No Hero V8C2: My Eve

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No Hero Volume 8: The End, the Beginning, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Beginning NO.2: My Eve – translated by Raylight (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

”Bill, aside from me, who do you think is the most important person to Ah Ye?”

“It’s Kyle.” The words came from Kyle with no hesitation.


The secretary gave a few awkward coughs, and then said, “I was just correcting you that my name is Kyle and not Bill. That was not an answer to your question.”

“Do you think that correcting me is more important than answering my question? Bill?”

Kyle immediately answered, “Undoubtedly, it is the butler—If you ignore Dr. An Te Qi.”

As expected, it is that vampire! I said spitefully, “So even the fiancée is not as important as the butler?”

“… You really are ignoring Dr. An Te Qi. He is just right here, though he is fast asleep on the sofa.”

“What did you say? Say it louder?”

That Kyle is really getting more and more audacious. Should I demote him… No, no matter how much I demote him, his job would still be the same, which is being a secretary at my side, right?

I should lower his salary—Damn, previously he seemed to have mentioned having earned some money from some stocks. I forgot how much it was, but I recall it was several times over his yearly bonus.

It’s probably better to just drag him out and give him a good beating. But if he took the chance to apply for sick leave, then these documents… Giving him a good scolding seems to be the way to go.

My face darkened as I growled, “Bill, you really have gotten rather auda—”

“Sun Emperor, there is a special reason as to why the young master would value the butler as thus.”

To think you even interrupted me—Hm? What reason does Ah Ye have?

Kyle seemed unruffled even now, and said, “I believe that the existence of the butler is relatively unique to the young master. For him, Charles Endelis is not just a butler, but also a ‘similar existence’ to himself. Both of them are stuck in the boundary between humans and non-humans—”

I interrupted him in a towering rage, “Ah Ye is human!”

“Yes! I was wrong. It was a momentary slip of the tongue.” Kyle admitted his mistake with no hesitation.

Unforgivable! This time, don’t even bother trying to give an excuse!

Kyle sincerely said, “Sun Emperor, I truly do not suspect the young master as such. The young master is the one who suspects himself. If you wish to punish me, you can demote me, suspend my salary, or beat me up. But please, finish listening to me.”

“… Speak.”

After the young master left, everyone gathered around on the sofas and continued their meal. However, they looked a little nervous, and would look toward the door from time to time. They seemed rather afraid that the young master would suddenly barge in—Would the young master really not come over to look for Ezart out of the blue?

“Ah Ye doesn’t have a keycard to this room, so he has to use the doorbell before coming in.” Ezart looked around at everyone’s nervous faces, seeming to find it very amusing. He sat on the single seat sofa, with a can of cola in his hands as he lazily said, “Butler, any results?”

I was in the middle of tidying up the chaos in the room, and had even found a bag full of leftover chicken bones. When I heard the question, I could not help but remember what had happened in the church, and replied a little weakly, “Yes, there is even too much information.”

Suddenly receiving so much information made me feel a little overwhelmed. No matter how I thought about it, I would not have imagined that Father Yue would be involved in such matters. Thankfully, Yue Gang did not know anything, or else it would probably be rather difficult to maintain a simple friendship with him in the future.

I ought to find an opportunity to tell the young master all of this, but as of now I am… one of the “illegal stowaways.” How should I inform the young master of such, and yet not let him discover that I am currently hiding here?

Yet another thing to be distressed about. I gave a sigh, and inquired, “How was the young master’s shooting of the movie today? Did it go well?”

When I asked that, it was obvious that Briar and Poseidynne’s attention was drawn.

Ezart shrugged his shoulders and answered, “Not much happened. It’s just filming. That boring director even pestered me about joining in, but it’s not like I need money right now. I’m not interested.”

“Does the young master enjoy acting in movies?” I was extremely curious. Though the movie was just a front, the young master’s “occupation” was after all… What exactly was it again?

