Update: July 2015

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July Chapters
  1. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C5: Chapter 5
  2. Romance RPG V1C7: Part Seven
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C10: “God’s; the Demon King’s; the People’s—Plan”
  4. Human Doll Contract Manhua Chapter 1: Xiao Xue
  5. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C6: Chapter 6
  6. Romance RPG V1C8: Part Eight
  7. No Hero V3C3: The Non-Human Werewolf and the Human Dragon Peace

Hi everyone, here’s our tentative schedule for July! These are all the chapters we’re promising at the moment. We hope we can finish more~.

Remember, our “New Beginnings” contest ends on July 7th. Get those submissions in! Public voting will be done over at the forums. We encourage you to sign up and vote. :)

ETA: The contest deadline has now been extended to the end of July 9th! (When July 9th ends in all time zones). You can check when that is for you over at this link.

Cai Hong Zhong, the artist of the 1/2 Prince manhua, has started an adaptation of the first case of Illusions, Lies, Truth—Human Doll Contract. We are excited to announce that we are working along with Papermoon Scans to bring you a scanlation of this manhua. It’s a Papermoon Scanlation project, so follow Papermoon Scans for more news. We’ll try to keep you updated here as well.

These were the results for June’s poll, “Who would you want as your father?” Out of 1222 votes, Chasel came out with 621 one of them, 50.82%. He led the poll from the start and never stopped leading. For a moment, it sure seemed that it was more a contest to see who would end up in last place! (In the end, Neo still lost to Meatbun!)

Xiao Lan
(9.74%, 119 Votes)
(10.72%, 131 Votes)
Neo Sun
(10.64%, 130 Votes)
Chasel Judgment
(50.82%, 621 Votes)
(3.36%, 41 Votes)
Charles’s father
(3.93%, 48 Votes)
(10.8%, 132 Votes)
Total Voters: 1222

Our poll this month: “If you suddenly gained an older brother, you would want him to be…”

Update: June 2015

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June Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C1: Xiao Xue Part 2 – Yu Shu
  2. Romance RPG V1C5: Part Five
  3. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C4: Chapter 4
  4. Dominion's End V1C4: I am Guan Weijun
  5. Romance RPG V1C6: Part Six
  6. No Hero V3C2: The Grief of Non-Humans and the Tears of Humans
  7. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C9: “The Extinguished Light; the Spreading Darkness—Despair”

Our proofreader recruitment was very successful, and thanks to our new proofreaders, we’re able to release at least one chapter from each of our series this month. Enjoy the releases!

Don’t forget to visit our new forums! There is also a contest that is currently being held over there, with the deadline being July 7th. The theme is New Beginnings. We hope to see your entry. Come chat~.

Here are the results of May’s poll!

If you were lost in a forest, who would you want to be lost with out of the following?
(39.12%, 426 Votes)
Neo Sun
(25.99%, 283 Votes)
(34.89%, 380 Votes)
Total Voters: 1089

Prince won with 426 votes! Carol was winning in the beginning, and then Prince tied it, until finally, Prince pulled ahead and stayed ahead. Neo never stood a chance. After all, he is known for stealing clothes.

June’s poll is, “Who would you want as your father?”

Update: May 2015

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May Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C1: Xiao Xue Part 1 – The Extra Girl
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 18: “We Are Not the Dark Human Squad Part One”
  3. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C3: Chapter 3
  4. No Hero V3C1: The Non-Human Clan and the Human Family
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C8: “The Call of Light; the Darkness that Cannot be Seen—Oracle”

Another month, another update! We have five chapters scheduled so far for you, one chapter each from our main series NH and LSK, a much needed update for Illusions, Lies, Truth (Yu Wo’s take on supernatural and horror!), and an update for Kill no More VS 1/2 Prince.

This month, we’ll also be releasing “We Are Not the Dark Human Squad Part One.” This was one of the promised side stories Yu Wo wrote for the End of the Year Event she held at the end of 2012. She hasn’t written a second part to the story yet. We don’t know when she’ll finish this side story, or if she still plans to finish it. But we’ve translated it anyway, and this brings us up-to-date on all current LSK side stories. There’s only one side story left that we haven’t released yet (we’ve already translated it). It is set post-canon, so we’ll release it after we’ve released all of V8.

