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May 2013 Chapters
  1. Female Warrior Prologue V1C3: Light and Shadow Part 3
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 13: “When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher Part Two”
  3. ½ Prince V9C5: Wicked, Part One
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C7: “Dragging Others Down”

Here’s our chapter list for May! One chapter from each of our series, plus Part 2 of When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher. LSK v5c7 is a long one. We are also finally getting Wicked’s side of the story in Half Prince! Female Warrior will be the first of our releases this month (we have also updated the Female Warrior Character Page with new info about what we’ve learned so far about each character. This will be updated as more is revealed).

Yu Wo has recently finished writing When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part 3 (the last part of the side story) and posted it on her birthday. You will be seeing the translation from us sometime in the future~.

We would like to remind everyone that our sister site, PR! International Translations, is still busy at work translating LSK and Half Prince into other languages! Comments, which let us know we have readers and that our work is appreciated, feed our motivation, so do comment when you can. :) The same holds true for our International Translations! If you’ve ever been curious about LSK and Half Prince in other languages, why not give our sister site a look? If you know anyone who might like to read our series in other languages, do direct them to our sister site.

Two helpful readers have recently made some ebooks of LSK v1-4. You can grab them over here! Currently, only epub format is available for all 4 volumes. Remember, however, that our online version will always be more up-to-date than our ebooks in the case that we catch any errors later on, or if we make any changes in terminology.

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  1. Arcticfox

    Wooow awesome. ! I can t wait !

  2. KYAAAAA!!! “faints”

    it seems that my comments was always like this. Time to change that!


    LSK v5ch7 is a long one??? Can’t wait!
    When Teacher wasn’t yet Teacher has 3 chapters? I thought it was 2…

    • Jasae Bushae

      @The Da
      Originally it was only to be one chapter but the story overwhelmed Yu Wo and she found herself breaking it into two parts but then the story overwhelmed her and she found it breaking into two parts XD
      At the rate she was going I half expected it to be a two volume series

    • The Da


      “At the rate she was going I half expected it to be a two volume series”


  3. Jasae Bushae

    Awww~ if the writing had only gotten ahead of her for one more chapter then when teacher wasnt teacher could have been bundled into a novel XD

    Grand that Sun Knight and Female warrior are pushing along though ^^ And that 1/2 prince is entering the wicked phase~

    Though it would be nice if the 1/2 prince character page received as much attention as the Female Warrior Page

    • [PR]lucathia

      A reader offered to completely rewrite the 1/2 Prince character pages a few months back, so I stopped trying to update it (though I only ever got around to updating Wu Qing’s profile, hahaha…) But I suppose I can go through this page and try updating with what was given.

    • Jasae Bushae

      Yipee! With the infoness given by the awesome community the 1/2 prince character page will soon be teaming with infoness~!

  4. XD I guess part three was more of a present for us than a birthday present for her.

  5. Dear PR:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    It’s always the light in my day to see a new update or to read an old one.

  6. Hi PR. Thanks for all the translations, I’m really looking forward to the next chapter of SK :)
    I just noticed on the female warrior character list, it says that LL left after the Warrior Queen married the Holy King. I double checked and in the prologue it says that the cleric and knight (holy king) married, while the warrior queen looked on.

    • [PR]azakura


      Please marry me…
      As time passed the knight became king,
      And the companions scattered apart.
      Even then, that woman never changed.
      On the throne, the Holy King and Queen.
      On the red carpet, she who knelt loyally.
      Do you remember?
      After that three word request was asked of her,
      She was named the Warrior Queen!

      The Holy King’s married to both. The Holy Queen is his first wife, the Warrior Queen’s his concubine.

    • Insanity

      Kind of messed up but I guess that’s what kings did back then.

    • @[PR]azakura
      Thanks for the clarification, that is confusing as heck.

  7. *Date check*

    It’s already June 1. T-T There is no LSK v5ch7 yet.

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