I suddenly felt a little uncertain. He originally started as a print model, but then went on to shoot for advertisements. Later on, he released an album, but only one to date. Now he is starring in a movie, though the movie was still in the works. So it was hard to determine whether the young master should be considered a model, a singer, or an actor. However, seeing that currently most of his work is still print advertisements, he should still be considered a model?

“Not bad! He finds it quite fun. That guy was good at faking it in the first place, and later on he had to lie to his bro all day and night, so his acting skills are top-notch!”

This method of training one’s acting skill truly makes one feel extremely helpless.

Ezart tore open a bag of snacks with his mouth, and in his hand was the remote control as he randomly pressed the buttons and switched the channel. He continued, “However, he said that the character is too much like himself so there’s no challenge at all. Next time, he wants to try a role that isn’t as similar to himself.”

This was the first time that the young master had clearly indicated that he wanted to continue doing something. When he had finished his album previously, he had not mentioned anything about making a second one, so it seemed that the young master indeed did immensely enjoy acting.

From the side, I heard Briar’s quiet mumble, “Ah Ye-gē is getting more and more famous.”

Poseidynne asked curiously, “Isn’t it good to be famous?”

Briar shook her head, saying, “Then, more and more people would like Ah Ye-gē, and he’s so terrible at rejecting them…”

She did not continue her words, but I believe everyone at the scene understood what she meant.

Poseidynne’s brows furrowed as she said, “Bri’s right. We have got to watch Ah Ye closely! As expected, it was right for us to come here!”

At the side, Mr. Bramble tilted his head. Though he remained as silent as always, I believed that his feelings had to be very conflicted at this moment, seeing how his daughter was merely thirteen but had to worry about problems such as her fiancé possibly cheating on her and being too famous and attractive to others.

My cell phone rang, and I hoped that it was not the young master. I truly did not wish to lie to the young master anymore… Thankfully, it was not him.

When I received the call, Curtis reported to me in a polite tone, “Family Head, we found him.”

They found him? I heaved a sigh of relief, but then started to worry. I quickly asked, “You managed to find him this easily?”

If Curtis was able to find him with such ease, would it mean that others would be able to find him just as easily?

“No, it was not that easy.” Curtis paused for a moment, before he added, “However, it is rather easy with your help. When searching for someone, the absolute worst option would be not having a single place to start, and thus being able to search only for a needle in a haystack, which is the most inefficient method. That person seemed not to keep in contact with anyone, but only you are the exception to that. With your help in matters such as providing his email address and phone number, it was a great deal easier to find him.”

No wonder the people looking for him would always come and find me. What exactly should I do to not become his weakness? It is just as well that Poseidynne is here with us. Should I ask for her guidance in teaching me more battle techniques?

“Family Head, should we bring him back to the family?”

If that was possible, I would also want to do that. However, it would not work, for he absolutely would not go with Curtis. I could not help but sigh.

“Family Head?” Curtis’s voice immediately turned stern and he pursued the topic, “Has something happened?”

“Nothing has happened,” I quickly said.

“… Perhaps your young master is right. You ought to come back to the family and rest for a while.”

I emphasized, “I am truly all right! I was merely thinking that he would definitely not go with you, and felt a little vexed.”

Curtis merely calmed said, “I can make arrangements.”

“No, he would not go with you. I ask for you all not to come to blows with him!”

I suddenly became worried. His temper had never been good, and though I had already sent a letter over to explain my reasons, asking him to cooperate would probably be an impossible feat. It would already be considered great if he did not immediately run away.

“Just follow him. If you are discovered, then show yourself and reveal your identity. Do not mind what he says. If he wants to make a move, then leave immediately, and then continue to tail him secretly… However, Curtis, please promise me that you would not come to blows with him no matter what happens.”

Curtis did not agree immediately. Instead, he asked, “May I ask how important this person is to you?”

I froze. His importance…

“He is both a father and a brother.”


