GOD V3C1: The Little Angel Yaya

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 3: The End Begins

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Little Angel Yaya—translated by lucathia (proofread by elisa & Trespasserby)


Why is it so bright? Is it daytime already? Why didn’t Bai Saya wake me up?

On a normal day, even before the skies would start to brighten, Bai Saya would already be up and training. After he finished his morning training, he would wake Alan up. Then, the two of them would split up to search for breakfast.

The elf opened his beautiful, slim eyes. The piercing sunlight immediately made him shut them again. A long time passed before he could open them once more. It was really too bright already. Not only that, the sun was directly above him. It seems to be noontime, but how is it possible for me to sleep all the way until noon?

He sat up quickly and his state of confusion lasted for a bit before he finally remembered what had happened.

They had been attacked by a plant manipulator. Unable to win, Shooting Star had wanted to use group teleportation so they could flee, but he had been stopped before he could finish reciting the incantation. Defeat had been right before their eyes when Bai Saya had woken up, screamed, and…


Alan sat in a stupor. Does this mean that I died? And that I died due to the absurd reason that my companion self-destructed? I would rather have been killed by the enemy. That would have been better!

Suddenly, there was a noise. It resembled the fluttering of wings, and it was very close… Alan lowered his head, only to be met by a large pair of eyes. There was actually a child sitting on his lap, and it was a little girl with a pair of small wings.

Alan’s long, slender eyes widened right then. This situation was out of his expectations and stunned him once more.

The child copied him, widening her round pink eyes to stare at Alan.

“Ah, ah.” The cute little girl waved her chubby hands cutely, as if she wanted someone to hug her.

Alan vaguely recalled that Shooting Star mentioned more than once that he wanted to capture an angel as his pet. At the time, the elf had even asked what in the world an angel was.

As it were, in a certain old religion of the human race, people with wings on their back would come to welcome the souls of benevolent people who passed on. These people with wings were known as angels.

Does that mean I really am dead? That’s why an angel has come for me… Alan frowned. But I’m an elf. I don’t believe in human religions. When elves died, they would become leaves and return to the world tree of their homeland.

“Ah, ah, ah!” The child, seeing that Alan wasn’t paying her any attention, began to make loud sounds. She used her chubby hands to grab onto Alan’s golden hair that rested against his chest.

Alan frowned and wrestled his hair back from the child.

The child seemed to grow angry. She puffed up her cheeks and began to fight with the elf over his hair.

“Ah! Alan, you’re already awake.”

Alan stilled. He turned his head to look. Bai Saya’s gentle face came into view.

“Bai Saya, have you died, too? Oh, that’s right. You self-destructed.” Alan furrowed his brows. Is it because I promised to play with Shooting Star for two hundred years, so even though I died, I have been pulled into the afterlife of humans and have not been returned to the world tree?

Bai Saya blinked and smiled. “Alan, are you still half asleep? What self-destruction? I’m not dead either.”

“You’re not dead?” Alan stared at him suspiciously and asked, “But earlier, you were clearly emitting light, and then you exploded.”

Bai Saya explained, “That wasn’t an explosion. It was Roth lending me power, but I was just too angry then, so the power came out all out once. That’s why the intensity was so much.”

Alan knitted his brows together and asked, “If you’re not dead, then am I still alive, too? But if I’m still alive, then why has an angel come for me?”

“An angel?” Bai Saya’s gaze moved to Alan’s lap. He figured it out and asked, “You mean this small girl?”

Alan nodded. Then, he reached his hand out again to wrestle his hair back, angering the child to the point of incessantly crying out with, “Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

“Um, she’s not an angel. The truth is…” Bai Saya smiled wryly and pleaded, “Could you help me keep this from Shooting Star? The truth is, this little girl hatched from the egg, the egg that we obtained from the dragon’s lair.”

“Wasn’t that a dragon egg?” Alan asked in surprise. It was then that Alan finally noticed that other than the little girl on his lap, there were also a lot of egg shell shards.

