Eclipse Hunter V1Afterword: Afterword and Character Introductions

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Afterword—translated by lucathia (proofread by EvlNabiki, Minthe & Trespasserby)

In terms of the time frame and relation of Eclipse Hunter’s story to No Hero, it can be considered No Hero’s prequel.

But following my habit, as long as the names of the series are different, they can be read separately with no problems, even if there’s a connection between the two stories.

Truthfully, No Hero has given rise to many stories. If you have read the afterword of No Hero Volume 6, you probably already know it. It’s a huge mob of stories. I am truly very worried that this mob of stories will result in more new stories; there will never be a day that I finish writing it all, 囧!

However, in order for you to not have the feeling that you’ll never finish reading it, as long as the names of the series are different, you can read them separately. Every series will have an ending, as well as a different group of protagonists. Following the difference in protagonists, the style of the story will be a bit different, too.


Eclipse Hunter V1Extra3: Angel VS Demon

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Extra: Angel vs Demon—Yu Wo’s Two-Sided Confession—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by EvlNabiki & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

Every person is an angel.

I am Yu Wo.

I like to collect everyone’s smiles. Every day I see different and fresh things, and discover with amazement that the world is wonderful.

I wake up every day with a smile to face the world, happy and at ease, with a faint smile on at every moment.

I like to see everyone smiling happily.


Eclipse Hunter V1Extra2: The Origin of Eclipse Hunter

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Extra: The Origin of Eclipse Hunter—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by EvlNabiki; C/E edited by lucathia)

The Two Sides of the Sun

It’s difficult to define the kind of story Eclipse Hunter is in a single word. In my opinion, it’s actually a story about protection.

The main characters of the story are a pair of brothers. Although they’re brothers, their fates and personalities are as different as can be. One is as resplendent as the sun, and the other cycles through the dark night, like a black sun—Dark Sun.

I like contrast, such as how a single character can have completely different sides to them. In the case of Eclipse Hunter, the biggest contrast is between two characters: older brother and younger brother, sun versus Dark Sun.


Eclipse Hunter V1Extra1: I Don’t Love You

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Extra: I Don’t Love You—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by EvlNabiki; C/E edited by lucathia)

“An Te Qi, do you want to come grab a drink with us after work?” Someone spoke while patting An Te Qi on the shoulder.

An Te Qi turned around and saw it was his classmate from the same laboratory.

Establishing good relationships with your classmates was actually very important for grad students; whether it was leaving for a date with a girlfriend and consequently needing someone to look after a lab, or not knowing the answer for a report, or when the professor was ticked off at you… Lots of things required the valuable assistance of your classmates!

However, he had no choice but to apologetically turn the offer down, “Sorry. After the experiment’s done, I have to get back home.”

Another classmate patted the one who had made the offer and muttered, “Idiot! An Te Qi has to head home to take care of his little brother!”

The person who had given the invitation was puzzled, but under his classmate’s repeated urgings, he still said to An Te Qi with an apologetic expression on his face, “Oh, oh! Then we’ll be leaving first.”

An Te Qi nodded and watched his classmates leave. Two people’s mutterings floated over. “An Te Qi has to look after his little brother? How old is his brother?”


Dominion’s End V5C1: The Ice Spears, in the Making

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Dominion’s End Volume 5: Zhanjiang Garrison

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Ice Spears, in the Making—translated by Miaka_Mei (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

Wen Jianuo was a very meticulous guy and kept asking after the severity of leaking information. But being a decisive guy as well, once he understood the severity, he immediately set off to find his fellow comrades and finally only brought along nine people.

With Ah Nuo, Ah Qing, Su Ying, and me, our total number was thirteen. What a coincidence, it just so happens to be Thirteen’s name. Thirteen would become a future aberrant elite, so it’s a lucky number, I guess?

Things like luck were a real headache for me. I had no idea how I could change the Jiang family’s bad luck.

Wen Jianuo said to the nine people, “This is the vice-captain of our squad, Jiang Shuyu. I say ‘vice-captain,’ but everyone knows who to listen to, right?”