasn’t the main problem at the moment, as the Judgment Knight, he could not stop himself from addressing his doubts.

Chasel might not be one of the first to wake among the Twelve Holy Knights, but Wen was definitely one of the last to get up.

Feeling awkward, Fahr said, “He didn’t sleep at all. He spent all night drinking at the tavern and only returned this morning.”

Chasel fell silent. Although he felt that it was really imprudent for the Leaf Knight to be drinking in a tavern until the next morning, he was the Judgment Knight, not the Sun Knight, and was therefore not in charge of the Leaf Knight. As for counting on Neo to handle it… Neo was a drunkard himself!

Fahr noticed Chasel’s displeased expression and quickly changed the topic by saying, “Wen said that right after the guards had led him from the main entrance, he saw Neo collapsed on a staircase. His blood flowed down more than ten steps, and he wasn’t moving at all. Wen was so shocked that he even sobered up and immediately punched Neo several times. Luckily, Neo made some sounds and wasn’t dead yet.”


Fahr’s eyes widened. Did Chasel just… smile?

“What?” Chasel’s gaze swept toward him, and the cold expression in his eyes was undoubtedly that of the Judgment Knight.

“Nothing,” Fahr decided to bury the sight that he had just seen deep in his heart and let it rot there. He changed the topic again, saying, “It seems that Neo is truly seriously injured.”

“But he could still make sounds, right?”

Feeling extremely worried, Fahr said, “He was punched several times, yet he didn’t get up to pummel Wen. This scared Wen to death, so he carried Neo to the Church of Light, all the while shouting ‘Sun is dying!’ as he ran.”

When he heard this, Chasel furrowed his brow. However, he had no intention of asking any more questions as they had already reached their destination. Saying any more was meaningless when he could easily find out the answers by entering the room.

The moment he walked into the room, he saw Wen leaning against a wall with an elaborate, portable wine flask in hand.

Chasel narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the wine flask. Smiling awkwardly, Wen explained, “It contains coffee brewed by that person at home. She couldn’t find a bottle, so she poured away all the wine that had been in this flask. Nowadays, my wine flask contains either coffee or a remedy for inebriation.”

“You have a good wife,” Chasel nodded and said, “But mind your image.”

Wen nodded in response and put away his wine flask. He pointed at the one and only bed in the room and said, “It’s been awhile since they started treating Neo. I don’t know what his current condition is.”

Chasel looked in the direction that Wen was pointing. Several clerics were gathered around the bed, and gentle holy light filled the room. He started walking over, but suddenly stopped before reaching the bedside.

Fahr had been walking right behind Chasel and nearly bumped into him when he suddenly stopped. He was just about to ask Chasel what had happened when he saw Chasel looking down at the floor. He followed Chasel’s gaze and noticed that there were some red clothes…

No! That’s the Sun Knight’s uniform!

Chasel picked up the clothes. A knight’s long overcoat, a shorter inner coat, and a shirt were, without exception, dyed completely red. The piercing scent of blood gave away the identity of the red dye.

“The clerics said that they wanted to see the extent of Neo’s injuries, so I tore off his clothes,” explained Wen from behind Chasel.

Chasel tossed the clothes aside and moved to the bedside. The clerics naturally cleared a space for him.

Neo’s eyes were tightly closed as he lay quietly on the bed. His face was as pale as a sheet, and there was a large sword wound across his chest. Fortunately, under the efforts of the clerics, the wound had begun to close and was in the process of scabbing over.

Chasel had never seen Neo so weak before. He suddenly understood why Wen dared to impulsively hurl a few punches at Neo. He was probably hoping that Neo would immediately get up and return the favor more than ten times over like nothing had happened.

“Neo…” Fahr’s eyes widened as he looked at the sickly person on the bed, not believing that this person was Neo.

At this point in time, everyone else had reached the room one by one. There were too many people, so they could not all squeeze in by the bedside. However, seeing through the cracks between people was not a problem. What they saw shocked them so badly that everyone started talking at the same time.

“Who was actually capable of heavily injuring Neo?” Lanbi muttered, “Don’t tell me the Demon King has awakened? Who else could do this?”

“It must be the Demon King!” Face deathly pale, Hayseth asked, “Is our generation so unlucky that we have to face the coming of the Demon King?”

“I haven’t heard anything about the coming of the Demon King…”

Furious, the clerics shouted, “Be quiet! The patient needs to rest!”

Chasel turned and briefly glanced at everyone present. He ordered in a low voice, “All of you, get out.”

The knights under him obeyed immediately, but the side that followed the Sun Knight was not so obedient. One by one, they started to protest.

Chasel narrowed his eyes dangerously. He felt that he had indeed failed in building his image. Previously, he had thought that he did not need to be very authoritative since Neo, a person so strong that it left a permanent impression in people’s hearts, was a member of his generation of knights. But now… he realized that he was wrong!

Wen tried to help by saying, “I will stay here. You guys should leave first. Neo is quite heavily injured, so don’t be noisy here—”

“Just who is heavily injured?!” A familiar voice rang out. Everyone’s emotions changed from sadness to happiness as they all shouted, “Neo!”

The person on the bed sat up, setting off a round of protest from the clerics. However, their protesting was useless. They were even waved off impatiently by Neo, who said, “All of you get lost! That includes you, Wen! You actually dared to hit me just now!”

“Eh? How could you consider that hitting? I just ‘gently touched’ you several times to confirm that you were still alive!” Wen turned around to hide his nervousness. He said to everyone, “Okay, since Neo has given the order, let’s get out of here.”

