Eclipse Hunter V1C7: The Demon’s Weapon

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Seven: The Demon’s Weapon —translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Lala Su & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Mr. An Te Qi, this is the roof.”

Secretary Kyle dutifully brought An Te Qi to the rooftop.

As soon as they opened the door to the roof, they came across the terrifying battle that was underway. Carelessly approaching could easily mean death.

An Te Qi could only freeze as he stared at the battle before him. He was having trouble believing that there were actually people with unmodified bodies who could fight against Dark Sun. As his head surgeon, he fully understood how fearsome Dark Sun was.

Kyle frowned. He pulled a gun from a chest pocket. After a few gunshots, he dispatched the five other criminals to the side who had also frozen at the sight of the battle.

An Te Qi turned his head to look at Kyle, unable to believe his eyes. This secretary before him looked refined and harmless, like someone who couldn’t even truss up a chicken—yet he had slaughtered five people without even blinking.

“Oh, please, don’t be surprised. As the Sun Emperor’s head secretary, I must be capable of protecting myself.” Kyle coolly continued, “Mr. An Te Qi, I must trouble you to quickly do what you came here to do. Although I don’t wish to rush you, the economy is currently extremely unstable and I must hurry back to stabilize it by manipulating the discourse and releasing news of the situation being fine. There are mountains of things waiting for me to handle.

“For safety’s sake, I should quickly return to the special office as well.”

Kyle calmly watched the inhuman battle. Inside, he was shocked. But thanks to his practiced poker face from always being by the Sun Emperor’s side, there was no change in his usual outward demeanor no matter how shocked he was.

An Te Qi was stunned. He asked, “You don’t care about Ri Xiang Yan?”

Kyle politely smiled and said, “That is because the Sun Emperor does not wish for me to ‘care’ about him.”

Truly an unfathomable way of doing things! An Te Qi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But he still hurried to complete what he had come to do. He lifted up the oblong black suitcase he held in his hands and shouted out, “Dark Sun!”

Dark Sun had already been aware of An Te Qi’s arrival for a while. He risked two more slashes to rush in An Te Qi’s direction. The five criminals were in close pursuit behind him.

“Put it down and go!” Dark Sun yelled.

Kyle agilely responded by grabbing the suitcase from An Te Qi and putting it down. Then he pulled An Te Qi and retreated, quickly shutting the heavy door to the rooftop.

At this time, Dark Sun ran up to the black box and pressed his palm against the top. Four silver lines began to radiate across the box, starting from where his palm was. The box opened with a pop along the silver lines. The contents of the box had been divided into three sections—a black shaft split into two pieces and a scythe blade gripped by skeletal claws.

Dark Sun rapidly assembled the Death Scythe. He instantly flung the scythe behind him without even turning his head. The massive scythe blade immediately deflected all attacks behind him.

Dark Sun leapt up. In his hands, he held the Death Scythe that was taller than himself, yet his face resembled that of a rather innocent child. As he faced the criminals, the faintest chilling smile appeared on his face. Innocence and terror intersected, like a reaper wearing the guise of an angel.

“Now, the hunt has begun. As long as you are Gēge’s enemy, Dark Sun will hunt you down without letting a single one escape!”

Enemies rushed forward. Dark Sun tensed his hand. The Death Scythe danced with precision and speed, not letting a single one of the weapons’ attacks through.

With the addition of the Death Scythe, Dark Sun’s attacks were completely different. He didn’t have to worry that his slender fingernails would be unable to block the attacks. He knew that it was almost impossible to break the Death Scythe.

The Death Scythe was currently the most high-tech product on Earth. Not only was there the science and technology needed behind it, just the raw materials to manufacture it cost an immeasurable amount of money. So much so that finding an equal amount of raw materials to make a second Death Scythe was an almost impossible task.

The huge, hard blade was of course shockingly heavy. For the average person, even lifting it would be difficult, much less using it as a weapon.

But for Dark Sun, whose flesh and bones had all been strengthened, this heavy scythe was ideal. The massive weapon together with his formidable strength multiplied his destructive power several times over.