“No. The truth of the matter is…”

Bai Saya recounted the entire story of the dragon asking for a favor with the egg. However, he didn’t at all notice that halfway through the story, Alan’s originally calm expression suddenly changed. He stilled and then began to waver over whether or not he should warn Bai Saya…

“So, this means that the egg wasn’t a dragon egg, and you knew it from the beginning?”

“Yes.” Bai Saya rubbed the back of his head out of embarrassment. “I’m really sorry that I didn’t tell you all. I was just worried that Shooting Star would steal other treasures from the dragon after learning that this wasn’t a dragon egg. So I thought that I should keep it from him for the moment—Alan, why are you blinking at me so much? Do your eyes hurt?”

Alan had been hinting so hard his eyes were starting to twitch, but even then, Bai Saya didn’t seem to get it. Sigh! I give up. He shook his head and straight out said, “I wasn’t the one who asked the question just now.”

“It wasn’t you? Then…” Halfway through his question, Bai Saya shivered, as if there were a devil with an evil glare staring holes into his back.

He frantically began to explain, “Um, a-actually, back then, I did consider telling Shooting Star, but I just happened to be interrupted!”

“Oh? Really?” A purposely low and dragged out voice sounded behind Bai Saya.

Seems like it’s too late. Bai Saya turned with a contrite face. A pair of large golden eyes that resembled lava that was about to erupt was glaring at him fiercely. He reflexively answered, “Shooting Star, I wasn’t keeping it from you deliberately!”

“Liar! You great big liar! You clearly knew that wasn’t a dragon egg, yet you kept it from me, your owner!” Shooting Star grabbed pet number one’s neck and shook him back and forth fiercely. He shouted unhappily, “My pet number three is gone! My dragon is gone! You have to compensate me! Compensate!”

Hearing that, Bai Saya, whose neck was being grabbed, smiled even more wryly. I myself am already Shooting Star’s pet. What else can I give him?

“Ah, ah, ah!” The little girl stuck her head out from Alan’s arms. She looked curiously at Shooting Star who was choking someone.

Shooting Star’s attention was immediately diverted by the soft voice of the child. She had a round face, short, curly maroon hair, large pink eyes, a chubby body, pudgy limbs, and even a pair of small white wings on her back… A pair of white wings?!

“Sh-Shooting Star, I know you’re really disappointed that a dragon didn’t hatch from the egg, but you only have to bear with it for a short while!” Bai Saya immediately begged nervously when he saw Shooting Star stare at the little girl. “When I find a good mother, I’ll send this child away at once…”

“What!” When Shooting Star heard that, he snapped his head back and glared daggers at Bai Saya.

Bai Saya jumped in surprise and amended, “O-Or, we just have to find a populated area, and I can ask someone to find a good family to raise her!”

“What are you saying?” Shooting Star’s voice shot higher, a stormy look of anger darkening his face.

Looks like it’s still no good… Bai Saya sighed and said dejectedly, “If you really won’t allow her to stay, then at least let me bring her back to the dragon.”

When Shooting Star heard that, he immediately growled, “No way!”

“Shooting Star, don’t be so heartless!”

Bai Saya was getting a little mad. After all, the dragon had personally entrusted this important task to Bai Saya, yet after he made the promise, he now had to go back on his word and return the child. This was already making him feel miserable. Yet now, Shooting Star isn’t even willing to let me bring the child back? Am I supposed to abandon the child in the middle of the wilderness?

“That’s my pet! I won’t allow you to give her to someone else!”

“I must at least bring her back to the dragon… Huh?” Halfway through speaking, Bai Saya finally realized what Shooting Star had said and froze on the spot.

Shooting Star left behind the frozen Bai Saya and ran toward the cute kid with wings and even shouted, “Angel, angel! My dream pet, your owner is here!”

“Ah, ah!” The little girl was frightened by his shout and burrowed into Alan’s arms, wanting to hide from the mysterious entity that was flying her way.

