Eclipse Hunter V1Extra3: Angel VS Demon

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Extra: Angel vs Demon—Yu Wo’s Two-Sided Confession—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by EvlNabiki & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

Every person is an angel.

I am Yu Wo.

I like to collect everyone’s smiles. Every day I see different and fresh things, and discover with amazement that the world is wonderful.

I wake up every day with a smile to face the world, happy and at ease, with a faint smile on at every moment.

I like to see everyone smiling happily.

Living in this world, nothing is pursued more than the word “happiness.” If my books can make everyone laugh with joy, then why not keep doing this?

That is why my books are often full of humor. If they can let everyone laugh aloud, make their day better, or forget their troubles and raise their spirits back up while they read, then that book’s mission has been accomplished.

Sometimes in order to come up with funny parts, I really think so hard I feel like I’m about to snap. In addition, no matter what I see, I go do it, go try it, and go read it. Otherwise, where else would I get so many ideas to use?

In any case, I’ve fortunately always been someone who likes to try out and play with things. No matter what I see, I find it very interesting. I feel like playing with every new thing and experiencing joy from it, then sharing my joy with everyone. Letting everyone read happily makes me happy too. It really is a great positive feedback loop.

As long as I keep a cheery outlook, setbacks just become a synonym for character building. After falling, I can still get back up to laugh heartily with everyone. Even if the road before me is filled with potholes, I’ll jump over them with a spring in my step.

Come. Laugh an especially hearty laugh after flipping through the book, and then keep a cheery outlook to face every day.

Everyone has a demon in their hearts.

I am Yu Wo.

I like to collect weapons, and am riveted by battles and blood. There’s no way to deny that with sunlight always comes shadows.

I’ve touched the dark places in this world. Carefully and cautiously, but without fear in my heart.

Beneath the illumination is always shadow.

No matter how you face the light to go forward, a shadow will always appear behind you. Even if you turn the other cheek and don’t confront it, you can’t deny the existence of darkness in this world.

Although I face the dark, I don’t really wish to step into it. Rather, I wish to understand it, because only by thoroughly understanding it will I know where the boundary is.

Those who refuse to admit the world has a dark side instead are the ones who most easily step unknowingly into the dark. They cannot distinguish where the boundary is, so how can they know when they’ve crossed over?

There is no way for us to deny that this world truly does have a dark side. No matter how we extol the beauty of love, hate will unavoidably be born. If love is sunlight, then hate would be the shadow behind.

Love turns into hate when one is unable to let go. If one has never experienced love or hate before, how can a line be drawn between love and hate?

I want to let everyone understand this world’s dark side, but not to lose hope because of it. The relationship between love and hate is like a weapon.

Hold the weapon, but don’t use it for slaughter. Instead, use it to protect the people behind you.


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  1. Mizuhino

    Wow. This is both inspirational and insightful. Thank you for the translation.

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