Guess what? Proofreader applications are open! They will be open for around one week, until May 9th. We have a lot of chapters already translated, waiting for your expert eyes! You’ll be working on mostly NH and your pick of DE, ILT, Romance RPG, KNMvsHP, and/or some LSK. If you’d like to help make more regular releases of our side projects happen, as well as help us continue to be able to regularly release NH and LSK, come and apply! We seek proofreaders who are both skilled and dedicated. You will have a lot of work to do and be expected to meet deadlines. But of course, your workload depends on how much you can handle! Take a look at your schedule to see if you will have time for this! We will be putting you right to work!

To apply to be a proofreader, head over to our recruitment page and download the proofreader application. We have changed one question and added one more. Don’t rush — we want your best. As long as you send in your application before the deadline, we will take a look at it and consider it. We will be making our final decision at the end of the application period. We’ll keep you updated via Twitter and Facebook.

ETA: The proofreader application period has now ended. Thanks so much to everyone who applied! We’ll try our best to finish responding within a week.

Speaking of Facebook, raylight and EvlNabiki will be our new admins running the Facebook page. Raisha has taken good care of it for a long time. Thank you so much, Raisha! Let us know what you’d like to see on our Facebook page!

Our poll last month was very successful! Over 1000 votes! It’s great to see so many votes. Here were the results:

Who would you like to listen to sing?
(24.55%, 327 Votes)
Grisia Sun
(53.3%, 710 Votes)
Silvester Uriah Nate
(15.77%, 210 Votes)
Lin Jian Yin
(1.05%, 14 Votes)
An Xiang Ye
(5.33%, 71 Votes)
Total Voters: 1332

Grisia won with 710 votes! We have a new poll up for you this month: If you were lost in a forest, who would you want to be lost with?

…This update is getting long! We’ll be editing this post with news about the new public forums when it is ready. Keep your eyes peeled. We’ll also update you through Twitter and Facebook.

ETA: Our new public forums is now live, and we’re holding a contest there! Come chat and make the forums less empty!

Update: April 2015

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April Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C7: “The Demon King VS The Church of the God of Light—Battle Between Subordinates” (April Fools' Version)
  2. No Hero V3Prologue: Prologue (April Fools' Version)
  3. Romance RPG V1C4: Part Four
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 17: “Knife Blade Part Two”
  5. Dominion's End V1C3: Aberrants
  6. No Hero V3Prologue: Prologue
  7. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C7: “The Demon King VS The Church of the God of Light—Battle Between Subordinates”

We’re so happy to be able to bring you this update post at the start of the month, just like last month! The stars must be aligning just right for this to happen a 2nd time in a row, but hopefully that’s not a sign of an impending red meteor shower. Not only do we have the update post ready for you, we even have a double release of LSK and NH today! It’s only one chapter each, but at least they’re super early! Enjoy, and have fun!

Check back later in the month for your usual chapter releases, and we’ll likely be back to edit this post with another chapter or two once we figure out what else we’re able to finish this month! We have also added all the chapter titles (subject to change) for V3 of No Hero. Yu Wo has a really cool naming system for these No Hero chapters~.

Last month, we restarted our monthly polls with the question “Whose cooking would you like to try?”

Here were the end results!

Whose cooking would you like to try?
Feng Lan’s
(8.9%, 60 Votes)
Ecilan Ice’s
(67.66%, 456 Votes)
Charles Endelis’s
(23.44%, 158 Votes)
Total Voters: 674

Seems like many of you like desserts! Ice is super happy!

The new poll this month is, “Who would you like to listen to sing?”

Last of all, we will be restarting the public forums in the near future. (Third time’s the charm?) If you have anything you would like to save from the forums, please do so as soon as you can. We will be nuking the forums soon! (Do you think sending in Grisia or Ah Ye would be more effective?)

ETA: You can now grab a PDF version of No Hero v2 over here thanks to ListeningDaisy!

Update: March 2015

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March Chapters
  1. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C2: Chapter 2
  2. Dominion's End V1C2: The Black Fog Unveils
  3. Romance RPG V1C3: Part Three
  4. No Hero V2C10: Flowers of Blood Bloom, the Unheroic Hero Grim Reaper
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C6: “The Bright and Brilliant Smile—The Calm Before the Storm”
  6. No Hero V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

Hi all, here’s the March update and our tentative release schedule. We’ll be wrapping up No Hero V2 this month! We’ll also be releasing one chapter each of LSK, DE, and KNMvsHP. If we end up finishing any more chapters, we’ll edit this post to let you know, but as always, don’t get your hopes up. =P

EvlNabiki is looking for some help with Papermoon scans! Click the read more to find out more.


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