Also taking into account Dark Sun’s agile and flawless movements, he could wield the Death Scythe, taller than his entire body, at a higher speed than anyone else could. Only a half human like Dark Sun would be able to bring out the full potential of the scythe.

The first one the scythe blade swept toward was the sturdy but slow double-headed battle axe criminal. In one slash, the unstoppable, terrifying blade not only sliced through the heavy battle axe but the criminal’s sturdy body as well.

The robust man was staring so hard, his eyes seemed to almost pop out of their sockets. Blood slowly seeped from the big man’s forehead. His knees gave out. A line of blood slowly appeared from his forehead and extended between his eyes, nose, throat, and torso…

In an instant, the head split open. A large piece of something milky white that was mixed together with crimson blood fell to the ground with a splat, like a piece of smashed tofu.

The body also tumbled down—the two pieces falling in opposite directions. In between were scattered all sorts of red and fleshy organs, some of which were still faintly twitching. Only, its owner had already been split into two, so these organs could only twitch a few more times before they finally came to rest.


Ri Xiang Yan, trapped in the helicopter, beat at the glass frantically. He didn’t want his little brother to kill people, didn’t want him to be drenched in blood, and most of all, didn’t want to see him holding that weapon… A reaper’s scythe!

Good heavens! What was our dead father thinking? Did he really treat his own child as a demon? Otherwise, why make a weapon like that?

But Dark Sun didn’t plan on letting these people escape even though he could hear his brother beating on the glass. To him, the reason for his existence was to hunt all of his brother’s enemies. He must make them disappear from this world!

Although the blade had passed through such a huge object, its speed didn’t slow in the slightest. The guy holding the kris was completely unable to respond in time. He was suddenly flying through the air… He glanced down. Only then did he realize his body was still on the ground and it was just his head that was flying.

But it still wasn’t over. The katar criminal crossed his katars together to block the blade. However, the Death Scythe simply pierced through the weapons and broke through the skin on the criminal’s chest. But because the scythe wasn’t long enough, it didn’t penetrate any deeper…

Scythe, extend!

Dark Sun used the microchip in his brain to manipulate the scythe. What was originally the tip of the scythe extended further, impaling the criminal’s heart in an instant and immediately ending his life.

As soon as the two remaining criminals saw their three comrades die, fear overtook their hearts. They thought to flee, immediately retreating several steps, but one of them hadn’t even turned to run before feeling an icy cold sensation slice across their waist. The Death Scythe claimed another person’s life.

The last remaining criminal was horrified. He quickly leapt toward the only door on the rooftop…

Reaper’s claws, detach!

Dark Sun gripped the scythe, spun around, and swung the scythe. The reaper’s claws released their hold. The enormous scythe blade detached from the shaft and whirled through the air toward that criminal, pinning him to the floor. His limbs twitched a few times, then didn’t move again.

Reaper’s claws, return!

The reaper’s claws once again flew back. With a clang, they reattached in their original position, becoming the complete Death Scythe once more. Dark Sun lifted the scythe and walked back and forth along the ground full of corpses, ascertaining that no one was left alive.

Demon’s hunt, complete!

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  1. sunny

    the re-tl is making me so hyped for the later chaps, i can’t wait! good job guys!

  2. [PR]Miaka_Mei

    Holy cow. T-This chapter was so gory… and I thought DE was gory…..

  3. [PR]Trespasserby

    Despite the Death Scythe being such an iconic part of Dark Sun’s look, it’s different between the two versions!

    Original Death Scythe: Silver shaft with red skeletal claws
    Current Death Scythe: Black shaft with unspecified color skeletal claws

    I always did wonder why the No Hero artwork didn’t usually show a silver shaft with red claws… So it turns out Yu Wo had updated her description of the Death Scythe since she originally came up with it.

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    Yay the scythe was out!
    Somehow i thought the first time i read this chapter i was so anxious until papa an comes out, but that feeling was lost when i read the re-tl 🤔 maybe that’s just happen coz i already know the story 🤔🤔 but nevertheless, i was still eagerly waiting and excited for the next chapter 😆

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