The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 13: “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part Two”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part Two” – translated by lucathia

As Chasel looked at the Sun Knight Platoon that was assembled before him, his face grew increasingly dark. Each holy knight capable of joining the platoons of the Twelve Holy Knights went through very careful selection, even more so for the Sun Knight Platoon. If a holy knight was not in possession of excellent strength or at least some quality others didn’t have, he could not become part of the platoon of the leader of the Holy Temple.

So… Who were these lazy men standing before him?

Chasel’s gaze swept across the platoon members. He recognized a few of them. His teacher wasn’t an autocratic person; before deciding on the members of Chasel’s platoon, he had once sent a list over for Chasel to peruse, though he had also said that he might not be able to acquire the men. He had just wanted Chasel to select a few men he wanted the most, and then he would do his best to obtain those men.

Chasel spotted a man that he had asked his teacher to obtain at all costs. Originally, he had hoped to recruit the man and had planned on letting him become his vice-captain after a trial period. However, this man was simply too popular and had been selected by the previous Sun Knight one step faster.

The most popular candidate back then is actually in this condition at the moment. Chasel felt an indescribable fury. He narrowed his eyes. He recalled that this man’s name was…


The holy knight who was standing in the center was surprised. He stepped forward and replied, “Present!”

At least his response is rather quick. Although Chasel still did not feel satisfied, at least the man could be said to be the most spirited and disciplined out of these lazy holy knights.

He narrowed his eyes forebodingly and asked, “Have you heard about what happened to Knight-Captain Sun?”

Kleenly widened his eyes. Finally, he asked somewhat nervously, “What has happened to Sun Knight?”

Once the others heard the conversation, they looked over more attentively and fixed their postures, no longer as negligent as they had been before. However, this made Chasel feel even more displeased.

Sun Knight? The way these platoon members address their captain is actually the same as the common folk’s?

“Knight-Captain Sun returned to the Holy Temple with heavy injuries.”

The men before him were unable to react right away, thinking about what the two words “heavy injuries” meant. Has someone spoken words that have slandered the Sun Knight?

No matter how they twisted, bent, and took countless turns with their thinking, they could not connect Sun Knight “Neo” with the words “heavy injuries.”

“After getting healed by the clerics, Knight-Captain Sun is no longer in any danger. Do any of you know Neo’s itinerary for the day?” This kind of thing should ideally be directly reported by the vice-captain, but that damned Neo hadn’t even chosen a vice-captain. Chasel could only ask all of them.

It’s “heavy injuries”! Everyone was so shocked that their minds turned blank. Sun Knight actually got heavily injured? Someone was actually able to injure him?

Impatient, Chasel bellowed, “Answer me! Where did Neo go today?”

They were even more shocked. The unbeatable Sun Knight got heavily injured, and the gentle Judgment Knight was in a rage. Oh, God of Light! What is going on today?

Chasel’s gaze swept over them like a sharp knife. By this time, they had long since tossed aside their lazy attitudes, standing perfectly straight. However, no matter how much each of them wished to immediately answer Judgment Knight’s question, no one opened his mouth to answer.

Chasel could only look toward Kleenly. As far as Chasel could tell, since the other had been the most popular candidate back then, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that he was the most capable assistant in the Sun Knight Platoon. He might possibly know more.

Kleenly did not know how he had become the target of Judgment Knight’s attention and was even being called by name. Since he had been singled out, he could only summon up his courage and answer.

“Sun Knight only ordered us to take care of paperwork. He has never given us any orders for anything else.” He hesitated and said, “Sun Knight told us, ‘Don’t bother me with any small matters,’ so we… We only go to see Sun Knight for instructions when there are documents that are too important. We do not know his recent business.”

Once he finished speaking, he suddenly saw Judgment Knight’s face darken. The originally gentle feeling he gave off became somewhat… Somewhat like the presence of the Judgment Knight of legends.

“Our duties these past years have been correcting documents. After finishing that, we do not have much else to do, and Sun Knight has not given us any other orders so…”

The more Kleenly spoke, the more Judgment Knight’s expression darkened, making everyone’s hearts tremble in fear…

“You, come with me.”