Understood? I was about to remind Curtis that that person did not like it when I meddled in his business, especially by using the influence of the family. However, in view of the current circumstances, I did not truly wish for Curtis to stay out of his business. I opened my mouth a few times, but still failed to say anything to stop him. Instead, the words that came out was, “I am sorry for troubling you.”

I merely hope that that person would not fly into a deep rage…

“It is my duty.” Curtis replied simply, and then said, “Family Head, I agreed to let you stay in Daystar City, but I hope that you can be cautious and stay safe. Please give a call every day, so that I can confirm your safety. Remember not to—”

“I will do so. Tomorrow I will call as usual.”

With that, I immediately and decisively hung up. When I raised my head, I saw everyone staring at me, especially Ezart. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Who was that?”


“What were you two talking about?”

I frowned, and did not give him a reply.

Ezart sat up straight, and said in dissatisfaction, “I helped you hide things from Ah Ye, and you’re planning to repay my kindness by hiding things from me? If you wanna do that, then I’m not doing this anymore! I’m gonna go tell Ah Ye right away that his butler is right here, so that you won’t get a chance to do that!”

“It’s regarding X.” I said so, thinking that it should be enough to stop Ezart from asking further. However, I abruptly remembered that Ezart had never met X before, and it was highly likely that he would not know who he was. I quickly added on, “X is my—”

Ezart said in understanding, “I know, your big bro right! Ah Ye said before, that you really love your bro, like how he loves his bro.”

Did the young master say it that like that? I said with a smile, “I am afraid I would probably not match up to how much the young master values the Sun Emperor in his heart.”

Ezart waved his hand as he said, “It’s about the same! That Ah Ye, though he can’t even bear to see a small scrape on his brother, he usually wouldn’t even remember to call his bro.”

That was indeed true. The young master even made me remind him to call the Sun Emperor once it reached a fixed period of time; otherwise, it would probably result in the Sun Emperor calling us instead.

Not too long ago, there was once a time that three days passed and Curtis had not called to ask me if anything had happened. I was extremely curious—and yet I did not want to call to ask. On the fourth day, his call finally came, and he sounded extremely exhausted.

As it turned out, the Sun Emperor had been busy. According to Curtis, he was “razing everything in his path, with rivers of blood flowing down the battlefield, aiming to take down ten thousand enemies even if it meant losing five thousand of his own men. It is unknown whether there is a grand plan behind it…”

I gave it some thought, and realized that the young master had not called the Sun Emperor for ten days or so. After I reminded the young master to do so, Curtis returned to his regular schedule of calling me daily to ask if I was fine.

Seeing that everyone was nearly done with their food, I took the plates into the kitchenette next to the room. Though the hotel would send someone to clean up tomorrow, I intended to wash the plates first so as to prevent the room from smelling like food.

“Butler, brew some coffee!” Dell’s voice came from the living room.

I took a quick look around, and in the end, I took a pot of black tea to the small living room. As I poured the tea for them, I said, “There are only the free sachets of instant coffee here, and they are all the three-in-one kind. I believe that none of you would like it, so I brewed some tea instead. However, there will not be any more tea bags after this serving.”

Mr. Bramble’s brows furrowed. He did not like coffee, but always had a cup of tea every morning. May and Dell instead needed coffee daily, but on top of that, Dell would drink cola like water, and May would drink fruit juice like water.

“I just knew that there was something I forgot to buy!” Dell smacked himself, and cried out in agony, “I’m an idiot, how could I only buy cola?”

Only bought cola? I ruffled through the plastic bag slightly. There really was only a copy of the evening newspaper, cola, cup noodles, and a few toothbrushes inside, not even a towel. Though we could request a few more towels from the hotel, there were too many of us. It would arouse suspicion if we wanted an extra five or six towels.

If it were just Mr. Bramble and the other bodyguards, it would not be an issue if they stayed here temporarily for a few days. However, seeing how Briar and Poseidynne were also here, and we were also highly likely to be staying here for a while, I believed that these items were far from enough.

I sighed, and said, “I will go out to buy some necessities.”


