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(an update regarding what happened has been posted on the staff blog: here)

April Fools 2013 Chapters
  1. The Lovers’ Sabers: Chapter 1
  2. The Lovers’ Sabers: Chapter 2
  3. The Lovers’ Sabers: Chapter 3
  4. ½ Prince V9C4: Xiao Xiao Lan, Part Two
  5. Female Warrior Prologue V1C2: Light and Shadow Part 2

After some internal discussions, we have decided to place The Legend of Sun Knight on temporary hold so that our team can kickstart a new project that we are very, very excited for.

Without further ado, we proudly unveil our new project: The Lovers’ Sabers (鸳鸯刀) by Louis Cha!

Some quick background: Louis Cha is a famous Chinese wuxia (martial arts) novelist who has written 15 novels and novellas, including works like The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, which have been made into movies and TV shows, inspiring writers everywhere. In fact, Lolidragon from the 1/2 Prince series had borrowed her handle from a character of the same name in The Return of the Condor Heroes. Most of his works already have official and unofficial translations, so we are glad to be able to claim one of his few remaining works for ourselves.

The Lovers’ Sabers is a story of a pair of precious blades which through various circumstances, end up in the hands of two couples. Because of this, they are hunted down by government officials who want the treasures for their own regime. It’s a deep and touching tale filled with conflict, romance, deceit, and comedy. Our staff have all enjoyed previewing the translation drafts we have so far, and we are thrilled to be able to bring this work to our readers.

We are scheduled to release the first three chapters in April, with the first one coming sometime next week. Stay tuned!

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  1. ~Ren The Witch~

    Sob.-…LSK on hiatus…depression… deep…depression… on the other side, nice! a new series that might fill a little bit the hole left behind! :3

  2. Random reader

    Wow very nice. I totally enjoyed reading The Legend of the Condor Heroes before too. Thanks for doing a wuxia from Jin Yong !

  3. Flitfish

    Nooo LSK Q_Q. But shiny new series *w* I remember liking the TVB dramas based on the Condor Heroes so will look forward to it~ I never thought of possible translations of the condor heroes–maybe will go read it later this week. Thank you~

  4. versa

    I heard about what pr does for apr 1 but put some more effort the thing under the title didnt change and theres not a series page for it!!!!!! i was so excited too!!!!!! D:

  5. alex

    seriously guys legend of the sun knight is too awesome to discontinue Q_Q

  6. Jasae Bushae

    Wow…Im all for checking out new stories and I give you a hearty thanks of appreciation for getting to see it and for your translating three chapters up for it. ^^
    Its also especially fun to see works from other authors (while I dearly love Yu Wo, it is grand to widen interests in other unknown authors in this part o the world) and im quite looking forward to possibly seeing Prince Revolution tackle this and other stories by other authors in the future. (The Eye of the Soul~ )
    Though choosing to shelf sun knight for a month…I personally think its for the best as the cliffhanger of the last chapter made for the perfect point to take a hiatus though you might have a riot on your hands from the more rabid sun knight fans XD

    Oh a few questions though, do you have permission from Louis Cha and if so, will you be updating the disclaimer thingy to reflect that?
    and you mentioned there are already several unofficial translations out there…Not to be greedy but by any chance do those translations still have websites and places they can be found? :3
    but yay~ five chapters this month~ I didn’t want to look overmuch at the wiki link since it appears to have a pretty in depth plot synopsis and I wanted to avoid spoilers, but out of curiosity, how many volumes is the lovers sabers? and how many chapters is it?

  7. I like apples

    Suspicious, this is,
    New series without warning
    April fools day soon…

    • Blubb

      @I like apples
      Yes, suspicous, this is…
      Though the date says March 31st… But that could still be an April fool due to different time zones.
      Well, the most convincing evidence for this being an April fool is that I cannot remember a month when the announcement which chapters are to be translated this month was ever on the 1st of it… (more like 2nd to 3rd week)

    • Jasae Bushae

      well on one hand the updates actually did come out on the first pretty consistantly six months back ant the time before (though the actually chapters maintained the two week into the month before posting up scedule)
      on the other hand, last year the april fools prank started on the 31st as well XD

    • I like apples

      Haha that was my failed attempt at a haiku to express my thoughts abt the update. Anyway I am 90% sure its a joke PR has always done a joke since I can remember P:

  8. L-L-LSK! The cliffhanger! TT_TT I think I’m gonna go into withdrawal. On the other hand: new story? Sounds like a good one! Though it does seem to be rather sudden. Did someone volunteer to translate the novel?

