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December Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4Prologue: Prologue
  2. Eclipse Hunter V1C4: The Most Important Task—Battling
  3. GOD V3C1: The Little Angel Yaya
  4. Eclipse Hunter V1C5: Ah Ye and Dark Sun Intersect
  5. No Hero V8C1: The City of Sin
  6. Dominion's End V4C10: The Ice Spears

Happy last month of the decade. :) We started PR! a decade ago, and here we still are! We missed our own 10 year anniversary back in April without realizing it until after, but hey, just think of our April Fool’s prank back in April as a celebration of the big day. It was close enough to the actual day we got started, in any case. (In fact, we celebrate our group’s birthday every year with April Fool’s!)

So, a decade has gone by. What a journey it’s been. We’ve finished long projects such as 1/2 Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight, and shorter projects such as Female Warrior and Romance RPG. We’ve had staff and readers come and go, and some even returning years later! We’re proud to say that we see our projects to completion and have brought steady updates over the years, though they may not be fast. ;) For me personally, PR! and Yu Wo’s stories and characters have been a big part of my life this past decade. I wish to thank all of you, staff and readers alike, for being here and sharing this journey with me. It’s what makes it fun~

And what good news we have this month too, with a new release of Dominion’s End around the corner! Dominion’s End Volume 6 will be available for pre-order starting on December 13 and will be released on December 23. Yu Wo has mentioned that there will be a limited edition as well. It’s always great to see Yu Wo release another book!

And now, for our monthly poll. This time, we have a poll about a stand-in for Santa! This poll was submitted by anon around a year ago but a bit too late for the season. Hopefully you’re still around to see this. :) (I would also love to know why these three in particular~)

As always, we would love to hear your poll ideas over here!

24 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    yayyy! happy 10th year of having PR!!
    im not fan from the start of the year, but yes, i’ve been lurking for quite a long while ^^ not even realize how many years it’s been :) it’s funny to think that sometimes one days is so long but in no time, another 10 years has been gone ^^ it’s good to see PR! has been exist for such a long time ^^ congrats on this achievement ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ

  2. Ponchina

    Wow, belated happy anniversary :D April’s Fool seems like a worthy celebration!
    Although I haven’t been around since the beginning it was definitely for more than a year or two. And I definitely will be sticking around, even a year or two after that poll idea of mine… I really don’t recall why I choose them three XD Thx for keeping my idea safe though!
    Looking forward to the next decade \^.^/

    • [PR]lucathia

      Oh wow, I thought it was more likely that I wouldn’t ever get to know who suggested the poll! Good to see you’re still around. :D I have kept your idea nice and safe for a year. o/ (There are also other time sensitive ideas waiting for their turn next year~)

      Definitely an interesting trio~

  3. ArmadaTW

    This is a tough one. Roland would scare the heck out of the children if his ring comes off; Shooting Star is too irresponsible to sit still for the children; and I’d be concerned about Yu Shu maintaining the kids’ happiness… Hmm, I guess there could also be a scenario where Yu Shu obliges in doing it under threat by her editor, so my vote would be for Yu Shu.

    And wow, ten years. That was right when I graduated high school; time flies…

    • [PR]lucathia

      Time sure flies…

      Go Ye Luo! You can do it, Ye Luo! Just tell Yu Shu it’s a new publicity stunt. House Keeper and Hold Keeper can be reindeer or elves. :3

  4. Blub the Blub

    Happy belated 10 year anniversary! I feel as though it’s only been a year since I was waiting for monthly LSK releases. I hope that everyone will be visited this holiday season by a jolly and joyful death monarch!

    • [PR]lucathia

      In the blink of an eye, it’s been… three years since our most recent LSK release. (39 LSK v2, please come out soon~~)

      This joyful death monarch won’t even need any flying reindeer! He can fly around on his own~

    • ArmadaTW

      Someone should make a fanart of Roland in death monarch Santa uniform. Or even better, Iliu and his elite undead generals in reindeer cosplay escorting Santa Roland!

  5. 15B

    Obviously, the best stand in Santa would be Yu Shu handing out copies of her books to all good little children!

  6. Miaka_Mei

    Sad news guys… It seems that the official release date for the 6th volume of DE is 23rd of December. So we’ll have to wait a bit more. And wait some more for the delivery period. Sobs.

  7. Jasae Bushae

    Hmm when did I start…Thinking on it, I first heard about this place from an add on a page of a 1/2 prince manga translation which had the address here. I believe I jumped in shortly after Legend of Sun Knight volume 2 chapter 2 came out. And was surprised to find myself enjoying Legend of Sun Knight more than 1/2 Prince

  8. Hans

    Happy 10th anniversary!!!

    I’ve been around since LSK chapter 1 was posted in the old WordPress website. Fall in love with it since then and still loving it💖.