Dell immediately yelled, his voice loud to the point I was a little worried. However, the sound of a loud explosion came from the television right at this time, for there was an action film playing and it had coincidentally reached the scene where there was a series of explosions. I suddenly felt like I could understand the reason Ezart turned on the television the moment the young master left, and even left it playing at a loud volume. It seemed that he was not as brash as his appearance would suggest, but rather, he was extremely attentive to small details.

I nodded and inquired, “Is there anything else that you would like me to purchase?”

Mr. Bramble took one look at me, and said slowly, “If it is you, I don’t think we need to explain further. Just do as you see fit.”

I nodded with a small smile, and answered, “As you wish.”

“Charles-gē, I’ll go with you,” Briar abruptly said.

I did not expect that she would say so, and stared at her in puzzlement as I replied, “It is fine for me to go by myself.”

Briar was extremely insistent as she said, “I’m going with you!”

I shot a glance at Mr. Bramble, and he looked at me and nodded his head.

This shocked me a little. Although we were merely going to the supermarket and Mr. Bramble did not object, we were in Daystar City after all, and it would be wise to be cautious.

Poseidynne seemed a little nervous as she said, “Bri, let me come along too! This is Daystar City—”

Briar shook her head as she said, “I am just a small human girl, and Daystar City is a lot safer than Sunset City where we live, isn’t it?”

“You are with a vampire.” Poseidynne spoke in a small voice, “To the Church, that would be enough.”

“Poseidynne, didn’t you say that Charles-gē is very good at hiding? Then it would be fine as long as he doesn’t show up.” Briar turned to me and said, “Charles-gē, it wouldn’t be good if you appeared at the supermarket, right? It’s not like there are any fewer surveillance cameras here than in Sunset City. Charles-gē, if you walk around the supermarket, you will really stand out. Everyone’s heads will turn to look at you!”

“I am not wearing a vampire’s attire.” I looked down. I was wearing black from head to toe, which was extremely great for stealth—however, perhaps a little unfitting to walk in a supermarket full of grandmothers and mothers?

Briar looked at me and sighed. “May-gē, Dell-gē, if you didn’t know Charles-gē and saw him in the supermarket, would you give him a second look?”

Dell answered with no hesitation, “I absolutely would!”

May pondered for a moment, before he answered, “Agreed.”

As expected, it is too conspicuous to wear black from head to toe? I quickly replied, “I could change into something more casual.”

May shook his head saying, “It has nothing to do with the clothes. You just look out of place.”

However, I had already been going to the supermarket and the traditional market for a period of time… Though speaking of which, it was true that when I first started going, it did attract a lot of attention.

Briar raised an example, “If Ah Ye-gē’s brother were to carry a basket and pick out carrots in the supermarket, would Charles-gē do a double take at that?”

The Sun Emperor carrying a basket in the supermarket, picking out carrots… I would freeze on the spot, and be unable to move for the whole day!

When I looked around the whole room, everyone’s faces had turned similarly pale. The power of this example was really to be feared.

“I am not the Sun Emperor.” I shook my head as I said, “Not to mention, I do not have that kind of imposing aura.”

Briar said with a tone as though it was but a matter of fact, “But Curtis-shūshu calls you Family Head pretty often! Even if you aren’t as powerful as the Sun Emperor, it’s still pretty powerful, right?”

It may be true that I was once a powerful figure, but now, all that is left are memories … Also Briar, you address me as Charles-gē, but call Curtis Shūshu?

Briar said earnestly, “Charles-gē, you can bring me to the supermarket and then hide well. I’ll take care of the shopping. Otherwise, you definitely will be spotted! Really!”

Hearing that, I too became hesitant. There would not be any fewer surveillance cameras in Daystar City than in Sunset City, so if the Church had any intentions of monitoring the hotel surroundings, I might possibly get discovered.

“Let’s go, Charles-gē!” Briar walked to my side, and then automatically held my hand. If it were not for that, I believed that I was on the verge of forgetting the fact that she was still a thirteen year old girl.