“Alan, give my angel to me now.” Shooting Star looked left and right. The entire body of the angel was plastered against Alan, like she was a part of the elf’s body. Besides, the elf hated other people touching him for no reason, so Shooting Star really didn’t know where to start. He could only puff out his cheeks and extend his hand to his pet to ask for his other pet.


Alan responded and proactively lifted the child to hand her to Shooting Star. However, when he let go, the weight on his hands didn’t lessen at all. The little girl was like a koala, tightly clinging onto Alan’s arm with all four of her limbs.

Shooting Star, however, wasn’t going to give up on his little angel so easily. He grabbed the kid. I’ll pull, pull, pull~~

“Ah, ah!” The little girl also steeled herself. I won’t let go, won’t let go, won’t let go~~

Alan unwillingly became central to the tug of war. He frowned and asked, “Why isn’t she letting go of me?”

“She’s an avian. This race hatches from eggs. It’s in the nature of those who hatch from eggs to treat the first living organism they see as their mother.”

Bai Saya glanced at the person who had explained this. Only then did he realize that Dan had woken up as well.

“Saya, what exactly happened?” Dan couldn’t believe his eyes. He wasn’t able to understand what this group was thinking. Don’t they see the “condition” of our surroundings at all? They still have the heart to play with a small avian child.

With Bai Saya and the rest as the center of the circle and a radius that extended a kilometer long, the entire circle was yellow dirt where not an inch of grass grew!

However, their campground had originally been a field of grass, and their foe had even summoned a large group of towering, ancient trees. Now, all of those sights had vanished without a trace, leaving behind only yellow dirt.

After Dan asked that question, Shooting Star, who had been pulling on the angel, finally recalled the matter at hand. Weren’t we almost killed by Braids, and then Bai Saya added fuel to the fire and self-destructed? Why are we all fine right now?

I don’t even have any injuries!

If the clothes on his body hadn’t been tattered and bloody, Shooting Star would have thought it a nightmare he had dreamt up.

Bai Saya honestly said, “When I was unconscious, the Stone of Fury lent me power. Once I woke up and saw that you were all so heavily injured, I was just too angry and accidentally let out all of the power at once. Then, I fainted. When I woke up again, it was already like this.”

When Shooting Star heard that, he gave up on the little angel in his hand and ran beside pet number one to look him over.

Bai Saya couldn’t help but ask, “Shooting Star, is something wrong with me? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“How strange!” Shooting Star didn’t respond to him. Instead, he turned and asked Dan, “Hey! Do you feel Xiao Bai has gone crazy? But even though my Xiao Bai used the stone’s power and went cuckoo, he’s still such a good guy. He is definitely a good person through and through!”

You’re the one who has gone crazy! Bai Saya rolled his eyes.

Dan clearly did not agree with Shooting Star. In his opinion, Bai Saya was no different from usual. There was no way that he had gone insane! Even though he knew this, Dan could not help but ask in concern, “Saya, are you really okay?”

“I’m fine. Roth said that I’m his true master now. Even if I overuse his power, I won’t ‘go crazy.’” When Bai Saya said the last part, he especially emphasized it for Shooting Star.

Hearing that pet number one wasn’t going to go crazy, Shooting Star relaxed and asked in curiosity, “Xiao Bai, what power did you get from Wrath?”

“Hm? I don’t really know either. Roth just said that this was power that I wished for. The more wrath I provide, the stronger the power will be.”

Bai Saya looked at how barren it was around them and smiled wryly as he said, “I just didn’t think that the power would be this unbelievable.”

It really is unbelievable! Shooting Star frowned. This power blasted such a large radius around us, and it even helped heal all of our injuries? What the hell is this power? You’re gonna make clerics and mages hold hands and ram into tofu to commit suicide!

“That Braids is definitely dead, right?”