First, Chasel pointed Kleenly out. After he gave the command, he then gestured at a random person and said, “You, go and find my vice-captain. Tell him to come to the Sanctuary of Light to find me. As for everyone else…”

He took a deep breath and yelled, “As part of the Sun Knight Platoon, you’ve actually dared to slack off so much with discipline! Just because Sun Knight has not been managing you, does that mean you can let yourselves go like this? Do you still dare call yourselves holy knights, furthermore, holy knights of the Sun Knight Platoon?”

Their faces colored with shame. Although they had slacked off for many years, it was not that they wanted to slack off. It was just that Sun Knight never gave them any work. However, when all was said and done, they had all used to be the cream of the crop of the Holy Temple; faced with Chasel’s criticism, they still felt guilty.

Chasel eyed each one of them and roared, “All of you go to the Judge’s Complex…”

They sucked in their breaths.

“…and find my platoon. Pair off with them to practice swordsmanship. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir!” came the unified shout.

Chasel gave them his secret approval. Now they finally look dignified like a Sun Knight Platoon. He turned to leave, leading Kleenly.

Although Judgment Knight had already left, no one dared to move a muscle. They stood rooted to the spot for several minutes before someone finally spoke.

“I almost thought we were going to be confined…”

“Pah! Confinement is nothing! I thought we were going to be strapped onto the rack and tortured!”

One of them said as consolation, “We were mistaken. Judgment Knight just wants us to practice our swordsmanship.”

Someone couldn’t help but complain, “So what if he wants us to practice our swordsmanship? There was no need to put on such a scary face!”

“Oh please, since when has the Judgment Knight possessed a pleasant face?”

“That is true. We really misunderstood him. This generation’s Judgment Knight is not all that scary. Everyone says it’s the Sun Knight who is the strongest…”

Chasel led Kleenly to the Sanctuary of Light. When they entered the room where Neo was resting, Chasel discovered that Neo was not actually resting. Rather, he was currently cleaning the Divine Sun Sword. This made Chasel wrinkle his brows. He did not know if Neo was merely cleaning his sword out of boredom, or if he planned to use it later, so needed to polish it at the moment.

Chasel narrowed his eyes, deciding that he must get to the bottom of this matter first.

Neo lifted his head, brows creasing when he noticed Kleenly.

“Who is he…? Oh, one of my guys.”

So you can’t even recognize one of your own platoon members! Chasel took several deep breaths before he finally spoke, “Neo, you have been injured. You must rest well for now, but the Sun Knight Platoon cannot go without a leader. Why not take the opportunity to choose a vice-captain? I have brought someone over. How is he?”

Once he heard Judgment Knight’s words, Kleenly was so shocked that he was at a loss. He had not expected the sudden mention of vice-captaincy. Even though he had originally wanted to try out for the position, once he had met Sun Knight and discovered that he had no intention of choosing a vice-captain, Kleenly had forgotten all about it as time passed.

“Vice-captain? What does it matter if I choose one or not?” Neo didn’t really care as he said, “Whatever.”

“Then choose him.” Without batting an eye, Chasel said, “He is called Kleenly. From today onwards, he will be your vice-captain.”

Neo nodded his head, though it didn’t really matter.

He had become the vice-captain with a “whatever.” Kleenly really didn’t know how he should react. He could only stand dumbly by the bedside and look at the two leaders of the Holy Temple.

Chasel pulled a chair over and sat down. He picked up an apple from the fruit basket and began to peel it. He methodically said, “Your swordsmanship is truly excellent, yet the Sun Knight Platoon under your command cannot even win against my Judgment Knight Platoon. This has greatly astonished me.”

Neo’s eyes bulged out and he angrily said, “My platoon lost to yours? Really?”

“Really.” The corner of Chasel’s mouth lifted up.

Eyes wide, Kleenly turned his head and stared at Chasel, but he didn’t even have time to point out that the other was lying when his captain was already glaring at him with towering rage and yelling, “You guys actually dared to lose to the Judgment Knight Platoon?”


Before he could even finish speaking, Judgment Knight cut him off. Chasel lifted his eyebrows and asked, “Have you guys ever won against my Judgment Knight Platoon?”

“N-No…” We haven’t even fought before!

Neo could not believe it as he yelled, “You’ve never won even once?”

Before him was Sun Knight whose rage reached the skies, yet behind Sun Knight was Judgment Knight whose cool eyes were glaring at him. At this time, Kleenly felt that he would really rather go see the God of Light than be oppressed by the Sun Knight and Judgment Knight that were under His command.