I looked at Mr. Bramble, who picked up the evening papers, seeming not to have any objections.

“Bri, let me come along!” Poseidynne said gently, and she looked a little like she was acting coquettishly.

Briar shook her head, saying, “Poseidynne, stealth isn’t your specialty. Charles-gē can carry me away, but he wouldn’t be able to do that for you. Anyways, we’ll be back really quick.”

She was just short of saying the words, “Be good.” What exactly happened in that year I was asleep? How did the relationship between Poseidynne and Briar become so friendly? Moreover, I could vaguely tell that between the two, Briar was the one in charge.

“Charles-gē.” Briar raised her head and looked at me, as she asked, “Should we go?”

I gazed at her, and finally nodded and agreed, “All right.” Miss Briar.

Putting Briar down, I told every item that I needed to buy in detail to her.

“Can you remember that?” I was a little worried, for I had listed quite a few items, and remembering all of them without missing a single one was not too easy. It was a pity that I did not have any paper on hand so that I could write it down.

Briar nodded as she said, “It’s pretty similar to the things to prepare when Bàba’s going on a business trip.”

Hearing that, I felt truly relieved. In certain aspects, perhaps Briar was the one who reassured people the most in that whole room.

“Then I’ll be heading over!”

With that, she turned and headed to the supermarket. She looked just like a normal student walking around the supermarket after class, and indeed true to what she had said, she would not attract any attention from others.

I hid myself in the small alley, which I had already closely inspected and deemed to have no surveillance cameras. Briar had also agreed on that, for she said that the young master had taught her many methods of recognizing surveillance cameras as well as discerning their locations.

With nothing to do, I could only stay alert to my surroundings. The alley was rather clean, and it did not feel awful to stay there. If this was Sunset City, the alleys would always be a place filled with garbage, and on the ground, there would always be foul-smelling homeless people lying there—Or perhaps dead bodies lying there.

At this moment, I heard a ringtone coming from my chest. Ever since I started serving the young master, this phone rang a lot more often, from no one giving me any calls even in ten days, to picking up calls at least ten times in a day. Furthermore, it seemed like the number of times was growing with each passing day.

I took a glance at the cell phone screen. At the moment, this was truly the phone call I did not want to receive the most, but I still had to press the key.

“Did you think that if you left Ah Ye’s side, I would let you off?” The other person did not even start by stating who he was—Perhaps that was because he never needed to state his identity, for the whole world knew who he was.

“I did not think that, Sun Emperor,” I answered calmly.

The Sun Emperor’s tone was extremely cold as he commanded like a monarch, “The time limit is the same. Within ten days, if you don’t bring that person to the specified place—”

“Luo Ye.”

“What?” The other person froze.

“‘That person’ that you speak of is called Luo Ye.” I abruptly realized that the Sun Emperor had never spoken the person’s name since the beginning. Was this a coincidence or deliberate on his part?

“His name is not important at all!”

The Sun Emperor sounded like he was getting angry. Why was that so? It was but a name. It seemed that he was not accidentally omitting his name, but deliberately not wanting to mention the other’s name.

“Mr. Luo Ye is your uncle.”

I tried to remind him that the person he wanted to kill was not a stranger, but a blood relative. In the Ri family’s current situation, a relative was considered something very rare indeed.

“He is not. He is nothing!”

The Sun Emperor’s voice sounded like he was bursting in anger. Should I perhaps not continue to agitate him? However for some reasons unknown to me, I felt that compared to facing the cold Sun Emperor, I felt better facing an angry Sun Emperor. If he was angry, it meant that he was at least not indifferent to what I said, and better still, he was not coldly calculating something.

I tried harder to persuade him, “No matter whether you acknowledge it, you are still related by blood. Killing him for no good reason—”

“My father searched for him for so many years, yet he has only suddenly appeared now. Where has he been all this time? Do you think that it is that easy to escape the Sun Alliance’s search for someone?”