Shooting Star suddenly remembered the other fellow who could make all of the assassins in the world hang themselves with noodles to commit suicide. That person could actually turn leaves into projectiles that were just like metal ones. This power was too frightening. There was no shortage of leaves in the world! If Bai Saya hadn’t suddenly exploded, they would have all been dead meat!

“No, he didn’t die. I can sense that he escaped.” Bai Saya hesitated for a moment before he divulged what had happened to Braids.

“In which direction did he flee?” Dan’s tone instantly turned cold.

Although Shooting Star hadn’t asked, his face had hardened. Clearly, the disdain he felt toward Braids didn’t at all lose to Dan’s. If Dan was going to strike while Braids was weak by chasing after him to finish him off, then Shooting Star was definitely going to go with him. He would use his blood red claws to claw him several hundred times to relieve his frustration. That bastard actually dared to use leaves to slice my neck!

“Don’t chase after him.” Bai Saya shook his head and said in disagreement, “Roth told me that even though the master of the Stone of Indulgence has gotten injured, he is still able to use his stone’s power. However, I overused my stone’s power the very first time I used it, so…”

“So what?” Dan quickly asked in worry.

Bai Saya smiled lopsidedly and said, “So, I even have trouble with a fast walk.”

Ever since he had woken up, he had felt completely exhausted. Other than still being able to walk normally, he couldn’t do anything else at all. After Roth explained it to him, Bai Saya then understood that this result was actually already considerably fortunate. If not for the fact that Bai Saya had indeed provided a large amount of wrath, don’t even mention walking, he would probably still be unconscious, and who knew when he would wake up.

Shooting Star propped his hands on his waist and shouted angrily, “Xiao Bai, you’re way too useless! Braids used so much of the stone’s power and was still able to escape! Yet you’re barely able to walk. Both of you possess Stones of Sin, so why are you so much weaker than him?”

When he heard that, Bai Saya could only smile awkwardly. He was a novice. He had already exceeded expectations when he was able to chase away Braids, who had been using his stone’s power for who knows how long.

“But since you put it that way, forget it! We won’t give chase.”

Unexpectedly, Shooting Star didn’t want to take revenge. However, after he said that, he immediately pounced on Alan…. No, on the little girl who still refused to let go of Alan.

“I’d rather hug my little angel. Alan, let go of my little angel already!” No matter how Shooting Star tugged on the little angel, he couldn’t pull her away. He could only take his anger out on his other pet.

Just who is letting go of whom? Alan looked at the little girl who was clinging on to him, refusing to let go. He recalled what Dan had said—those of the avian race hatched from eggs and would treat the first thing they saw as their mother… No! The elf felt completely powerless after thinking of this. Not only am I not an avian, I am also male. How am I supposed to be a mother?

“Ah, ah, ahh ooo ahhh… Wah!”

The little girl clung onto her “mama” with all her might, but “Mama” wasn’t paying her any attention. Yet, that monster with shining eyes kept wanting to take her. Distressed, the little girl could not help but burst into tears.

“She’s crying.” Shooting Star extended his arms and said in all seriousness, “Here, let your owner Shooting Star carry you. I’ll rock you.”

The little girl cried even harder.

Seeing the child cry so devastatingly, Bai Saya asked worriedly, “Is she hungry? Let’s quickly get her some milk.”

Shooting Star mocked him, “Then, you can squeeze some milk for her right now. How about that, big sis Bai Saya?”

Um… Bai Saya felt gutted. Right, where are we supposed to get milk for her out of nowhere?

The elf, who was always indifferent, knitted his brows together for once. Perhaps he could no longer bear the noise, or perhaps his miniscule amount of sympathy and even more miniscule amount of “motherly love” suddenly made their presence known. He gently patted the little angel on the back and even hummed a gentle little tune.

The little girl’s loud wailing slowly turned into quiet sobs. She burrowed into Alan’s arms and gave a few “ah, ahs” before she extended her little hand and grabbed onto a strand of Alan’s hair. She slowly closed her large pink eyes and finally fell asleep.

“The little angle is so so adorable! As expected of my pet number three!”

