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November Chapters
  1. Eclipse Hunter V1C2: A Past in Darkness
  2. No Hero V8Prologue: Vampire Assassin
  3. Eclipse Hunter V1C3: The Morning's Brand New Beginning
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth SS3: Inheriting Jiu Ge
  5. Dominion's End V4C9: In This Life, We Are Both Doing Swell, Part Two

Hey everyone! It was great seeing all the excitement for our new project, despite that many of you have already read it before. Or maybe that’s what makes it all the more exciting? In any case, the positive feedback provides great motivation! If you have already read EH before, please enjoy Ah Ye’s journey before No Hero once again, and if you haven’t read EH before, welcome aboard! It’s quite the journey. I’m also having a blast seeing the revision choices Yu Wo made in this 2nd edition. I challenge you to spot the differences. ;) (Please note that differences between our translation and Oddsquad’s can be due to both translation choices and to revisions made in the 2nd edition on Yu Wo’s part).

We begin No Hero Volume 8 this month! Two volumes to go, and tons more excitement to come. We have a side story for Illusions, Lies, Truth for you this month before we start the next volume. As stated last month, we’ll be taking a short break with GOD before starting the next volume. Look forward to GOD’s return! As for Dominion’s End… how was that cliffhanger last month?

This month’s poll is about the best way to kill time, submitted by ArmadaTW! Thanks once again!

As always, you can submit poll ideas here~

18 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    Wait whats this? Eclipse Hunter had been revised? I saw some changes and just assumed it was translation errors

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Yup! There are two different editions of Eclipse Hunter.
      Yu Wo self-published the first edition of Eclipse Hunter and it could only be bought at her convention booth, I believe? Nevertheless, the raw text online for Eclipse Hunter is from that first edition. It seems like Odd Squad Scanlations translated off this version.
      A publishing company later picked up Eclipse Hunter as well. It looks like Yu Wo made a few edits to the text before having this version published, and that is the version our translation at PR! is based on.

    • [PR]lucathia

      (I see you thought they were errors! :P)

      The content is mostly the same, but in the 2nd edition, the mass published version, Yu Wo did change some sentences around, revise some names for consistency, make slight changes to content, such as adding or removing a sentence or paragraph here and there, and make various other miscellaneous changes. Most seem to be made for consistency or flow.

      Some things I’ve noticed so far (and my personal opinion for the revisions):

      (Don’t read if you want to look for the differences yourself~)




      Prologue: A certain title isn’t dropped until the end, when it was used throughout the old edition, to give more emphasis when the title is finally used.

      Chapter 1:
      *The amount of tables was revised to just two rows, giving it more of a feeling of an executive office.
      *It’s mentioned that people “had praise for Ri Xiang Yan,” instead of that they revered or admired him, possibly to show that they voiced admiration but might not actually feel it in their hearts.
      *Perhaps the biggest change is how “Why do you wish to kill me?” was revised to “Why have you conspired with the board members to betray me?” It gives more emphasis to how this was a larger conspiracy and not just a spur of the moment thing.
      *An epithet like “the young man” was used to refer to Ri Xiang Yan throughout the 1st edition, while the 2nd addition just says his name straight.
      *Ri Xiang Ye’s name is dropped early in the chapter in the 1st edition in a fairly random place for his name to be mentioned for the very first time, while the 2nd edition saves it near the end for a larger reveal.
      *The bed was specified to be a crib.
      *The part about school not having summer breaks was changed to dialogue.
      *The use of 日城, which seemed to be some sort of alliance that Sun Alliance was a part of, was completely removed and changed to Sun Alliance throughout. Sun Alliance isn’t just one of the alliances. It’s THE alliance now.
      *A paragraph was added about the father being strict on the job and how Ri Xiang Yan had to climb up through his own power.
      *Top five alliances was changed to the largest alliance.
      *Ri Xiang Yan was mentioned to be holding the gun uncertainly, but this line was removed. He’s not hesitating anymore.
      *Ri Xiang Yan was mentioned to be screaming internally, but the new edition says an alarm went off in his head. I guess screaming internally isn’t cool enough.
      *Ri Xiang Yan was mentioned to be 187cm, while the new edition puts him at 185cm. He shrank two cm…?
      *An Te Qi expressed sorrow for the two brothers in the previous edition, while he expresses sorrow for the father and son here.
      *When Dark Sun falls and Ri Xiang Yan catches him, the narrative explains his weight in the old edition with an info dump, while An Te Qi is the one to give us the info dump in the new edition.
      *An Te Qi is mentioned to be afraid that he wouldn’t be able to persuade Ri Xiang Yan in this new edition, so he hurries to give an example of his use. This matches with his personality shown later on more.