The Sun Emperor rebuked in a burst. This was… An explanation?

“Ah Ye told me that he was living in Daystar City. Like hell he was! The headquarters of the Sun Alliance used to be in Daystar City. No matter where he was hiding, there is absolutely no way he could be hiding where the Sun Alliance’s headquarters were!”

The more I listened, the more I fell into deep thought. Indeed, it was so. Daystar City was an area where many economic alliance’s headquarters were located, and there were countless surveillance cameras around. Under such circumstances, could an ordinary person really hide for so many years?

Even for a vampire specialized in hiding, it would also be an extremely difficult task to spend so many years in hiding. This could be seen just by looking at X, for due to the Church’s pursuit, he could only spend many years in hiding, and become a wandering vagrant across the whole world.

“Why don’t you go back and ask the one in your family, how many sets of eyes he has in Daystar City and how much combat strength he has. If the person he is looking for is hiding in Daystar City, ask him if it’s possible that they wouldn’t be able to find or catch him!”

Hearing that, I knew that I did not need to ask Curtis about it. After all, if the Sun Emperor was saying so and even specifically told me to inquire about it, then I believed that the only thing I would hear from Curtis was a confirmation that what the Sun Emperor said was right.

I was a little puzzled as I inquired, “Why did you not bring up all these suspicions before?”

The Sun Emperor fell silent, and following that he roared in anger, “I do not need to explain anything to a butler!”

I explained further, “But the young master needs all these explanations.”

The other end of the line suddenly went quiet.

“Have you ever brought up all these suspicions to him?”

Silence remained on the other end of the line.

I could not comprehend in the slightest as I asked, “Why did you not tell the young master?”

The Sun Emperor finally answered. In a stiff voice, he said, “Ah Ye does not need to worry about such things. All he needs is to live his life happily!”

However, it is rather evident that the Young Master is unhappy due to whatever is happening between Sun Emperor and Luo Ye, so why would he not tell the young master his suspicions, so as to seek his understanding? Even now, the person he chose to tell is me and not the young master.

Thinking back on it, back then when the young master failed to call home after a long period of time, the Sun Emperor also called me to give me a warning instead of calling the young master directly… Is the Sun Emperor not very good at communicating with the young master?

I was about to ask the Sun Emperor if he wished for me to pass on all these words to the young master, when he just said, “Remember, the time limit is ten days,” and hung up. Evidently, he did not wish to speak any further—or perhaps, he did not want to hear me speak any further.

I put away my phone. It seems like the items that I have to notify the young master of has somehow increased by one more.

Behind me, I had felt movement that had been going on for a while. Turning around, I was unsurprised to see Briar standing behind me, and walked up to her to carry the plastic bags for her.

Briar asked curiously, “Was that call just now from Gēge?”

“Gēge?” I froze, not understanding who she was referring to.

She quickly explained, “Ah Ye’s gēge. Because Ah Ye-gē calls him Gēgē, I also followed along.”

I wonder what kind of reaction the Sun Emperor would have if Briar calls him Gēgē straight to his face? I smiled and answered, “Indeed, the call just now was from the Sun Emperor.”

“Gēge has also called me before.” Briar paused for a moment, before she continued, “Actually, he gave me a phone.”

The Sun Emperor gave… I looked at Briar, a little surprised. Soon afterwards, I did not find it strange anymore. Given how much the Sun Emperor values the young master, it would not be possible for him to ignore the fiancée that the young master chose, unless he took the fiancée matter as a children’s joke. However, most people would take it as a joke. After all, Briar was currently merely thirteen.

However, the young master was serious about it, and I believed that the Sun Emperor fully knew that too. After all, the two of them were brothers, and no one understood the other more so than them, even if they always threw tantrums at each other.

“What did the master talk to you about?” In that moment, I started pondering if I should tell the young master. If I told him that Briar had called me to complain about it, then it ought not to raise the young master’s suspicions.