Shooting Star could not help but grab his cheeks and scream at the top of his lungs.

Dan reminded him, “She is not an angel like you’re claiming. She is an avian, which is one of the beast tribes.”

Shooting Star resolutely said, “Who cares what race she is? I like the little angel. I want her to be my pet!”

“What part of her do you like?” Bai Saya asked curiously. After his eyes, Alan’s golden hair, and Belle’s facial shape, he was very curious about what part of the little avian Shooting Star liked.

“Her wings! Such cute, little, white wings!” Shooting Star immediately shouted. He almost woke up the little angel, earning him a pissed off glare from Alan.

“Unfortunately, she doesn’t like you.” Alan coldly doused Shooting Star’s fervor with a bucket of cold water.

Shooting Star angrily glared at pet number two and grumpily said, “In any case, she likes you. A pet of a pet is still my pet!”

Alan firmly said, “I am not her mother, and I do not wish to raise her as a pet. When we reach a place with humans or beasts, we will hand her over to an actual female to raise her!”

“No way! I won’t allow you to give my pet to someone else!” Shooting Star shouted, “The little angel is mine, mine, mine…”

Alan didn’t pay him any attention. He ignored him and told Bai Saya and Dan, “Let’s go find somewhere with people. Not only does this little one need a mother, she also needs food.”

Bai Saya nodded. He agreed with Alan. Although the little girl had fallen asleep, she would definitely be hungry once she woke up. Finding food was their top priority.

But what should we do after that? Bai Saya looked at Shooting Star. Even though he looked like a kid who was always fooling around, Bai Saya knew that Shooting Star was very headstrong. Once he became enamored with a “certain part” of someone, unless that person’s position was as important as Princess Anabelle’s, then it was very difficult to make Shooting Star give up on them.

Even when faced with Alan’s high price and the Guild chasing them, Shooting Star’s determination to make the elf his pet hadn’t wavered. So, how was it possible for him to give up on a little angel who had practically already fallen into his devilish hands?

If by chance they really were able to find a woman they could leave the little angel with, then Bai Saya would truly worry that the woman would suffer heavy injuries from suddenly getting whipped that very night. Or, she could get disfigured by claw marks to the point that she couldn’t face anyone after that.

If they couldn’t find a mother for the little angel, then Alan would get angry. If they found a mother for the little angel, then Shooting Star would get angry… Sigh!

Only you, the one in possession of the Stone of Fury, refuses to get angry.

Huh? Who just spoke? Bai Saya looked around for a moment before he realized that it was probably Roth’s voice. It’s still hard to believe that a stone can talk.

Bai Saya clasped Dan on the shoulder and said, “Dan, the two of us should go search for some food, or else the child will have nothing to eat when she wakes up.”

Dan nodded. He glanced at Shooting Star, who was lazing around on the ground, staring at the little angel. He didn’t look like he planned on foraging with them. However, Dan did not feel angered by this action of his, not anymore. After fighting together, he realized that this boy who was always fooling around was actually quite strong. His wariness was much higher than Bai Saya and the elf who knew little of the world’s matters. Leaving him behind to keep watch was not a bad arrangement.

“Why don’t I go by myself?” Dan reminded him, “Didn’t you exhaust yourself from using up your power?”

Bai Saya smiled and said, “Finding some food isn’t a problem. I’m not that weak.”

Dan watched that pair of gentle amber eyes dance with mirth and felt his heart warm.

“What is it?” Bai Saya walked past Dan. When he noticed that Dan didn’t follow him, he gave voice to his confusion.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Dan sighed. He was falling in too deep. How am I supposed to keep walking down this path?

Bai Saya made a noncommittal noise and worried out loud as he walked, “But milk is probably difficult to find. Just how are we supposed to feed the child?”

Dan gave a suggestion. “We can pick some berries and mash them up. Once we reach a town, we can think of something else.”

