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October Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C5: Ceremony of the Devil Part 3—Fallen
  2. No Hero V7C10: Messiah, Please Save Me
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3Epilogue: Character Introductions
  4. No Hero V7Extra: The Behind the Scenes Story About Taking Drugs that Cannot be Told to the Young Master
  5. GOD V2C10: The Stone of Original Sin Here to Attack
  6. Eclipse Hunter V1Prologue: Prologue
  7. No Hero V7Epilogue: Character Introductions
  8. GOD V2Epilogue: Character Introductions
  9. Eclipse Hunter V1C1: The Night the Choice was Made
  10. Dominion's End V4C9: In This Life, We Are Both Doing Swell, Part One

Happy October everyone. We bring a ton of chapters this month, and even a new project! This month’s releases will see the completion of GODv2, ILTv3, and NHv7. Wow, three volumes concluding all at the same time, and we didn’t even plan it that way. (DE was so close to joining in on the fun, too). With each volume’s conclusion means an afterword from Yu Wo and some character introductions. Enjoy!

We will be taking a short break with GOD and ILT next month before we begin the next volumes of each, though in place of ILT’s regular release, we will have a release of an ILT side story. As for GOD, the new edition of V2 actually brings us near the end of V3 of the old edition. These new volumes sure are long! So, break time~

And now for our new project! This has been in the works for a very long time, which means we have a lot of chapters stockpiled, only awaiting proofreading and editing now. And which project might this be? It’s Eclipse Hunter!

Eclipse Hunter is the prequel to No Hero, and a favorite among many of the staff. It focuses on Ah Ye and his brother, while No Hero takes place several years later. Yu Wo first released Eclipse Hunter as a self published work before she officially published it. Many of you have probably read EH already, translated by a different group, but we hope our translation will still bring something new to the table. We do feel that “Eclipse Hunter” has become an iconic name for the series, so we will be keeping that, but the rest of our translation will be using terminology and names that match our No Hero translation. Our translation will also be based on the officially published version, while the previous translation was based on the self published version. There aren’t too many differences between the two versions, but Yu Wo does make some different word choices and revisions. She also expands on some scenes.

We hope you will enjoy this version of Eclipse Hunter, and that it will lead to further enjoyment of No Hero as well.

Last but not least, this month’s poll is about a hostile takeover of the earth, submitted by anon! As always, you can submit poll ideas here!

Look forward to all the releases!

25 Responses

  1. [PR]Trespasserby

    I’m unbelievably happy that you guys finally get to see Eclipse Hunter!
    It’s been a passion project of mine and my favorite series. It also looks like it’s becoming more and more relevant to No Hero now… So hopefully it’ll give some context to what’s happening!

    And this means… One more series to PR!’s collection!

    If you’ve never read Eclipse Hunter, I hope you enjoy the ride. Even if you’ve read it time and time again, I hope this brings back memories and that you’ll have fun hunting for new details from this edition.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Thanks so much for all your hard work on Eclipse Hunter! :D

      I’m excited for both new and old readers getting to read EH here on PR~. The context for No Hero will be great too!

    • Raylight

      Thank you for both of your hard work that allows us to read Ecilpse Hunter! I know I’m looking forward to re-reading the series again. :D
      Let’s do our best together!

  2. dollyfishe

    *drools* wow! i cant believe my eyes !!! ten chapters ?
    and ECLIPSE HUNTER ???? are you serious ???
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *big hug to PR*
    thank you very much !!! i finished read it for a while, but i still want to see it here ^_^ i will try to forget all the stories to avoid spoiler on comment !!!! (can i even do it?)

  3. Ecilan

    Eclipse Hunter is one of my fav novel. It being different type of vibe each book. It make me cry, laugh, sad, angry etc. It’s been a long time since the first time I read it. First time maybe in high school and now I just graduate from master student at collage.

  4. Somnaetas

    Thanks for your hard work everyone, you’ve been a gateway to Yu Wo for me for many years!

  5. Blub the Blub

    ohmygod is this real?! Eclipse Hunter?! PR… I love you guys so much! I’m so excited to see a PR version!

  6. ArmadaTW

    If we’re getting Eclipse Hunter, I wonder if the possibility is open for getting Gong Hua and Kill No More as well. It’d be so great if PR becomes the one-stop site for all stories written by Yu Wo.

    • Blub the blub

      I would be over the moon of PR announces a translation of Kill No More >w<

  7. anon

    I’ve read Eclipse Hunter more times than I can even remember. You can bet that I will read PR’s version many times too. I look forward to it. I will try and comment on every chapter as it comes out

  8. Jasae Bushae

    Oh wow! Three volumes ending at the same time. I didn’t even realize.
    How many of these have a follow up volume at the moment?

    • dollyfishe

      … please dont remind me of this T_T
      i was consciously throw it out of my mind and not thinking about it when i saw 10 chapters release this month T_T
      cant we just focus on the fun and forget about the story after? at the very least, it have not yet arrive so left tomorrow worries for tomorrow :p lets live for today like there’s no tomorrow ^_^
      (im on a denial state! please dont mind me)

    • [PR]lucathia

      They all have more volumes to go, except 39LSK.

      NH – complete at 9 volumes (We’re finishing up v7, two more to go)
      ILT – 5 volumes (We’re finishing up v3, two more to catch up)
      GOD – 4 volumes (We’re finishing up v2, two more to catch up)
      DE – 5 volumes (We’re finishing up v4 soon, one more to catch up. Yu Wo says v6 will be released this December)
      39LSK – Still no news on v2, so we’re current with that.

  9. Lilah

    I’m excited to read you alls version of eclipse hunter! Honestly I am excited you all decided to do it :)

  10. Kamui

    Well dang, I disappeared under work for a while and poof, the chapter fairies waved their wands or something. Gotta admit, at first I thought April fool’s came early due to time travel again. But no complaints here! And Eclipse Hunter, pretty sure that was my first introduction to the wonderful worlds of Yu Wo’s overactive imagination, but it has been years since I’ve read it.
    And what use would Jiang Shujun have for the world? Anything she wants will be provided the instant two brothers become aware of it.

    • Ponchina

      XD So true, I confusedly checked the month, too!! It really is not April. Amazing!! PR! Don’t work yourselves to death, please?

  11. Jasae Bushae

    So at this point the only series PR has not covered is Gong Hua, and Kill No More

    • [PR]lucathia

      The self-published story is one volume long so far. She released it last summer. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to be, but it’s a BL story featuring a neglected prince who summons an assassin from a different world instead of a magical beast. Premise is a bit like Kill No More with the different dimensions and an assassin yet again, but with a BL spin.

      The webnovel seems to also be about a prince, but I don’t know too much more than that, only that the prince should eventually hatch from an egg (the series hasn’t gotten to the hatching yet… he’s still stuck as an egg!).

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