Briar tried to recall it in detail and said, “Gēge asked me if I was serious, whether I really love Ah Ye-gē a lot, and if I’m willing to sacrifice my life for him.”

I frowned. Asking all these questions to a thirteen-year-old seemed to be going overboard.

“What was your answer?”

Briar replied honestly, “I told him I didn’t know.”

“Has the Sun Emperor made you feel troubled?” I sincerely feel like I should talk to the young master about this.

Briar shook her head, saying, “I thought that Ah Ye-gē’s gēge definitely wouldn’t let me be together with him.”

Indeed, rich and powerful families would usually carefully pick their prospective marriage partner based on how well-matched they are in social status. Given how much the master values the young master, naturally he would be even more particular about the young master’s partner. Briar was merely the daughter of a bodyguard, and there was a ten year age difference between the young master and her. Furthermore, she was still young and only thirteen years old as of now. Any normal parent or brother would object, let alone the master.

“But Gēge did not say that he forbids us to be together. He even said that if I want to be Ah Ye-gē’s wife, I have to get at least a Ph.D. in Economics.”

Economics? I was confused for a few moments. Perhaps he wanted to have Briar help manage the Sun Alliance. After all, the Sun Emperor did not have any relatives, and the young master clearly had not even stepped into the world of business. It also seemed that the Sun Emperor had no intention to have the young master help manage the Sun Alliance.

Briar pondered a little, and continued, “And also to go for a check-up after my period arrives, to see if my body is healthy and able to bear children.”

Master, you… talked to a little girl of thirteen about periods and bearing children?

Briar abruptly lowered her head, and softly said in embarrassment, “I even thought that Ah Ye-gē was unable to have children!”

“Hm? Why would you think so?” Actually, what I wanted to inquire more was the reason she had considered such a thing. Would an ordinary thirteen-year-old think about something like having children?

“Because Ah Ye-gē said that his entire body has been modified, and was filled with metal all over. S-So I thought that he couldn’t. Hearing Gēge say that, I’m not sure whether Gēge just didn’t think about whether Ah Ye-gē could have children or not, or he really is able to…”

No matter how mature and understanding Briar behaved, it seemed that she was too embarrassed to continue further.

“I will help you ask Mr. An Te Qi. I believe he is the person who will be the most knowledgeable on this.”

“Okay!” Briar happily nodded. It seemed that this problem had been bothering her for a long time.

At this point, I realized that in that year that I spent asleep, I had really missed many affairs, be it the relation between Briar and Poseidynne, or between Briar and the Sun Emperor. These were all people who were the most important to the young master, but I was completely in the dark about them. How could I possibly serve the young master well like this?


Briar looked at me in confusion. I quickly came back to my senses and told her, “Bri, you are merely thirteen. You do not need to be so troubled over so many issues.”

“I’m almost fourteen.” Briar shook her head, and said, “If I want to get a Ph.D. in Economics, then I have to start studying hard now. Gēge even said that I can’t just read the textbooks. I also have to take some time to do an internship starting in high school. If it’s like that, then I really have to work very hard.”

Briar spoke with a maturity over what a thirteen-year-old girl ought to be like, “At first, Bàba said that it’s impossible between Ah Ye-gē and me. Even if Ah Ye-gē was serious about it, there was no way the Sun Emperor would let us be together! Bàba even told me not to get too serious with Ah Ye-gē! But now Gēge is willing to give me a chance, so I obviously have to work very hard!”

Indeed, the Sun family was undoubtedly the richest and most powerful family at the moment. Even if there were not many people in this family and the young master was rather easy-going, it still stands that it was still impossible to freely fall in love without any obstacles, for the weddings of such families were mostly for a certain goal. I did not think that the Sun Emperor would actually be able to accept Briar. I was rather surprised.

Moreover, with how much the Sun Emperor valued the young master, I believed that if Briar started working hard now to be the young master’s wife, it may very well not be considered too early.