    P/s (LSK 39 V2 please come out soon… I miss Grisia…)

  9. Hans

    This is suspicious. Already 22/12 and not a chap translated…. Is PR planning something for Christmas and new year? Looking forward to it 🤩

  10. Andi

    Oh wow, Happy belated 10 year anniversary! Nice work everyone! You are definitely the longest lived and most consistent translation group of anything ongoing that I’ve read! Very Impressive!

    Wow, I don’t even know how long I’ve been here.. o_o I’m pretty sure I also found my way here because I read some of the 1/2 prince manga? and just wanted to find more haha. I think. Now though I’m trying to remember did I find my way here first or to the OddSquad group first? It has been so long ahaha. I FEEL like LotSK was on volume 2 when I first got here?

    Oh, wow. Out of curiosity, I just went back and found my first comment ever. V2C7 of LoSK and it sounds like I had already been reading for several months by that point. I have a feelings around the beginning of volume 2 then is when I first experienced excitedly waiting for the next chapter. And that was back in May 2011. Wow, 8 years! Your team has been providing excitement and highlights (and some tears) in my life for that long. And here I am, still looking forward to updates every month. (All of my siblings associate LotSK and Dominion’s End with me wanting to read it with them haha. Family bonding!) Seriously, thank you PR! Keep up the fantastic work!

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Wow! 8 years is a really long time! Thanks for sticking around. And I’m glad we’ve been able to be a family bonding experience for you and your siblings. XD

  11. Lat

    Happy 10 Years!

    It has been a long long ride since the start of 1/2 Prince days and I’m glad to have PR! here, providing us with so much. Love YuWo’s stories very much so I appreciate it very very much to be able to read them here together with everyone else!
    Thank you so much for bringing all this with love and dedication!

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Glad you love Yu Wo’s stories as much as we do! It means a lot to know that there’s other people out there who love these stories and we’re not just translating and proofreading these for ourselves. XD

  12. momamo

    Ten years, huh? I’ve been here since the first year. At the time 1/2 Prince Vol 2 was being translated, I think. I remember the absolute craziness that was the Tournament Arc. 1/2 Prince is the first “trapped in a virtual reality game” story I ever read (SAO? whazzat? never heard of it).
    I remember when you guys picked up LSK, I was so hyped lol. Grisia’s despicableness, despicableness, and despicableness made him one of my favorite MCs.

    In the earlier years, when the updates were spread more or less evenly across the month, I religiously checked the site for updates every couple days. The updates got pushed further and further back in the month, so I visit the site only once a month since then — much better for my sanity haha.
    Every time April approaches, I look forward to whatever silliness PR cooks up. That time you guys pretended to pick up a classic wuxia series was hilarious. It was so absurd yet so many fell for it. I was like, nobody ever heard of Jin Yong here?!? Legend of Condor Heroes, anybody?!?

    I haven’t checked this site the past several months so I can read multiple chapters in a go — Yu Wo x Cliffhanger: Best OTP, right? So it’s only today that I found out that you started translating Eclipse Hunter! Wow. That is one series I haven’t read in a loooong time. Glad I’ll be able to read it to the end after all.
    Did you guys not consider translating Gong Hua? Giraffecorps dropped it. And it’s “only” 4 volumes. It’s Yu Wo’s darkest work and has a different “flavor” from the others. Translate it sometime in the future? Pretty please? *insert Ah Ye making puppy dog eyes*

    Thanks to PR, I got introduced to Yu Wo’s works and became a fan. I have read and reread almost everything on this site and also the series done by other translators. It’s such a pity that none of Yu Wo’s series ever got licensed by an english publisher. It would sure become really popular. Wasted potential, tsk, tsk. Thank you PR for bringing these stories to us. Imagine not knowing Prince the Charming Idiot, Grisia the Magnificentest Bastard, Ah Ye the Deadly Dork, or Shuyu the Badass Fridge? *shudders*

    All hail Prince Revolution!

    PS. Does Yu Wo have any plan for a new series? The latest is ILT or DE, right? Whatever happened to that LSK prequel (the one that Female Warrior is supposed to be the prologue of)?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Wow, you’ve been with us for so long! :D Glad to still have you checking back every so often~ (I personally love to read multiple chapters at once too.)

      We currently don’t have plans to translate Gong Hua, but it’s a possibility in the future. We either need more translators, especially translators interested in working on Gong Hua, or to complete some current projects first. We’ll likely be focusing on anything related to current projects first though, such as the Bai Lian Yue side story or any other spin-offs.

      Haha, I felt Gong Hua was pretty dark at first, but Eclipse Hunter and Dominion’s End also go to some dark places too!

      Yu Wo is currently working on ILT, DE, 39 LSK, and a webnovel called Second Son. She has also released a self published BL novel that may or may not become a series. Female Warrior, Searching for Roland, and 3+1個俠 (unsure what this is about yet) are still listed as upcoming works.

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