Update: January 2020

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January Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C1: In the Name of God, Part 1—Resurrection
  2. Eclipse Hunter V1C6: Cold, Merciless Demon
  3. GOD V3C2: Easy-Going Father, Strict Mother
  4. Eclipse Hunter V1C7: The Demon's Weapon
  5. Dominion's End V4Extra: Ominous Number
  6. No Hero V8C2: My Eve
  7. Dominion's End V4Epilogue: Afterword

Happy 2020! I’m excited to get this year started! We start the year by wrapping up volume 4 of Dominion’s End. Any guesses on who this side chapter will be about? ;)

Thanks to Listening Daisy, we have some new ebooks! Check the ebooks for No Hero Volume 7, Illusions Lies Truth Volume 3, and GOD Volume 2 on their respective ebook pages.
No Hero ebooks
Illusions, Lies, Truth ebooks
GOD ebooks

This year is also the Year of the Rat~. Chinese New Years is just around the corner too, so this month’s poll is about planning a Chinese New Years event, thanks to LordTurtle!

Do you have any cool poll ideas? We would love to hear your poll ideas over here~

Happy New Year, and Happy Year of the Rat!

6 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    happy new year all ^^
    it’s 7 new chapters *happy dance*
    and finally ILT!! hope there’s a continuation of ziya and lu yang story *sob*sob* it’s too long for a cliffy TT_TT
    i want to choose Ziya for CNY, but im too scare to choose him TT_TT the story lately is too scary TT__TT not to the point of imagining something or someone lurking in the dark behind me … but stilll TT_TT

  2. Broken Hero

    Yayayaya! CNY around the corner! I would choose Ziya but… “certain” reasons won’t allow me to do so that’s that. Happy New Years to you PR team and staff~

  3. kamui

    The poll is amusing, but I feel I am somewhat forced in my options. While many of them would make for an interesting attraction, the most effective would undoubtedly be Fire Phoenix or Grisia. However, of those options you are either going to deal with with Gui (or the money monger of the group, Yu Lian) or Grisia himself. Although Grisia may be one of my all-time favorite characters, I certainly would not be capable of coming out on top when dealing with him unless I had the assistance of his master. Thus, I would certainly rather deal with Yu Lian, who is just a normal type of money scrounger and is mostly honest rather than that legendary bastard Sun.

    • ArmadaTW

      I don’t see how Grisia would be effective at all as a mascot, as the Sun Knight has nothing to do with the color red or with the Lunar New Year. Fire Phoenix and the red carrion bird at least fit the color theme, but the red carrion might be too scary and a bringer of bad fortune, being dead; so I’d probably go with Fire Phoenix and talk Gui and Yu Lian into seeing the financial benefits of using it to attract a crowd for a street performance. Dragging Ziya is tempting, but best done on another day instead. Ditto with Doll.

  4. Kamui

    Ah, but Grisia has at his disposal many a useful subordinate that he could bring to the table (and would have to accompany him) plus such an overabundance of magical abilities that he would function as a one man show should he be suitably motivated. There might not be much red in the lineup, but gold is an acceptable alternative, yes?

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