When everyone else had left, the person on the bed lay down again. Smiling, he said, “Hi, Chasel.”

Chasel silently counted the number of wounds on Neo’s body. There was one on his chest, one on his left thigh, three on his arms, and two on his calves. I wonder whether there are any more wounds on his back?

“How did you get hurt?”

Neo grinned and said unconcernedly, “I got into a fight!”

“With who?” Seeing that Neo didn’t really want to reply, Chasel immediately added, “If you killed anyone, you’d better tell me about it now. If not, when someone accuses you of murder and reports it to me, it will be very difficult for me to deal with.”

“It will not become a murder case,” Neo shrugged and said, “It was a gang of bandits. I annihilated all of them. That was the first time I’ve gotten sick of chopping people up. I’m extremely tired now, so I’m going to sleep.”

“What made you suddenly interested in a bandit gang?” Chasel was very confused. Leaf Bud City is the capital and thus would not permit the existence of any bandit gangs nearby, if only for the sake of its image. I’m afraid that one would have to cross several mountains in order to find the nearest bandit gang. Why would Neo suddenly go so far away to annihilate a bandit gang for no reason?

“I’m sleepy,” Neo rolled over, his back facing Chasel. He obviously had no intention of explaining his actions.

There was another wound on Neo’s back, adding up to a total of eight wounds. Chasel scowled and left the room. As expected, no one had left yet. They were all waiting just outside the room.

He looked around at everyone and said, “Does anyone know where our Sun Knight went after going missing for so many days? Where is his vice-captain? Tell him to come here and give me a report!”

Wen immediately replied, saying, “Sun didn’t choose a vice-captain.”

Chasel was stunned for a moment. He asked, “Why hasn’t he chosen one yet? Is it because he doesn’t get along with the members of his platoon?”

“Err, no,” Fahr said awkwardly, “Sun said that since he can order all twenty of them about, it doesn’t matter whether he picks a vice-captain or not.”

Chasel furrowed his brows. It had not been long since they had been promoted, so everyone had been busy with the handover of duties. Thus, no one had “cared” about their Sun Knight for quite some time. However, it had never even occurred to Chasel that Neo hadn’t even chosen a vice-captain!

“Cha… Judgment, who injured Neo?”

As they had only recently succeeded the previous generation, they were still unused to the new terms of address. However, when they saw Chasel’s face, everyone sincerely felt that they should seriously make an effort to watch their speech.

Chasel did not answer directly. He just said, “There are eight blade wounds on Neo’s body.”

Everyone’s face grew dark. Wen laughed coldly and asked, “Who cut him?”

“He said that it was a gang of bandits.”

Fahr roared angrily, “A gang of bandits actually dared to hurt the Sun Knight of the Church of the God of Light? Let’s prepare the troops and exterminate them all! I will go and mobilize the platoons right away—”

“Neo said that he had already killed all of them.”

Everyone became depressed. They had been thinking of taking revenge when they realized that the enemy had already been dismembered. Having a Sun Knight that was just too strong made it so that they could not even find an opponent to exact vengeance upon.

Chasel commanded plainly, “Summon the Sun Knight Platoon here.”

Confused, Wen asked, “Why are you summoning the Sun Knight Platoon? Are you going to start investigating? Neo could have just gotten lost and happened to meet a gang of bandits. You should already know that he has no sense of direction at all—”

“That’s the thing! Neo has no sense of direction at all!” Chasel cut him off and yelled angrily, “That’s why he doesn’t leave the city without a reason. Something must have happened inside the city that made him so angry that he was willing to leave the city. Also, someone else must have been leading the way for him! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone missing for a few ‘days.’ He would have disappeared for at least a few ‘weeks’!”

This explanation made sense. Everyone understood just how terrible Neo’s sense of direction was. However, what Chasel had said wasn’t important at the moment. Instead, what was most important was that… Chasel had actually shouted at someone!

Chasel was the Judgment Knight and assuredly possessed the imposing attitude that befit a Judgment Knight; he never smiled. However, his generation had a shockingly strong and violent Sun Knight named Neo. Compared to Neo, Chasel could be considered a cultured and refined man.

Moreover, Chasel had always been calm and self-disciplined. He had never snapped before and rarely started fights. Only uninformed commoners would fear the Judgment Knight.

But now, this cultured and refined man had actually shouted at someone?

Just as everyone thought that Chasel was finally about to snap, his face suddenly calmed.

“I will not let the Sun Knight have another opportunity to mysteriously go and annihilate a gang of bandits, then come back after receiving eight slashes. Wen, bring the Sun Knight Platoon here immediately. You have five minutes!”

Wen immediately turned around and started his search.

“Fahr, you said that you wanted to mobilize the troops, so go and do it now. If the Pope has any opinions on this, ask him to come find me.”

Chasel looked at everyone with a calm expression and said, “No bandit gangs are allowed to exist in places where Neo can reach. Is that understood?”

…No, he isn’t calm at all!


1 Yu Wo included a list of names of the 37th generation at the beginning of this short story. Here was her message:

I hope everyone had a great New Years. Happy New Year, and be happy everyday! ^0^~~~~

This was first place in the holiday stories: When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher.

For some reason, as I wrote it became a two-parter. OTZ…

I originally planned for this to end in one part, but oh well. I hope everyone will be happy everyday in the year to come. ^0^~~

Summary of previous events! Here are the names of the 37th generation that have made an appearance:

Neo Sun
Lanbi Storm
Fahr Blaze
Chasel Judgment
Eller Ice
Hayseth Moon

(And now we can also add Wen Leaf to the list)

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