  9. EliSan

    Noooooooooo please not LSK. At least finish the volume!!!!!!! By that time prince will be over too…. You can’t leave all LSK fans hanging after we learned that something is totally wrong with him!!!!
    The only reason I can see for you to do so is that you are simply tired of LSK… Well… Please don’t stop half way

  10. SnowStorm

    I think everyone should try to read it without considering LSK as a “sacrifice”. I really think everyone should do that… ^^”
    But, I’m still not sure at all about this… o-o
    It sounds soo tempting, but it comes at the cost of LSK… T^T
    Three chapters in one go though… Sounds like PR! really is excited. xD
    And if so… Neeeeehhh, it can’t be bad, right. o~o

  11. Mikki99

    Ahhhh, Grisiaaa! I won’t be able to meet u for a while T^T…. just please please please don’t hold LSK for too long…
    anyway… Bravo for the new project! keep up the good work, guys! u’re the best!

  12. Drew

    I wonder if this is an April fools joke? Since usually they wait for some days into the month before announcing what’s coming up. Regardless it seems interesting, if they do translate the new series it’ll be awesome and if not we get more LSK, I honestly can’t decide what I want more, since it’s not like they would be dropping LSK but just taking a short break from it. Although I doubt they would start so many new projects all at once.

  13. snuffie

    Well… I’m a bit of a fan of wuxia novels, so this pick up my interest… But…Sun…. T^T

    How long is LSK gonna be put on hold?

  14. Wakuseino

    …You know, I’ll just uh… Not come back until April 3rd. I’m terrible at telling whether people are being serious or not within 72 hours of April 1st.

    I kind of suspect it isn’t serious, but I’m half-asleep, so I can’t really be sure.

  15. snuffie

    Hmmm… Today is the first of april.. Yet this post came up yesterday, so…
    Still… No traditional prince-revo-style prank has appeared as of yet….

  16. harman

    stop making april fools out of us. we need lsk…………(sob.sob)

  17. DellyYuki

    Hiks… hiks… hiks….
    Why LSK…..????

    I know it will be interesting with new project but I love LSK so much…………
    Please don’t hold LSK for to long.

    But beside all of that. I will like to the new project I think.

  18. Jasae Bushae

    hmm…on the other hand the real april fools joke could be that their actually doing this…it would be really trolly for people who anticipate an april fools prank XD ….especially if this turns out to be a 3 chapter book XD
    oh, or the prank could be that their doing this but they will end up posting up a chapter of sun knight anyways with the hiatus being a gag…
    or i could be overthinking this…

  19. Mokona

    why leave LSK that is still in the full developement of the plot for a romance novel rather then 1/2P that is finished?

  20. bites

    Noooo this better be some April fools day joke !!! I live only for my lsk sob sob me sad. What a cruel joke….. And so moving on to female warrior sob sob mme still sad. I still love you PR staff and friends ;'(

  21. KuranNita

    NOOO!! Don’t do this to me! Yu Wo’s novels are the only source of my happiness, LSK has the biggest part of my laughter and now you’ll POSTPONE it?! Don’t tell me you plan on continuing it after Half Prince finished!
    It’s not like I hate the new project.. I at least know Cordor Heroes series.. Hell, I even collected second part (The Returnof CH) manga(?) until the very end.. but I need comedy more than actions! Please tell me this is just April Fool!!

  22. Xeraphina

    No LSK? * weeps * This can’t be! The cliffhanger from the last chapter is too painful!

  23. Chicaalterego

    I reccon you must be very exited about this to put the status of the April in March instead of in the Second week of the month like you lately have, which makes me really look forwards to this, yet…

    Why did it have to be the LSK novel the one on hiatus WHY?? \ (TT~TT)/ That’s my favorite one SOBS (;_;).

    That being said I wish you all a happy’s fool day! (I wonder if Oddsquad will put a joke like they did last year XD)

  24. The Book Girl

    While I am saddened by LSK being put on hold, I do look forward to anything that is posted here. I trust you guys. Put simply, if it’s a joke, I don’t care. If i isn’t, I still don’t care. I trust you guys not to do anything stupid.

  25. Jasae Bushae

    *got forwarded to the tumblr* PFFFFT, i did warn you about the riots XD be warned~ the fans who look on at Grisla as the meaning for their existance will not stop at a mere hijacking~ Null will be pokeballed! Amgine will be abducted by aliens! Dahlys will find meatbuns in her shoes!
    QUICK! throw a paragraph, a sentence, ANYTHING to stave off this hungry hoard who will doubtless invite all of you to some cabin in the middle of nowhere and pick you off one at a time using sun knight themed dooms!

    Hmm…Actually…im tempted to write that sorta fanfic XD could i do that without getting in trouble? (keeping in mind that i dont actually know the pr staff so ill be randomly making things up :p )

  26. xxsmilexx

    Please make it just a joke, please, please…
    I can’t live without LSK anymore…

  27. Liff

    OTL total depression… Just spent the past couple days rereading all of LSK. I probably got too hyped up for new chapters T^T

  28. sin

    i hope that this is a joke because i cant even imagine LSK on hiatus. Please, be a joke:(

  29. S-chan

    I sure hope it’s a joke because I don’t follow this website to read novels by another author. Not to mention its very ridiculous and idiotic to not finish the volume before picking up a new project. Very poor decision pr team.