At this point, I started to comprehend something, and asked, “Bri, the reason you insisted to come out with me, was it to have a conversation about this?”

As expected, Briar nodded, and seemed embarrassed as she said, “Gēge said not to tell Ah Ye-gē that he contacted me, so I couldn’t tell him. I only brought it up to Bàba a bit, but I couldn’t say too much either. If Bàba were to know that Gēge told me to get a health check-up in the future to see if I can bear children, he will definitely be mad!”

I can understand Mr. Bramble’s rage.

“But…” Briar hesitated as she said, “I-I really wanted to talk to someone about this, but I can’t tell Bàba, nor Ah Ye-gē. I definitely can’t tell my classmates, and when Poseidynne heard a little, she became really angry, saying what’s so great about the Sun Emperor. But—”

I interrupted her words that were faltering more and more, “The Sun Emperor is indeed great. No matter what people think of him, the Sun Emperor has created an incredible business empire, and is indeed worthy of his title of ‘Emperor.’”

Briar nodded her head repeatedly, looking a little worried.

“The young master too.” I gave a helpless smile as I specially mentioned, “Other than being the most precious little brother of the Sun Emperor, he is also a hero. Now he has actually also become a celebrity. It really makes one want to ask him not to be this kind and hardworking.”

Briar gave a smile, but her smile looked a little bitter.

Seeing that, I squatted beside her to look her in the eye, and said, “Bri, the future that you are walking toward is definitely going to be a difficult road. Perhaps, it will be so harsh that you will regret agreeing to the young master’s proposal—”

“No!” Briar immediately refuted, “I absolutely will not regret this!”

Seeing that she was this resolute, I felt relieved. The young master’s attitude toward Briar had never changed, and if Briar could be as unwavering as him, then perhaps the two of them really would be a good match together.

I asked with a smile, “Do you like the young master that much?”

Briar’s face turned red, but she still nodded vigorously as she replied, “Yeah!”

At this point, I abruptly remembered the interaction between her and Poseidynne and quickly asked, “Do you not mind the matter between the young master and Poseidynne anymore?”

Briar pouted, and showed a rare display of a little girl’s willfulness as she complained, “Ah Ye-gē said that as long as I am still around, he would not be together with Poseidynne. Otherwise, I absolutely would not forgive him!”

Her expression turned frustrated as she said, “Ah Ye-gē is really good, that’s right! But my Bàba says that a rich man’s kid would usually have a lot of women. If he becomes like that, I-I… Anyways, I wouldn’t stand for it!”

At this point, she suddenly raised her head and asked, “Ah Ye-gē has kissed Poseidynne before, right?”

“Indeed.” I nodded my head. That was the young master’s first meeting with Poseidynne. At that time, it was what Poseidynne requested in order to save Yue Gang, and the young master had actually obliged.

“How awful, awful!” Briar was so angry that she kicked the pebbles on the road continuously. She muttered softly, “Poseidynne says that if I kiss Ah Ye-gē twice, I would win against her. B-But, I’m still too young. Bàba would be angry, Ah Ye-gē…”

“The young master would not be mad.” He would be very happy about it. That was what I strongly believed.

Briar’s face turned sour as she said, “But he would want to keep kissing, just like how he wanted to keep hugging after my showers… I’m just thirteen!”

I nearly broke into laughter. It seems that I would not need to worry about the young master letting others go into the queue. His private life would probably be the same as now, and it seemed that it would not change for many years.

At this time, Briar suddenly turned to me with curious eyes, saying, “Charles-gē is definitely different. It seems like I can tell you anything, and I feel more relaxed after doing so.”

“You are welcome to talk with me at any time.” I said as I patted her head. Though it was simply not a dignified thing to do to the future mistress, as for now… It would not hurt to treat her as an ordinary little girl.

Briar nodded her head with an extremely sweet smile, giving off the feeling of a dainty and delicate lady. Perhaps, the young master, who was a late bloomer, with the little miss, who was an early one, really was a match made in heaven.

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