“…We have never won a single time.” He wasn’t lying. He had just omitted the fact that they had never even fought before.

Neo was so angry he could barely speak. “Great, great…”

“They are all holy knights and they were merely sparring. Losing is no big deal.” Chasel handed over the apple he had finished peeling. “Once you have recovered, teach them swordplay. After all, you are the Sun Knight famous for his superb swordsmanship. It would not look good if your platoon was too weak.”

“My platoon, too weak…” Neo ground his teeth. “Rest assured I will use the shortest amount of time to make them into the strongest! Tell your platoon to wait for my men to seek them out for ‘friendly sparring’!”

Chasel nodded and answered, “Alright, I’ll let them know. But no matter what you plan on doing later, you should rest for now! Oh, by the way, can you let me borrow your platoon for a while? Recently, there have been a few cases in the city. My vice-captain has his hands full and needs more men to provide assistance, so how about having your platoon follow my orders?”

Neo glared at Kleenly and angrily said, “Take them! Use them as much as you want! Even better, make them so busy that they won’t even have time to eat!”

A corner of Chasel’s mouth lifted and he said, “No problem.” He turned to Kleenly and said, “From now on, you will listen to my orders. Sun Knight has no objection to that. Do you hear me? Do you understand?”

Kleenly heard and he understood. He lowered his head. He had completely understood.

“Yes, sir!”

Neo was startled and felt that something was a little off. “Chasel, you—”

“Oh right, about the matter from earlier. Why did you leave town to wipe out a bandit brigade? We are still waiting for your explanation.”

“…I’m tired. I want to sleep. Leave!”

Chasel sighed and stood up. “Alright, since you don’t want to tell me, I won’t ask you anymore.”

I’ll just investigate it myself!

“Knight-Captain Judgment, Noley is here for your orders.”

When he left the room, Chasel immediately spotted his own vice-captain, Noley, who was already waiting outside the door and whose posture was straight. Before his superior, his attitude was neither servile nor overbearing.

Although Noley was not the person Chasel had wanted the most back then, the facts proved that nurturing guidance could make up for nature’s deficiencies. In contrast, acquired idleness could also destroy innate superiority.

When he turned his head to look at the Kleenly of the present and then looked at Noley, Chasel felt that his vice-captain won in every single aspect! However, this did not make him happy. It had only taken a few years for Neo to turn elites from the platoon members of the current generation of Twelve Holy Knights into garbage.

Chasel very much wanted to accuse his Sun Knight of the crime of recklessly wasting natural talent.

“Sun Knight has ordered that the Sun Knight Platoon must listen to me from now on. You will lead them and thoroughly investigate all information in town related to bandit brigades. If any information bears traces of Sun Knight’s meddling, you must investigate to the bottom of the matter!”

“Yes, sir!” Noley answered. Since Judgment Knight had not yet told him to leave, he silently stood by the side.

Chasel turned toward Kleenly and said, “You heard what Sun Knight has personally commanded. From now on, you will listen to my orders.”

“Yes, sir,” Kleenly answered helplessly.

“Once Neo’s injuries recover, you must follow him closely. If he tries to shake you off on purpose, you must at least know where he is going, and then immediately report it to me.”

When he heard this, Kleenly hesitated for some time before he finally said, “I am the vice-captain of the Sun Knight. I am not your vice-captain! Even though Sun Knight has ordered that I must follow your commands, I still cannot disobey the Sun Knight!”

Not bad, at least he still has some backbone. Chasel said brusquely, “The Judgment Knight is supposed to assist the Sun Knight. Nothing to refute here, right?”


“That’s why you will report to me about the Sun Knight’s situation so that I may ‘assist in the best way possible.’ What is wrong about this?”

Kleenly was a little disoriented. “I, I…”

“Noley,” Chasel said coolly, “This is Kleenly. He has just become the vice-captain of the Sun Knight Platoon. Teach him how to be a competent vice-captain.”

Noley smiled and said, “No problem, Captain Judgment. Give me half a month, and I will make him learn everything.”

…Everything? Kleenly felt a chill come over him. Just who was it who claimed that the scariest and most audacious of this generation is the Sun Knight…?

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