“I suppose so…”

As he watched the two of them depart, Shooting Star also grew hungry. Even though he wanted to make a fire so that he could start cooking once the ingredients arrived, Bai Saya had demolished everything around them. There wasn’t even a single blade of grass left, let alone any firewood.

Should I go gather some firewood? Shooting Star looked at the exhausted elf and the slumbering little angel. Forget it. Bai Saya will probably find some. Making a fire using fire magic doesn’t take long anyway.

“Shooting Star.” Alan frowned a bit and said, “Bai Saya has already become the master of the Stone of Fury, and Dan came here to search for the other stones and to test to see who the master of the stone would be. Won’t he betray us for the sake of completing his mission?”

Shooting Star wasn’t concerned. He answered, “It’s a good thing that Bai Saya is the stone’s master! If either of us were the master, then we’d be done for. But Xiao Bai is Dan’s checkmate. Don’t you underestimate the loyalty the demon race has toward their checkmates. Dan won’t betray him.”

Alan recalled what had happened on the boat. Dan hadn’t cared for his own safety and had even pointed out the direction of land for Bai Saya’s sake. And so, Alan nodded.

“However, the fact that Xiao Bai has become the stone’s master is a huge problem.” Shooting Star frowned and said, “I really don’t understand what the heck these Stones of Sin are, but Braids is really too ridiculously strong. This kind of power will attract a lot of trouble.”

Alan nodded. Even though strong power was good, this kind of strength that came from outside sources would only attract too many others coveting its power.

“And the masters of the stones can even detect where the others are. That’s leaving us nowhere to go!” Shooting Star had a huge headache just from thinking about this. If not for that fact, he could take Bai Saya to hide deep in the forests on some mountain. Who could find us then?

Alan quietly said, “Must the masters of the stones hold enmity toward each other? Must these people fight each other?”

“Who knows? That Braids looked just like a cuckoo. Maybe he was just crazy, and it had nothing to do with the stone!”

Alan thought about it and agreed. That person really didn’t seem normal, while Bai Saya was completely different. The masters of the Stones of Sin, though they all possessed stones, were probably all different from each other.

“You don’t have to think too much about it. Dan is definitely even more worried about Bai Saya than we are. More than us, he’s probably more concerned about his own subordinates. They’re underlings from the Guild, you know! He’d rather have Bai Saya stay with us.”

Is that how it is? Alan understood it a bit more. He looked at Shooting Star’s childish face and couldn’t help but ask, “How old are you really?”

It was almost imperceptible, but Shooting Star flinched before he said, “Fifteen, almost sixteen.”

Really? Alan didn’t believe him. How can he have this kind of fighting ability at that kind of age? Even though he wasn’t very familiar with the characteristics of humans, no matter which race, fifteen should still be considered a child. Neither Shooting Star’s ability nor his mind was like a child’s. Although Shooting Star always fooled around, he could still be depended on at key moments.

The elf recalled when they had been ambushed. If Shooting Star hadn’t discovered it in time, Alan and the little girl in his arms would probably have both been strangled to death.

“If that is your true age, then calling you a genius for your ability would not even cut it.”

Shooting Star said a bit uncomfortably, “I’ve been on my own since I was young. If I didn’t have some strength, then wouldn’t I have been bullied to death?”

Alan fell silent for a while before he got out the words, “I am sure you caused trouble everywhere you went since you were young, so you had no choice but to get stronger.”

“No way! I haven’t been causing trouble since I was young. It wasn’t until I was at least ten that I started to cause trouble!”

Causing trouble since you were ten doesn’t count as “since you were young?” The elf was speechless.

“Ah! Xiao Bai is back!” Shooting Star jumped up.

Not far in the distance were two figures, which belonged exactly to Bai Saya and Dan. The first was holding two small animals around the size of chickens and ducks, while the latter was carrying them directly on his shoulder.

“How were you so fast?” Alan was a little confused. He and Shooting Star had only spoken for a short while. How are they back already?

Bai Saya walked up to them. When he heard Alan’s words, he blushed for some reason.