  30. Don't wont to say

    Juhu no LSK anymore (i didn’t like this story anyway) (thanks heaven).
    HP is much better (love prince; try to kill Sun offer and offer again).
    Hay everybody at the time this was published it was the 1st April in my country
    so its DEFINITLY an april joke!!!!
    But way??? (JOKING)
    Wait up and see whats coming next
    Enjoy your easter holiday

  31. Karencita

    Hahahahahahahaha GUYS! i never ever imagined this as april’s fool xD you get better at this every year XD

  32. snuffie

    so… after being taken over by jinnie(-sama), has prince revolution’s aim to dominate the world change to… worshipping Grisia?
    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Seeing as how that blasphemous temple only has posts dating back to 25th of March, I’m pretty sure it was specifically made for this. O ya, I’ve cracked the code too. Yu stands for 1, Wo stands for 0, so it’s actually in binary! The shinee lord sun knight has kindly given me guidance to indoctrinate the whole world with LSK!!!!!

    Eniho.. Looking forward to the real monthly update! Wishing for lots and lots of LSK chapters this year too!

  33. 15B

    Thank goodness this isn’t as bad as last year’s April Fool’s day. Even if you truly mean to start a new series, I don’t mind. (Just let us get back to Legend of the Sun Knight soon. Q.Q) I’m all for pranks, but not if people’s feelings get hurt…

  34. lulumoon

    When I tried to go into the main page, I must say that for a moment my mind froze. I’m so used to seeing the black background that when I saw it changed to multiple copies of Grisia’s picture from the manga (manwha?), that I completely forgot the date. I hope it really is an April’s Fools Day joke, since I really love this series. I will have to wait until tomorrow (I hope it isn’t longer) to make sure it WAS a joke.

  35. Andi

    Wow… what an interesting turn of events. PR puts LSK on the back burner, a rabid fan hijacks the site…. I think at this point everyone is praying this is all one big joke. *please please please be a joke* The scariest thing is to think of it all being real, or any part of it being real. o.o No Sun Knight?! That’s horrible T^T. PR lost their site and can’t upload anymore??! That… that’s it… it’s the end!! O__O
    …….. *please please please please*…….

  36. visif

    Well guys. I dont care if it April Mop or not because LSK is my favorite so far. But even you guys put a hold on this series my wish is become someone that can read and translate Chinese soon so I can revive Grisia.

  37. Little Writer

    No, I don’t think a fan hijacked it.
    Knowing the PR! staff, some one probably made that Tumblr blog in advance (you can see it’s pretty new) for the April Fool’s joke.
    Since I did a little bit of internet searching and that person for some reason speaks in proper English on her other blog.
    I just realized how much I miss it.

  38. immasweetslovinggirl

    *depressed about seeing LSK on hold*

    …*happy about a new series to read*

  39. Dlaeth

    Haha, very funny. Great April Fool’s joke gais. You got us. Now give us back our LSK! DX

  40. quanta

    I REALLY hope this this is an April Fools joke!!
    PR! gets their joy from LSK fan suffering! NOOOO!!
    I need LSK! I can’t wait so long without Grisia and all of them!!
    I don’t mind the new series, but there need to be LSK!

  41. persimmon

    To make up for this prank, I demand that you release 4 chapters of LSK this month.

    Anyways, thanks in advance for the 1-2 chapters that you will release.

  42. Sono

    Little point telling us to wait for what the real releases will be when you can already see what they will be under the site title

  43. Vindrueelsker

    Thought about it being an April’s fool thing… Waited a few days, and now the update under the title (top left corner of the screen) says “[April] HPV9C4, FWPV1C2, LSKV5C5 to be published!”
    So yea, thanks for nor dropping LSK (or putting it on hiatus). Though it’s a shame we won’t get to see the wuxia?

  44. Vindrueelsker

    Oh yea, and for people who wanted to read wuxia’s then I would suggest heading to http://wuxiapedia.com/
    Also, according to said site then Louis Cha is the real name of the author know as Jin Yong (which is to say he writes under pseudonym)

  45. The Da

    lsk…LSK!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Please! You can’t do this to me! “sob””sob”. Can’t believe that this is happening… Grisia… Lesus!!!

  46. AnnieTi

    Phew! It was fake! I’m soooo relieved!
    Looking forward to LSK & Warrior Queen! Good luck and inspiration to you!)))

    • bites

      @Jasae Bushae
      He he yea with all the questions complaints and concerns directed to PR staffs (and don’t forget the love letters and black mails and chain letters and etc. Etc.) Haha word

  47. DellyYuki

    Thank’s God ,
    Only April Fool……….
    Because if you guys stop the translation of LSK I’m gonna cry………..

  48. The Book Girl

    I’m surprised more people didn’t realize there wasn’t a thing under ‘series’…?

  49. Sakura-Hyuga

    OMG, I think my heart stopped for a a second there. LSK is so awesome to be put on hold! I’m so glad this was a joke…it really got me there…

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