      There are also other slight changes in word choice, but this is the gist of the major changes. :3 Again, nothing too major, but still interesting to think about.

    • dollyfishe

      oh my … that’s so many differences but i dont spot any (or i dare to say im not a detail person anyway). i just felt that it’s all logical coz i already know the whole story? oh well, i guess i will give up to spot the difference TT__TT
      but 2 chapters of EH is magical ^O^ im basically flying on cloud no.9 when i saw this update *grin*
      cliffhanger? what’s that? we’re already used to it !!!! PR! always prank us reader with those cliffy since forever! how can we’re not getting used to it? (and still, grumble is just one way to satisfy the unsatisfied feeling anyway *laugh*)
      oh …. it’s a rare sight of magical exchange on the pool <3 to celebrate it, i have to take the chance :D

    • Jasae Bushae

      Personally the biggest difference I noticed is how the asshat dad was alot more flat and set piece-y. I also recall Oddsquads translation mentioning him taking poison in advance and starting out a drawn out speech when the older brother shot him dead without hesitation

  2. kamui

    …You dare ask us about cliff hangers? Really? *gets the knife out of the top drawer to come “encourage” translators to help out* this is what I think about I think about it *screaming at top of my lungs*
    Not really. I am a properly adjusted individual who would never DREAM of threatening people…I would just go bribe a certain miser with golden hair to plot people to death unless they did what we wanted.

    • Jasae Bushae

      Oh this is nothing. Keep in mind that a volume of Illusion Lies Truth ended on a cliffhanger. Imagine if we were not in the future and were forced to wait close to a year for a new volume to release to find out what happened last chapter

    • kamui

      Quite true, doesn’t mean I have to like it though. There is always a worse situation…but I choose to be petty.

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      (I think they actually waited about 3 years for the next volume of ILT.)

    • kamui

      …I still will refuse to be satisfied by the fact that I suffered less than others! If reality is nothing in the face of wishful thinking, then others pain is nothing in the face of my own suffering! Quick, someone track down Yu Wo and all the translators, destroy any hindrances in their lives and allow them to focus solely on appeasing, amusing, and entertaining us plebeians! I need my dopamine doses!
      (PS. I fully realize that this has dissolved into a rant, but can only assume PR was prepared for that when they posted that question)

    • dollyfishe

      @kamui, i dare to say: dont worry about it! our rant are far better than other site :p
      like i said, lately i’ve been roaming the translation site, in passing reading the comment and mostly were just savage T_T somehow i prefer to just read the translation and ignore all comments, not even saying thanks just because of the bad environment. it’s not a good behaviour from me, but rather than being influence by the bad, i prefer to stay quiet.
      some of the time, i love other translators being considerate on continue the release of a new chapter when met a cliffy to appease the reader. when i saw that happen, i automatically think, “hmph! let the readers all come to PR! and experience the cliffy for almost all chapters release!” cant help it, i dont like cliffy and hate the very first person doing this and want to curse him/her dead! but then again, it already become a tradition here TT_TT it’s not the best thing to happen, but then again, we are used to it right? and we have one more common thing to share *desperate laugh* life is never about all the good things that happen to bring us fun. most of the time, those bad things give more fun when we look back :)

    • kamui

      I think we have Sir Conan Doyle to thank for the original cliffhanger when he wrote everyone’s favorite detective literally hanging off a cliff at the end of a chapter…I could be mistaken, and frankly since I am connected to the internet there is no excuse for ignorance aside from my own laziness, but that is what I have heard at some point. I will naturally continue the cherished tradition on the internet of disseminating unverified tidbits as absolute facts.

  3. Liolia

    Thank you for retranslating eclipse hunter, in all honesty I’m in the mood to read that… especially if it’s translated by you all :)

  4. ArmadaTW

    Wow, I completely forgot I submitted that poll question. I think it’d be quite entertaining to see Devil Chaos and Angel Doll shopping for ingredients. I’d be concerned about staying alive if spending time with Shooting Star or Jiang Ziya, and would like to keep my human body instead of becoming a sword in Romance RPG.

    • dollyfishe

      i always thought that only PR! will only give us a choice on how to died on the pool before the pool were open for all to submit a question. that’s how i see it tho. turn out that everyone of us seems to like to give that questions. after a long while of voting, i always think of what choice do i have better. in the end i choose to have the fun the way i want it before died eventually.
      oh well, i think PR! already train us all readers to become what they want us to be
      (the devil chaos and angel doll could really ended up as the end of the world, but … at least i dont have time to think what happen when the world suddenly end)

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