Dan helplessly said, “Many animals were toppled by the stone’s power. We only walked to the outer edges and already found the bodies of many animals that had just died. There was no need to hunt. We only had to spend a bit of time to pick fruits and gather firewood.”

Shooting Star guffawed and said, “Xiao Bai, so the power you got from the Stone of Fury was actually the power to hunt!”

If it really were just the power to hunt, that would be great. Bai Saya smiled wryly.

“Xiao Bai, go make a fire. Alan, mash the berries to feed the little angel.”

The elf, who had just received his task, was a little worried that this child would treat him as her “mother” even more if he were the one to feed her. However, watching the sleepy girl in his arms made him unable to harden his heart. He took the red berries Bai Saya handed him and began to mash them earnestly.

When it was time to eat, Shooting Star stared fixedly at his little angel, as if she were the appetizer.

The little angel sat on the elf’s lap and stared back at Shooting Star, her chubby hands grabbing tightly onto the elf’s hair. She was extremely wary of being taken by a bad guy. Only when the elf fed her the jam would she open her mouth to swallow the food.

As Shooting Star stared and stared, he suddenly thought of something and suggested, “Why don’t we give the little angel a name? Otherwise, if we keep calling her little angel, what should we do if she really thought that she’s called Little Angel?”

Are you planning on giving another random name?! The faces of the first victim, Xiao Bai, and the second victim, Alan, both darkened upon hearing the three words, “give a name.”

Shooting Star crossed his arms and stared at the little angel in Alan’s arms. A thought came to him and he shouted, “Right, she’s Alan’s daughter!”

No, she’s not! Alan glared at him fiercely, but he didn’t bother arguing over it with that person. After all, they had to find this child someone to take care of her. There was no need to squabble over this right now.

“That’s why the little angel should of course have the last name Al!” Shooting Star concluded gleefully.

Alan finally could not hold in his anger. If not for the little girl who was still sleeping in his arms, he really would have jumped up and sent several streaks of lightning at him. “My last name is not Al. Listen carefully. My full name is Alanmishus Grodiatila. My last name is Grodiatila!”

“Xiao Bai, tell me, what is Alan’s last name?” Shooting Star didn’t pay any attention to Alan. Instead, he turned and asked Bai Saya, who was to their side.

“Um, Gro, something ala?” Bai Saya asked hesitantly.

Alan despaired over how his companions couldn’t even remember his name, while Dan began to rejoice that his name was only one syllable.

Shooting Star looked at Alan gleefully.

Defeated, Alan sat down and continued to feed the child. He gave up and said, “Give her whatever name you want. She is not my daughter in any case.”

Shooting Star continued and said, “Since she should have ‘Ah’ from ‘Al’ in her name, and she always likes to make those ah ah noises, I have decided to call her Yaya!”

“Good one! It’s simple and easy to remember!” Bai Saya applauded.

“…” Dan kept his head lowered and refrained from commenting.

The beautiful elf’s face twitched. Poor Yaya. You would have been better off being called Little Angel. Alan could not help but feel sorry for the little girl in his arms. He didn’t notice in the least that he had already started thinking of her as Yaya.

Meanwhile, Bai Saya was feeling sorry for the elf. He knew in his heart that since Shooting Star had given her a name, then he wasn’t going to give up on keeping her even on his deathbed. The elf was definitely going to take the place of “the mother.”

“Wah—” Yaya began to cry due to how her chubby, fair face was currently being pinched by two relentless fingers. However, she was too scared to smack that hand away. She could only grab onto her “mother’s” hair tightly, afraid that she would get snatched away the moment she let go.

“You hurt Yaya! Move your hand away!” The elf growled, and a streak of lightning immediately descended from the sky.

“Ouch! I’ll stop pinching her. I’ll stop! Don’t zap me with lightning, owie ow ow—”

A strict mother and an easy-going father; at least I would be the easy-going father, right? Bai Saya held his warm soup and felt very relieved.

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